Weight Gain of 2 Pounds!!

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Weight Gain of 2 Pounds!!

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  • Started the 5.2 in Feb and have managed to lose some 9 pounds. Really enjoying it and even reduced my drinking considerably to once a week.

    That said, I have weighed myself today and have managed to add 2 pounds from Fridays weigh in. Granted on Friday I weighed myself the day after the Thursday fast but all the same its still a 2 pounds gain………..any ideas? What day do you normally weight yourself and how many times per week?



    Weight can vary several pounds during the course of a single day. You have 2 choices, either weigh yourself once per week, preferably the day after a FD or weigh yourself every day and get used to the normal fluctuations of your body weight. If you look at the numbers over a period of time and the general trend is down, there is no cause for concern.

    As an experiment, when you are making dinner, weigh the empty plate and then weigh it once you’ve dished up whatever you are eating. Your dinner can weigh upwards of 1lb and a glass of water weighs 8oz so it is no surprise that our body weight fluctuates depending on food intake. It also varies due to many other thinges such as exercise, medication, hormones.

    Great advice…thanks.

    I will weigh myself every Friday morning from now on as I fast Mondays & Thursdays.

    I used to scribble down the weight but now I simply take a photo on my mobile of the scales……easy! If it helps anyone I then record it on an app called …Happy Scale. I upgraded for a small charge and it’s well worth it though there are a lot of free ones.

    Abacab64 – I am a weekly weigher as I can’t ride the ups and downs of daily weighing. After 8 months of 5:2 I’ve only had 2 or 3 weeks when I’ve gained, quickly followed by losses the week after. This is a game of patience and persistence! I fall off the wagon, get despondent, snack when I shouldn’t, and Fridays are still mostly a day for good news. You may wish to take measurements too – as you can find you lose inches even if the scales don’t show a loss. Probably changes in water retention and muscle mass. Go for the long term gains!

    I only weigh on Saturday mornings. On no other day of the week – no. Because the weight is hesitating, here I eat more, here less and then I think what I’m doing wrong …. Sometimes we have some food in our stomach and we have to empty ourselves. Start practicing one day of the week. You will feel better

    I’m only just starting, I tried it a few years ago and didn’t lose an ounce so after sometime I gave up. I now feel having gained too much weight I must do it again and stick with it, maybe I didn’t do it properly last time, what I really want to find is a good calorie counting book, I’ve got one but it says portion, thats no good to me it ahs to be at most 100grms, I have noticed that different books seem to give different calorie counts, any one help ?? Thanks

    Hi Help,

    I use the Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible which is easily available.
    It gives calories and fat per measure eg 1 teaspoon/1 slice and also calories, protein,carbohydrate, fat and fibre per 100g/ml.

    What I find useful is that it lists fresh, dried, raw, cooked, unprepared, peeled etc which is really useful when cooking as I can weigh out raw measurements and work out calories per portion.
    It also contains brands of packaged foods, takeaways and supermarket/fast food outlet products.

    thanks very much that spounds good

    Help, I use a website called CalorieKing. You type in an ingredient and it gives you a choice of ounce, cup, serving [then they quantify that in oz or cups]. It works for purchased meals, as long as you buy it from one of their list of purveyors. Since I cook from scratch, I use it for calories of ingredients.
    As for your not losing weight, what were you eating on Slow Days? You really can’t ‘eat anything you want’ on a Slow Day: moderation in all things.

    Abaca, I weigh daily so I can know if damage control is warranted. If your weight went up, then you ate too many calories. I find that beer and white rice make my weight go up and stay there. Needless to say, once I discovered that, I cut back out beer and white rice!
    Good luck.

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