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  • I just started today, and I’m a little confused. Is it still just 500 calories for women, or can it be 800? I’ve seen both. Help please!


    Hi Kohlio, Welcome here.

    Basic 5:2 is 500 calorie maximum limit for women. However, because some people found this too difficult, Dr Mosley has said that, if it will make the difference between sticking to 5:2 or not, up the maximum to 800 and you will get pretty much the same benefits.

    So start wherever you like. Try keeping your maximum calories under 800 for the easiest start, or under 500 if that seems feasible. Then adjust as you go until you figure out what will work in and easy and sustainable way in your life.

    I started with 800 maximum, but now I mostly have around 400 calories on a Fast Day.

    Welcome to the Forum, Kohlio. I’ve been Fasting for 5.5 years, doing 600 calories/Fast Day. That way my husband and I eat the same amount of the same things. So I know that women are supposed to eat 500 calories, but I do the 600 and lost all the weight I wanted to lose and then some more.
    As Cinque says, see what works for you. Some people, like Cinque eat fewer calories, some people eat NO calories on a Fast Day.
    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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