Soups that are low cal and filling

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Soups that are low cal and filling

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  • I Thought for the soupies out there we could post soup sujestions here and get a list of great soups that fill you up and what do you have with your soup

    I am lazy so first soups is by glorious (i dont work for them just so you know)

    I have tried there butternut squash soup 206 cal for 600g of soup this is loads of soup by any ones standard i had four rivercote crakers 20 cal each aprox 286 total cals and its is nice

    also tried there fragrant thai carrot spicy but good lost pot but about 220 cals i had three crackers 280 cal total same size i

    I will be trying all of there skiny range

    i recon most people will only need half a pot to fill them up

    Please put your Soup in to i am intreated in mitso soup and will be trying this soon if other people have soup ideas then post away

    Good luck every one

    For a quick, easy and very filling dinner I add a packet of the shiritaki (low-cal) noodles to half a carton of soup. The Covent Garden Butternut Squash & Smokey Bacon soup is surprisingly tasty and low-cal.

    I have 3 fast soups I make.
    Place 2 teaspoons of garlic in a pan add .5 onion chopped and sauté. Add 500g pumpkin or butternut squash add 4 cups of water and cook 20 minutes. blend.. Makes 6- 8 cups at 56 cals a serve.

    Place a leek and 2 teas of grated ginger in a pan and sauté. Add 6 large carrots peeled and chopped. Add 4 cups of water and cook 25 minutes . Blend. Makes 6 cups at 45 cal per serve.

    Sauté 2 teaspoons of garlic add chopped finely( i do all this in a food processor)8 mushrooms , 2 carrots, leaves(add great flavour)and 2 sticks of celery, parsnip, swede, .5 cup pumpkin or squash and a few pieces of broccoli. Add 6 cups of water and cook 20 minutes. Blend. Makes 8 cups and each cup serve come in at 28 calories.

    Here’s a diet soup recipe my aunt had:

    2 stalks celery, diced
    3 to 4 carrots, diced
    1 large onion, diced
    ½ head green cabbage, chopped
    1 can (46 ounces) tomato juice or V8
    2 cups water
    6 beef bouillon cubes

    Combine all ingredients and simmer 1 hour. a 1 cup serving is 30 calories.
    Note: Soup is good topped with grated parmesan cheese, but will contain more calories.

    i was so hungry & so tired.

    it’s fastday

    every can in the cupboards had 2 many calories

    i just wanted a filling low cal no work soup


    1 can of minced clams w/ juice 88 Calories

    poured 2 cups veg broth 34 Calories

    1 cup kelp noodles cut them up w/ scissors in pot 12 Calories

    w/ all kinds of spices

    total 134 Calories

    delish & super filling 🙂

    will definitely have this again

    Hello All Soup Fans

    This recipe is so simple and I think tastes great, is filling and won’t have many calories.

    Dice a large onion and as much turnip as you want.
    Cook on hob until soft.
    Blitz with a blender but leave the mixture a bit chunky for interest.
    For extra taste; I add a teaspoon of curry paste and this gives it a real kick (you’d have to find the calories count for the paste but it shouldn’t be too high).
    If you need more taste; a half a stock cube could be added.

    Just read my post-I didn’t mention it because I thought it would be obvious-but you need to add water!
    How much depends on the amount of turnip you use-less water more chunky, more water more thin!

    Just made a spicy onion soup for 56 calories (3 portions) or 2 bigger portions – 84 calories.

    2 medium onions – sliced
    15 grams plain flour
    Stock cube in 500 ml of hot water
    Salt and Pepper

    Brown sliced onions. Add a little hot water and mix in plain flour until onions are coated like a paste. Slowly add the rest of water with stock cube. Add salt and pepper. Simmer for 20 minutes.

    Made mine with a lot of pepper!

    Roasted tomato, garlic and basil soup – it’s a Rosemary Conley recipe which they calculate as 49 calories per serving. It makes 4 servings.

    1 kilo ripe tomatoes
    3 whole/unpeeled cloves of garlic
    600 ml vegetable stock
    handful of basil leaves

    Heat oven to 200 C/400 F/gas 6.
    Cut the tomatoes in half. Put the tomatoes and garlic cloves in a roasting tin. Season with salt and pepper and bake in the oven for 35 minutes until roasted
    Remove the tomatoes from oven, pull skin off garlic and spoon batches into a food processor or liquidiser or use hand blender. Blend until smooth, adding some of the vegetable stock and basil to each batch.
    Pass the soup through a sieve into a saucepan and add the remaining vegetable stock. Season to taste with salt and black pepper. Serve hot or cold.

    Soups have been a great boon for me. I have been making broccoli soup by sauteing some onion in a miniscule amount of oil, adding two cups of chopped raw broccoli and two cups of vegetable broth. When soft I puree it with a half cup of milk and find one cup (about 80 cal) to be filling and satisfying.

    mmmm MaybelleW

    that sounds great

    however i will replace it w/ flaxmilk unsweetened 1/2
    12 cal

    Here’s a site I found recently.

    I made the Spicy Vegetable Soup last night, and it was delicious. Next time, though, I’ll drop the chopped mushrooms. I feel they don’t add anything. I also used minced fresh garlic rather than the powdered version. And as I had no hot chilis on hand, I simpy used Mrs Dash Extra-Spicy seasoning plus some Cajun seasoning.

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    I make the Hairy Dieters Minestrone soup 98 cals and their Big Soup 157 cals. They are luscious and very filling!

    I can’t seem to find how many calories are in a serving of pumpkin.

    I have a really easy and yummy pumpkin soup.

    1kg pumpkin diced
    1 clove garlic crushed, or chopped
    1/2 – 1 tsp curry powder
    1 chicken stock cube
    salt & pepper

    Add water to pot, enough to cover pumpkin.
    Cook until soft

    Blend until smooth, add more water if you like it thinner.

    But how do I work out how many calories per serve??

    Thanks Wicken, I’m pretty good in cooking things, but I was wondering how to work out Calories per serve, I couldn’t find it in Michael Mosley’s book, nor on this site 🙁

    I simmer 1 whole organic chicken carcass (from the farmer) and about 6 feet (for gelatine),
    with 2 stalks of celery, 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1 teaspoon black peppercorns and a tablespoon of good salt for 6 hours at least, in a very large pot of water.

    Then I chuck out all the bones and whats left of the veggies and drink the broth. If it is a hot day I have it cold, because it turns to jelly in the fridge.

    Takes advance preparation but that is what I have on my fast days now and I don’t feel any hunger.

    I alternate with fish bones and heads.

    Flamin’ hot vegetable casserole soup ( I’ve lost 10 lb in one week using this )
    Get a fresh casserole pack then remove any potatoes from it . If the veg needs cutting then rough cut all items up . Place on a medium heat and cover with water , add a generous squirt of tomato purée , an amount of fresh garlic , a sprinkle of paprika , 2 x oxo cubes , a good sprinkle of chilli powder and some dry or fresh herbs ( whatever you like ) , a good shake of white pepper . Simmer for 20-30 mins until all veg is soft and flavours have had a chance to mingle .
    Use a blender / hand blender and carefully blend the ingredients to your desired consistency.
    I was so pleased with the results that I’ve used the soup for 3 main meals so far , I left the consistency thicker , as it will keep you feeling full for a longer period of time . Cost wise the casserole pack was £1.50 , all the other bits I had in the cupboard . The recipe is only a guide , so you can very easily change it to suit your taste buds.
    As mentioned , I’ve only been doing the diet for a week and already lost 10lb .
    Hope this helps ?
    Kind regards Danny

    Loving all of these stories, I plan on starting my fast days tomorrow and Friday. Christchurch_dan how many fast days were you doing to lose 10lb? Love the sound of this soup. Did you continue? What’s your loss like now?

    Hi! Just did a fast day yesterday and as I do so often to get me through dinner time i had a miso soup. They really take the edge off. If i have a fast day at work then sometimes I’ll use them for lunch instead. My favourite brand is misotasty and i like the spicy one. They have 45 calories and about 8% protein.

    For non fast days I sometimes make a roast red pepper soup with oven roasted red peppers (skin on) with a few garlic cloves (skin on) and a couple of tomatoes. Once everything us roasted then peel and add to some bouillon in water (favourite is marigold) and blitz.

    For me, chunky veg soups are something i eat big bowls of so i suspect it would notbe a goodchoice for me for a fast day as it would leave me wanting more i.e. be a trigger so I’ll stick with miso for now and try some of the other brands too.

    Chicken soup (without noodles) is 72 calories for 2 cups, and it’s filling. So far, it’s what’s been getting me through fast days. I use all organic ingredients:

    1 whole chicken
    1 yellow onion, diced
    4 medium carrots, diced
    3 large stalks of celery, diced
    2 tbsp. Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt
    Pepper (to taste)

    Put chicken in large pot and cover with water. Add the veggies. Cover and let simmer for at least 3-4 hours (the chicken legs should fall off during the cooking.

    Let sit in the refrigerator overnight. The fat will gel on the surface of the soup, so you can skim it off. Remove the meat from the broth (use this for another dish: during the summer, it’s great for chicken salad).

    I eat about 4 c. of the broth on fast days and it’s surprisingly filling.

    I use a Missel chicken stock cube in boiling water (bouillon) , they are only 7 calories so you can drink it all day.

    I like to make this broccoli soup, extremely easy, low in calories and it tastes nice.
    Just boil a head of broccoli (in treelets) in some water with as much garlic as you like. On a fast day, blend with extra boiling water to a soup, adding an oxo cube and a splash of milk (40 kcal/bowl).
    On non-fast days I use half milk half water and melt some butter (10 grams) in the mixture (175 kcal/bowl).

    Very filling and satisfying! 😃

    I make a big batch of veggie soup that is heavy on tomatoes. Take an onion then 6 or so chopped carrots and equal about of celery. Put in big pot with good amount of tomato (fresh or passata or tin of chopped tomatoes plus a good amount of tomatoe puree). Top up with water/vegetable stock and simmer til vegs are done. Toward end I put in load of spices, cumin, paprika and v small amount of hot chilli pepper. I blitz with a stick liquidizer but not to a puree stage.

    I make up portions to freeze til needed. When diet day arrives, I thaw out portion and add in some extra green vegs ( more celery/broccoli/cabbage that I zap in microwave for a minute). I do add salt if needed and am guilty of adding a small amount of sugar to offset the acidity of the tomatoes.

    This is a good one for these cold winter days. It is the first thing I eat on a fast day usually mid afternoon.

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