WOW! Did I Fall Off The Wagon!

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WOW! Did I Fall Off The Wagon!

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  • Not only did I fall off I was dragged behind it for a couple of miles and then run over by a couple of other wagons! LOL

    So how much weight can you gain in six weeks? For me it was 14 lbs. 160 ish to 174! I had a lot of help from my friends Ben & Jerry and ate a record amount of pizza. The one good thing is I continued to work out hard and actually got stronger.

    So I’m on the second day of a 5 day water fast to get back into the groove. It’s going quite well with no hunger pangs, although I am a bit grumpy. At the end of day one I was already burning fat with my blood ketones at 1.1 mmol. I guess my body remembers how to burn fat and is getting right to it!

    Hi diver:

    I’ll finish my monthly four day fast tomorrow morning. I, too, went on a holiday and came back a few pounds heavier. The fast has taken care of those, and then some.

    I’ve been grumpy, too. While I’m not hungry and feel fine, I just get ticked off that I want to eat something and can’t.

    I’m going to enjoy breakfast tomorrow!

    Take care.

    Hi diver. Given your dedication to this way of eating, I’m sure you will knock those extra pounds off in no time and be back to where you want to be. Given that you say you have been eating more but still working out and getting stronger, is there not a possibility that some of the weight you gained might well be lean tissue and not fat?

    I bet at least 1/2 of the weight gain is just water. Really hard to gain 14 pounds of fat in only six weeks!

    Simcoeluv, the best thing about a longer waterfast is that when you do eat everything tastes so good! Notascoobie, I’m sure a bit of it is muscle, perhaps a pound or two. dykask, I wish that was true but I believe most of it is indeed fat!

    You gave a veto measurement…how do you calculate that? Just curious to know how that works.
    Good luck, diver — we all know you can do it!

    that was supposed to be ‘keto’ not ‘veto’. curse you, autocorrect.

    Hi diver:

    Right you are! I also find my sense of smell improves. Fascinating.

    Well, in four days I lost 9 pounds even. I’ll gain about five or six back in the next few days, but a three pound loss is about what to expect after three weeks of 5:2.

    So I’ve lost about 10 pounds since mid-January (after guessing on my upcoming weight gain), which is a little less than I might expect with 5:2. But I’m slowly moving to eating what the diet suggests, and am sure as I do that more weight will come off simply because of my reduced calorie input from eating different foods from what I have been eating.

    This really is an interesting process!

    Well done simcoeluv! It is and interesting process. The 5 day fasts I’ve done in the past have been all about health. This one is all about gluttony! LOL I’m down 7.4 lbs on day 3.

    fasting_me, I measure blood ketones with a meter similar to a standard glucose type. It’s called keto-mojo and it measures both ketones and glucose.

    Today my keytones are at 4.7 mmol indicating strong fat burning. It seems that my body is adapting to fat burning as the last time I did a 5 day fast I was at 3.3 mmol on day 3. Or perhaps I’ve been more active or both. Too many variables!

    I’ve been tracking my sleep states with a Fitbit Alta HR and fasting is definitely affecting my sleep. I’ll give a read out on it after the fast is done

    Day 4 of 5 for my water fast. No hunger, headaches, cramps or weakness. It is however affecting my sleep states and I’m waking up at least one hour earlier than usual.

    I’m not doing any intense exercise but I am walking ~11,000 steps and stretching.

    Blood ketones are 5.8 mmol this is very strong fat burning area.

    I’m not physically hungry but the idea of eating is very appealing! Especially when my OH is cooking something good! The odors are just devine.

    Day five of my 5 day water fast. Slept better last night, measured sleep states were more normal. Feeling good this morning. Down 9.2 lbs. Ketones are at an all time high of 7.2 mmol.

    Technically the fast will be over at 7:00PM but I’d love to continue it to the morning. Unfortunately we have guests today and will be going out for a late dinner so I’m going to break the fast gently tonight.

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