Non fasting days are becoming a struggle

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Non fasting days are becoming a struggle

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  • Hi all, have no problem fasting up to now, am on my third week. However, do struggle the rest of the time keeping my eating under control, especially today, have managed ok up to now.. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Mostly, don’t give up!! I have felt as you, several times along the way, but I finally realized that it’s ok to have more difficult days, maybe even a real bad day, where I eat everything in sight. Before, when I would feel this way on all the other diets, I’d get discouraged, say why bother and give up. Not this time! These days and feelings ebbs and flows and it’s ok. Hang in there, and when you see your hard work pay off on the scale, you will be thrilled!

    There are many suggestions in this forum and online to give you tips in order to tweak what may not be working for you, but the best tip that has helped me is keep doing what you’re doing. It will work and it’s amazing!

    I use myfitnesspal app for the other days and it keeps me in check.

    I use myfitnesspal too.

    I will log what Im thinking about eating and usually pick better options when I see the calorie content.

    Thanks for the advice. Will try MyFitnessPal. TidyChick, that sounds so much like me with other diets. Can’t be rational can it. Anyway have every intention of carrying on with this regardless. Have agreed to be weighed by the practice nurse so my first weigh in is next week! Will post how I get on.

    Hmm, cold, wet day here in the UK and a hint of the autumn and winter to come and the extra challenge of fasting when it’s colder. Today is a fast day for me and rather than have some hot snack or other it’s a case of putting on cosy socks and an extra layer. I really don’t like hot drinks much, so it’s cold water to keep me full, but that’s not helping with the keeping warm, so may push out the boat with some weak earl grey tea. Today it was blueberries for breakfast, and for early supper it will be salmon, french beans and courgettes and I’ve just been told there are heaps of aubergine in the garden that need eating too, so that’s that sorted; hardly hardship, after all.

    Thanks for putting out this topic toms mantis….and to the people who have responded too.
    I have had a day just like yours and have wondered if it is all worth it..good to know that i am not alone and that in itself somehow keeps me going .
    Thanks all

    Hi all, I’m new to the forums, but on my 5th or 6th week of the fast diet and have to say I love it. I too use the MyFitnessPal App each day which has been very helpful. It’s interesting to see the calories, etc…Don’t feel guilty if there are days where you overindulge – you can always swap your days or do an extra one. I think it has become easier too over the weeks…..and tell myself if I want something bad (usually chocolate or cake), I can have it tomorrow – tomorrow comes and I tend to forget! There are a few colleagues of mine who are doing it too – which helps and watermelon has played a huge part in my life too! Good luck peeps….

    Great to hear from everybody! Today is a fasting day, ironically no problem at all! Never used a forum at all before starting this diet, but finding it so supportive and helpful reading other people’s problems and their solutions. Kathers, watermelon sounds like a great idea. Must be the only fruit I haven’t had the last few weeks. Will def try it.

    hello Toms its good to hear today has been better for you,
    for years ive over eaten and gained weight, gone on crash diets to lose 1&1/2 stone to only put it all back on and more after becoming bored and feeling like im constantly being punished for loving my food,

    for me this plan has changed my relationship with food, i no longer eat for comfort or out of bordom or for just being thirsty, it was a slow prosess that didnt happen over night, slowly the changes happened.
    ive stated before its like my brain has been re-set food does not control me as it once did, i still have what i fancy on my non fast days but my portions are much smaller, also ive turned to healthier options without even thinking about it,
    keep going it will be worth it, im almost a year into this plan have had at least 7 weeks off during holidays where ive taken a break but things are still heading downwards,
    wishing you every success for a healthier future xx

    Fast for life, you could be describing me. Food was a comforter, a celebration and actually a joy. Successive diets only worked until I got fed up with them and then benefits were short lived. But of course that’s why this plan is so appealing. I will stick with it. Already feel better in myself. Looking forward to my first weigh in!

    Really, as everyone else says, stick with it! I’ve made no change to my (fairly bad) diet on eating days, and in fact sometimes I allow myself to be a complete piggy – guilt free because of fasting! I genuinely pay no attention to what I’m eating on non-fast days, but have been very strict on fast days. Since January I have lost a stone, not the fastest weight loss in the world and some weeks it does goes up, but I have to say, I am very, very happy with a long term trend of losing 2lbs a month – it is coming off and staying off regardless of bad days. I did find that after a couple of months of fasting the really naughty days got less of their own accord, I think this is simply due to my getting used to being hungry and no longer running for a snack as soon as I’m peckish. Good luck 🙂

    I’ve been better than I thought I would be on non-fast days. I have found a few things that I routinely eat at work could be cut out and I’ve stuck with it. They always have candy at my work place, I stopped eating any. I usually had a Luna Bar(energy/granola bar) as a snack every day. It seemed like a healthy snack, but I need to reduce my sugar intake so I’ve decided it had to go. I also no longer put sweetened creamer in my coffee. I think because I can say no to myself for much of my fast days I have found it easier to say no to the food that’s unnecessary on regular days.

    Great dwbslp. You seem to have cracked it for fast and non fast days. Hope I manage to do the same in the future with all the support offered here.

    Hi toms mantis Yep i get difficult days to on non fast days too but take some of the stuff you lean on your fast days in to other days, high sugar and high fat seem to make you more hungery i have found this on a non fast day i still eat porridge or fruit low in sugar, i think they call it low Gi and low GL like stawberry thay keep you going longer, when i eat high fat foods or high sugar food my body seam to go in to some kind of frenzy and wants more so i tend to eat the healthy stuff first, and then if i do eat a high fat or high sugar food i allways eat less of it beacuse i have eaten then health stuff first and the cravings are so much less i can survive them, and not go mad, good luck and keep going if you continue to try diffrent things it will work out i am sure also have a look at the book there is some helpful stuff in there and on the forums

    Fitnesspal app definitely helps. Seeing written down just what you have consumed is a great reality check.

    Me too! A great little app!

    I’ve found MyFitnessPal is even better when you link up with your partner / friend / fitness buddy / Fast buddies.

    It makes me so proud to finish logging my food for the day and see that I’m at or just under my calorie goal. And that pride can carry me through a tough day.

    Thanks for all the guidance. I’ve been on the F D since September and only cut it out during two separate weeks I was on holiday. I am having difficulty on the non-fast days – not hunger at all, just that compulsive thing which I have always struggled with. I have lost nearly one and a half stone since I started and I suppose Christmas didn’t help – – but thanks to all you guys and your support I will continue. I am only 5ft. 2 which doesn’t help and am disappointed that I’ve lost nothing in the last 3 weeks or so. Any other smaller people had the same problem ? – it’s got to be easier for tall people. I know this life style change is right for me and intend to go on. I was brought up a Catholic and surrounded by the adults fasting so it seems to come naturally to me – and yet I am having a real “wobbly” at the moment.

    Hi, Helencg, Your post struck a cord with me. I have been on the FD since Aug and have had what I consider significant success, losing 18 pounds. The more amazing feat for me is to have stayed on the plan for this long. So, you may occasionally wobble but don’t fall! I also have had some struggle with wanting to eat more on “eat” days than I should and for all the same, old, wrong reasons. But, I will keep going, try to add some more exercise, and assume that in the long run this is working and will continue to work. A suggestion: Don’t weigh all the time. I have only weighed twice in 18 weeks and think it’s better for me to assume I’m losing, even if a very small amount. Then when I weigh after a long stretch I see an amount that seems very satisfying. If I lose a half pound a week that would be great but that is such a small amount that depending on when I weighed each week (if I did!) I could show little or no loss or even a small gain. I am one of those tall people you refer to and maybe that means I have a higher TDEE, but weight loss is hard at any height!!!! Wobbling is OK but just don’t give up!!!

    My own experience is that there is one week a month that I’m just pre-occupied with snacking and nibbling – I think it has to do with my cycle. I am not saying it’s right or OK, but I’ve noticed it in myself, that’s all. I try to up my water intake a bit extra that week and that seems to help a bit. I hope you are finding answers that work well for you!


    as the weather gets cold fasting days in particular are a struggle in that i feel constantly cold. I am wearing more clothes but my hands and feet are particularly cold. It’s cold and rainy today so I won’t manage to get in a walk. Will my body be using more calories to try and make me warm? I guess I need to start making more low calorie soups and maybe have “lunch” and “dinner” on fast days in winter, whereas in summer I was happy with just dinner at night as I find it hard to get to sleep if I am very hungry.

    I find on my fasting days that a lot of water helps me not be as hungry as I was before. I have found that the fasting days help me eat less on my normal days as well due to either being forgetful that I wanted that piece of cake or chocolate as well as making me realise I’m just not as hungry as I originally thought I was. No longer are my eyes to big for my belly. I’m more aware of what I’m eating (and drinking

    After I git used to 5:2. And afer u start ed estimating my calories. If I went of my tdee for the whole week . I would have another fast day. 4c3

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