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  • Hi I’m now into my 4th week of 5:2 I haven’t been consistent on which days I fast but always do two days a week non consecutive. I don’t eat but do have a couple of milky coffees a day (no sugar or syrup) and if really hungry before bed will have a boiled egg or a couple if oatcakes. I’m finding the fasting fine and generally I have a healthy diet – occasional cake or biscuit but mostly vegetarian home cooked food and nothing too processed.

    I am enjoying the extra focus in my work and definitely feel more energy but the weight loss is confusing. last week I had lost just over 1kg which although not as much as I would like I was happy with – I’m aiming to lose 3-4kg and then maintain it. however at the start of this week I was back to my starting weight which was really frustrating. I’m keeping going with this as the other benefits are worth it, but cant figure out why my weight has gone back up. Any thoughts?

    thanks everyone

    The key thing is what are you eating on Slow Days? ‘nothing too processed’ ‘occasional cake’ Have you calculated your TDEE [click RESOuRCES at top of page] I find that when I eat white rice, I gain weight. Maybe there is some food like that for you. BTW, 1 kg in a week is excellent! You don’t want to lose more than that/week or your skin won’t catch up.
    Maybe this helped….

    i think there are some principles here you need to stick to if you want to lose weight
    1-you SHOULD read MM book on IF to understand the principal
    2-you have to count calories. use myfitnesspal, its free and great, to count calories. you cannot go by guesswork!!
    3-although common thinking is you can eat anything and as much as you like on non fast days but that isn’t strictly true unfortunately. you have to be sensible and no over eat. it’s all intake versus weight gain after all!!
    4- you could always do few additional strategies to give it a quick boost:
    a) 4:3 where you fast 3 days
    b)combine 5:2 with 16:8. the later is easy but in my experience it doesn’t work on its own and it isn’t as good as the 16:8

    carry on with whatever you are doing because you will eventually get results but maybe slower. dont give up and good luck!

    Hi Jessac
    I had the same experience when I started, body fat and weight both went up after my first week. I fast on Tuesday and skip lunch on Friday, doing a long walk at lunch time. Like you I only need to lose 4kg; for me it is to get my BMI into the healthy range.
    I think the first fast day was a shock to the system and I was really hungry the day after. There is a sense of exposure that comes with new life style. It’s like the body is saying what the devil are you doing. I did feel the clearer head and the lighter feel to the body movements and neck pain diminished, so that’s my focus. The weight is secondary for me but its an indicator so I was surprised.
    Upon reflection I think I ate to make up for the deprivation, rather than just eating normally.
    Now its been going 3.5 weeks and I have lost 1.6 kgs so it’s all good.

    It depends what you mean by reversed – I eat a low carb diet and have normal BG levels.

    Going too long without eating might actually encourage your body to start storing more fat in response to starvation. Mattson’s research shows that it can take two to four weeks before the body becomes accustomed to intermittent fasting. You might feel hungry or cranky while you’re getting used to the new routine.

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