Need help with how to lose weight 'easily' – quick food ideas

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Need help with how to lose weight 'easily' – quick food ideas

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  • Hi everyone!

    I’m looking for some weight loss advice. I have around 3 stone to lose. I’m not very mobile due to a medical condition I have, so most of this will be down to diet.

    I’ve tried other diets in the past like slimming world, weight watchers. I didn’t see great results with these, so I’d like to try the 5:2.

    Any advice for me would be great. As I’m not very mobile, I don’t do a great deal of cooking, so quick grab and go/ready meal type of foods are usually best for me, rather than recipes.

    Thanks so much in advance

    Hi there lizzyxoxo!

    I just want to tell you -it CAN be done…don’t know about ‘easy’ but it is certainly doable.

    I have already lost MUCH more than 3 stone on 5:2 – and I am disabled,

    Use the resources on this site – find out how much to eat on your ‘5’ days,,,it my be ore than you think!…then for two days you restrict yourself to 500Kcal a day.

    The weight loss will not be rapid – but it will be steady – and consistent!

    You’ll find lots of support here too!

    lizzy, I’d be happy to suggest some recipes, but I need to know how limited your motion is. Is making a pot of soup out of the question? What about baked eggs [dozens of recipes in my file box] or omelets for breakfast? Good luck to you.

    Welcome Lizzy,

    A lot of people will show up here with good tips and wishes, of that you can be certain!
    Just like Buttonboots says, it might not be quick but the weight wíll shift with IF.

    Best of luck.

    Hi Lizzy,

    For workable tips could you give some information about your conditioni?
    I can suggest to put everything in the oven, but that might not be possible for you… Ready meals are usually not the best choice when losing weight, so some cooking will be inavoidable. .



    I keep it simple on FDs.
    For me, the bulk of my FD meals is lower calorie vegetables (eg spinach and tomato not potatoes and corn), a little lean protein and as little added fats as possible. This gives me plenty of bulk and not a lot of calories. e.g.

    Vegetable soups with some lentils or chick peas
    Vegetable stir fry with a little lean chicken
    2 egg omelette with a vegetable filling
    Leafy salads with a little tinned tuna or salmon

    If you don’t want to cook at all on fast days you could use meal replacement shakes – some people find they are an easier option. These are discussed on Michael Mosley’s Fast800 website:
    If you want to use this type of product try to find one without a lot of added sugar – they vary a lot.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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