The Fast Diet and older people.

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  • I’m a pensioner (71) and would like to hear from others of a similar age.
    Ive lost 9lbs since Christmas having started this diet around 10th January.Since that date I’ve lost about half a stone.I’m wondering whether I should make any concessions to my age. One I have made is not to do my fast days together.
    How are other older people getting on? I’m walking more but haven’t added any
    other exercise yet.

    I’m just 70 yrs old. My husband and I embarked on Fasting almost 6 yrs ago [April] and have kept it up ever since. Good job on your 9 lbs in the past month!! Well done. My husband lost 45 pounds [I had less to lose but I lost it]. We are strong advocates of this Lifestyle. We Fast Mondays and Thursdays, aiming for 600 calories. [More likely we do 700 on Fast Days, since I must have my milk for the Calcium.]

    I have done a lot of walking and my husband is getting back into it. We go to the gym up to 2 days/ week, often on Fast Days, to do an hour of weights. I don’t see why any concessions must be made for your age. It is a myth that older people need to carry extra fat/weight [so says my MD]. Exercise builds muscle and that is good at our age, too — for getting up from chairs or off the floor.

    Good luck, Slimbo! Stick with it until you get to the weight that feels just right. Keep posting your progress.

    Just read your profile. Who says you can’t have milk in your tea? It adds so few calories that it is OK.

    Hello Fasting_me and thank you for your reply.
    I’m not sure where I got the, ‘no milk in drinks on fast days’ idea; I’ve read so much on this. You have both done very well. I bought the earlier book in 2013 but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the 500 calories. I’ve read the new book, The Fast 800 and felt very inspired by the round up of what had gone before and especially all the test results. I also felt that I might be able to cope with 800 calories on fast days. Actually I’m now finding that I don’t eat 800 on those days but often less so it’s more likely to be 6 or 700 with an eating window of 8 or 9 hours.
    I’m hoping to get into the ten stones+ next week so, fingers crossed.

    Well done on your success so far.

    I always have milk in my tea and coffee and it hasn’t prevented me from losing weight doing 5:2. It is the same as any other weight loss method in that it creates a calorie deficit in order for fat reserves to be utilised.

    Having said that, those of us who have had success know that it is very important to rid ourselves of unhealthy eating habits by making better choices about what, how much and when we eat or we’ll never keep the weight off.

    Hello Amazon (love the name!)
    Thanks for your reply. Yes I’ve had a few moments with poor choices but I’m getting stronger and feel hopeful that I really can do it this time. I had 2 bouts of Slimming World but didn’t enjoy the group thing which I know is supposed to help. The last time I didn’t manage to get as low as I am now so that is encouraging. I’ve managed to talk a friend into doing this with me which is really helping. We’re similar age, height and weight. We weigh in once a week and text the results to each other. We’re also trying to meet up occasionally for inspiration and recipes.
    Hey Ho, onwards and downwards! Thank you for your encouragement.

    That’s the way to do it, Slimbo — with a buddy. Keep reinforcing each other and keep your eyes on the goal as you shed some of your I-don’t-really-need-to-eat-those-calories behaviors.

    We’ve both more or less maintained this week so a fresh start tomorrow!

    Fasting today. Felafel patties + pineapple + Greek yogurt for breakfast. Green& Red Shakshuka for dinner. Plus my milk, fig, and cheese at lunch [Calcium + Fiber!] The dinner has 220 calories only.
    Stayed rather inactive for 2 days last week, due to a head cold. Lost 2 pounds! Better now.

    Keep us posted on your continued success, Slimbo.

    Well thank you both for your encouragement.
    just reporting a good loss last week of 2 1/4 pounds. I’m in the tens now,
    at 5ft 4, and determined to stay there. Ten stone 11 3/4 pounds. Hoping for 10:7
    eventually and will then re-evalulate. In other words, decide whether I still look
    pregnant before deciding when to maintain. Slimbo.

    Weight loss isn’t regular as in x amount every week so it is important to be patient and not give in if you go a couple of weeks without loss.
    Something you can do is measure yourself, waist, hips, thigh etc because you’ll often find you’ve lost inches but it hasn’t yet registered on the scales. My interpretation of that is the fat cells have been utilised but energy and water not yet used/eliminated.

    You have set yourself a very modest goal and I expect you’ll want to lose some more once you get there.

    I have changed the way I shop and eat.
    When I shop I never walk down the aisle that stocks biscuits, cakes etc. If I don’t look I have no idea what is on offer and don’t miss it.
    When cooking I still make dishes and use recipes that are old favourites and I’ve cut the calories by using for eg 1tblsp oil rather than two and adjusted the amounts ie less meat and more veg in a casserole.
    I also love trying new recipes and foods I’ve not eaten before.

    I’m cooking for one and I think it is very important to make the effort. Fortunately I love it almost as much as I love eating so it’s not a problem.

    I do a lot of batch cooking, weighing and calorie counting the ingredients then dividing into portions and freezing them. I have a list on the freezer door of what I’ve got along with the calorie content.
    It means I have little excuse for making an unwise choice when I open the fridge door and don’t see anything interesting I want to eat, and means I can buy fresh produce on offer without having to eat the same thing for several days in succession.

    Well done on what you’ve achieved so far and keep it up 😀

    I’m 70 and have been a Lifetime Gold Member of Weightwatchers since 1977 and didnt think their ‘always evolving to latest research’ plan could be bettered. I didn’t manage the 5:2 500cals as I felt deprived. BUT this past week I launched into the Fast800 and had shifted 4lbs of some of the weight that has been hanging around since last year. I run two or three times a week, walk daily and do resistance at the gym and yoga. I am so encouraged by this new version. I was tired on my run this morning, I ran a painting workshop yesterday all day and was knackered, so I just walked a bit when I felt fatigued. I find the TRE has stopped my ‘grazing’ on fruit habit and the rather large gins when I’m stressed. The book has helped me so much, the foods are great.

    Welcome to Fasting, cyberjack, and well done on your 4 pounds. So glad the new Fasting is working for you.
    Amazon, as always, words to live by.
    Slimbo, as Amazon says, lose weight to your Target, then you might well keep going. I had set a goal at the start, thinking it would be impossible to go lower and maintain it. But then more weight came off and I was 3 pounds lower than I ever thought I could be. And maintaining it. Now by ‘maintaining’ I don’t mean that the weight just stays there, rock solid. Weight will go up by 2 pounds [gasp!] or down by 2 pounds quite unexpectedly, but the average weight stays where I want it to be.

    What’s new, Slimbo?
    Cyberjack, keep us up to date.

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging posts. Good to hear from you Cyberjack.I agree re the TRE. Evenings used to be my worst times for doing a bit more than grazing; bowls (note the plural) of cereal etc. Ive been pretty good about sticking to, ‘nothing after 7pm’.It enables me to fast easily for 14 hours at least although I aim for 16.I’m still making silly chocolate mistakes but at least I’m eating less of it. My most successful losses have been around salad items.A large salad of anything
    ‘harmless’ that I can think of on a fast day. On the next day the same again but including cheese etc for a non fast day. I’m the same weight today as I was 10 days ago but at least it’s still in the tens – about 10:12. As long as I don’t go up to the elevens I’m happy so I need a bit more wriggle room yet.

    Slimbo, don’t get in a rut with the salads. it isn’t all about the low calories — add some protein to prevent hunger.

    Weight has been good lately. Just under my Target Weight. Tomorrow will be a Fast Day.

    Hi again, I reached my target weight today 15 days of Fast800. So that’s six pounds off. (I’m 5′ 2″and extra weight shows on my belly and thighs and upper arms and it’s shifting, I am amazed). I’ll continue with 5:2 and eat the same foods but more of them on non-fast days. I really like the TRE approach it has stopped the evening carb-binge.
    I feel a lot more positive. My sleeping isn’t great but has been worse with over-eating in the past.

    We are Fasting today. For breakfast we enjoyed eggs baked with chicken cooked with Haitian spices all ground up], served with a side of melon and pineapple. For dinner we’ll have an old favorite, Rumbledeethumps [aka: Colcannon] which I have gotten down to the right calories for a Fast by combining the mashed potato with mashed cauliflower.

    What is TRE?

    TRE is Time Restricted Eating as described in the Fast800 book, a shortened ‘eating time’ so one might stop eating at 6:00pm and delay breakfast until mid morning or even midday.

    Tnx for that, cyberjack. Sounds like an 18:6 eating schedule.

    Hi, we went to the Orchard Theatre, Dartford last night and heard Michael Moseley talk. Of course very entertaining but most of all really underlining the good points in the book.i weighed myself this morning and I’m a pound heavier but rather slow in my,digestion so maybe need to drink more fluid as I tend to be constipated when I eat less. I was planning on fasting today as well as yesterday as it may suit my schedule but then there’s a long gap until my next fast day if I do that.

    Well I’ve lost 3lbs due to a streaming cold. Not really the way to do it but can’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Glad you enjoyed the talk Cyberjack. I’m going soon too. Inspiration at this point would be good I think. You’re all doing well. I think I’m the only one who has little exercise. It’s the first day of Spring tomorrow so I hope to correct that soon and fit in some more walking. I hate the gym so won’t be doing that. I have a bike but unfortunately nowhere safe to ride it. It folds up so I’m looking for a safe area now to take it in the car. Also contemplating a Fitbit to do so many steps a day. I’m feeling better today so will eat well and no fast day till Saturday.

    MM wasn’t keen on the Fitbit, the book explains his reasoning. He suggests ten minute brisk walking at some stage three times every day and a bit of resistance at home (no gym involved) and a bit of two minute HIIT (ghastly for me but ok for others). Cycling is wonderful but I agree you take your life in your hands on our roads, even the ‘pretty’ routes are terrifying with several tons of car and lorry hurtling past you at very close quarters.

    Thanks for that Cyberjack. I must admit I’d been dithering about the Fitbit. I remember now reading M’s negative comments in the book. When you said you did 15 days of fast 800, was that two weeks eating daily at 800?

    Hi Slimbo, yes 15 days of 80, I think 14 is minimum. Now trying 5:2, on ‘normal days’ eating same foods but more of them avoiding starchy carbs and eating ‘Mediterranean diet’…. We’ll see. I only had about half a stone to lose but it really wouldn’t budge. I 5’2″ so it shows as there’s nowhere for it to go 😄

    800 not 80!🙄

    In fact, it could be that by sticking to a good dietary plan, they may even increase their life expectancy. If the elderly have no illnesses, then fasting could be considered to be relatively safe. … Older people who are sick are not advised to fast at all

    Cyberjack, thanks for your reply. How did you find 800 a day.?
    I don’t drink which I think helps a lot with this diet. I don’t think I’d find it too difficult for a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to lose more in warmer weather when I’m out and about which has happened in the past. I’ll see how things are going at the end of April but I’ll bear this in mind for future reference.

    Slimbo, I found the 800 ok to do, some days I went over by a tiny amount other days below. The stopping eating after about 7:00pm, only having decaff tea infusions (no milk) and then not eating until later morning the next day helped my motivation, stopped the evening binge of crispbreads and peanut butter. I don’t drink now as a rule either. I switched to buying Brewdog Nanny State Alcohol Free Ale 26 calories and Seedlip, very expensive botanical , like a spirit, distilled and ZERO calories ( many low and no alcohol products say 0.5% alcohol, there’s more alcohol in a banana, there’s a re-classification debate going on at the moment) However I’ve not had any of those drinks during this past couple of weeks.
    I feel hungry at times but it passes. I’m not sleeping very well but never have. I do quite a lot of exercise.

    It’s 10 weeks ago today that I did my first fast day. Can’t believe it! I’ve lost exactly 10 lbs since that day.
    I must be doing something right according to the average loss stated on this site.
    Fitnesshealthforever- yes it would be good to think that we’re improving our life expectancy. I imagine that’s why a lot of people diet. I’m appalled when I see huge young women with children around. Some of them can hardly walk. I read somewhere that two thirds of adults are overweight. I think when you reach 70 though, you can’t pretend anymore that you’re young. That was why I was anxious to tread carefully with a new diet. It’s very encouraging to hear about the positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol. I’d like to know more about that.

    Good job, Slimbo. Fasting really does work, doesn’t it?
    Hope you are all fit and healthy and getting fitter by the week.

    HOW do you get good results?
    I tried dieting, not repairing, drinking water, drinking tea …. and still not successful!

    I’m drinking very diluted green tea without milk on fast days and the hot drink really helps not to have hunger pangs.
    I’m trying to maintain but finding equilibrium difficult but sticking to Mediterranean style and very few carbs and TRE. Lightest weight I’ve been for years after four weeks so I’m very pleased.

    Hi All
    I’m 63 and this is the first diet I’ve ever done.
    I started along with my wife at the beginning of March. I think this new life style is great, I’ve lost weight and feel better for it.

    capheny: what results do you want and how are you working to achieve them? I’ll assume you are Fasting. Water-fasting or 600-cal/day Fasting? When you say ‘still not successful’, do you mean you are not losing weight or that you still feel hungry? What you eat matters, on both Fast and Slow days. Protein keeps you feeling fuller. Eggs are a fine food for Fasters. What about carbs? Simple carbs [white flour, white rice, potatoes] can prevent weight loss. We are here to help you.

    Howard B, welcome. Glad you have had happy results with Fasting. Well done.

    Fitsnthick, get off the red tea bandwagon — it is a hoax.

    Thanks fasting_me, nice to meet you.
    I lost another kilo on yesterdays fast day, day off work today and proberley eat to much. Never mind soon be Thursday’s fast day.

    Hi Capheny and Howard B,
    it’s great to hear of the success of others. Capheny you will lose eventually. Is your wife successful too Howard B?
    Unfortunately I didn’t lose at all during March but am fairly philosophical about it because I was away over the weekend and started to lose again as soon as I was more active.I’m still hoping for better results druing the warmer weather.

    That should be ‘during’.

    Capheny, if you give more detail – I’m sure you’ll get help here.

    Hi, I am 62 and started the Fast 800 diet beginning of February weighing 285 lbs, with the intention of following it for 12 weeks (stage 1 – MM’s The fast 800) incorporating TRE, eating very slowly, sleeping more and doing 2 water aerobics/week).
    Today I am 28 lbs lighter despite 2 successive holidays. Obviously I am very pleased, but it is still a long way to my initial goal of 185 lbs. Nonetheless, the fast 800 has been really successful in giving me a huge incentive but also a new approach to preparing the healthy ingredients we always were already eating… (eg lots of fresh vegetables and fish but prepared not only in calorific ways but also too great quantities).
    For the first time I do believe I shall succeed because I am losing weight and still able to do what I love which is real cooking! Thank you Michael.

    Well done Frogzy. I’m wavering a bit these past two days still under my daily requirement for my age/weight but having a few ‘matador’ days(for those who have read the book). I’m exhibiting my artwork in Whitstable , Kent at the Horsebridge and finding having to ‘curate’ my own exhibition stressful and exhausting and it’s very cold. I have mostly been ok with fasting but we’re sleeping (until tonight) in our mobile home on the coast in nearby Seasalter and it’s as cold as the fridge. So as I haven’t slept well I’m having some days of eating ‘Mediterranean’ and not fasting. I think I’ll be ok. I love being this weight, lightest I’ve been for years so vanity will win.
    Come and see me if you’re fancying a very windy day at the very pretty Whitstable. I’m there until 22nd…..
    and again Great going Frogzy.

    Great results, Frogzy! Well done.

    Cyberjack, good luck with your exhibit. too bad I’m not near Whitstable. No fun being cold, but they say that shivering promotes weight loss!

    Good job, howard B. Nice about the lost kg.

    Slimbo, is your weather warmer yet? our early daffodils are up and even the rhubarb is unfurling its first leaves. The frogs are loud in the marsh, but the peepers have not yet begun their chorus. Weather is getting warmer, but I’m under the weather and not out enjoying it. Staying in bed/on the sofa all day will help.
    Fast Day tomorrow!

    Hello everyone,

    First time writing on a forum and first time trying 5:2 fast diet.

    I’m planning on starting tomorrow and agin on Thursday.

    I’ve always tried to watch my weight with the usual weekly slimming clubs, but it’s much more difficult now I’m a bit older,,, very recently turned 62, and last year became unemployed, so I’ve been comfort eating non stop !

    Happy I’ve found you all, and hopefully will be able to report a weight loss next week. Meanwhile I hope you all have a good week yourselves.

    Cyberjack, good luck with the exhibition. Shame we cannot make it; Whitstable is a lovely place (went there 3 years ago) but must be pretty bitter at the moment. Fasting is not easy when cold. When I am desperate for a hot and stodgy meal very low in calories, I tend to rely on Miso and Konjac noodles with extra kale from the allotment. Although I tend to have more courgetti than noodles which are quite pricey. Hope all goes well for you.

    Fasting_me, hope you get well soon to enjoy the lovely sounds of spring. It is so fantastic to see the garden coming back to life.

    Hello MissMoo,
    Good luck on your big day tomorrow, the first of many.
    I shall be thinking of you.

    Frogzy, Where do you buy and what make of noodles are those?
    I’ve lost my iron will over the past few days as I’ve been exhausted ‘curating’ the exhibition every day but am back on a fast day today. I shall gingerly step on the scales this morning, expecting to have gained a little…..

    I am 71 and have lost six pounds since starting five weeks ago. Already do 45 minute aqua sessions twice a week.
    I have felt more active doing both gardening and a bit or redecorating.

    On the IF days I have found BareNaked Noodles a great source of fibre and filling but only 30 calories for the whole bag! I make a prawn and vegetable sauce which adds the taste – the noodles are essentially bland.

    I suspect there might be a slight struggle when on holiday. My brain is pretty happy with this regime and I can see it as a way of life.

    Look at our new people: MissMoo and Serendipity. Welcome!

    missMoo, once you get into the rhythm of Fasting, it doesn’t matter how old you are. i’m 70 and have been at this for 6 years. What foods do you eat? or do you water-fast?

    Serendipity, well done on your 6 pounds. Keep up the good work. We like to eat protein on Fast Days — eggs at breakfast, fish or lean meat at dinner. Protein helps to maintain muscle mass which is important at our age.

    Good luck with your weigh-in, cyberjack. Relax and enjoy the show.

    This is such a helpful thread. Thank you everyone!

    I am 64 and returning to 5:2 on Monday, once I get this hectic week out of the way. I read The Fast 800, and like someone else mentioned, I feel this will be way more sustainable than the 500 calorie days were. I plan on keeping my eating low carb, fast days or not, because of blood sugar issues.

    Such great tips on this thread. I hope we can keep it going.

    Back on Fast800 yesterday and feel fine this morning after sleeping as well as I would normally. I found that I’ve woken hungry in the small hours when I was doing the first three weeks but am adjusting a bit. I’m eating breakfast as late as I can for the TRE effect. Exhibition going well and I’m painting all the time in there and drinking green tea so that has helped. Weather warming up soon are we going to look better in our summer clothes? Better had!

    Hello everyone and welcome to our new contributors. Sherjoy, as the originator of the thread, I’m so glad that you’re finding it helpful. It came about because I was following a group on Facebook but soon realised that many of the posts were from people a lot younger than I. As I said earlier, I’m 71. It probably shouldn’t matter but their lives and slimming problems were so different from mine. I thought it would be useful to be in touch with slimmers of a similar age to myself and I must say I have found it helpful. It would be good to keep it going.
    I’m plodding along with my weight just glad to be maintaining within a couple of pounds at the moment. I went out for a coffee and tea cake this morning which I know isn’t good. I’m glad to say, I think, that I felt yuk after the tea cake! Serves me right I’m hopeful that it will stop me doing it again.
    Incidentally, I went to hear Michael Mosley speak and found it very interesting. A lot of people in the audience hadn’t tried the 5:2 which surprised me a bit. He did speak of a lot of other things in the first half which were fascinating.

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