Non-fast day bingeing

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  • Hi I’ve been doing the diet for 3 weeks now. My fast days are getting easier and I can now go until lunchtime without eating. I still have one problem though. I always get ravenous in the afternoons between 1-4pm no matter how much/little I eat. On fast days I have a very small snack and large drink, plus a good dose of mental imagery to keep me going. The problem lies on the non-fast days. I eat everything in sight! I just can’t seem to muster the willpower. I’ve lost 3lbs so far, so I’m not going disastrously wrong. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas of how to curb the feeling of imminent death from starvation! Lol. I should also point out I’m not eating junk food, as I make all foods myself (bread, butter, yogurt, baked beans, fruit compote…) so I mostly tend to go for carbs. I tried having protein like eggs, chicken or yogurt but then ended up having toast or hummus as well!

    I found getting rid of any foods I might crave worked. No bread, bisciits, cheese in the house. Then I bought strawberries, blueberries, apples and made thin tasty veg soup to always be available. Small low cal veg patties, lettuce and tomatoes work well too.
    As with little kids, preempt young hunger periods. Make a black cuppa or drink a couple of glasses of water (fill you up and bring up burps that make you feel hungry) then do something active away from food…go for a long walk, do gardening, iron shirts while listening to the radio. Learn to listen to your body and know your weak poinrs.
    I find 4-6 are my killer hours. I eat my brunch as late as possible and have dinner planned the day before so that I can stay out of the kitchen until just before we eat.
    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for you reply! Veggie patties sound like a good idea, I’ll try that. I’m currently on a no-processed food regime and making absolutely everything from scratch, so that helps a little because I don’t have any junk food in the house. My daughter has her daddy’s appetite and constantly bugs me throughout the afternoon, which I think is fuelling my hunger pangs. I keep berries in the fridge at all times to appease everyone! Today (fast day) I made a huge batch of Mediterranean veggies and had a big heap with a chicken breast and a little couscous. It has helped me to stay fuller for longer and although I feel hungry now, I’m not about to consider raiding the fridge. I agree with holding off eating breakfast and just wait until lunch. I seem to feel hungrier if I do eat breakfast??? For supper we’re having scallops, sautéed potatoes, poached egg and asparagus. It’s quick to prepare and more importantly, won’t heat up the kitchen too much (it absolutely boiling hot in here today). I’m wondering if some homemade oat/bran muffins might help? You know, the kind with ground almonds in for protein and sweetened with applesauce. Or perhaps I shouldn’t snack at all. I wonder if I’ll get used to not snacking like I got used to not having breakfast. If only I didn’t eat so much pizza, chocolate and red bull in uni then I wouldn’t have so much trouble! Lol.

    Hi Mamma
    Sounds good. Avoiding snacks is key to this WOE as you are trying to reduce blood sugar spikes.
    Most of us find that once we eat we are hungry. It IS hard with little kids around eating more frequently, as they do, and should. Their systems are tinier.
    If the muffins are made with flour they will be high in calories. Best to keep flour, potato, rice , pasta and cous cous for non fsst days. Have you tried cauliflower rice? I put the recipe on Southern Hemespherites thread yesterday.
    Good start 🙂 All the best PVE

    Having just read another thread discussion, eating within an 8 hour window every day not just fast days seems to be the way forward. That way I guess I can eat what would have been breakfast’s calories as a healthy snack between meals. I’ll try it anyway. With regards to things like muffins, I will make with something like quinoa rather than using a flour base. I only use flour for making bread and eat only a small amount as it seems to bloat my tummy otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t have anything like that on a fast day! I find it rather amusing that I love cauliflower but really don’t like it as a rice substitute. My mum told me about it a while ago because her slimming club recommended it, but I just couldn’t get on with the texture for some reason. I did successfully make a garlic bread substitute with it but was a bit of a faff to make which put me off making it again. I have a huge cookbook by Nigella Lawson from the library which has tons of nice recipes for comfort food that isn’t too naughty. I think the most important thing is to retrain my brain though.

    I am always so tempted to binge! I don’t seem to have a stop button when it comes to eating on the non fast days it seems. But I try and have a meal, then chew gum or brush my teeth or something. I find that helps me take my mind off things. Also drinking a large glass of water helps me feel really ful and hence not want to eat anything else.

    Have you ever tried hypnosis CDs? I have started listening to one when I go to bed. I don’t know if it’s working, though I haven’t felt the need to snack on non-fast days, but, I haven’t heard the end of it yet, and I have had much better quality sleep!

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