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  • Hi folks.
    I’ve been a sportsman all of my life until an accident stopped me from doing most of my interests. I’m a 60 year old Scotsman.
    I went from around 190lbs to 246lbs in 2 years.
    As i can’t exercise to burn off the excess, i’ve looked for other methods.
    Started doing the 5-2 last October, and am now at 226lbs, and seem to be stuck at that. Decided to add daily fasting after reading stuff on here, so will only eat between 11am and 5pm.
    Hopefully i’ll get back into my nice clothes I had before.

    Hi Mr Shuggy, enforced sedentariness is just the worst. I have a chronic illness which keeps me sedentary, so I can sympathise.
    Congratulations on the big loss you have made. Good luck with your new regime, I do hope it works (and if it doesn’t you can try something else).
    There have been plenty of threads on here about plateaus, you are not the only one. But the search option is no longer available, so you have to google ‘the fast forums, plateau’ or similar, to find them. Here is one:
    Best wishes

    Thanks Cinque, I can sympathise. My condition is chronic too, with permanent pain.
    I’ve just weighed myself (I weigh myself every Sunday morning) and am now at 223.2 lbs. My first week of 11-5 daily eating seems to have worked, and i’m heading in the right direction again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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