Which fasting way would be better?

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Which fasting way would be better?

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  • For weight/fat loss, would it be better to do
    1) 5:2 with 2x 24hr fasting days and 3 meals a day (breakfast lunch dinner) on the other 5 or
    2) 5:2 with 2x low calorie fasting days and 18:6 all week (only lunch and dinner)
    Thank you!

    5:2 is really two 36 hour fasting periods, however many people do eat up to 800 calories in that fast. In general the few calories you consume the faster you will probably lose weight. I’m assuming though that you eat healthy food. If you consume mostly just processed food your results may not be as good.

    I used to always eat three meals on NFDs. Lately I’m moving more towards a large but often late breakfast, often a light lunch and supper. Sometimes I only eat two meals. I find that over time the amount I feel I need to eat as gone down some. I think it is fine if you want to couple 5:2 with 18:6. It is whatever works well for you.

    I do 2 x 36 hour fasts and eat up to 500 cals during the fast period – mostly as one evening meal. I also do 16:8 most days because I rarely feel hungry in the mornings.

    I think if I woke hungry every day this would be a really difficult program to stick with, and being able to follow your chosen program long term is important.

    Doing 2 x 36 hour fasts is the basic element you need to lose weight. I’d suggest you get comfortable with that first and then try 16:8 if it suits your appetite.

    I found that after about a month I did three fasting days a week for optimal weight loss(MWF) But I recommend trying 5:2 first. Warning: you should calculate your TDEE to determine your calories on non-fasting days (not a free for all) and keep your fasting to 25% of your TDEE cals. I didnโ€™t do that at first and did 5:2 for a month with no results. Good luck! This weight loss and maintenance really works.

    Hi , I am new member, I donโ€™t now what this means!
    2 x 36 Fasts und 16:8 , can you please tell me? Iโ€™m sorry i donโ€™t now Englisch well ๐Ÿ™ˆ

    The best weight loss will be the one that isn’t so hard you stop doing it.
    So try things, and if they start feeling like they aren’t sustainable, go back to basic 5:2 and rethink.

    Good luck!

    Good advice, Cinque! As always ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Fasting-me ๐Ÿ™‚ (I came to see what your good advice would be, so I am chuffed)

    @soveida. 2×36 fasts means you fast for 36 hours two times per week. Example. You eat your last meal at 7pm on Sunday night. You eat your next meal at 7am on Tuesday. That is 36 hours of fasting. Some people (like me) have zero calories in this 36 hours. Some have 500/800 cal. It depends what you think you can do. 16/8 refers to no eating for 16 hours and you must eat in an 8 hour window of time every 24 hours. Example You wake up at 6am and do not eat until 12noon. You must eat your last meal by 8pm. (12 noon -8pm = 8 hour). You do not eat again until 12 noon the next day.

    Hope that clears things up.

    @bigbooty. Thank you very much for the description. Zero calorie means you drink just water on fast days?

    Essentially yes. I drink mostly water but I do allow myself 2 or 3 cups of coffee with a splash of milk. So strictly speaking I have about 20-30 calories on my fast day. However you do not need to water fast. Most do not do this. If you think you can do this then by all means do it. Unless you have medical issues it is not dangerous. Make sure you drink lots of water. Initially it will be difficult and it will take will power. After about a month it does become easier. After 6 months I found it had become very easy. I reached my goal weight over 3 1/2 years ago but I still water fast 1 day per week. It has many health benefits that go beyond weight loss.

    Good luck.

    Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Thanks for Sharing ..bibooty

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