Tearful??? Moody???

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Tearful??? Moody???

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  • Hi, I’m new to this – this is my 4th week now.
    Does anyone else find they are very tearful or short-fused on Fast Days? The slightest thing can frustrate me and put me into floods of tears!
    : – (

    hi Sarah-Jayne and welcome to the forum

    well done on your 4th week so far! yes I do have those short fused on fast days grrrr sometimes I scare myself lol!!

    so I try and keep busy and tire myself out by cleaning, washing, etc…. don’t worry its quite normal and it’ll get better with time!

    come on here and just vent when the going gets tough 🙂

    Yeah been there got the t shirt :/ sometimes it can creep into your mindset when your hungry emotions can be heightened and the result can be arguments and feeling guilty the next day for your mood on your fast day. The trick i learned was to really really take your time eating (i mean 20 min or so) it bluffs your body and mind that you ate alot more then you actually did and therefore you feel less hungry and therefore less moody.

    Very good tip Andy!

    going to try and remember that as I am guilty of eating too fast grr
    thank you for sharing 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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