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  • Hi all, new to this so bear with me;)

    Started 5:2 today, and already wondering how to fit this into my shift system.

    For example, I’m up all day today with a nap between 6 and 8pm. Then it’s off to work, getting home again at 8am tomorrow. Really struggling to see how or when to eat and what hours my fast day should be….

    Any shift workers got any advice?


    Hi I have started today too. I also work mixed shifts included nights – no fixed pattern of shifts. On other diets and even when not dieting nights are a struggle. At 3-4 am healthy foods just don’t do it….and I am sure its more than just mind over matter. I crave high carb and suger heavy food. Now I know on the 5;2 I can choose fast days so that in itself isn’t the problem but I still worry about calorie containment on the night duty.

    Looking forwards to see posts in answer to your question.

    Good luck

    Yep…nights suck;) thanks for your reply.

    I’ve never seen any advice for shift workers in any of the diets. Weight watchers did suggest using a 24 hour period to count your points…. but that doesn’t really work with fasting.

    I’m working 4 night shifts in a row starting tonight. Simply not eating during the dreaded 2 til 7 period isn’t sustainable.

    Currently I’m aiming to have my last meal at midnight and then attempt to last til 6am and have a tiny snack… Then hopefully I’ll be asleep til noon the next day.

    I’ll let you know;)

    I work 3rd shift. My eating hours are 20:00-04:00. It works great. I noticed increased energy and ability to stay alert all night. Ive been sleeping better during the day too, I actually sleep an entire 8 hours per day now. I started IF 2 weeks ago and have been losing 3 pounds per week. I workout around 7pm right before I break my fast.

    Hi folks
    I work permanent nights, truck driver, I start work at 16:00hrs and finish between 02:00 & 04:00 the following morning, I get up between 11:30 & 12:00.
    On a fast day I gradually eat my food between 17:00 & 23:30.
    It’s just a case of switching your meal time around until you find what suits you, it’s a bit awkward at first but you’ll get into a routine.

    When i am on nights I generally eat my meal with the family at bout 7pm then have a small snack at 3am. i have a protein bar to help satisfy the sweetness cravings that do seem stronger on night shifts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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