WW Bathrooom Scale–is it broken?

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WW Bathrooom Scale–is it broken?

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  • I have a WW battery operated digital bathroom scale that is about 10 years old. The “issues” that it has been having were present from the beginning.

    I’d step on it and it would display my weight. I’d step off and step again–different weight. Third time–different weight yet again. And eventually after this ritual is completed with on and off and on and off it would settle on one weight and would only display that one. Sometimes it is a bit lower than the first attempt, sometimes a bit higher. The range is 2-4lb.

    Here is an example from several weeks ago: 203, 202.4, 201.8, 202.2, 203.4, 202.2. Which I then averaged out to a 202.5.

    I know that it has some kind of validity as every family member has a different weight and my own weight has been steadily going down. BUT…what is going on?
    My morning scale ritual is somewhat entertaining, but is my scale broken?

    Could it be the floor that is uneven? I have a mark on my bathroom floor to show where the scales have to be.. if I move them to another part of the room the weight is different! It might be the floor is not 100% flat and therefore you are getting odd results, I would try moving the scales to a spot that you are sure is completely flat. If that doesn’t work then probably need a new set of scales!

    Good advice, twinkle.
    I find as well that the amount of moisture on the soles of my feet makes a difference. It could also be that the battery needs to be changed….

    Hi, 165gw! I have a ten year old WW scale, too, and it does the same thing. It’s done this from the day I bought it. I make very sure that I place the scale in the exact same position every time I weigh myself or I get different weights. I get different weights also when I step on and off the scale and get back on but the difference isn’t as significant as when I move the scale to a different location. I know my scale isn’t broken but just quirky. I don’t step on the scale more than once i order to keep my sanity! LOL

    @fasting_me: I changed the battery in January. So I don’t think this is it. Thank you! 🙂

    @ccco: Wow, that’s exactly the same! I was even wondering that maybe we are *supposed* to average?? But I don’t have the instructional booklet anymore. I vaguely remember something like “take your weight three times then average it?” But I don’t remember where this line came from ha ha. It could be referring to something entirely different lol.

    I have a good scale but I can still change the weight a few hundred grams by leaning. I think it is possible @165gw is inconsistent in body position too. It can be extremely difficult to notice small changes in how we are standing.

    Sometimes when I double check I get a slightly different weight. Then I’ll recheck paying close attention to where I’m putting my feet and how I’m standing. That seems to greatly reduce the noise.

    @dykask: I’ve developed an entire ritual of carefully stepping, being carefully balanced, not stepping too hard etc. I haven’t thought about leaning, but I do try to be straigh and immobile haha. Maybe the scale is super sensitive and my balance is not as great as I think?

    Some days it offers remarkable consistency–exactly the same weight no matter what. Like yesterday.

    And some days it is all over the place.

    I’ll try to pay attention to whether I’m leaning! Thanks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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