Re-started 5:2 over 4 weeks ago, but no change as yet…

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Re-started 5:2 over 4 weeks ago, but no change as yet…

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  • Greetings Fellow Southern Hemispherites.
    My partner and I started the 5:2 diet in mid November 2016. We went overseas after 3 months, so took a break, then re-started after 4 weeks away. To cut a long story very short, I had an accident in May 2017 which necessitated emergency surgery and a lengthy rehab – including intensive physio until July 2018. I was advised to focus on regaining function and lessening pain, and to resume 5:2 when fully recovered. Unfortunately, the second anniversary of the accident is nigh, and I still haven’t fully recovered. Have finally had to accept that further surgery is necessary.
    Anyway, have had a few false starts at the 5:2 since May 2017, but gave up after around 5 weeks each time as wasn’t losing any weight.
    Re-started the 5:2 on March 21 (4 weeks ago), and have just completed 8 FDs. The story is the same as the last few times: My weight today is exactly the same as my starting weight – 66.00kg. Have been very careful to consume less than 500 cals on FDs – sometimes totalling less than 400cals.
    Feel I must be doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what. Have followed the FDs without cheating. Have been walking for over an hour (just over 6 km) on 5 days per week. Still my weight hasn’t moved downwards, and measurements haven’t changed since I embarked on 5:2 over 4 weeks ago. Can’t imagine why not.
    Would be grateful for any comments or suggestions, please.
    Good luck everyone

    Hi, Chatelaine. What a roller coaster you’ve been on! since you are being very low on calories on Fast Days, yet not losing weight, I suggest we look at what you eat on Slow Days. it is a myth that ‘you can eat anything you want on a Slow Day’ and still lose weight. Reduce the simple-carb-count on Slow Days for a week and see what happens.
    Good luck.

    You mention being solid on your two low calorie days-what do the other 5 days each week look like? While Mosley gives vague recommendations for those days (2,000 calories for women etc), that’s just not reality for many of us. Going by my TDEE, in order to lose a pound a week I’d have to be around 1,300 calories a day on my higher calorie days! I’m aiming for .5lb a week so it’s not so bad, but yeah-you definitely have to still be mindful on the other 5 days!

    Also, how are you tracking your calorie intake? Are you using a site like cronometer or My Fitness Pal? Are you using a food scale to measure out correct portion sizes? Weight loss comes down to being at the correct calorie deficit for your weight loss goals. 5:2 is just a way to move calories around, so it doesn’t feel so much like you’re dieting every single day. But, you still have to be at the needed calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

    eta: this site has a TDEE calculator, run your numbers and see where you need to be at. Easy way to do this-after you figure out what your TDEE is, times that number by 7. Then subtract 3,500 (if your goal is to lose a pound a week). Then subtract 1000 (your two low calorie days), and then divide the remaining number by 5. This will give you your calorie target for the other 5 days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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