Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose more weight?

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Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose more weight?

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  • I’ve lost 15kg and feel hungrier that I used to. Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose even more weight?

    You should not feel hungrier now. That might suggest the balance and variety of your diet is off.

    It would be worth reading Dr Mosley’s latest book ‘The Fast 800’ and ensuring you follow all the guidelines.

    Hi Firefox7275, thanks for your answer. Well, it’s well known that anyone will feel hungrier after losing weight than before, this is due to the increase of the stomach produced hormone Ghrelin. My doubt is if I’ll feel even hungrier if I lose more weight, to my ideal weight (now I have a bit of a belly), such as would happen if this Ghrelin hormone increased even more.

    This article explains this (but not what I asked):

    Thanks for the book suggestion, I’ll have a look , I have a couple of Mosley’s books.

    Hi Antonio,
    I have been maintaining my weight for three years at the bottom of my healthy weight range, by keeping on doing 5:2.

    I find that if I avoid sugar I avoid the intolerable hunger cravings. But even eating a healthy diet I expect to feel hungry for an hour or so before I eat. And most of the afternoon when I am fasting.

    I also find I feel hungry at times when I am actually thirsty. I can keep this from happening by keeping hydrated, but if I have got a bit dehydrated I find that, if I avoid eating, after an hour or so I start feeling thirsty.

    Natural hunger comes in waves, so I can just wait for the wave to pass. I can distract myself. And I enjoy my meal all the more for waiting for it.

    I think it is natural that you are feeling hungrier if you are not overeating, hunger is a natural feeling before eating, if we are eating normal amounts. If your hunger is ravenous and intolerable, check if processed carbs might be the cause (added and even natural sugar, white flour and rice that our body turns quickly to sugar). If it continues to be a problem it will be time to talk to your doctor.

    You link to an interesting piece of research, but it is a very small piece of research, on a small number of people, and the theories can not be taken as gospel. There is research that debunks the ‘weight conservation’ theory, showing that it is our old habits that lead us to regain weight, and research into ghrelin is ongoing, see Giles Yeo’s work.

    Best wishes.

    Cinque, super thanks for your answer. I like hearing someone on this who is at the stage I’ll be myself after those “thee years of keeping healthy”.

    I’m now 55 and exercise 30 minutes every day with some intensity. I’ve noticed that eating quite little, I keep my weight as it is: I basically eat something like a salad and two pieces of fruit every day + 1 roasted fish fillet, with two fasting days a week, in which I either eat nothing or just two pieces of fruit. On Friday afternoons I eat at my heart’s content.

    I’m willing to keep this and I feel much better. Even if I feel hungry, it’s worth keeping it!.

    By the way: do you recommend the ‘The Fast 800’ book? I feel like I’m being sold something, to be honest.


    All power to you Antonio. I am keen to read the Fast800. Dr Mosley does make money from his products and focuses on being popular and readable, but I do think he is careful to follow good research and convey it responsibly. I aim to borrow the book from my local library. I have read the 5:2 books a couple of times and watched the documentary a couple of times too, and found the info useful.

    AntonioMS: Dr Mosley recommends a minimum amount of protein each day, mineral-rich foods each day, limiting fruit. Your last post suggests that the balance and variety of your current diet is indeed off.

    By all means read Dr Mosley’s older books again, alongside media interviews outlining the recent research.


    I’m reading the 800 book now, hope it helps. I hope I don’t need to read the older two as well, never found the time to do that. Firefox is probably right and I’ll find some wiser choice of food, I’m doing some weight training now, focusing on Squats, so I reach my ideal weight while getting some muscle.

    Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated.

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