No food at all on the 2 fasting days

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No food at all on the 2 fasting days

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  • I find I can go without any food at all on Thursdays and Sundays as long as I get lots of fluids ( tea, coffee, lime juice) A friend tells me that this is going against the scientific theory and the diet just won’t work. Do I really need 600 cals? I eat well the rest of the week.

    No you do not have to eat the 600 calories if you don’t want to. Those who do a zero cal liquid fast on the fast day are a minority, but you would certainly not be alone and will lose weight just as well.

    There are variations of calorie restriction.  They are technically different.
    Each of these has a wiki.  The only thing I will say about zero calorie fasting is short term doesn’t have issues ,  but long term it does.   
    Specifically the effects that inadequate protein over time has on bone health.
    Is why CRAN is gaining attention for dieters  is ON vs AN – 
    Optimal Nutrition vs Adequate Nutrition approach. My understanding is you don’t want to have more than 80% restriction of protein concurrently nor consistently over time.   The human body will get what it needs from internal tissues if doesn’t get it from food.  So in that way you may see that if the human body keeps taking it from bone and marrow tissues how blood issues can become more likely than less likely.  

    Because I’m not qualified to answer your question. Please consider a CRAN5:2 approach.  May be as simple as adding a whey protein to a glass of water. Basically a chalky vanilla water. Three times a day. 
    I’m not suggesting it at all, but I’m not you, so if you’re going to do it that way , it’s probably for a reason. I hope this points you to the area of concern with long term fasting.
    Here is a picture of can of whey protein supplement facts.
    Notice the disclaimer Of not to use it on a diet less than 400 calories.
    Im guessing that means 400 cal a day long term.
    Best wishes.     

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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