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  • Hi Lyna, it is often at the end of the day that it us hard to keep a fast day!

    I am doing one today as I have a busy lecturing day and a concert this evening, which will all keep me away from temptation ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    With your guests, it will be hard to have a fast,day, perhaps just a TDEE is more realistic, then fast when they have gone….

    Good luck!

    hi Tigris๐Ÿ˜™.sorry to be absent.with the holidays with kids and guests all over the house is making my life hectic.i am so off plan and have been drinking wine and eating nuts every evening.want to take control before i regain my lost weight.i have been avoiding the scale but thinking of peeping sometime soon.have u start ur vacation from germany๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™

    Hi Lyna,

    Yes, it’s difficult with guests and children. I am on holiday in Spain and have no scales. I ca not do fast days as with my boyfriend and half board arrangement at hotels…just trying to be better than I was before I started the fast diet. Don’t worry we will get back on track, ok? I am back in London on 16th April. Till then, not really being very good! We will catch up later… Good luck!

    Hi Tigri,are u back,my vacation derailed me and I am trying to be on track

    Hi Lyna – yes – I am back and drowning in work! I still have hundreds of emails to respond to both private and work ones….

    O only put on 1.5 k over the 2 week period, with all the eating and drinking, which is not too bad. I am on a fast day today!

    Let’s see how we get on……keep in touch and good luck!

    02 June 2020
    Here am I after giving up here for almost 2 years.i have been struggling with sustainability on keto diet so I decided to check my old diary and remember this site. Going to give 5:2 a chance back in my life and count my calories and planning to stop keto since I keep derailing myself and binge. If I am really going to get to goal then I need almost a 100% dedication. Going back to include everything in my diet and stick with 5:2 and calories counting.
    02/June 2020 Thursday Restarting weight :84.9kg
    First mini Goal is 80kg
    Ultimate goal is 75kg
    Age 42years on 19th August 11 weeks from now
    I hope to meet my goal then
    Looking forward to make friends here on this lifestyle

    Hi @lyna2017, I haven’t read your posts from 2018, but as you’re returning having tried 5:2 and fallen off of the wagon, maybe you would like to join the monthly thread for some added support? It’s the June-2020-monthly-challenge. The opening post on the thread will give you some idea of what we’re about!!

    We’ve just started this month’s challenge although anyone is welcome to join at any time!!! It’s a very supportive group which is invaluable in sticking to 5:2, which is very easy …………….. but very hard at the same time!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Good luck with your journey, whatever you decide!!!

    Fast Day

    Thanks dear I will definitely check it out.
    So yesterday was my first day switching from keto to normal balanced diet.i enjoyed eating my fruit and Joghurt. then had whole wheat burger ๐Ÿ”. Ended the day @ 1069kcal . I still havenโ€™t pick my 500kcal day but I might have my fast day today.still contemplating how to wrap up my meal around 500kcal.maybe tuna salad and yoghurt.


    Day 3 restart..CFD
    So yesterday was my first FD and it went successfully.
    I had a 500g lactose free yoghurt and banana which placed me exactly @500kcal. I went on a long walk with dh and got more than 10000 steps in. I have not been sleeping so good since I cut back on food.on the positive side I am so happy actually to lose weight after quitting keto. I was dreading the carbs but I am happy with my decision to eat balanced meal now and I donโ€™t have cravings like before.phew I am glad that I could do one fast day. Looking forward to get in another FD on Friday then I am good for the week. Since quarantine is still here in Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช I will be heading out shortly for a morning walk

    Restart weight 84.9kg
    Day 2: 84kg
    Day 3 :83.6kg

    Day 4 FD
    I am thinking of making today the 2nd fast day for the week
    Then I am done. So my meals ended somewhere @1200kcal. Then dd made some homemade pizza for ds and I ended up having some.i was dreading the the scale this morning only to get another loss. I am so happy

    Restart weight 84.9kg
    Day 2: 84kg
    Day 3 :83.6kg
    Day 4..82.9kg

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