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  • I’ve totally caved in today lost all determination!! Just had egg on toast(fried on white bread😩) but really hungry don’t know why after how well I’ve done….and lynya2017 the slim noodles were lovely you couldn’t tell the difference I put them in a stir fry with a bit of chicken fillet, broccoli, chilli pepper carrot and a low calorie sauce all weighing in under 500 calories it was lovely but lost my mojo today, gona try again tomorrow

    That’s good info so far.Thanks for sharing.

    so i have been feeling sick and weak this week and discovered it might not be the fasting but maybe due to my menses.i have been listening to beginners guide to IF on youtube and been hearing contradictory informations.some augue not to eat or put even a tsp of low cal milk in coffee.i need to learn and read more and it could even take more than a month to do this right but the secret is to keep on doing it till you get it right.i have not have a fast day this week due to my health but hoping to get one done before saturday weighin

    Well as I posted yesterday I’d gone totally off the rails but still did have as much as I would have without starting 5.2…but got my mojo back today as I’ve lost another lb!! I’ve just counted all my calories for today after I’ve ate what I’m going to have for a fast day and il still have 148 calories left and this is the first time i e done breakfast dinner and tea i normally just have a 500 tea, lets hope this works and fills me better.

    well done Vicky.i might have miss it was a low day for me.
    i was contemplating quitting this forum.i convinced myself this is not for me.i struggled the whole week and couldnt get any fast day in till today cos i have struggling with my food chioces and always goes overboard.
    i researched into shake and i am going to use them on my fast days.i am motivated again.i dont need to worry on fast day again if iam going over my calories.i will update how today goes.i decided to throw the scale away for sometime and concentrate on how strong iam getting till i can control how it affects i will measure my success on how healthy i ate and i fast days i got in and my calories for now.the scale is stuck but i feel so awesome

    congrats Vicky on your weightloss.i lost a long post that i type now.i will update later

    Thanks lyna2017
    I’ve lost another 2lb again yesterday but I’ve had my thyroid removed, that’s why I put the weight on as my thyroid went from overactive to underactive and I put 4 stone on!! So it won’t just be the 5.2 it’s probably my medication at the right dose

    week 3 update
    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg

    i didnt see much weightlose as i expected.hopping on the scale was demoralizing.i hope to put scale away till saturday.
    my 2 fast days will be tuedays and thursdays this week.will be breaking my fast with shakes or juice as i am most of the days so tired to figure out what to eat most fast days.

    hurray congrats Vicky .you will be at your goal in no time.keep it up.
    how many fast days do you do?
    awesome progress Vicky.i feel very stuck at the moment but thinking i may be eating too much.have an awesome monday

    Thanks lyna I only do 2 fast days but I’ve ate quite a lot since Friday and drank on Saturday night so going to be strict on myself this week
    Good luck

    Hi guys,

    I return to the UK this evening, well, arriving tomorrow after a long flight. Haven’t weighed myself for over 2 weeks and no idea how much weight I have lost! Worried that I will be disappointed…… I have stuck to my fast days but as it was a holiday, drank more than usual.

    I will keep you posted.

    Bye for now.

    Ps have got my friend’s sister in law onto the diet- she’s starting in February…..

    Luna and Vicky, just read back through your posts, specially Lyna’s about quitting. No!!!! Don’t go. There are tough days but ride them out. I think having at least 2 small meals is best. I always have a poached egg for breakfast, on a slice of toast which, with a thin scraping of marge is not more than 200. It sets me up for the day and i can take my multivitamins and fish oil.

    Oh dear…on the scales after my 2 week holiday and, in spite of sticking to my fast days….I gained 1.2 k!!!! Probably the alcohol…☹☹☹☹ Very demotivated as i was really hoping for a nice surprise.

    Away again for another week…doing a fast day today but not going well…….too embarrassed to add weight gain to my tracker…….support please guys!!!

    Hi guys….where is everyone? I can’t find the blog! Did it finish at the end of January?

    I was so disheartened after my holiday with the weight gain…..but phew…..on track now and able to record a loss on my tracker at last.
    How are you getting on??? Are you still there?????

    Hi Tigris I don’t think the blogs ended I think people have just stopped posting, I’ve stopped the 5.2 for a couple of weeks I just fell off track plus I’m on thyroid medication after having my thyroid removed as I gained 4stone!! So after surgery I’m on medication and once that’s at the right dose I should lose the weight either way so I’m having a break to see if it’s the diet why I lost it or the tablets but you keep going and good luck il be back to it after another week

    Ah, I see. Thanks Vicky. I hope you get your thyroid sorted out- it must be a worry.

    Yes, give it a break, and let us know when you are back in. Good luck and thanks again for your support.

    Hi Tigris.welcome back from your vacation.i am hanging in here .my weight flatuations were driving me crazy.i have not been here just for a week.thank God my weight is gradually coming down.dont worry about the weight gain it will soon normalise as you keep doing the right thing.

    week 3 update
    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg
    3kg lost about 7lbs in 4 weeks

    That’s good – all in the right direction! I am struggling a bit here away with my children, but my philosophy is that I am not off the rails and if I hadn’t been doing some limitation of calorie intake, I would have gained while away here…!!!!

    Start weight 84or83.3, now 79.8…6 weeks later……but it goes up and down a bit……..

    Thanks for replying and keeping the forum going!!! Much apprieciated Lyna

    Well done on the weight loss folks. Very impressive for 6 weeks!

    Don’t worry about fluctuations. I can go +/- 1kg in a day! It’s the long term progress and direction that counts. Stick with it, it works. The information and experience of others on this site is impressive. Try not to think of it as just another diet and try and get used to the routine. I lost a load of weight last year (15kg) and got a bit slack on fast days in the second half of the year, (due mainly to the loss of my mother in August). I put a bit back on, but now I’m back on it big time and trying hard to get to my target of 72kg by July.

    Thanks Johnny. How tall are you? I guess I could have a target of 72 too, but trying for 67. Your 15 k is very encouraging, I need 16k. How long did that take you? A year? Sorry about your mother- I am sure that was hard.

    You are right, it’s a mindset not a Diet. As long as we get back on track….we had a celebration last night with a big BBQ, so I definitely went over my TDEE….

    Onwards and upwards! Or should I say onwards and downwards!!LOL.

    Hahaha Tigris,onwards downwards to our goals.
    week 5 update
    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg
    week#5…(89.6kg) -0.4kg (-7.48)
    3.4kg lost about 7.5lbs in 5 weeks

    Hi Lyna, having a big wobbly as so many functions and temptations. I refuse to fill in the tracker till the weight goes down but it isn’t going well. an early Valentine’s meal with my boyfriend in Paris didn’t help on Sunday…

    Fasting today – total fast, which I find easier than 500 actually – so hopefully there will be a nice surprise on the scales tomorrow to get me really on track.If I look at the start weight recorded (83.3 but actually nearer 84) and what I was this morning ( 82.4) it means that since 1st January I have only lost a maximum of 1.6 k in over 6 weeks!!! Terrible…..

    i think I will try to buy a 5:2 book to help me…….

    Knowing you are out there as well helps, so thanks a lot.

    dear Trgris,having vacation derails me often too so i said i am not going on vacation till i get to 80kg.and this 13.9kg till summer.i know i could this this.the shake i bought is filling me up.i had this idea from another thread where they drink shake on fast day and decided to try long as you keep on you will get to goal.let do this!

    so, you need to lose 13.9k. How tall are you? – I need to lose another 14.3 kg to reach 67k and I wanted to do it by Easter for my Easter holidays so I can wear nice summer dresses……hm……if I can get to 73/75 by the end of March I will be very happy.

    If the shakes help, then stick to them. I prefer to do my full fast on Mondays and also have lots of veg and salad on other days. But I am a chocoholic…so I need to watch that!I also really love wine…so that is a problem as it puts on calories without filling you up!

    After work today I will get the book. Have you bought one? I am going to fast from tomorrow, well just not eat meat for Lent, so I will replace it with fish, eggs and cheese…..

    Let me know how you get on.Good luck!

    Hello Tigris ,I am short 5,2 or 160cm.y ideal weight is around 65kg but wouldn’t want to go so low so my first goal is to be 80kg then reaccess my goal again.for now is 13.9kg I want to focus on.wishig a lovely week,
    Weight update
    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg
    week#5…(89.6kg) -0.4kg
    Week#6…(88.6kg) -1kg
    4.4kg lost about 9lbs

    Wow! You are doing brilliantly. Well done. I am mot posting my weight now, or adding it to the tracker as it isn’t going down. But your results ate encouraging me.

    We are having a working lunch tomorrow, so though i am really motivated to do my Monday full cast, I think I will defer it to Tuesday and do my 500 on Thursday, as usual.

    I am keeping the fast but I think I am having too much on the other days. Hm…..

    Yes, it is a good idea to have a realistic goal first, then adjust it later.

    I am very impressed with your steady loss! Brilliant.

    Speak soon,


    I stopped the diet wondering if it was the thyroxine making me lose weight or fast days but it’s been 2 weeks now and no more weight loss so I think it was the 5.2!!
    Gona have to get some motivation from somewhere because Ive lost all willpower
    Well done

    Lyna, good job.
    Vicky, if you are good on Fast Days but not losing weight, look at what you are eating on Slow Days. Reduction of some calories there should do the trick.
    Tigris, the scales are your friend: let them encourage you to eat/drink more sensible and they will reward you with better numbers. I weigh daily, just to know if I need to redouble my efforts. A recent 2-day trip and celebrating my husband’s birthday put me 1 kg above where I want to be. I chose not to be demoralized, but to be energized to do what I had to. Lost 1 pound Sun. to Mon. Lost another pound Mon to Tues. Will eat below my TDEE today and should get back to my Target tomorrow. If I hadn’t weighed, I wouldn’t have known.

    Good luck to you all.

    Hi fasting_me no I lost weight quite quickly but I’ve had my thyroid removed and was put on thyroxine which when the dose is right for me should help my weight go back to normal so I stopped the 5.2 for a bit to see if the thyroxine was losing my weight or the fasting and it seems it was the diet as my weight has come to a stand still I’m starting up again next week so hopefully it will carry on going down

    welcome was me and Tigris and it was getting lonely.i end my fast days around 700 to 800kcal.i find eating 500kcal extremely low for me.wishing u all a lovely week

    Hi guys,

    Oh dear. I am not doing well. Had to change my fast day from Monday to today…was going for my usual total fast but after a heavy day at work, caved in this evening. It meant I had fasted for 24 hours though, so perhaps that’s not too bad. I must have had at least 1500 cals so under my TDEE.

    Luna, at least 700/800 cals are less than you would eat normally and your weight is going down steadily so that is good. My weight is the same as a month ago… Not encouraging. Let’s check the scales tomorrow.

    Nice to hear from you, Fasting-me again!

    hi Tigris.u are making very giant efforts too.i think the only thing that matters is being consistent with it u will still loss weight by eatong under ur tdee .i decided today to stop the quess work and count my calories effectively from today.sometimes the calories do add up quick and can stall is to wishing u another successful day

    Thanks for the encouragement Lyna. Got excited yesterday as weighed in at 80.7 after my fast day, in spite of late evening food, but this morning back up to 81.5. Very disheartening. It is a 500 day today so I need to be strong as I have had 200 for breakfast and a big salad prepared for lunch, with lots of lettuce, spinach cucumber and tomatoes – all nice low calorie, which I will eat at about 12, then nothing till tomorrow morning. Hm…hope I can make it! Getting below 80 seems SO HARD ! When I am in the 70s, I will start to feel much better….I will let you know.

    Tell me how you get on with counting calories for your TDEE…GOOD LUCK!

    hi tigris soorry i have been missing in action.i have been busy and got easily overwhwelmed.hope u are doing good.i have not have any fd since friday ended up in binging eating.i hate that feeling like i lost it all.well forgot to update my weightloss.

    weightloss update
    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg
    week#5…(89.6kg) -0.4kg
    Week#6…(88.6kg) -1kg
    week#7…(88.4kg) -0.2
    week#8….(89.9kg) +1.4

    Hi Lyna, thankns for keeping in touch. When you look at your total weight loss, even with the blip in week 8, it is still weight loss – great! You are brave to write your losses. As I said, I don’t add mine to the chart until there is a loss!

    How have you managed to go without food since Friday? You must certainly have shed that extra 1.4 k.

    I was 80.2 this morning – STILL not under 80……but got a fast day tomorrow and as I have cleared out my fridge now, there are no temptations so I have also been well under my TDEE on the other days. It is SO SLOW though…I really want the motivation of getting under 80. 70 something sounds so much better! I guess from your start weight, 80 something is the same for you, yes? We started at about the same weight with 10k difference.

    Stay in touch when you can! And GOOD LUCK.

    Let me know how the long fast goes…..
    PS I will try and write my weight changes up next time…if I dare!

    Hi fast days are always on high side 900kcals sometime above but i dont really fret over it.its consistency that matters.
    i think i have my eating under control now.i think u might have misunderstood me.i can never go a day without food.hahaha.
    wanted to update my weight.writing it down here makes me more accountable here.

    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg
    week#5…(89.6kg) -0.4kg
    Week#6…(88.6kg) -1kg
    week#7…(88.4kg) -0.2
    week#8….(89.9kg) +1.4
    week#:9…(88kg) -1,9kg yipee!!!!

    5kg in 9 weeks yipee

    Well done Lyna! you are an inspiration – I keep hovering just above and just below the 80k mark…….you have done amazingly well. Keep it up and you will get to your goal really quickly.

    I started officially at 83.3 but i was nearer 84 or 85 before my first fast day, but was travelling so couldn’t weigh myself…so I could say that in 11 weeks I have lost 4-5 kilos…that sort of helps keep my morale up!!! LOL Is that cheating????????????

    i would not call that cheating.techhnically you have lost
    a considerable amount of weight with travelling and everything you to be proud of yourself.For me eliminating processed foods and sugar has help my apetite and cravings.i like that i have cream and cookies protein shake to calm my sweet tooth when the cravings hit.that way i am still on plan.wishing u a lovely weekend from germany.

    Hi Tigris i wanted to add that dont concerntrate too much on how much calories u had on fast days.concentrate on in between the fast days.that is where weightloss comes from.the 2 fast days will do nothing if you eat above ur Tdee on the other days.u need the calorie deficit for weightloss.hope this helps😊
    lets see what next week brings😙

    Good morning Lyna – thank you for your kind message and tips.

    Yes, I think you are right because I can see that just the fast days, even when they are COMPLETE fast days, do not shift the weight. If I remember, did you do a few DAYS of fasting or was that Vicky?

    Luckily, I don’t have a sweet tooth , except for chocolate, which I allow myself in small amounts.I bought some small bars from LIDL, and I watch the calories. I bought some nice sporty stuff form LIDL yesterday, leggings, tops and sports socks, to help to inspire me! I think I am pretty much below TDEE on my normal days….I am 57 years old and I think my metabolism is grinding to a halt!!!

    I will be off for 2 weeks at Easter, starting on Good Friday, 30th March, and need to get into summer dresses and my bikini! Hm……..My boyfriend has booked some hotels with full and half board, VERY DANGEROUS!!!

    I live in London, which city do you live in in Germany -My boyfriend and I go there quite a lot – often to the south….

    I have mapped my weight onto yours……mine doesn’t look good and as I record the Monday weight, we don’t see the 79.7/79.8s….

    Lyna – 5 kilos in 9 weeks… Tigris

    week # 0….(93kg) start weight 85/84/83.3?
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg 82
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg 81.3
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg ? HOLIDAY
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg ? HOLIDAY
    week#5…(89.6kg) -0.4kg 80.8
    Week#6…(88.6kg) -1kg 82.4
    week#7…(88.4kg) -0.2 81.9
    week#8….(89.9kg) +1.4 82
    week#:9…(88kg) -1,9kg yipee!!!! 80.8

    What do you think – nicht schlect???

    😀😀😀😀😀 Tigris
    i like how you did it.
    let me do it well

    week # 0….(83.3kg) start weight
    week #1…..(82kg)-1.3kg
    week #2……(81.3kg)-0.7kg
    week #3……(80.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#:9…(80.8kg) -1,2kg yipee!!!!
    i am in munich.let catch up later

    Thanks for tidying up the weeks, Lyna – Munich is lovely. Here in London it is going to get really cold at the weekend….have a nice weekend.

    Hi Tigris..i truely admire you and
    i am inspired too.i am almost 40years and have been thinking that i cant lose weight and it hard bcos of this or that but i see that its possible.
    i am having a fast day today after my indulgence yesterday.i will probably have to do more this week to normalized the weight back.oh but i allowed myself to enjoy every kind of meal with no guilt feelings.i am back on track this morning.i will get my workout done soon.
    week # 0….(93kg) start weight
    week #1…..(92,2kg)-0.8kg
    week #2……(90.9kg)-1.3kg
    week #3……(90.6kg) -0.3kg
    week#4….(90.0kg) -0.6kg
    week#5…(89.6kg) -0.4kg
    Week#6…(88.6kg) -1kg
    week#7…(88.4kg) -0.2
    week#8….(89.9kg) +1.4😭
    week#:9…(88kg) -1,9kg😆

    next major goal is to see (85kg)

    Ah yes, at 40 it is easier to lose weight, relatively. After 50 is the key problem age I have found, with friends. But you are doing brilliantly and nearly at your next target. Then you can start heading for 80….then under. Have you got clothes you want to get into? I have hung a dress on my cupboard door, and see it all the time., to remind me.

    Several days under 80, but this morning 80.2. It doesn’t worry me as Mondays are always a fast day, so perhaps I can get to 79.5 or 79.4 by Tuesday morning.

    How can you fast at weekends. Lyna? I prefer to do it when I have a full working day, so I am not at home…near temptations!

    Glad you have no guilt…that is what we are aiming fir. Being IN CONTROL, not letting food control us. So much psychology in weight control! In my first degree, which was psychology, a long time ago, I did some work on obesity- very interesting.

    Always a pleasure to hear from you and compare notes. Good luck with your fast day. Tigris.

    Hi Lyna -this morning 79.4 – lowest weight for a long time!!! I decided to set the record right on the weights. I added this morning’s to the tracker and it doesn’t look very impressive, but they say that the more slowly you lose the weight, the longer you keep it off. Let’s hope so!

    START 85
    Week 1 83.3
    Week 2 81.2
    Week 3 ? (hols)
    Week 4 ? (hols)
    Week 5 82
    Week 6 79.8
    Week 7 81.3
    Week 8 81.4
    Week 9 81
    Week 10 80.3
    Week 11 79.7
    Week 12 79.4
    TOTAL LOSS AFTER 12 WEEKS 5.6 kilos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feeling positive and really trying to get to 75 before the Easter holidays, which is probably a bit unrealistic but I will throw in some extra fast days. Even 77 would be good, as when I have the 2 week holiday, I won’t have any scales, and my boyfriend LOVES his food so it will be hard! I thought I might try 3 fast days this week – Monday, which was yesterday and went well, Wednesday and perhaps Friday too, though we have a leaving do for a colleague so I know I will have quite a few drinks…..

    Have you tried an extra fast day in the week?

    Let me know how you are getting on – we will get there in the end Lyna – we are both going in the right direction, even if we have a few hiccoughs en route!

    hi Tigris congrats on your weightloss😆.It looks very impressive 👏👏👏my fast day on sunday ended up as a normal day😕.i am with you on weighing less for Easter.i am getting visitor over so there will be a lot of temptation in the is my first fast day for the week.i will see how well it goes.i will probably do more before sunday weighin.i will be glad to see new numbers.wishing you a lovely day from germany.😘😘
    let do this

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