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  • I need a badge saying “Stay away it’s a fast day!” Anyone know where I can get one? I have been evil to everyone from my husband to the delivery man today and I’m only half way through my fast day.

    I’m hoping you’re a newbie Clare? I don’t remember being particularly horrid on fastdays (unless it was already a stressy day for other reasons) and to be honest I think my general approach to life and my general mood has lightened considerably since taking up 5:2. However I’ve been doing it WELL over 2 years now, so I may be looking back with rose tinted glasses.

    I hope you cheer up soon & good luck with your journey.

    Hi TracyJ yes I am a newbie and under a lot of stress moving house with two young children. I found it ok over the last two weeks after a shakey first two so I was hoping I wouldn’t be having this now. I am definitely more snappy on my fast days though, usually I’m quite a happy person. I think the thought of not having food for the day depresses me. It makes me too hungry if I split the meals so I go all day without. I welcome any advice. Thanks :0)

    Clare1, I am new to this as well. I am only on my second fast day, but I have found that caffeine has helped a lot. I have two cups of black coffee in the morning and two or three cups of tea through out the day. With having little in my stomach it makes me a bit hyper, but don’t think I am all that mean or snippy or ill tempered.

    The stress of moving is not fun…good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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