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  • Currently on FD #30 as I skipped two due to holiday time.

    Not posted in a month, as I’ve been slacking/busy/away!
    My weight is still the same as last month, though I gained 4 lbs, then lost it again within a week – I put that down to a day at the computer and not drinking nearly enough water that week, despite it being hot!

    Having a FD today (FD#30) and will update when I lose some lbs!

    Hope all are doing well and had a good summer ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am about ten pounds up on where I was at the start of the summer. That is recoverable and today is Day 1 of the recovery phase.

    Hey Penguin!

    Good luck with the new recovery, I’m sure you’ll do it in no time!
    I’m down another 2 lbs since my last post (Hurrah!) BMI now 34.8, so I hope I’ve now broken the plateau I seem to have been on for a couple of months…

    Good luck this week, I’m on a NFD today, fasting again Monday, so I’ll try and be mindful over the weekend and keep up the exercise I’ve started again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going well thanks. Monday/Tuesday FDs took off four pounds. Down a little more since then.. Fortunately my body remembers where it was and goes back easily. I am a little stiff around the shoulders after a workout in the gym this morning.

    Hello there,

    I was wondering if I could join in with you here? You seem to have a nice little chat going, and supporting each other!?
    You have done very well so far PC!

    I started an adaptation of 5/2 in 2017. In the September of that year I weighed in at 83kilos and a BMI of 29.5, so I was on the cusp of the obese range. I was 52, looked younger and had had enough of wobbling around the place and people giving up their seats for me on transport and letting me queue jump in the supermarket as I looked pregnant! ( I had an early menopause!!!) I DID have a huge belly but still. I also had no chin and had to wear shorts in the summer under dresses because of thigh rubbing and I had had enough.

    I started 28th September 2017 by calorie counting as it was the only way I knew to lose weight and then I stumbled on this site a few weeks later. I did 16:8, skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch and sticking to an average of 1500 calories a day, while eating more or less what I wanted at the weekend. If I ate something high in calories like home made pizza, which I love, I would go swimming for an hour on that day and walk for 30m and save my calories until the evening. This kind of juggling and lifestyle change really worked for me. On fast days I’d be around 800 calories which I saved up for my evening meal.
    By the December of that year I’d already gone from a size 16 to a size 12!

    Then I noticed one boob was bigger and harder than the other, had a mammogram and got diagnosed with breast cancer. They started me on chemo straightaway and 3 weeks later I had lost all my hair ( well I got it shaved to avoid the distress of picking it off floors and pillows everyday, and had to buy a wig)

    I just couldn’t FACE being fat AND bald, so I continued on my 16:8 regime and settled into an average loss of a kilo a week and by July 2019 I was down to 58 kilos and wore a bikini on the beach for the first time in years! Would’ve been perfect if I hadn’t have had to wear a wig as well due to being bald!
    I gradually stopped my “exercise” regime which was walking everywhere and as much as possible and swimming 3 days a week and July this year I had gone up to 64 kilos. Nothing TOO dramatic but it goes straight on my midriff ( the joys of menopause hey?)

    I felt a bit flabby and had gone up from a size 8 to a size 10 but was relatively happy with that.
    Except this summer my mother in law started being snidey with me, she said, and I quote ” I have a Burberry mac and since you are big like me you can have it” ( she is size 18!!!) Obviously it was way to big for me, but that made me think a bit. She also explained to me that I couldn’t possibly be a size 10 as I’d noticeably put on weight and it must be because English sizes are different. ( She is French)
    She annoyed me so much that I decided to get back on my 16:8 and do something about it!

    That was on August 18th and I’m down from 64 kilos to 62.2!!!
    I’ve been walking twice a week for the last 3 weeks and go swimming for an hour 3 times a week and it is starting to pay off as the scales are moving slowly down.
    My mother in law is coming to stay the weekend of the 21st and I am determined to lose another kilo before then and wear the most figure hugging clothes that I can get away with that weekend just to make my point! ( Normally we get on well but it obviously annoyed her when I lost weight, as she is getting larger and larger!) She’ll be eating very low calorie while here!

    Today is a fast day. Have only had a coffee with milk for breakfast and am saving my calories for a healthy meal tonight, home made pumpkin soup (home grown as well!), to which I added tomatoes, a can of butter beans, potato, garlic and onions. I’ll sprinkle a few crushed toasted hazelnuts from garden on it, have garden tomato salad, no dressing, lots of fruit and no bread and butter. Going swimming at 6pm, and am hoping to see scales shift down tomorrow morning.

    Will shut up now, don’t want to bore you all. Must add that I am currently in remission, seeing surgeon about my reconstruction surgery on Oct 14th, and I have hair again! Since I will be going under the knife again sometime this Winter I really need to get back in shape.
    It has been a difficult year, but things are getting better!!!

    Hey Lilimar,

    Welcome to the forum! I don’t come here too often, I’m using another thread which you’re welcome to join in with (I’ll link in a bit).
    Firstly, well done on losing the weight, we all know how hard it can be, I still struggle, but have found what works for me and it’s this way of life, I find it challenging some days, but overall, I feel lighter, sleep better and along with it, albeit a little slow sometimes, lose weight…
    Secondly, sorry for your diagnosis, but very pleased you are in remission, long may it continue! As for the hair… glad it’s grown back, I’d have gone with headscarves I think, wigs are so itchy, aren’t they?!
    As for your MiL… Hmm, you know what? Rise above it, you’re better than that, look what you’ve achieved, look what you’ve been fighting against! I’ve discovered that people who are nasty or mean about others’ weight issues are usually miserable inside and hate the world. She’s the one with problems, don’t let it get you down… Just be kind and kindly let her know she doesn’t irk you, you never know, she might open up and become a friend?! Maybe that’s asking too much, but you never know?!

    Not to kick Penguin out (you’re always welcome on the other thread too!), but I spend more time at this one right now:

    This thread was more for me to be accountable to myself and log my losses ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I fasted yesterday, I also make my own broth and just add some onion/carrot to it, or whatever light veg I have available, it’s about 86kcal per 100g at the very most, so with one bowl, I reckon I’m getting about 200 cal max, which seems to work, as I lost 2lbs last week doing this. I’ve also now removed milk from my coffee totally on FD’s, as there are a few too many hidden cals in the milk, that I was forgetting to add. I find I enjoy black coffee more on days where I eat very little, if I have the milk, I get hungry and a furry tongue lol!

    Hope to see you on the other thread soon, happy fasting today!
    PS – I like my new acronym! PC ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lillmar, I’m a bit late, but welcome. When my daughter had breast cancer my grandchildren got all excited about wigs — available in colours I would not have dreamt of. My own cancer could be solved with surgery, no chemo, but it took a few months to regain my original fitness levels. It sounds as though you are well on track. The only thing to do with a MIL like your’s is to smile sweetly in the interests of marital harmony and ignore her. Being a mere bloke I have no idea what a size 10 looks like, but it sounds a lot less than an 18. Have fun on the 21st.

    Penguinchick. I also follow and post on a few other threads. I usually drop in on them from time to time and catch up with what is going on without always adding anything.

    Currently on FD #34 – so far so good!

    Will post again if I drop any lbs. Doing a workout/Pilates also today, along with gardening, not a work day for me!

    Happy fasting to all x

    FD #36
    Down another 1-2lbs this weekend, on a FD today, so I’ll check scales properly tomorrow, I usually only weigh in after a FD, so yesterdays extra weigh in wasn’t strictly necessary, just felt a bit lighter when I woke up lol!

    Hope all are doing well, I’m guessing you’ve dropped your extra lbs since your holiday Penguin?

    Have a great day all xx

    Yes and no. I dropped it quickly but we have just had a very social couple of weeks so it is back on again. Today is day one of the recovery process. Have you heard that before? I need to emulate your consistent approach.

    Hey Penguin,
    I haven’t heard of ‘the recovery process’ before, unless linked to a medical condition… I’m not sure I’m as consistent as you might think, I just sort of ‘punish’ myself with a really controlled NFD if I’ve slipped lol! I do slip frequently, sometimes without even realising I’ve slipped until it’s too late :/
    I’ll have a search for the term, perhaps that’s what’s been happening to me when I’ve not lost anything for a few weeks!
    Nothing wrong with being social every now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By “recovery process” I meant getting back to the 5:2 and that today is the first day of some determined fasting! It should be working – I am hungry.

    Ah ok, thanks for the explanation! ๐Ÿ˜€
    After yesterday’s FD, I’m down 2 & 3/4 lbs since Friday, which I’m really thrilled about, it’s the biggest loss I’ve had in one chunk, super-inspired to have another week like this last one! Happy, happy, happy!

    It’s been a month since my last post, it’s been a bit up and down, I gained 4 lbs, then lost 2, then gained 1/2, then lost 1… I’ve been working like a maniac, stuck in front of a computer half the time, for long hours, which has done nothing for my activity levels and I’m back on track, though slowly, as I’ve only lost 1/2 lb in the last week, so more or less where I was last month.
    Next week will be a bit easier, as only working 2-3 days and the rest of the time, I have planned walks with the kids (half term) and lots of sports if the weather is kind to us!
    I definitely feel the difference when I’ve not had time to do my daily walks and my energy levels slack off. I’ve lost count of how many FD’s I’ve done (I’ll count them for next post), but I’ve had some really hard FD’s, where I was just hungry all day and night and slipped a bit by going over my 500 :/
    I know I’ll do better next week, I had a good FD yesterday and wasn’t hungry much at all, but kept super active all day, making myself ‘do’ things!
    Hope all are well and keeping the faith!
    Have a good week lovely people xx

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