Plateau on 10 day fast

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Plateau on 10 day fast

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  • Tomorrow will be day 10 of a water fast. the last few days I have drank some Kambucha at lunch, about 50 calories. I lost 2 lbs per day for first 7 days, but in last two days, a plateau.
    I want to get another 6 lbs off, and am wondering how long I will still be fasting. That is, the fast may go for weeks?

    This is not an intermittent fast, as you all are trying. I have not eaten anything in 9 days, and have had four Kambucha drinks worth about 50 calories each.

    I also just started taking some psyllium to scrub plumbing.

    If anyone can explain the plateau when eating almost no calories, I would appreciate it.

    I’m guessing you will say I lost water weight first 7 days, and in coming days will lose fat…. ????

    thanks in advance

    You are guessing wrong about what people will say as my opinion is that a long water fast is not the way to lose weight and keep it off unless it is under medical supervision.

    Of course you must legally say that, and I appreciate it, but there is no general statement that applies to all.
    I have lost weight, I won’t gain it back because I am utterly changing my diet to local only food, which means I won’t be buying anything in store any more, just farmers market, home grown, and local butchers. That being said, if anyone knows how the body can keep the same weight when not eating much calories, please explain. I will continue the fast until I get to my goal and then start my new diet.

    Well a part of the weight loss is water and that will comeback quickly. Your fat loss is probably around 1/2 pound a day unless you are really heavy. That may sound disappointing but it is actually massive.

    Here is an interesting example:

    As far as the plateau goes you probably just holding more water that was lost earlier. If you have plenty of fat and aren’t eating, you are losing fat if your body is even working 1/2 normal.

    So have you broken your fast? How did it go? 10+ days is a serious fast.

    I reached my weight goal after 12 days. After 7 days, my body was used to not eating. There is not much food in the store that I can eat according to my new locally grown rules, so I don’t have to deal with the temptation of past comfort foods. We can all lists the many reasons why eating locally is better for the environment. I hope more people will support their local growers.

    A water fast is NOT the way to lose weight….and for some could actually be dangerous

    Yes, you will shed a pound or two if you stick at it for a few days, but you WILL regain that weight.

    Intermittent Fasting (5:2) does not advocate water fasting for 12 days. It is all about healthy eating…even on ‘fast’ days, many of us are still eating….and I have lost over 10 stone so far with no need to water fast, or to take anything to ‘scrub plumbing’!

    Plateaus happen when dieting…I have hot a couple over my time on IFing…sticking with it, and double checking the amount eaten (especially on non-fast days- so easy to go ‘just a little over’!!!!) puts me back on track.

    As for ‘supporting local growers’ then yes, I do like to support them…however, I could never survive by ONLY eating local produce…the little place I live does not produce enough.

    When attempting intermittent fasting for weight loss, many of us experience a plateau. Because of this, some of us lose motivation and give up. There is usually an explanation for a plateau, so don’t worry. Let’s examine what it might be and what concrete actions you can take to resume your weight reduction journey.

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