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  • Anyone have any positive posts on their weight loss? I find positive posts of people’s journey’s very inspiring and help to keep me on this WOL. Have read the ones in the books many times but would like some more if possible.

    We have been Fasting for 5 years. We got to our target weights after a year and still Fast 2 days/week to maintain our weight.

    How’s it going for you, Annabelle?

    Thank you so much for replying to me. Sad to say I have not progressed, losing 2lbs and then gaining 2 lbs.
    No big deal you might think but I would very much like to get out of the loop. All down to me I know and I really need to lose some weight as I am having problems with my knee. I have now decided on,a new strategy. I have invested in some new make up in the hope that if I look better facially then I will be more determined to get the body to follow.
    So pleased to hear that you have made the diet work for you and for keeping it up for 5 years. I have read that eventually it becomes a way of life and I do believe that but so far I have fallen by the wayside.
    Let’s hope that my new strategy will succeed.

    @annabelle. Change nothing and nothing will change. Id be trying to establish a better strategy other than wearing makeup. Although a positive mindset is good you need a little bit more than just that. Make a list of your worst foods. Now focus on the worst culprit and eliminate it and substitute it with a good food. Once that has been achieved pick on the next culprit. Example. Lets say its sugar in your coffee. Learn to drink coffee without the sugar. Or lets say you like ice cream while watching TV. Swap that for a small bowl of fruit salad (not out of a can!! make it yourself with no added sugar). A cut up apple with some dates almonds and pumpkin seeds. Focus on changing your food options from processed crap to healthy choices.

    I reached my goal weight 3 1/2 years ago and still do a water fast once per week. You can do it but its really up to you. So whats the first food choice youre going to change?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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