Weekly check in/ lose the last 10 pounds

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Weekly check in/ lose the last 10 pounds

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  • Hi, so it has been forever since i’ve been trying to lose the last 10 pounds. lol i’ve had enough. so i am hoping this diet helps me
    right now i am 4’11 – 5”0 in height. my weight usually fluctuates between 120lbs to 124lbs (54.4kg – 56.2kg). im looking to get down to 110lbs(50kg) since i have a short height but right now my goal is 115lbs(52kg) i believe the closest ive been is 117lbs.

    in school i was always 120 pounds but xD in the very last year of leaving school i went up to 145 so lool that was crap. but then i went to my first college at 16 and i managed to shed 20 pounds in a year ready to move to my next college wooo!

    So i tried the diet for a week to push my weight loss and my starting weight was 56.4kg; after i did 2 fast i managed to get my weight down to 55.3kg. thats 1.1kg (2lbs) gone yaay. lol. cant wait for the next few weeks. btw i am still in my young adult years so yes i will be turning 20 next year and lol i want to look good before summer.

    i fast wednesdays and saturdays since i’m an active student

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    well yes i do fitness which is included in my course, so i don’t really think about working out as much 🙂

    HEY lol here with an update lol sorry i’m late. so basically i started my menstrual cycle during the friday but i still fasted on saturday however, this is a factor that may have affecting my results.

    so i weighed myself today, a sunday. my result were 55.2kg. meaning i only lost 0.3grams. which is okay just as long as im losing but, im not going to lie. i have certainly been eating a lot and my water intake has drastically decreased.

    so my goal for next week is to eat with sense and increase my water intake. this time im hoping to actually lose 1-2lbs.

    still 5kg left to lose.

    so loool today is a fast day, its the middle of the night i feel as if i have gained weight
    xD because of over conumption for such a tiny person but yeah um today i actually havnt consumed much food. i think its because i was full from eating alot last night. we will see the results tomorrow woop

    ok looool forgot to update but basically xD not good news im 55.3kg again looooooooooooooool back at week 1 yanoe anyway lool this week may be better since im back at college meaning im staying active for basically the whole day. i came back exhausted

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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