Scales the same to the ounce after days of 800! Are they broken?

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Scales the same to the ounce after days of 800! Are they broken?

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  • Hi everyone, this is my first post, so I hope I’m in the right place for this question…any feedback will be much appreciated.

    So, I weigh in at the same time, same clothes every other day – this week, even though I’m doing the 800 a day still, my scales tell me I’m the same weight exactly to the ounce! Surely this cannot be accurate? I eat and drink different things each day, and activity levels change, surely I couldn’t be EXACTLY the same for several days? I’m wondering if these scales are inaccurate as it seems illogical. Surely it should vary a little, either up or down?

    I’m 51, female and 5′ 7″ and even my ‘if I did nothing all day” calorie intake would be around 1300 yet I’m active every day. I have done the 800 several times over the last few years, but this has never happened before. I’m here for my health but I do want to get another 10lbs off.

    I lost 2 lbs last week (apparently!)but the week before that, the same thing with the identical weight for 4 days…is it me? Any feedback would be great guys 🙂 I’m starting to wonder if my daily cals are going to have to be much less to see an improvement…help! Have I turned into a robot?!

    p.s any accurate scales recommendations welcome!!!

    Hi Rosella,

    I don’t know if your scales are broken, but I do know that if I’m consistently eating a low carb diet I will be pretty much exactly the same weight every day. The wild variations in weight over the space of a few days happen when I’m eating carbs, due to different quantities of water retention.

    Exercise has very little to do with weight loss, so your daily activity (unless you’re training like an athlete!) isn’t going to show up as a loss on the scales.

    And weight loss is rarely linear, so losing more some weeks, and not at all others, isn’t unusual. It’s the long term trend, rather than the daily or weekly weight, that matters.

    I note your age (same as me!). Perimenopause/ menopause hormonal changes could be affecting you, as could medication if you are taking any.

    And you say you want to lose 10lbs, but I’m not sure what you weigh. If you’re already relatively slim, weight loss will be slower than it would be for a larger person.

    Perhaps think about the benefits of the journey rather than just focussing on the destination, and be patient!

    Good luck.

    Hi there HappyNow and thanks for your reply 🙂

    I’m 11st 7. A healthy weight for me according to the nhs bmi chart thingy is really below 11 st but that’s still the top end of ‘healthy weight’ so I usually aim for 10.5 – so a stone to lose.

    I’ve weighed again this morning and I’m the same again…6 days now. I’m careful with calorie counting and am doing 700-800 each day. I avoid the sugar and carbs, alcohol. I avoid high carb fruits and veg.

    But, it might be, as you suggest age related, as I am both peri-menopausal and am on tamoxifen, the hormone suppressing breast cancer drug now…I also had the major reconstruction surgery 2 years ago, which has left a few changes long term to my health/body. But I did this diet last year and did not have this ‘same weight for a week’ problem when I hit this weight range. (I was 12 st to start with – winter weight that I hadn’t managed to shift)

    Each time I do the 5:2 or 800 I learn more about how to eat healthily, why I’m over-eating and heal deep rooted issues hiding under fat layers. It has been a long road over about 5 years. This year I really do feel like I’m ‘getting it’ – and my driver is one of health, not for how I look/clothes etc but I’m now seeing long term changes to my relationship with food. I have dropped many old habits through healing them and am now seeing the benefits of this long term 🙂

    Having had 5 major surgeries in 6 years, when I fast or diet, I do feel so tired and can’t really do much other than general home/garden activities and walk the dog, (I ran my own business but have had to stop due to being tired out so much – this is also tamoxifen related) so this is why I’m keen to get to the maintenance 5:2 as soon as possible.

    Thanks for any support and perspective from those walking a similar road to me, and thank you again HappyNow for taking the time to reply 🙂

    I changed the batteries and it didn’t make any difference haha!

    Rosella x

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