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  • I have been doing the diet for just two weeks. I knew it would be hard as I don’t cope well with being hungry but I can honestly say I feel ill between 2 and 7 on the fast days. I am determined to stick to it for 6 weeks to see if there will be a weight loss as I haven’t been successful with any diet for some years, but I am now dreading the 8 remaining fast days as I felt so ill yesterday. Symptoms include severe headache, inability to sleep, feeling nauseous and faint, and an insatiable thirst however much I drink.
    I KNOW this is probably all psychosomatic but however much I tell myself this, it’s not improving – in fact yesterday, the 4th day, was the worst of all. I had to lie down at work !
    I know this diet is meant to help blood sugar but I am nervous as have a diabetic father and was borderline during both pregnancies.
    Please can someone offer some advice.

    Are you eating your 500 cals throughout the day? If not maybe you should try eating something at breakfast or lunch time and see if that helps.

    I often feel very unwell on fast days, headache, nausea. Some days are worse than others. You have to listen to your body and ease up if needed. I often up the calories if I feel really bad and I’ve still lost weight. You could also try just one day a week to ease your body in and get used to it. Some people are just more sensitive to chemical changes in their bodies. Your metabolism is having to work hard to convert glycogen for fuel and there are by products that can upset your system.
    Generally we are just not used to being hungry.
    Good luck, remember take your time it’s not a race. Your body may just need time to adjust
    Z 🙂

    Do you think it’s just the lack of food that’s causing the headaches/ nausea or have you cut out something else that could explain it in the process of doing 5:2?

    There’s not much info to go on but if you’re a regular caffeine drinker that could be part of the issue? You might need sugar and/or milk (and therefore calories) to make your regular teas/coffees palatable and not be happy about expending the calories on a drink but you could have a can of coke zero or another calorie free caffeinated drink to help you get through the DTs.

    Also, you might benefit from a tiny intake of salt to help your system regulate and hydrate properly. Not sure that it’d help with the nausea (probably not) but it might help with the headaches.

    im new to this to and did well through the day but felt like throwing up tonight tummys used to nibbling a lot!!! im wondering about diet ginger beer for those symptoms

    There’s little to no ginger in ginger beer nowadays. Ginger root is a fantastic anti-emitic and will also help with immune system and warm up your body thus helping to burn more cals. Zingiber off. Root from tesco is fine an take maybe an inch of peeled root, smash it up a little and infuse in a cup of boiling water for 10 mins or so. It’ll be a nice temp to drink by then.

    Others are Mentha piperita (peppermint) this is cooling but is also very good at settling a grumbly tummy.

    There’s many others that can also help balance blood sugar and help ward off hunger pangs !

    Hope the ginger tea helps! (Its a slight diaphoretic too so cause some sweating but that will help the body eliminate toxins which may be causing the head aches and other symptoms) as well as being slightly analgesic too! Ginger is fantastic!!

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