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  • After many failed diet and hearing many good testimonies about this way of life i deceided to give this a go.i have dissapointed myself so many times that just putting myself out here is very is to a new me.i am ready to learn alot here and make the right changes.
    week #0….93kg
    goal weight…80kg for now
    height 5.2″

    Hi Lyna and welcome:

    Here is some information that might help:

    Good Luck!

    Hi Lyna,

    I have just started too. Got through my first week with great results. Started at 83.3 k ( I am 1.77m) now, after one week, 81.2! Already lost a cm off bust, 3 cm off waist and hips. Actually, I do a complete fast on Mondays, just hot water with fresh lemon, to cleanse the whole digestive system I Am not sure if the 5:2 gurus accept this, but I like it😀.

    I wish you all the best- be strong. Tigris.

    today…fast day..Germany munich

    thanks Simcoeluv for the links.

    and are amazing for doing this.
    i was unusually hungry all the past 2 days that i had in mind to fast and found myself eating so much.i feel its maybe a fear response that i will be hungry or my mind trying to sabotage me.for 2 two days in a row the food i have eating is even more than before i resolve to follow this i have been reading this forum this early to prepare my mind and for tips.
    maybe i have fear of failure.dont really know if i make sense.but i feel like i am fighting myself
    but i will make today work.

    awesome progress my friend

    It isn’t always easy, but remember, every time you resist temptation, you are approaching your goal. Get through the day, and the next day you can have whatever you want! You will soon feel less threatened by it. I promise – remember. YOU are in control, not the food😀

    week #1
    thank you.its still a struggle that hunger always wins.
    ur reads were an eye opener for me to see how much i have been eating.
    my maintainance calorie is i have been eating x3 of this thru out xmas.i am struggling on 500kcal fast day.i have headache and dizziness.not giving up though cos i tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching life pass by.i never survived a fast day last to week 2.

    weekly update

    Good job, Lyna and Tigris. Weight loss is possible!

    Try setting a timer, Lyna, for 2 hours and avoid eating until it rings. Then have a bracing or soothing cup of hot tea and set the timer again. Taking time in small increments can help.
    Tigris, I think that ‘cleansing’ and ‘detox’ are just buzzwords for eating wholesome food. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

    Hi Fasting-me. Thanks for your good wishes.No, the total fast isn’t eating at all. Warm water flushes out the whole digestive tract. It was great to do it after a pretty heavy drinking and eating session on new year’s eve!

    I find that on non fast days i don’t go crazy, just enjoy some little addictions, like chocolate!

    By the way Lyna, I am sure it is normal to have false starts. Put them behind you. Fasting me’s idea was good, to time chunks and have the gratification of a warm drink afterwards.

    thank you Trigris and Fasting me.
    tommorrow is Fast day so going to try the timer to see how it helps

    Goof luck! I am going on holiday for 2 weeks, so glad i got my fast day in before i arrivez.! Will have to watch out….lits of temptations!!!

    tuesday fast day
    i think this was suppose to be in the personal stories.i dont know how to delete this and reopen it there till i get help from others here i will update my journey here.

    yesterday was a non fast day and ate above my TDEE.
    today is FD und i am determine to get it right.will probably end up
    about 600kcal.since my plan dinner
    will probably be around 500kcal.
    the lemon tee i am drinking now is abt 17kcal.will update how today ends.
    reasons for weightloss
    be healthy .
    to be sexy
    to enjoy life and not be a spectator.

    Keep on working at it, Lyna. We’re eager to hear of your progress.

    Tigris, have fun on your vacation. It is possible to eat sensibly and still enjoy yourself. Look forward to hearing from you on your return.

    I’ve started today my god it’s hard work I’ve only had 2 pieces of weight Watchers bread toasted so I’m dying for my tea, I hope I can keep this up and lose some weight as I’ve put 4 stone on through my thyroid but I’m determined to keep going and get back too my old self

    Hi Vicky G,its a struggled but we will keep it up and i think it going to get easy.i ended my fast day higher than expected but its lower calories.going to keep at this till i get it right.

    Thanks Tigris you really motivates me to keep going on.

    Thanks Fasting me for cheering me on

    Hi Vicky and welcome:

    About the worst foods you can eat on your diet days are those with sugar and other processed carbs – like bread, cereal, juice and the like. They make you hungry after you eat them.

    The best foods to eat are those high in fat and moderate – low in protein – meat, eggs and the like.

    Many people find eating one evening meal high in fat and moderate – low in protein works best. And quite a few find eating nothing at all on diet days works best of all.

    I have offered some tips in a post I made above – ‘Basics for Newbies’ – hope they help.

    Good Luck!

    It was weight watcher bread so only 50cal a slice, but I’ve done it on my first day and I’ve still got 197 Cals left!! Ive had a mini fry up for my tea of 2 turkey rashers (like bacon) small tin of tomatoes and 2 more weight watcher bread I’m quite chuffed with myself lol but going to bed out of temptations way lol😊

    Hi Vicky:

    Congratulations on making your first diet day!

    My comment had nothing to do with calories. It is just that processed carbs can make you hungry and miserable on a diet day, especially if you eat them in the morning.

    Again, congratulations!


    I just started again this week as I need to shift around a stone and a half.
    I have just done 2 back to back days, as my week this week only allowed for fasting monday & today. It has been tough today! – yesterday was no problem at all. Next week I will definitely space out my days. I just wanted to check im doing this correctly.. I have had half a protein bar (as I was in the car today alot) Late lunch was a 90 calorie soup. Dinner was a low carb chicken and veg dish (FITKITCHEN Ready meals – are actually quite nice) and a snack of salted popcorn. With low sugar squash and black coffee i came in at around 505 calories. Is this ok? Thanks all!

    wow welcome Helsesposito and congrats on a succesful Fast day.
    Vongrats Vicky G too on ur successful fast day.
    Thank you Simcoeluv on ur was an eye opener for me.
    i wish i could also boast of a successful diet day but i need to be brutally honest here if i need to succeed.

    i feel uncomortable sharing my failures and setbacks here.As i read across the board i see group of people very good at this way of life and very much in control.never come across anyone struggling like me .i chose today too as fd cos i couldnt get it right on tuesday.
    i decided to be accurate here so i can look back on this journal when i hit a roadblock .i ended up eating 3 or 4 slices of bread on my way from grocessory shopping.i couldnt resist the freshly baked aroma from this bread.after i had my dinner.although was full my mind was telling me to reward myself i gave in to one freshly baked crossiant which i could barely taste since i just gulped it down.i dont know anything about compulsive eater but maybe i am one.after i got to bed found myself raiding the kitchen close to midnight.ate plain rice while standing.i am very ashamed to be honest here but maybe it will help decided to do a fast day today
    to get it biggest fear is to cook for the family cos my husband is not on board with me.
    i plan dinner of broiled chicken breast.rice and vegetable..500kcal.
    i had coffee with milk but forgot to measure the milk.
    reminder of why i want to lose weight.
    to be healthy cos bmi of 36 is dangerous
    to be sexy
    to enjoy life.wear all the clothes i want and not be a spectator.

    total loss 0.8kg

    Hi simcoeluv, I knew what you meant I was just saying and thanks for the reply…I’ve done another day today but I didn’t eat all day and made a carrot, leek and celery soup it was lovely actually 😂 I’m enjoying looking things up and seeing how many calories are in what, it may wear off and soon find it a struggle but I don’t think I’ve done bad for my second day in 👍

    made it today yay!

    congrats Vicky

    And well done you 👍 I found it easier today I felt a bit light headed but that’s my 2 days done!! But I might do another tomorrow yet see how I feel in the morning, but I find I’m more tired does anybody else?

    Thanks Lyna2017.. but don’t beat yourself up this is the first time I’ve ever stuck to a diet in my life and I’m only on day 2!! I might be a flip on my next two days but hey just start again the next day just think if you wasn’t trying to fast you probably would have ate more good luck and keep trying

    Hi Vicky:

    Congratulations! Two down – ???? to go?

    At the start, just try to focus on doing two correct diet days each week. After you have done 10 or more in a row, you can start to consider if you want to do anything different. By then, you should have lost some weight, and you might find your knowledge about portion size and what the foods you eat do to your body is greater than it was at the start.

    Keep up the good work!

    I have started my 5:2 fast the week before Christmas 2017. Had a false start earlier as I didn’t read the book and didn’t do the fasting bit correctly. I found reading the 5:2 Fast Diet book very useful. Now I understand the benefits and all the tips of fasting and it has increased my motivation to stick on fasting. Prior to that I never believe I could do any fasting at all as I love food too much.

    I’m still learning and had up and down days. I was very disappointed last week that my weight was moving upward slightly despite sticking to the diet and fasting. The weight is moving downwards now thankfully. I started at 77.1kg on 18 Dec and now 73.8kg. My goal weight is 65kg (I’m only 165cm in height).

    Other discussion forums are useful resource, particularly tips about being realistic on weight loss, how to deal with stagnant period and how to stay motivated. I’m very grateful to read comments from by seasoned fasters like simcoeluv and co.

    I have now more or less set the pattern on fast days (Mon and Thurs): black coffee and Jasmine tea only in the morning, one boiled egg at 12 noon or 1pm, 1 cup of raw carrots at around 2-3pm, another boiled egg at 4pm, mainly vegetables and tofu at dinner time. For non fast days I tried to go lower than my limit but not always successful.

    Let’s keep trying for good health!

    Hi simcoeluv
    Yes I think I will just do 2 days to start thanks and is alcohol allowed on your none fast days? 🙈not much obviously but I like to go out once a week having a child free night lol

    Hi PhoenixW
    I haven’t got the book I think il get one, which is the best as there’s a few, and I’ve actuall lost 3lb it can be just through yesterday’s fasting but I’ve been on a healthy eating plan last week but I didn’t stick to it that well

    Hi Vicky G

    I have only read one and found it very good: The Fast Diet

    Book by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.

    I need quite a bit of convincing so I can stay motivate and this books convinced me of the benefit of fasting.

    Hi Vicky:

    Yes, alcohol is allowed. Just try to keep track of the calories if you can, as they add up quickly when you are drinking them!

    Another book to look for (not in competition with the Fast Diet book) is ‘The Longevity Diet’ by Valter Longo. He was featured in ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ – the show by Michael Mosley that started 5:2 (. It will explain how you can get the ‘other health benefits’ alluded to in the Fast Diet book. I see that in the U.S., Dr. Mosley wrote a glowing review of The Longevity Diet on Amazon. I have read the book, and feel everyone interested in longevity and the possible benefits of fasting should read it cover to cover.

    Keep going! It is not a short term fix. It takes months. It is mental. So you can do it!

    i need to get myself these books.
    i am eating controlled today.the day has not ended but i feel confident that i will stay under my TDEE.i might stick to one fast day a week till i get a hang of it.i feel awesome and think i can be at healthy weight by summer.

    i decided to drink wine on Valentines day.
    Vicky your soup sounds you want to share the recipes.

    hello Phoenix welcome in.
    how many times do you fast in a week.i do need to get my hands on these books you are talking of.i will check our local stores
    and congrats on your weight loss.
    you have so well.

    Lyna2017 my soup was literally carrot, leek celery and an onion with 2 stock cubes and water, I just boiled it up and blended, oh and added a bit of chilli garlic I think it was under the the the 500 calories, got two large bowls out of it and I’ve found after fasting for 2 days I’m not really hungry today. Get the books of eBay there a lot cheaper

    Thanks simcoeluv il have a look

    Thanks Lyna2017!
    I very much stick to the recommendations of The Fast Diet book and fast on Mon and Thurs.
    When I first started (before reading the book) I thought fasting was about eating 500 calories a day, and I struggled. I was on the verge of giving up till I read the book. It gave me information about:
    1) the health benefit of fasting – this motivates me to fast.
    2) we don’t need to eat constantly or we must eat breakfast.
    3) how to structure my life to follow this fast diet and lifestyle.
    4) Tips on what to do on fast days

    What simcoeluv’s advice about limit card on fast day is spot on. If I eat bread in the morning I get quite hungry at morning tea time.

    For me I skip breakfast for my fast as this is easier for me as I don’t feel hungry in the morning: zero calories drink (black coffee and Jasmine tea) in the morning, one boiled egg at 12 – 1pm, a cup of chopped carrots at around 2-3pm and one boiled egg at around 4pm, then dinner mainly consisted of vegetables and tofu.
    For non fast days I tried not to eat bread in the morning too. Weekdays I will have a hot ginger and molasses drink and black coffee in the morning. An apple chopped into tiny pieces (this makes me think I have eaten a lot) at morning tea time. Then normal lunch and dinner. Weekend is more difficult with family around and I will have one piece of toast with one fried egg for breakfast with husband.

    In terms of exercise I have started recently going to gym classes – combination of strength and high impact classes after absence for a while. During weekends I climbed a challenging hill with my daughter and split woods (using splitter not axe). I was very inactive for a long time and have found these exercises made me feel better.

    My reasons for loosing weight:
    1) I got to my all time high in weight back in Nov 17 – 81kg (same weight as when I was pregnant) and I could not fit into most of my clothes. I managed to loose some before the fast diet.
    2) My knees were (and still are) in quite a bit of pain when I tried to walk up or down hills.
    3) I’m only 52 and want to stay fit for myself and my family. My mum is in her seventies and I want to take her to visit places. My younger daughter (age 20) is suffering from a long term illness and I want to be able to help her.

    All diets are about reducing calories and the difference about the fast diet is the health benefit from fasting.

    I will not say it has been or it will be easy for me to stick to fast diet but I’m determined to give it a good go.

    Way to go Phoenix,i applaud for all your reasons to lose weight.i thought was reading my own reasons.i also have a daughter that i want to help but i need to help myself first.i need to be an example instead of just telling her what to biggest challenge is being active after work.i just want to cuddled up and watch tv.i dream of doing so much with the kids and
    my first step i guess is to lose weight first.
    thanks Vicky..i will be trying ur soup over the weekend.weekends are my weakest and i have so much to do.
    i had a controlled diet yesterday and i feel very good today.
    tommorrow Sunday is Weigh in and i got to be good today.lost 0.8kg last weekend.fingers crossed for sunday weighin.
    wish you all a nice weekend.
    let keep doing this:)

    Hi I’ve gone right off the scale since I done my 2 fast days I done really well with the 2 but gone over board since, I’ve just ordered the 5.2 diet book and the recipe one so I’m going to read them and take it from their, good luck everyone and keep going

    Hi guys! Just catching up on the thread…still on holiday and managing pretty well. I can’t weigh myself as no scales where i am, so i have no idea how the weight is going.

    Probably having more drinks than i should, but have kept to my fast days and 500 calories. As i am in a swimsuit, bikini or tankini all day, feel very exposed and overweight, specially in photos next to my petite friend!!! Survived a cyclone…all very dramatic..Swimming several times a day, so getting plenty of exercise.

    Really praying this will be the last beach holiday when I feel so unattractive in a swimming costume.
    It is good to read all your comments to keep me inspired. Thanks for the support! Please keep it up.

    hi Vicky G ,dont bother so much about setbacks.the secret to jump right back on the wagon.As long as we keep doing more good days we will get to go.

    Thanks Tigris for checking up on us.your vacation sounds made me laugh a couple times of how you describe urself compared to ur friend but in a matter of time you will make ur keep.way to go on still eating controlled on ur vacation.have fun and we will be here when you come back.

    considering my son birthday party i weighed myself on saturday morning.i had a bit of all that we served but drank a lot of tea.i am looking forward to my FD next week.

    total loss -2.1kg
    next week goal to be in 89kg’s

    Hi lynya2017
    I’m not too bothered really because I’ve actually lost 3lb!! Im ready for the week coming and I’m going to try the slim range in pasta, rice and noodles theirs hardly any calories in any of them, and fill you up, im just wondering has anybody else tried these or the eat water range?

    Thanks Lyna….will be nice to check up on progress after 2 weeks. Will let you know how I get on….

    congrats on ur weightloss.3lbs is awesome.never heard of slim range of pastas with no sure to update us on how it tastes.i am down 1.3kg this week although i struggled very much.i wish to lose 13kg in all and reassese how i feel.
    hi Trigris looking forward to hear your progress.
    here is to a good week aheard:)

    Fast day today, and after the party last night, am actually looking forward to that day of abstinence! Pity I can’t check my weight loss….

    Lyna 1.3 is great…13 k will certainly slip away within 3months.

    Fast day from germany
    will update later

    Keep strong Lyna

    Thanks Tigris

    monday fd did not go as planned because of extremed headache with backache.i had to go off the could either be dehydration or something else.going to make soup to break my fast today and will probably drink soups in between.i also need to avoid hopping on the scale everyday cos the weight flatuations are depressing.i am going to weighin on saturdays since sundays are little off plan.
    Hope all my 5.2 buddies are doing great.

    You were right to break the fast if you weren’t feeling well. 5:2 isn’t torture, just regulation! I got really hungry yesterday cos of lots of swimming etc….made it though. Yes. Hopping on and off the scales isn’t great but i will now be going more than a fortnight without weighing in…..miss doing my chart…..

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