URGENT!!! Looking for a weight loss buddy :)

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URGENT!!! Looking for a weight loss buddy :)

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  • Hi, I want a buddy to come along with me on this weight loss journey. We can text and communicate with each other, and give one another support. I am determined not to fail. So if anyone wants to buddy up then message me πŸ™‚

    Hi, I would love to be your buddy, today is my first day on this site and i am fed up with being fed up about my weight. In the short term my husband and I are going to Venice in November and my first goal is to lose half a stone before guy Fawkes day. After that I would just like some short term goals like Christmas, my birthday in February etc and some one to chat to on the journey!


    Today is also my first day. I’m going to be doing 4:3 diet and i’d love to have a couple of buddies for help and support. Strength in numbers!

    My goal at the moment is 10kg lost before christmas.

    Hey I would like to be your buddy too – its my first day today. I turn 50 in January and need to drop weight badly. I don’t want a party because I don’t want my family to see how over weight I have become.

    Great, that’s 3 of us so far. I turn 53 in February and it definitely creeps up on you after about 45.. Still not any more. Hope your first day goes ok I will post later when I am eyeing up the dogs dinner with envy..

    Sorry 4 of us so far..

    Hi I’m Steph πŸ™‚ I would love the support of some buddies on here, I have just started the 5:2 this week, I am hoping to lose 20kg within the next six months, even quicker if possible! πŸ˜‰ I started yesterday which is Monday here down under, I had a banana and a handful of almonds at 8am and did not eat all day at work (which was a little hard since the boss bought pizza and I had the smell of it under my nose all lunch break!) LOL but I am so proud of myself I powered on and did not touch it! I did not eat a thing until 8pm, I just had half a plate of steamed vegetables and a small tin of tuna in olive oil. I had about 400 calories and I felt fine, just a little headache, dizzy, not many hunger pangs surprisingly,and slept really well last night, only thing of concern is just getting stomach stitches and cramps, not hunger pangs at all just funny feeling in my stomach but hopefully it passes! So my next fast day is Thursday, how is everyone else going???

    Hi Steph83
    Literally started this morning so have been on coffee so far, thought I would poach an egg when I get peckish but strangely not hungry so far, perhaps because I finally committed to something and really want to succeed

    Hi Ennyfenny πŸ™‚ I totally understand what you mean, wow just noticed its only 9:00am over there! it’s 7pm here! I am in Melbourne, Australia.
    So I will tell you a little about myself, I am 31 years old, 4 ft 11 inch so very short! LOL and currently weigh in at 63kg πŸ™ I am hoping to get to 43kg which is idea for my height.
    So yeah as I was saying I felt the same yesterday, did not even feel hungry and even today after the fast ate so much less than usual, my TDEE suggests I consume 1700 calories, I think I only had around 1200-1400, so yeah hopefully this is how it continues and surely I will lose the weight!

    Hello , I would love to be a part of this support group , I am on my second day of 5:2 and today is my first fast day , am doing well I think , just black herbal tea , water, at this stage don’t feel hungry which surprises me .
    I am 5ft 2 and weigh 72.2kg , BMI is 31 , not good .
    Am in need of some support , so if you’ll have me I’m in .
    Cheers and good luck to everyone

    Its strange how the need to constantly graze without even noticing is totally absent this morning. Perhaps it’s a mental “rolling up the sleeves and taking a deep breath” moment as we obviously all recognise that we can’t continue our current eating habits. I am so chuffed we are doing this together!

    Hi everyone. This is hreat to get a group of us going to support each other!

    A little about me….

    I’m 29 year old mother of a gorgeous little 2 year old boy and i’m a stay at home mum. Before my pregnancy i had 3 waitressing jobs and worked from 6am in the morning till 3am at night. Then when i got pregnant i threatened miscarriage several times (probably due to my intense work schedule lol) and was put on enforced bed rest from the 2nd month of my pregnancy. Then an emergency csection laid me up for 4 months or so after my son was born. The result of all this 32kg of extra weight!!

    Today is my first fast day so I made myself a lovely summer fruits smoothie this morning for breakfast. 250ml of skimmed milk and 100g of frozen summer fruits. Total 130 calories. I,ll have another for lunch and then another this evening. Total for the day 390 calories. Small amount of calories plus smoothies are reaaaaaally filling!

    My current weight is 102kg and my height is 170cm (5’7). I’d love to lose 10kg by christmas and then make my goal weight of 70kg before next summer.

    Here’s hoping that by supporting each other we can all reach our goals!!

    EnnyFenny i’m a grazer too lol normally eating all the left over bits of cookies etc left behind by a toddler:)

    Me too!! I think it’s awesome that we can all give each other advice, support and even just tell each other about a bad day or any concerns, it is very helpful and will definitely help in the long run to success!
    Welcome twochat2u πŸ™‚ sound’s like we are both petite ladies hehe πŸ˜‰ my BMI is 28.8 so yeah not looking too good either, hoping to get it under 25 asap just to feel healthier again would be great.

    Hi everyone,

    55 yo male from Brisbane who just started today. I’m 5 10 96kgs which gives me a him of about 31. I made a 2 egg omelette with red capsicum, jalapeΓ±os, and Parmesan cheese for breakfast which is about 200 calories. I was fine until 3 when I had a tuna roll up w lettuce. For dinner a tiny chunk of salmon my daughter didn’t eat. I’m pretty sure I’m under 600 calls but I find that the most tedious part of this plan which is counting calories. I’ve posted a link to some yummy recipes below which are all lo cal. Good luck to everyone!


    Ausguy have you tried my fitness pal for counting your calories? It’s still a bit tedious but quicker and easier than searching for the data online.

    Plus OMG some of those recipies look great. Now i’m hungry:(

    Hi all my first day yesterday would love to buddy up with you all. I am from Melbourne and would love to lose approx 10 kegs over a 6 mth period . I enjoyed my fast day I don’t normally drink green tea bug I found one with blueberry and pomegranate I loved it. I drank it cooled all day and found that it kept hunger pangs right down. Actually being busy at work I didn’t even feel hunger until I ate something for dinner . My next day of fasting is Thursday and if i feel the same I will not be eating anything at all, just drinking tea and water.
    Will let you know how I go .
    Look forward to doing this with you all.

    Hi all, Eluminadia is right about “my fitness” it’s a great tool and really helps to keep track on both fasting and non fasting days. So brunch today – poached egg 88 cals unbuttered slice granary bread 112 total 200 cals and v filling long term. Plus you can use the bar code identification for bought items for when you are on the go.
    Hi to you guys from Melbourne, great city!

    About to start cooking dinner for the family after a 5km very intense walk .
    WOW!! Still not hungry , water water water .has now been 22 hrs since my last solid meal and YES am feeling fine .
    Well off to the kitchen , hope I don’t weaken ….. Wish me luck

    That’s great twochat2u!! Well done.

    I’m in southern Spain and it’s nearly lunch time. DS and his Daddy are having pasta and I’m making myself an egg mayo sandwich with low fat mayo. Like 200 cals i think it worked out to on fitness pal. I was planning on another smoothie but i’ve run out of fruit:/

    I must admit that i find it really hard cooking meals for the family on fast days. It’s so tempting and so easy to have a bit of what they’re eating.

    Yes, I agree family meals have always been difficult but now the nest is empty (well most of the time) I just have my husband to feed in the evening and he is really easy. As long as I fast in the week hopefully I can cope with the temptations of home cooking when the kids all turn up with partners and friends at the weekend. I don’t drink so that’s a plus:)

    Hi all,
    I run a thread ‘ lose 2 lb per week with Jojo’
    Many of us post daily and have been here since January( some longer)
    We are all ‘losers’ in the best possible way and have learnt a great deal on our journeys, we can help newbies and value their dieting experience too.
    Feel free to join us. We are a positive force, no moaning, we just get on with it.
    I am over 50 lbs down now but am trying to get another 40 off through 4:3 and a variety of exercise and sport. Currently I am trying plant based proteins with mixed results but I will give it a fair trial.
    Come join us

    Hi we live in Malaga and this is our second day, after fasting yesterday. My husband makes a terrific soup, beans, celery, lentils, tomato fritte, chilli powder. Any veg you like really apart from potatoes. We have this on a non fast day as we’re not sure about the calories but I’m sure it can’t be many.

    Hi Pandora27. I’m in Almeria so not far from where you are.

    Have got through my first day of fasting , have to say i found it quite easy .
    Had my first meal 390 cals. lettuce wrap with tuna and some veg , calorie counter came in very handy.
    Last cup of herb tea for the day then off to bed.
    Nighty night all .

    Hi everyone I’m from Perth. Did my 1st, 2 consecutive fast on mon and tue. Was very hard during the day.. Had several coffee with ‘sugars’ and salty crisps cause I get bad headaches with lack of salt. It’s a non fast day today I had one toast and tea. No lunch yet! May be some yummy dinner. I had love to be anybody’s buddy because I lack motivation sometimes. I watched the show on chan 7 and got excited but I don’t want to get bored about this. I am 40 soon. I have piled on a few kilos over the years. I want try and fit in some of my old clothes

    Hi vegetarianhas40
    Sounds like you are doing really well so far, my first day yesterday started out great and then I got really hungry and ended up eating cheese and biscuits at 10 pm :(. Back on it today, I am determined to succeed. I am from the Not So United Kingdom, however I have visited Perth and dived off Rotnest, great part of the world!

    Good morning eberyone!

    I’m also resyarting today. I did really well for my first fast day yesterday but then ended up eating a chicken kiev my son left at dinner:(

    Restarting with another fast day today. Fingers crossed i’ll do better today!

    Hi all, another gal from Down Under here, the lovely city of Adelaide – would love to “buddy up” with a few people to help keep on track! πŸ™‚

    It’s my second fast day today, natural yogurt for brecky and lots of herbal teas to keep away the hunger pangs, and only the one coffee today to help chase away a headache! Very proud of myself though that I haven’t had any Iced Coffee’s on my fast days, it’s one of my major weaknesses.

    Vegetarian has40 – I know where you’re coming from, I’m turning 40 soon (yikes) and have more than a few kilos to loose!!! We can keep each other motivated.

    Good luck all! πŸ™‚

    SSMM200 – Looks like you’ve got a few of us to buddy up with now! πŸ™‚

    Was finding lots of excuses not to go to the gym but putting my kit on now .. No point short changing myself hope you all have a good day and throw the children’s leftovers straight in the bin…

    I would love to be a part of this group too. I’ll be 53 next month and I’m sick of being overweight. I’m heading to Thailand in November and I want to be able to wear bathers and not feel self conscious. I need to lose 10kg to feel comfortable but would love to lose 15-20 to feel great. I started on Monday and must admit it was a bit hard but I’m am soooo determined that I will do it. I would be interested in hearing what everyone has on the fasting days. I’ll be fasting tomorrow, Thursday

    So far so good on my second fast day attempt. I’ve just got back from a lovely hours walk with my son and that actually seems to have curbed my hunger a little bit so…. 2 birds with 1 stone!

    How would you guys feel about us having a weekly weigh in? We’ll all decide on a day then post our weight loss progress. Might be a good motivater?

    Hi everyone, I’m starting tomorrow so will make Thursday & Monday my fasting days. I have been reading all the forum comments and feel excited about joining. You all sound so positive it’s addictive so here I go. I’m from country Victoria (Australia) live on a small farm but have chronic back problems and awaiting surgery. I’m sure the extra 20k’s I’m hauling around is not helping and after trying so many other diets and seeing the program on Fox the other night, thought, there’s the answer. It all seems very do-able. I have a beautiful one acre garden but have problems enjoying it now with the back pain and walking, so hope the 5:2 helps get my quality of life back, wish me luck and it’s great to be part of your team.

    Welcome countrygal! Glad you’ve joined us. I think we’re all pretty new to this but so far we’re all really positive and i think it’s going to be a great journey to take together supporting each other

    Hi Eluminadia, thankyou for the reply, I’m 64 and very new to forums but have been reading this one and what a friendly group you all are. I see we all have the same goal so what an exciting journey we have ahead. It’s a wonderful way to share hints to help each other.

    Hi girls would also love a buddy . I am 58yrs live on the mid north coast in Australia NSW. Need to lose 20kgs by December actually November! for a school reunion. started 5:2 on Monday after watching Sunday night on ch 7.
    would love to have a reply from anyone

    Hi go gal, sure I’ll be your buddy, tomorrow is my first day and I’m sure all the forum team are buddies but I’d be please to have a companion through this journey, how do we go about it?

    Hi gogal glad you’ve joined us!

    It’s great that you’re motivated! But I think that you may be hoping to lose ALOT of weight in a very short time. 0.5-1kg a week is a good weight lose rate and you might find that to lose faster than that you’ll be having to eat very little. This site has some great tools and calculators to help you work out how many calories you should be eating and ‘my fitness pal’ is a great way to keep track of your calories.

    I’m aiming to lose 10kg by christmas which is less than a kg a week. If i can push it a bit more and lose a kg a week then i’ll so happy. But i tend to find that if i make my goals to hard and don’t manange to do them then i lose my motivation with a diet and go on a binge and put myself right back to square one. Better to set lower goals and be pleasently surprise lol πŸ™‚

    OK – what a great group we have. I’m now ready for the second fasting day tomorrow (Thursday). Forgot to tell you before, I live in Mackay in Central Queensland not far from the Whitsundays.
    For tomorrow I have bought a ready to go shake, thats also full of vitamins, which I will down on my way to work, then intend on nothing until dinner around 7.

    I think a weekly weigh in would be good – maybe the day after the second fast – like Friday morning

    The shakes are a good idea, I plan on one for breakfast with a few strawberries and ice cubes all in the vitaliser, low cal and long lasting. Healthy and filling way to start the day, also good with a banana, nothing else needed and tastes just like a milkshake . The weekly weigh in is a great idea, more motivation.

    Hi, I forgot to say the shake is made with water, not milk

    I use shakes too. They’re quick and easy and removes the extra snacking temptation when cooking.

    Friday seems as good a day as any for a weigh in day. I’m doing 4:3 or every other day to try and boost my weight loss so my fasting days will vary from week to week. But when ever you guys would like to do a weigh in is fine with me πŸ™‚

    Thank you all so very much for your replies.
    Eluminadia- thanks for your tips .Yes I would love to lose 20kgs fast but I am also aware that it is toooooo much to soon. I agree with you that 05-1kg a week is more healthy.
    Country girl- we have a great support and advisery team to be there for us. If we need each other outside the forum for support we would have to consider e-mails or facebook, phone. I don’t know how you feel about personal security but its something to consider.
    I agree that a weekly weigh in on a Friday is a great idea ,we then can all see our progress within our group and support and advise each other if we do not lose that important 1KILO A WEEK. what say all of you?
    Happy feasting and fASTING………GO GAL xxxxxx

    Hi country gal and Go gal, what a great group this is turning out to be.

    personally I love the idea of a weigh in as it really focuses you and the thought a deadline can help you pull back from temptation. Feeling much better today, I think I thought about it too much yesterday and ended up making myself feel hungry. Kept busy today and it makes a huge difference.

    Hi girls, if you need some salt in your diet I brought some miso soup from Coles .they come in individual sachet 66kj . You add 160mls hot water, more if you want to weaken the salt taste.I had this on Monday 1st fast day, added some chicken to it for dinner that night. Did not feel hungery.Remember too dark chocolate is an anti oxident 70% . Lindt and Aldi have a dark choc with chilli,2-4 squares are ok & yummy.
    Ennyfenny- we are becoming a very motivated team. Sounds like your doing fine … keep up with the focus of not being hungry.

    Today is my 2nd fast day.
    See you all tomorrow for week 1 of our weigh in.

    Hi girls started my first fast day today and quite enjoying it. Shake and banana in vitamizer with 200ml water for breakfast, yummy, just like a milk shake plus a dash of skim milk in my ( have to have) morning coffee 262cals, lunch miso (which I have never had) plus a few champignons for the teeth to bite 57cals, really enjoyed the Miso, loved the taste, then tonight veg soup which I just made and according to My Fitness Pal works out at 75 cals per bowl, if every fast day is this easy, bring it on. Very salty taste in the mouth now, the Miso soup I guess, good excuse to drink all the water I should be drinking. Only hope tonight after dinner the need for nibblies don’t take over, I find that the hardest time, especially the coffee and bickie before bed! I hope you are all doing well with your fast day. I also found that blackberry tea is 4 cals so be warned if you are being strict and maybe stick to normal tea on this day

    Hello all, I am so excited , had my first weigh in today .
    Day 4 of 5:2 and have lost 19cm and 1.5 kg , I was ecstatic , this has just motivated me even more to keep it up .
    Day 2 of fasting today , feeling quite hungry and getting lots of hunger pangs .
    All I can say is keep it up everyone , commitment , support and a goal is definitely working for me .
    Really love reading everyone’s stories here , thank you all for the support .
    Good luck

    What motivation in reading that, congratulations, well done, just the message we all need

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