nighttime munchies

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  • so, every night, whether on a fasting day or a regular day, is tough for me. i am definitely a nighttime muncher. i know all the talk about recognizing boredom or thirst instead of thinking i’m hungry, etc etc but i can’t seem to stop myself – once 6 pm hits, i binge!
    any words of advice?

    i know how you feel, i used to be the same, 10 months on my habbits have changed so much i rarely feel i need to munch in the evenings, for me it was the texture of crunchie foods, such as crisps, spotting the problem is the first step, try eating your meal at 6pm and have a large drink with it, so you have that full feeling for longer, if you have to eat more, cut up carrot sticks, cuecumber, bits of fruit and savour every bite, make it last,
    in time you will find you stop craving, and find the habbit has got better. xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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