My body says "OK" my brain would not let me sleep

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My body says "OK" my brain would not let me sleep

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  • Dear all,
    it is so great to see that there is a community that keep exchanging tips and word of encouragement, it does make me feel less lonely in this (as my partner is not doing this with me and is the biggest chocolate addict of history).
    I started on Monday and yesterday has been my first fast day, I had about 350 kcal in all day and felt pretty fine with my hunger (a bit sluggish in the afternoon, but I went bouldering and did not feel that hungry after).
    2 things were particularly hard for me. One, I felt weak…I could not focus when climbing and felt frustrated rather than getting the endorphine rush of exercise just felt in a bad mood and grumpy, a bit snappy too.
    Once I went to sleep at night, my stomach was not rumbling I felt fine, only every time I would try and close my eyes I could not think about anything else than food. What shall I cook tomorrow, wht to eat on fast days, kept having images that kept me up drinking water like crazy (mind you I am one of this people who drink around 5-6 liters of H2O a day), and obviously i would keep running to the loo for neverending pee-time.
    At about 4 AM I was still fully awake, reading a book and just hoping on sleep to come.
    Today, a part from feeling horribly sluggish from the total lack of sleep, I realised I was not even at all hungry and despite making myslf eating some of the goodies I was fantasising on last night, i feel incredibly stuffed and not at all ended up in a binge. Which is great.
    I was wondering if any of you out there as a problem with controlling cravings (which is not hunger, but just distressing images!!!) and whether I will manage to get this under control.
    Thank you all so much and super good luck in your journeys 🙂

    Hi wilmad, firstly I’m not quite sure what you mean by “climbing” not a mountain I hope? It is advisable not to overdo things exercise wise on your fast days. Have you read the Fast Diet book? It explains about exercising on fast days.

    Secondly you need to have your 600 calories on your fast day (I’m presuming you are a man) 350 calories is not enough. You are probably over obsessing about food because you didn’t eat enough during the day. If you have a small 100 calorie breakfast & a 500 calorie evening meal you should find things easier. I am having no trouble sleeping & no problems with lack of energy on my fast days, I have no breakfast or lunch just a 500 calorie evening meal.

    Thirdly that is a lot of water to consume each day, you really don’t need that volume of liquid your kidneys are working overtime to flush the excess fluid out of your bloodstream & you could actually be doing yourself harm in the long term. Your stomach will most likely be being stretched by the volume of liquid it has to hold & this could be making you feel hungry when the water is gone? I drink 3 or 4 average sized mugs of tea/coffee (250ml I think) each day & just 2 half pint glasses of sparkly water so just 1 pint of actual water each day. I’ve never drunk more fluid than this during the day certainly not the recommended 8 glasses even & I’m perfectly healthy.

    Best of luck & do try to persevere you’ll soon get into a routine & hopefully find things easier.

    Hi Wilmad,

    Well done on making it through your first day of fasting!

    I have done now four weeks and it will get easier once your body gets used to the fasting. Some have suggested to safe your calories for dinner, so that you get a good night sleep. I do that and it helps. If I eat anything during my fast day it gets so much more difficult for me. It is like the body waking up and screaming for food.

    The 5:2 is a way of living and over time, at least for me, the obsession with food gets less.

    All the best

    Sorry I forgot to say before that if you are running to the loo constantly & peeing a lot this can be a sign of an Overactive bladder where the bladder is “trained” to think it needs to be emptied all the time. Ideally most people should be able to go 3-4 hours before needing to pee, longer at night.

    If you are drinking excessively through being thirsty this can be a sign of diabetes. I worked in a GP surgery in the NHS in the UK for 17 years before moving to Ireland so I am familiar with some of the causes of excessive peeing! Julie

    Hi thanks all for taking the time to reply.
    To Julie, I am a woman and despite I have not read the book, I am quiet aware that exercising in fast days is not harmful at all if is not strenous exercise. In fact, climbing or bouldering for my normal week workouts is a sort of “rest day” so I have definitely did not overdo.
    As for my water intake, I always assumed that since I sweat and exercise a lot, my body gets dehydated easily and I never let myself going thristy. i understand your concerns regarding diabetes, but I am coming from a family with no history of diabetes, as for myself my sugar levels are normal, I have a healthy BMI and LDL-HDL ratio and would definitely rule that out.

    Thanks to everyone, I have seen from the forum that the second fast seems to go much more smoother than the first one, so I will update with my sleeping pattern then.

    Happy fast diet everyone 🙂

    Well wilmad my advice would be to read the book if you can get a copy. I thought I new enough but having read the book from cover to cover in 2 days I found out far more & it was a fascinating read. Yes of course you can exercise on “fast days” but 350 calories is very low, you can have another 150 & should still reap the benefits of the regime. No point making it harder on yourself.

    All the best for your second day. Julie

    Hey Julie, sorry but I’m going to have to contradict a lot of the things you said 😛

    First of all, exercise on a fast day is no problem at all. A lot of people do it and even report feeling stronger. I agree that cardio may be a bit more strenuous because your body needs to switch to fat burning, so it may be a bit harder, but there is absolutely nothing advocating against exercise on a fast day 🙂
    Then about you saying 350 calories on a fast day isn’t enough – people do their fast days in different ways, some even just don’t eat at all. I myself see the 500 cals as an upper limit, not something I have to eat. I sometimes just fast through the entire day and don’t eat anything at all, as do some other people around here. Again, the body is fine with this.

    An active person drinking a lot of water is no problem. Actually I think you’re not drinking enough, but if it’s working for you, keep at it 🙂 I drink 3-4 L of water a day, 5-6 if I’m exercising as well. And I too am healthy.
    Drinking large amounts of water actually helps your body wash out toxins and other leftovers from processes in your body. When you fast your body goes into repair mode, you start burning fat and the energy your body isn’t using to digest food is going towards cell renewal and a lot of other important stuff. This causes some waste, which is flushed by your kidneys. I actually usually see my urine as an indicator, when it’s clear and light I’m drinking enough water, if not, I need to drink more. It’s an easy indicator.

    Wilmad, about the lack of sleep, I believe it’s already been said but it’s a good idea to save your calories for your evening meal so you can fill up a bit and obsess less about food when you’re lying in bed. When I fast through the day I am a bit… wide-eyed is what I like to call it, just alert. And then when I eat I start feeling a bit cozy and snugglish and can’t wait to get to bed. I too usually wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but I always get back to sleep quickly. Having to pee can have a million reasons, I just think it’s because I drink a lot of water… makes sense I guess 😛

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