URGENT!!! Looking for a weight loss buddy :)

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URGENT!!! Looking for a weight loss buddy :)

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  • Well done and heaps of congrats tochat2u.
    Day 4 and fast day for me.
    looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow morning.Hope my loss is as good as yours.

    Evening country girl- glad you liked the miso. I had it tonight,I cooked up broccoli
    cabbage and snow peas, habby had solmon. I added a desert spoon of mayo .which gave it a creamy taste.
    See you in the am for the weigh in- hope its a surprise for both of us .
    Regards Janeen

    I’ll be interested too with my first weigh in with only one fast day under my belt, I don’t expect miracles but who knows, stranger things have happened. I’m in for the long haul and as they say, slow and steady, the way the weight came on. Good luck, nice idea with the Miso too, thankyou

    Thank you Countrygal , of all the diets I have tried and 4 days into this with excellent results .
    I’m not a lover of miso soup unfortunately , I have a lettuce wrap if I feel the need to eat , with only 64 cals total and is very enjoyable . When this fast is over I am going for the white egg omelet with some spring onion mixed , my 20 yo son made one for me the other night and it was very enjoyable .
    Would love a recipe Countrygal of your vege soup if you don’t mind , am looking for some menu changes , any recommendations ?

    Go Gal , thankyou for your message .
    Can’t wait to hear your results from your weigh in . Good luck

    Today’s my first day to.
    I’m 21 a stay at home mom to a two year old.
    I’m currently 15 stone but want to loose 4 stone by sept 15 for our holiday to Jamaica.
    Really need some support and some people to talk to when I’m struggling.


    Not a problem, I made just enough for 4 meals and went by My Fitness Pal for cals
    1 cup each of grated carrot and zucchini
    1 cup of sliced leek
    1/4 cheek of red capsicum
    1 stick sliced celery
    Stock cubes to taste (I used the ones from Aldi and needed 5) beef flavour
    1 large tin of Homebrand champignons cut into large bite six pieces (the other vegs dissolve so they give you something the chew)
    Cover all in a saucepan with water but cover the veg so the soup is thickish.
    Salt and pepper to taste, (you can add so many more veg of course or try different each time for the different flavour)
    Bring to boil then simmer till cooked to your liking.
    I got 4 meals at 75.cals each out of this so put some in the freezer for Monday, it’s so cold here in Gippsland at the moment, the soup really hit the spot.
    I hope you enjoy

    I forgot to say with the recipe the stock cubes are 6 cals each I used 3 then decided it needed more but the cals are for 3 and cut champignons into bite size pieces …forgive the typo

    Welldone twochat2u!! That is so awesome and great motivation for the rest of us!

    Welcome Sam.

    I’m a 29 year old stay at home mum, also with a 2 year old! And i think we have the about the same amount of weight to lose (although i lost the ability to think in stones and pounds when i left the UK lol) i want to lose 32kg with a goal weight of 70kg which i think is around 11 stone.

    Hi Sam welcome to this group of very motivated and from whaT I’ve read from the other posts some beautiful supportive women.”We are family ,Ive got all my sisters with me”!

    Hi all, can I join your group too? I’m 4 weeks in got 22kgs to lose and I’m in NZ? Looking forward to my weigh in in the morning?!

    I’m also a sahm of a two year old. .. But I’m an old lady of 43!

    Hi PingPongPom you are more than welcome to join us, you’ll find us a very friendly group willing to help each other, not sure what a sahm is, but good luck with your journey on 5:2

    Hi pingpongpom and welcome to our little group!

    Countrygal sahm = stay at home mum lol

    I think we’re all agreed to a Friday weigh in. Looking forward to seeing everyones progress tomorrow, including my own lol I’m expecting to have lost quite a bit but then i typically carry around 5kg in retained water so i normally lose 2/3 kg on the first week of any diet.

    This weekend is going to be difficult for me as it’s a local ‘fiesta’ in the village i live in (the spanish love to celebrate thier saints :/) so that means lots of parties and family get togethers. I’ll need an iron will to get through it all!

    Eluminadia you should enjoy your weekend, life is for living and family for loving, the 5:2 will be here when it’s over and you may surprise yourself on food choices now your understanding how calories work, enjoy!

    Countrygal you’re probably right, especially as my father in law passed away only last month. He was only 63 and it’s the sort of thing that makes you want to enjoy life and family to the fullest 🙂

    Just reading all these posts is keeping me motivated. I’m into my 4 th week and stayed the same weight last week which has deflated me a little. I’ve lost 4lbs so far but have to say my usual bloated ness has gone. I’m 5 ft , 157 pounds and bmi of 31. Want to lose 24 ish pounds to feel good. I also live in Spain, Costa Blanca .
    I’m usually a quick fix person so this is torture for me waiting on my body to adjust to my new 5;2 regime after many years of yoyo dieting! Oh I’m 53 btw. I’m Scottish too so very nervous about today’s vote. !!!!!! Hope we stay United!!!!

    Morning all! Thanks for the welcome. So I weigh 84.1kg today, checked my dates and I started at 85.8kg on 5th August so you might say my progress is slow at 1.7kg in 7 weeks! I’ve been lower but it’s gainlosegainlose. My first two weeks I lost 1.4kg! I actually stuck more or less to the 500 yesterday, I’m breastfeedingso findit very hard! Weighing in just once a week is a good idea! So while I’m disappointed weight wise I did wear some new jeans this week That I bought 2 years ago..I couldn’t get into at the start of this so I’m shrinking my waist which is good!

    Hi all, its so amazing to have so many people supporting and feeding back to each other. It definitely keeps me motivated. I’m vegetarian and mainly eat fruits and vegetables so its kind of hard to keep my energy going on fast days. If I didn’t have coffee I don’t know what I’ll do. Also I’ve read up and researched on water fasts, which I primarily want to do in order to clean out my body of all the bad toxins and junk I’ve been feeding myself in the past. But I mainly want to do it as it may improve my relationship with food. What do you all think?


    Initial research in longer term water fasts (4/5 days or more) have been shown to have some interesting results. However, despite the apparent belief in some that Dr. M supports them, if you actually saw the original program you know he rejected them as undoable for the average person, especially on a periodic basis, which seems to be necessary to get more than temporary beneficial results. This is all given today’s research results – who knows what new research will reveal?

    If you are interested, I would start with doing water fasts on your diet days and see how it goes. For many people, they take awhile to get used to. If you find water fasting bearable, you can then do back to back (2 day) water fasts and still be within the 5:2 frame work. After that, go where you want to go.

    When you are talking periodic longer term water fasts, you take the discussion past just weight loss and into the area of life extension – an area that is just being explored and for obvious reasons has not been proven. How do you do a clinical study with control groups to investigate whether fasting extends life? It would have to be a very long term study that wouldn’t end until most of us are dead!

    Good Luck!





    I’m so excited and I just can’t hid it .I’m about to lose control and I think I like it’
    A loss of 2.2kgs. starting weight 82.2kgs GOOD LUCK GALS WITH YOUR WEIGH IN YEH !!!!!!!!

    Well done Pingpongpom and gogal!!

    Hi PingPongPom!Great to have you with us.

    Hi Buddy- Good luck today. Look forward to seeing your progress tonight.
    I’m working today. I am a registered nurse in community health.XoXo

    Ok so just done the Friday morning weigh-in and have lost 0.8kg since my last weigh on Tuesday morning. So guess thats pretty good. I wasn’t as diligent with the fasting yesterday but still would have consumed a hell of a lot less than normal. I have 2 perfectly slim teenage girls and don’t want to “diet” in front of them – so got a bit tricky around dinner and supper time.

    Hope everyone else went well.

    Good morning girls first fasting day yesterday, I weighed myself before starting and as my digital scales only weight in .5 increments it hovered between 93.5– 94k’s so I guess-timated about 93.7, this morning it sat very steady on 93.0k’s, wow to me, very surprised only after one day, really looking forward to next Friday to weigh in. HINTS; i made a large jug of cucumber mint and watermelon water, which I kept in the fridge and used all day, didn’t miss my lunchtime glass of wine or evening whiskey and dry, I used a wine glass to drink the flavoured water with a slice of cucumber in it and a few mint leaves and loved every mouthfull. I know whatever weight I lost was fluid as I spent so much time running to the loo! My day consisted of a morning smoothie and soup all day so a lot of fluid intake but very happy. Thankyou Eluminadia for the explanation of SAHM, at 64 our language is changing so often, I need to go back to school. Good luck gurls I hope you all have good news.P.S. New scales coming in .1 increments, so easier to guage my loss.

    WOW , go gal congratulations , that is awesome , doesn’t it make you feel more motivated ?
    Keep it up

    Good Morning every one .
    Another beautiful sunny day here in Perth WA . Think it’s time for a walk , who wants to join me

    Hi twochat2u, don’t forget your weigh in today, it’s good for motivation for us all
    Have a great day

    You are all so inspiring. I’ve just started, this is my first week and today my second fast day….going ok so far. Great to rad your stories, particularly a couple that I could really relate to, being short in height and having trouble moving that weight around the middle…..looking for inspiration and motivation

    Hi SaideeC welcome to our group, you will find most of the posts will give you inspiration and the biggest motivation is the positive outcome for everyone, and all so very easy, we all know what foods are good for us so it’s basically just sticking to them on fasting days and watching portion sizes but more impirtantly drink plenty of water, you will surprise yourself, we weigh in each Friday so good luck for next week

    Morning guys. I weighed in this morning at 99.8. That’s a loss of 2.2kg for me which is pretty good 🙂 although i’ll probably gain it all back this weekend lol.

    So far we’re all doing great. Well done buddies!!

    Well done!!! Eluminadia- have a wonderful time at the fiesta this weekend- enjoy yourself with family and friends. GO Galxxxx

    Morning everyone, just did my weigh in and was not expecting much as I had a bad binge yesterday, (went to the supermarket hungry – bad idea) However pleasantly surprised 86.5 prev now 85kg so 1.5 kg lost since Monday,! Chuffed!

    Wonderful !and congrats. We have all done well on your 1st week. Enjoy the next feasting daysxx

    Wow you girls are all an inspiration congratulations, it shows the fasting day really does work, I wasn’t at all hungry today after fasting yesterday so pretty light on food but topping it of with roast pork tonight so hope that doesn’t undo my .7k loss

    Eluminadia how long has it taken to loose the 2.2k’s, that is really great

    Well done everyone.

    My 2.2kg has come off since Monday but it is totally water weight it’s not unusual for me to lose 2-5kg in the first week of a diet because i retain soooo much water

    Wow, it’s still a start and better off than on, keep going girl, well done

    Ennyfenny ,eventhough you ventured into the forbidden forest-YOU DID IT!!!!well done
    Enjoy the week endxxx

    My Country girl buddy ,you still achieved a loss so well done! My 2.2ks was because I was very motivated (As we all are). I think I almost staved my self yesterday because I was not hungry,though I paid for it last night could not sleep and had a headache. Most dietitians advise that a weight loss of 1kg a week is healthy. Also the 1st week of any change in an eating plan is you will lose fluid first.Onwards to week 2xxxx

    Hi Go Gal consequences aside you did it, well done, I bet you can’t get the smile off your face, and neither you should.

    Absolutely Go Gal, well done everyone, onwards and downwards….! have a houseful this weekend so will try not to go too mad,back to fast day Monday, Hope you all have a lovely weekend, we are having a bit of an Indian summer here – it’s wonderful

    I did a really bad thing! I’m a Nurse, Friday was very busy so busy that my NUM needed me to work Saturday. Come home, had 2 glasses of low alchole and calorie wine,3 choc biscuts and Milo on skim milk.
    I put on 1kg! will be sensible today and fast tomrrow Monday stupid girl!
    Catch up with you all during the week….sorry to let the side down!

    No apologies necessary, you sound like you have the same wine as me, yummy and refreshing, buton feast days you may have whatever you want to eat. I watched the show on Foxtel AGAIN last night and don’t understand all the confusion on the different threads. Fast on Monday and Thursday at 500k’s and upto 2000k’s on feast days, I try for 1200k’s…so you Go girl, enjoy life and food

    Hi all,
    Steph83 I am in Tassie and would love to get support too. It is my first day on the site. I have just turned 40 and found my body is heading out and south and I don’t like it. Keen to try this diet after my mate is mudgee said he is doing it. Good luck all.

    Thanks for you support and encourging words. the wine is Lindeman’s Early Harverst
    Are you on Skype or facebook?

    One question I have is, how do I calculate the K?? I need to eat, or not eat lol.

    Welcome Earthangel 01. (Love the name) if you download My FitnessPal it calculates all your food on a daily basis, makes life very easy, you will be surprised how many calories we consume in even just simple foods ( like parsley) EVERYTHING has calories, doesn’t seem fair!
    go gal I’m on Skype (one retired nurse to another)

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