Weight Loss but Fat % increasing

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Weight Loss but Fat % increasing

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  • I am in my second week of the 5:2 diet and I see my weight has reduced by about 3.8kg (Weighing each morning).

    I purchased ‘Nokia Body +’ scales as I didn’t have any to check for weight loss and have had this for the last few days, but on each of the days, the weight is reducing but the body fat % is increasing.

    I have limited to 600 Cals as required and monitored calories on non-fast days which are between 1300 and 2200.

    In the last three readings my weight has gone down by .6 kg and 1.3 kg, but the fat % has increased from 30.0 to 30.9 and now today 31.7. At the same time the lean and muscle mass are reducing. On each of these readings, it shows that water mass, bone mass and bmi are all decreasing.

    Could this just be a problem with the scales or is there an explanation. Can someone please explain.

    Thanks in advance

    Confirmed that the scales are fine. My wife is doing the 5:2 at the same time and all of her readings are as expected. I.e. weight down, body fat % down, lean and muscle mass % up and bmi down.

    I went through something very similar to you a few years ago. If you are gaining weight through the day, its cause you are slightly dehydrated when you wake up. As you become more hydrated you will put on a few pounds (this is good)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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