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  • Hello new to all this. I am going to do my first fasting day tomorrow. Any advice.
    I am going to try space the food out over the day. It is going to be difficult but I need to lose weight.

    Lynette j

    Lynette. Probably a good idea to experiment with spacing meals out over the day. A lot of people on here find it easiest to spread the calories over two meals, including myself. I have a small breakfast and an evening meal. Others have lunch and dinner, and some people save all their calories until evening.

    Good luck with finding the right method for you.

    Thanks for you reply. I think I will have to space food over the day. And eat something at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the cravings that will get me. Does this diet really work?

    You’re welcome. It does work. I’ve been doing it for 7 weeks and have visibly lost quite a bit of weight. Not sure how much as haven’t weighed myself. I don’t really count calories so just try to be sensible on the three days midweek I don’t fast. I do however stick strictly to my calories on the fast days.
    On the weekends I eat and drink whatever I fancy.

    I will give it a go. Try to work out a menu for fasting days. I have weighed myself so it will be interesting to see what I weigh at end of Jan. Christmas and the fasting will be a pain.


    Yes I was thinking about Christmas as well. Will probably just do the normal thing on the 24th, 25th and 26th then try to work fast days before and after.

    There are some great recipes on this site and other places for fasting days but I get in quite late in the evenings so I just go for M&S or Waitrose low cal meals.

    Good luck again with your end of Jan weigh-in.

    I will see how it goes over the christmas and new year period. As I do not want to appear rude not eating. So I will try to make sure I have less on my plate if I cannot fast in these two weeks. Come 2nd January 15 I will be back on this diet. Hoping I can stick to it. My fasting days are Friday and Saturday so I might be able to fit this in over the christmas and new year period. I must try to weigh out all the food for the fasting day. I need more Oxo’s though. I like cooking so this helps.


    Good luck, Lynette, I started this week. The fastdays were no problem to me, allthough I was feeling very cold (especially during the evenings). But when I read the results here in the long term, I believe this is a WOE one can stick to for a very long time. I hope it will be a huge success 🙂

    Thank you for the feedback. As this means I can do this diet. It will not hurt me to fast for two days a week for an extended period of time. A lot easier in the summer though. For myself if I can tackle the fasting days now, then there should not be a problem in the summer months. Over the christmas period out will be the goose fat potatoes.

    Lynette j

    Hi Lynette,

    Well done for making the 5:2 desicion! I have been on this ‘way of life’ as I like to call it for 6 weeks now & I will give you my honest opinions of how it has been for me.

    I’m 5 foot 2 & started at 12 stone 9, today I weighed 11 stone 12. This fasting works!!

    When I first started, yes it was hard – especially the first 2 fasts. I was so tired, grumpy & not forgetting HUNGRY! This passes. By week 2 I was absolutely fine. I have 2 meals a day, lunch then dinner. The idea of the fast is to go as long as possible without food but if it’s easir for you to break it up then that’s fine too.

    My fast days are Monday & Thursday (today is a fast day for me). The way I look at it is, yes it can be tough but tomorrow I can get up & have breakfast & eat normally through the day so I think of it as just one day.

    The beauty of the 5:2 is not to think of it as a diet – if it was a diet you would restrict everyday. I have wine on the weekend & eat at restaurants without feeling guilty. If you was on a ‘regular diet’ you couldn’t do this. I even had chocolate yesterday & on my feast days I have a latte every morning because it’s something I love.

    My partner was so impressed with this, he has joined the 5:2. Have you read the book? It gives you the science behind the fast & it’s so true. I myself am a scientist so I completely trust the data they supply.

    There is plenty of support on here & if you’re ever struggling or want to give up – just remember…. Tomorrow you can EAT!!

    Good luck & keep us posted on how you get on

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