September 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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September 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 1 Wales NFD

    Hello friends old and new and welcome to September. Lovely to ‘see’ @snowflake56 and @dingping again…..and straight in with a Saturday FD, wishing you both a successful non hungry day.

    This will be my 15th month of 5:2 and my 4th month of maintenance, which is going really well. I’ve managed to drop a few pounds since declaring myself at target and feel good for it so I intend to continue with 2 FDs a week for the time being….if I start to get too thin (!!!!!!!) I will switch to 6:1.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone, my first FD of the month will be on Monday.

    Day 1 – Eastern WA USA – traveling to Chicago for weekend – NFD

    I’m recently retired from full-time teaching and about to begin part-time field supervision at a local university but first to a destination wedding to start the month. This’ll be my 1st time to Chicago so looking forward to it.

    My 5:2 journey has had some ups and downs. Am starting the month at 213.6 lbs with the highest having been 245 lbs. I have peeked over into “onederland” a couple of times but not for a few months. This month I’d like to shore up my LCHF eating with stronger fasting intervals. Also, I plan on getting some exercise in more regulary.

    @snowflake56 – I got the msg that the song was not allowed in the USA. Shucks.

    Welcome to everyone – new & returning 🙂

    Together we are stronger!

    Day 1 Northern NSW, Australia NFD

    Coming off yesterday’s FD, I’m doing better than expected. I’d been emotionally eating over previous NFDs and I’ve been focusing on healing the original traumas that prompt me to eat to excess for emotional reasons. Sometimes this feels like descending into a dark hole, though just allowing myself to spend even moments in the dark hole during yesterday’s FD, feels to have been cleansing and healing because I feel unusually free of cravings today. Yea! Cheers, to everyone.

    Though I’d originally said I would only be able to post on FDs, I’m going to do my best to post every day. I appreciate the warmth and encouragement I find here.

    Thank you for info shinything! I’m new to this 4 weeks in~~ yesterday I took a terrible fall tripping over a tree root and broken concrete downtown Eugene, had my first ambulance ride, shee shee, spent all afternoon at hospital, deep cut below knee, have to pretty much sit with leg in unbendable brace for 1-2 weeks OMGoddess, and no moving around much, crutches etc… Jeeze~~~ that will be an amazing challenge sheesh~~ best wishes everyone with your challenges! I am used to walking 2-4 miles daily, run walking a few times a week, yoga, and other exercises so this is going to be something else and I’ll no doubt drive my husband crazy too! Just grateful I didn’t break bones or cut tendons~~ sorry for going on, I’m very independent so this is a new way~~ great weekend to all,over and out WrXgirl

    Minka, I wish you well with healing your traumas, I have some as well, my heart goes out to you~~ journaling and a counselor twice a month has helped me a lot, writing down my dreams has given some valuable info also~~ hang in there!

    PS exercise walking in nature has saved my life too!

    2nd post

    @dingping how lovely to hear from my Saturday’s co-faster, let’s do it together again and shred those extra gained kilos/lbs.

    @annemarilyn what a pity, it’s such a beautiful song.

    @wrxgirl I hope your legs heals well, how uncomfortable.

    @missybear @dingping and I both have husbands working on Saturdays, so we joined up fasting last July before we both stepped out for a while. I’m glad she’s back and joining me today. I will be joining you on the Monday’s fast.

    This evening I’ll start skimming the posts from last month to see how everyone has done, I’m sure you all did better than I did.

    2nd post
    @snowflake56 & @missybear thank you for the very warm welcome back, it’s good to be here. Feeling all your positive energy through the Wi-fi this end! Saturdays fasting won’t be so lonely knowing @snowfkake56 we are doing it together – big thanks.

    Hi to @minka & wrXgirl – sending positive, happy and healing vibes to you both.

    Ta x

    Day 1 France 🇫🇷 NFD but eating mindfully
    62 kg this morning. Goal is to be below 60 at the end of the month.
    Went for a 4k walk with hubby this morning and may go for a short jog later. This month i promise to move more!
    @wrxgirl Wow what bad luck! Sending healing vibes.

    Day 1, Gozo, Malta, cd

    Please count me in daffodil2010.

    I’m currently about four kilos more from target weight. I’m 67.8 kilos. I’m 57 years old and reached my target weight in October 2016. However due to holidays I’ve not maintained properly.

    Hello new and old friends in this September challenge.

    Today I’d like to make it a cd. I’ve already consumed 570 calories and would like to stay below 1,000 calories.

    Onwards and downwards, have a great Saturday.

    Day 1 USA – NFD

    Welcome to all the newbies, and hey there to all us seasoned travelers on the journey.

    My 5:2 trip began in March 2016 at about 195 pounds with 200 in sight if I didn’t stop the upward climb. I was 67 years old, so really wanted to get in better shape without showing too many wrinkles. I ended up losing about 35, and have considered myself at maintenance of 160# +/-3# since January 2017. These challenges and people here have been my guiding light. I’ve got nearly a complete new wardrobe (it’s been fun!) but still have excess skin mostly around my middle that at my age won’t dissipate. Oh well.

    @annemarilyn – hope you enjoy Chicago! I’m just a little too far away to bop into the city (100 miles west of O’Hare) but hope it is a wonderful time in Chi-town! I got “Perfect Day” at this link

    @at – love your quote.

    @daffodil2010 – thank you so much for taking the helm here!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 Florida
    NFD Well, I thought I was doing better but after a great breakfast, realized I’m not. 🙁 At least I’m home and catching up on artworks. Looking forward to a great Sept.
    @daffodil2010 thanks for hosting this month.
    Have a great day.

    Day 1, Surrey (UK), NFD, 153lbs. 3lbs to target!

    Thank you @daffodil2010 for kickstarting the September challenge!

    A bit about me: I’m a 57yo female, a little over 5’7″ tall and currently weigh 153lb. My ambition for September is to reach my target of 150lb. I started this WOE back in November 2017, and at that time I weighed around 200lb, so that’s an incredible 47lb lost so far. I can hardly believe it sometimes! I did it purely by following the standard 5:2 advice, i.e. restrict my calorie intake to ~500 cals on 2 fast days, and eating fairly normally – keeping an eye on portion sizes though – on the other 5 days. Other than that, no special foods, eating patterns, or exercise regimes. Having said that, I do believe I have – on the whole – adopted a healthier lifestyle with more, and more varied exercise built in, and greater experimentation with healthier, plant-based menus.

    Along the way, I have faced a few trip-ups, which is to be expected. Tempting, carb-laden foods and alcohol are occasional culprits. Last month, after 2 separate holidays in short succession, I managed to gain an alarming 9lb – yes 9lb! – which then whooshed out of me just as quickly a week or so after resuming the 5:2 WOE. This was a new experience for me, but it reassured me that this WOE DOES work, and sometimes you just need to press the re-set button and carry on.

    Other than that episode, the underlying trend has been a steady 1-2lb loss per week for the first 6 months, a rate which has slowed to 1-2lb a month for the last 3 months. That’s OK – and to be expected as my new body needs less fuel, so I just need to learn to adjust my portion sizes accordingly. I’m determined to get there, and to get my name in green (maintenance mode) on the spreadsheet!

    Welcome to friends old and new this month. For any newbies, don’t hesitate to ask any questions – you’re amongst a friendly group, and there’s bound to be someone who has been there before you, who can help you out. I would just say – this WOE isn’t always easy, but it’s a darn sight easier than trying to restrict calories every day. That WOE isn’t sustainable. This one is. Believe me! Good luck everyone, and I look forward to reading your stories in September!

    3rd post

    Had to stop skimming the August posts, it just takes too much time. But I want to make a few comments though.

    @daffodil2010 what a horrible thing happened to you, I’m so glad everything turned out so well for you. Shame on the employer for letting you down!

    @coda congratulations on your new grandson Theo, I hope everything will get better as time passes.

    @missybear congratulations on your wedding, it must have been a wonderful day.

    @rainbowsmile what a great host you have been, I’m so sorry about your foot, I hope it heals well so you can get back to dancing, I love West Coast Swing, so smooth.

    @annemarilyn thanks for the new link!

    @beedoo did you go to the huge fleamarket in Lille? Never been there, way to crowded for me, but it must be great.

    @dingping I’m so hungry, had a small bowl of fruitsalad,3 plums and drank liters of warm water. But I will stay strong, I have to get rid of the extra kilos.

    Day 1 – Ireland – NFD

    Hello, hello, hello everyone! I am very late posting today due to overnight guests staying on until this afternoon.

    Welcome to you one and all, its so great to see so many new people joining this September challenge, some oldies coming back, and the stalwarts still here. You guys are truly an inspirational group and I look forward to going through September with you all…(although I will be at the beach for much of September!!)

    I also want to thank those who have updated themselves on the spreadsheet, I wrote out my list of newcomers and when I went to check the spreadsheet, lo, it was already updated. Many many thanks!!! I do appreciate it.

    Welcome @cateaus, @dmh, @wrxgirl, @sparklyshoes, @formerly-fat-pete, FasterJo, @wellywonder, @elkster….September is going to be a good month.

    Welcome back @snowflake56, I missed you!

    I will give a proper introduction to myself tomorrow, (currently have my two year old granddaughter running about so need to get off and catch her!) but have a wonderful Saturday everyone.

    Today is a good day to have a good day.

    Day 1 – NC, USA – NFD

    I just entered my info on the bottom of the sheet. Hope that is ok. I just started the 5:2 fastdiet on Wednesday (FD) and did my second FD on Friday. Using MyFitnessPal to track calories. Hoping this works for me. My first FD was harder than my second. Didn’t plan it well, did mostly liquids. My second one was better. The first NFD was cool, didn’t wake up that much hungrier than normal and gave myself up 1900 calories to eat.

    Anybody have any good advice for a newbie like me?

    Memory Jogger updated (thought I would bring it over from August)

    IF Intermittent Fasting
    WOL Way of Life

    FD Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD Modified Fast Day (800 cals)
    WFD Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD Non Fast Day
    LFD Liquid Fast Day (liquids only)

    5:2 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF Alternate Day Fast, FD, NFD
    DAFD: Day after fast day
    16:8 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    20:4 Warrior 20 hours fast 4 hours window
    B2B Back 2 Back (days of FD or WFD)
    OMD One Meal a Day usually 23:1 Or 20:4
    Feast Day: planned day of eating over TREE
    Refeed follow WFD B2B gradual increase in food

    DD, DS, DH Darling Daughter,Son, Husband
    OH, Other Half
    LOL Laughing Out Loud
    EFS Epic Face Stuffing
    Tortoise Club: for those looking weight very very slowly
    Pocket List: put in your pocket list for support
    Challenge: gauntlet thrown down for food or exercise
    Cruella: those pesky scales
    MFP: My Fitness Pal (app)
    Fitbit: recording for exercise wrist band

    Keto, way of eating that generates Ketones
    LC, Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF, Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure


    Day 1, Guildford UK, FD

    I have just had some B2B NFDs and Feast days. It’s time to buckle down to great eating.

    @wrxgirl welcome I broke my 5 metatarsal in my foot in the last months challenge and can encourage you to heal.

    It’s lovely to see some newcomers and oldsters returning.

    @snowflake56 missed you……

    @beththenew welcome, the best source of info is the @simcoeluv posts found here as some 5:2 basics:

    From this September challenge thread you will receive fantastic support for the WOL, if I had anything to say it would be adapt this WOL for your WOL, if it stops working then adapt again.

    As for me I am the 64 year old dancer with the broken metatarsal and love of music. My other killer skill is lots of knowledge about poo.

    It was on the cards to do the GM 30 day shred, I am in even with a broken foot. Will do what I can and adapt.

    Challenge pocket list



    @wrxgirl the challenge details are in our lovely @daffodil2010 post opening this thread.

    I am not a spreadsheet queen so others can help more than I! The spreadsheet is a Google docs document held in the Google cloud. I found to open it I had to install the Google docs app.

    Once you add your info into the doc spreadsheet it gets saved with your info in it. This was easier on my Samsung tablet (android) than my iPad (apple). On the Apple device I found it easier after I installed Google chrome app.

    Using the spreadsheet isn’t mandatory although most of us find it very useful for accountability.

    If you fast you can add yourself to the pocket list for that day (designed to be in your back pocket) for strength and encouragement.

    Hope that helps.


    Day 1 UK CD

    Posting late bc v early start, full day and tons still to do – I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland!

    I began 5:2 with the 1 December Challenge weighing 178lbs and over the last 9 mths have lost 35lbs & 6″ from my entire fat suit. When I get down I remember that my bust now measures what my waist did this time last year! Only 4lbs from original target weight but now aiming for a range of 133-138, so around 10lbs to go – v slowly!

    I’ve got longterm neuro conditions that affect energy/mobility/exercise capacity and am just recovering from pneumonia & pleurisy, dramatic hospital admission etc in July. Back doing project work this week and it’s my busy period; backlog and time pressures mean I’ll be the White Rabbit for a while yet:)

    Hello Old Friends, yay & welcome back @snowflake56 and @dingping & a very warm welcome to newbies. It’s shaping up to be a wonderfully full challenge and I hope to be able to grab hold of some of the energy to tag along. There’s tons of wisdom, understanding and support here which make anything possible 🙂

    If we could put a header on posts – Day No. Place XD – & generally add replies together – rather than lots of single messages -that would be really helpful. I find it hard to process written information, otherwise posts become a wall of text I can’t find a way in/through/over. Thank you!

    Wishing you all a wonderful September Challenge xx

    Day 1 – NFD – NC, USA

    Thank you @daffodil2010 for hosting!

    I have been absent from the message board for quite a while now but I’m glad to join the September challenge.

    Quick background: I started in March at 147lbs and I’ve lost about 20 pounds. I do 2 water FD per week and once I get to 120 or 125 I’m hoping to bring it down to one water fast per week. I have tried the normal way of doing it (500 cal per day on fast days), but eating the smallest thing on my fast days seem to make me way hungrier. I belong to the Tortoise Club: I lose about a quarter of a pound per week on average and about a pound per month. It’s frustrating the slow but it has gotten me this far and I love this way of life regardless.

    Welcome to all the new people and I look forward to being on a board a bit more.

    Thank you dingpin!

    Thank you sparklyshoes!

    Thank you Rainbowsmile!

    Hey thank you for all this info Rainbowsmile!!! You are very swell!!!!

    Day 1 London UK FD

    Here we go! Really excited about this month and getting back on track after 10 days away. Didn’t get an opportunity to weigh myself today as we were traveling all day and only got home early evening. However yesterday’s weight was 1.7lb up from start of holiday. I’m hoping I’ll have lost a chunk of this after doing a solid FD today. Having said that weight is still in my maintenance range. This months focus needs to be more about getting rid of my muffin top! We have another trip to Ireland in mid October and my goal is to wear something fitted and fabulous at a family gathering we’ll be attending then.

    It is SO good to be home and start getting back into my routine. I’m definitely a creature of habit.

    Big thanks to @sarahbob for 30DS motivation! I almost didn’t do it, using tiredness from travel as an excuse. But just finished and now I’m full of energy. Going to have a long hot soak to unwind and then a quick bite before bed. I’d forgotten how much I hate level one. But I need Jillian Michaels to work her magic ahead of October trip!

    Sorry for not addressing posts. I’m playing catch up after travels and will enjoy reading in the bath. My thoughts are with all those with injuries, heartache and in need of healing. I’m sending lots of positive energy your way.


    Day 1 London UK FD

    Second post

    Just adding myself to picket list – a bit late in the day!

    Day 1 FD

    Not sure I can add my name to the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Challenge @rainbowsmile as I’m going to miss 5-6 days due to a couple of weekends away. Perhaps I can make it up to 30 days by doing a few days where I do it morning and evening?

    PS really intrigued about how you’ll adapt it. You are an inspiration taking it on with a broken metatarsal! I only have to think of that if I start feeling lazy!

    USA Day 1 FD

    Thank you Rainbowsmile for August! I am back and ready to start my September challenge! I didn’t lose as much as I had hoped during August due to lots of vacation which included lots of eating. I am back to the challenge, even though I still have some trips to take. I will have to work out a system as to not eat too much when away but it’s hard not to offend family!

    I congratulate everyone’s successes and perseverance in August! Have a great weekend everyone and for all the Americans have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday! 🙂

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Hello everyone, old friends and new ones :). Here we go! Beginning of a monthly challenge, always exciting and full of promise 😀

    A bit about myself to start with: I am 51 yrs old female, 5.3ft 52,5kg right now, the weight I was at the end of June, before the set back in July. I was 57kg when I started 5:2 in January, so I am definitely a member of our Club Tortoise 🐢 , and a proud one 😎. I don’t want to feel like I’m dieting, and that’s why I chose this WOL, its not restrictive and works really well. And that’s why I prefer loosing weight slowly as I feel like my body has a chance to get used to the new weight and tha new weight becomes normal before loosing any more 🙂

    @arelkade its so good to see you posting, I missed your posts 🙂 . Hope you are doing well xx

    @dingping welcome back! Good to see you here again 🙂

    Second post as the site is not letting me post it in one go for some reason:

    @wrxgirl oh no, that sounds awful! Sorry to hear about your fall 🙁 , I hope you recover fast, sending you a virtual hug and positive vibes 🤗

    @beththenew welcome to this WOL 🙂 , its the best thing for weight loss but also for the health so you are doing the right thing. I’d advise anyone who is just starting to stick to the basic 5:2 , eat 1/4 of your TDEE allowance on fast days, and to your TDEE on non fast days. Once you get used to it and train your body you can tweak it and do slightly different things eating wise that might work better, you will see lots of people here do different way of fasting. I personally intend to stick to basics as I think long term and I know that too much restrictions don’t work for me 🙂

    @ccco welcome back , I hope you had a nice time 🙂

    For some reason I can not post properly as my original post keeps disappearing :/
    So this is a continuation:

    @beththenew welcome to this WOL 🙂 , its the best thing for weight loss but also for the health so you are doing the right thing. I’d advise anyone who is just starting to stick to the basic 5:2 , eat 1/4 of your TDEE allowance on fast days, and to your TDEE on non fast days. Once you get used to it and train your body you can tweak it and do slightly different things eating wise that might work better, you will see lots of people here do different way of fasting. I personally intend to stick to basics as I think long term and I know that too much restrictions don’t work for me 🙂

    @ccco welcome back , I hope you had a nice time 🙂

    We can do this people 💪

    @wrxgirl sorry to hear about your fall 🙁 , I hope you recover fast, sending you a virtual hug and healing vibes 🤗

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Welcome back @snowflake56, @steffieagle, @dingping, @annemarilyn, @emma1202 and @ccco! @fatfingers, this may be your month to get into maintenance, woo hoo! @wrxgirl, welcome and hope you heal quickly!

    I started 5:2 and the monthly challenges in Feb. 2017. Since then, I have learned that planning FD food is key; I learned a lot about LCHF and 16:8, so along with 5:2 IF, I lost a total of over 41 lbs and many inches and am now happily in maintenance. I did not abstain from alcohol at all or the occasional pizza, pasta and fried rice, and lost an average of 2 lbs. per month (Tortoise Club). I never felt deprived because of the healthy fats consumed which satiated me. The wonderful people in this forum have cheered me on and been an example of determination, empathy and kindness, which is why I will continue in maintenance with you all. I am a 64 year old, live in the deep South, a transplant from NJ/NY/Chicago, but loving semi-retired life.

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Hello old friends and welcome newbies,

    This is not a diet but a WOL.😊

    I started 5:2 February 2017 at 140 pounds and got to maintenance in August 2017 at 120 pounds. Right now I am at the high end of maintenance and like to go below goal weight of 120 pounds to have more ‘wiggle room’. 😊

    This forum is a phantastic international group of people, very caring, supporting and non-judgemental. It is in fact a wonderful extended virtual family. 😊

    @rainbowsmile and @wrxgirl: Sending you healing vibes for a speedy recovery. ⚘⚘⚘

    Have a great Saturday everyone! 🌻🦋🥀

    Day 1, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    Great day to start out the new month with a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I did my usual Saturday chores, enjoyed a 2.5 mile walk, more chores and then 9 holes of golf with DH. Tonite is “date night” so we will be enjoying small beef filets, fresh green beans from the garden, a cocktail or two and some wine. I will wear one of my bright “party dresses” in a comfortable smaller than ever size thanks to nearly 2 years of Fast 5:2 and enjoy watching the dusk descend before my solar lights brighten up the colorful flowers next to my front porch.

    Just about every day is a CD including LCHF with lots of berries for breakfast atop a protein waffle and reasonable portions of protein and vegetables for dinner. There is room for treats including 72% Cacao bites, just not too much and not every day. The beauty of this WOE is the rhythm of how good it makes us feel. Weight control is a positive side effect but the overall energy and optimism is a huge benefit. Maintenance is so satisfying.

    Aiming for two fast days a week again this month. That with walking is my positive program. Good luck to all for this change of seasons month of September.

    Day 1, Lima Peru, 16:8 IF Plan

    Hello all – excited to be a part of this challenge. Weight has been creeping up lately so time to get serious again. Started January 7th this year at around 220 pounds with 16:8. I do 24 or 36 hour fasts when the occasion presents itself, but have found that 16:8 (or now usually 20:4) works well for my lifestyle, provides me with results and, above all else, is sustainable.

    Today I am at 182.4, ergo 82.7 kg. A 48 year old (49 on the 29th of September!) male in a stressful job that involves significant amounts of international travel and time away from family. Had gotten very overweight and felt horrible.

    A bit over two months ago I had reached 176lbs even (a measly one pound from my 175 goal). Stress at work – including multi-week business trips – have made it hard for me to stay on target in transforming this to a WoL.

    Went on a nice bike ride this AM (a hilly 34 km) and was very good today. Tuna, eggs and salad for lunch. No food since 13:00. Let’s see if I can get some positive feedback (ergo, weight loss) quickly and get my mojo back!

    All the best to everyone on this September thread!

    Day 2 – Japan – NFD

    Day 1 Canada NFD
    I’m looking forward to being back in the group!
    I’m going to fast Tuesday and Thursday this month. Have a couple of bundles of fat to loose.
    Good luck everyone!

    Day 1, Minnesota, USA NFD 2230-ish (CDT)

    Hello, Everyone;

    I would like to join this challenge, if I may? A bit about myself:

    I was one of the original May 2016 challenge participants and took part in 7 challenges after that (I skipped November but did December).

    I was very successful doing 5/2. From 168-170, I lost 30 lbs, (or 2 stone, 2 lbs.) or, 13.6 K. About a pound a week, average. I am 5 ft 6.5 inches or 5 and 3/4 in, depending on who’s measuring, so I was happy to be at upper 130’s. BMI was in middle range for height and I think at my age, (almost 62) thats fine.
    I did alright for several months in 2017, but then we had several family members become ill, and one needing our care and attention, in particular. It was a trying time, and two of our loved ones passed away. The year was very stressful and instead of coming back to the forum for support, I indulged more and more in comfort foods, as did my OH.

    So. With life seemingly on a more even keel, now, I am starting anew to lose about 25 lbs, keep it off into older age, and also become more fit. And, also, to be a model for my dear OH, who has shouldered the largest burden of the past year and has just been told he needs to lose weight, get his blood sugars down, get his blood pressure down, etc., or else.

    I think these challenges have evolved so wonderfully! Every one of you seem so supportive and accepting of each other, and not competitive with anyone. It sounds like you are all just trying to do your best for your own selves, each and every one. That is so helpful and nurturing for people who are trying this WOL, and those of us coming back to try again and get it right this time. To sustain.

    And it’s such a relief that it’s ok not to have to post every day!! But I will try.

    I’ve been lurking for awhile, reading many of the past month’s posts on this thread and others. It seems like such a wonderful, supportive group of people, and I would be thrilled to become a member. I have been inspired and have 4 FD’s under my belt in the last 2 weeks, Thats the most in many months. Thank You!

    Hello to Coda, SongBirdMe, Anna6! I wish Ciren2 would come back. I saw her name a couple months ago. I love seeing your posts, old friends.😄

    I’m so looking forward to starting anew and getting to know all of you!

    “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

    Day 1: Texas….NFD

    Count me in also @daffodil2010. On and off in August but ready to truly give it my all. I went thru our Texas summer covering myself up at the lake and pool and I am determined to shed those covers by next summer.

    I feel blessed to have all of you on my side and enjoy so much reading all your posts. I didn’t post much in August but will try to keep up better this month.

    Thanks for all of your support and stories. It is a huge help knowing I have partners to see me thru the challenges.

    Onward and Downward🦄

    Day 2 NSW Australia NFD

    Hi everyone, just checking in.
    Thank you @at and @shinything for your kind words.
    I’m looking forward to my 1st FD tomorrow – it’s been awhile!
    Planning on Monday & Thursday FD’s this month.

    I wish all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day (celebrated today in Australia)!

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone and enjoy whatever you are getting up to. Bye for now!

    Hi everyone – so pleased I found you all on this September forum and great to see people on here from all over the world. My first fast day is tomorrow Monday 3rd. I had some good success with 5:2 when it first came out … although I drifted to 6:1 and then drifted off. I’ve been up and down since then … however this is a new chapter for me and I have about 1 stone (6kgs) to lose to get me to my UK Slimming World target. I am currently 3 stones (20kg) lighter than I was 30 years ago when I was 25 years old … but still have that magical target to hit and maintain. I have decided to combine my 5:2 with the Slimming World plan – as it is very healthy and means there are few restrictions on my non-fast days – also my weigh day at the group is a Wednesday morning – I plan to fast on Mondays and Wednesdays – also it means I can be accurate with the scales – as the scale we have at home can’t make its mind up LOL. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s results and hearing your best tips. Onwards and downwards!

    Day 2 UK NFD
    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back – you are all truly unique and offer wonderful unconditional friendship. Thanks
    Very busy yesterday which helped me get through my first FD in months and thanks for the supportive energy @snowflake56 – I did it!!!
    Hope your day was successful?

    Busy day again today so have only had time to skim the many posts but wishing conrratulations @missybear on getting wed, @coda for the safe arrival of your grandson. Sorry to hear @michelinme that you had a serious health blip in July, pleased to hear you are well recovered now and @rainbowsmile hope those toes heal soon.
    Feeling positive.


    Day 2, Guildford UK, FD

    Very tired today, Goddaughter went home with two lovely boys and her OH. Such fun.

    My foot is sore but doing my ankle and foot exercises. I think it’s the boot, better than plaster cast I suppose but it rubs the side of my foot. So I have got some foam rubber.

    Have been invited to an outdoor band concert in a local town and I am thinking about giving it a pass, i will see how it is after I have rested my foot.

    @redrockgirl302 thank you, that really helps with healing.

    @northerndawn lovely to meet you.

    @julesmw welcome, this is a great space for support.

    @dingping welcome back and thank you.

    Have a great day all.

    Day 2 Pocket list



    Day 2 UK NFD

    @beedoo congrats on getting 30DS done yesterday. I won’t be able to do it today until after 8pm tonight when the OH gets home from work. So I shall use you as motivation to get it done when I am tired and crying and sulking because I want to go to bed lol. 💪

    Wishing everyone a fab Sunday.

    Day 2 NFD country West Australia
    big props to Daffodil2010 for hosting.
    I can feel another good month coming up.
    Day 1 was a NFD.
    Really ready to continue the push of August and I find it easier going in to the warmer weather too.
    Spring has sprung with a beautiful day today – though they are forecasting snow AGAIN on our highest peak on Tuesday night.
    Truly bizarre because it rarely snows in WA and certainly not 4 times in a year!!
    Happy days all.

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Raining here, hoping it stops soon as there is a dog show in the village this afternoon to raise funds for repairs to the church……there will be cakes to avoid!!!

    Aiming for my usual relaxed but healthy food NFD Sunday with limited wine so that tomorrow’s FD isn’t a hungry one.

    Sending positive vibes to all in need of some healing energy 🤗 Enjoy Sunday everyone.

    Day 2 Northern NSW Australia NFD

    I enjoyed a day free of cravings and bingeing. Every day that is like that is a gift to me. I even weighed in a bit lighter than yesterday! I said I joined this forum to support planning better on NFDs. What I realize I really want is support for a more mindful approach to caring for myself, including eating and nourishment. I feel I’m already receiving this! Simply joining and participating has helped!

    Day 2 – NC, USA – NFD

    I normaly like to weight everyday but am debating if I should stick to weighing myself only twice a week on the day after FD. Day 1 was a NFD and I woke up at 194.5, half a pound higher than my prior FD weight of 194. Granted that is still 4 pounds down from last Monday at 198.8. However I am new to this WOL and I do want to keep track of each days progress because I am trying to firgured out if 1900 on NFD is too much or too little. I did eat salty foods yesterday so it could just be water retension too.

    Planning on FD on Tuesday and Friday next week. My normal days will be Monday and Friday I think but this Monday is a holiday, Labor day.

    Day 2, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Hello and welcome back NorthernDawn. You’ll soon be making inroads to lose the 25 lbs you want to lose. Just plan ahead on fast days and even nfds for that matter and enjoy this wol once again.

    Today we ordered seafood risotto and veal with vegetables and fries. However my OH and I shared both main courses instead of ordering double of everything. Ofcourse I ordered other food for our son. My daughters and their families didn’t come to eat with us today.

    I also had a mini double chocolate manium ice cream at 174 calories.

    This evening I’m going out with my sister in law and have a salad.

    Tomorrow will be a fast day for me.

    Have a great Sunday everyone. Onwards and downwards.

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