Momentous March

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  • Day 2 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good WFD yesterday, and the scale said I lost 2.4 pounds in a day. I won’t complain, because we are doing our “history teacher’s movie” tonight. The movie is “Once Upon a Time in the West.” They have lots of very interesting facts about the movie before and afterwards. That means I will make a meal of buttered popcorn, of course with cheesy salt. MY BIG craving in life is salt and not sweets. Oh well. At least no high blood pressure.

    Off to Silver Sneakers after a banana nut muffin and coffee to break my fast.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TRE 21/3

    Yesterday’s WF netted me a 3.2 lb loss. I don’t even begin to deceive myself that it’s real weight loss, but it was nice to see. Today’s challenge is that I am making meatballs and Pecan Brownies for tonight’s potluck before our Ash Wednesday service. The meatballs will obviously be easy, but those brownies…YIKES!!!! And the pecans??? I A.D.O.R.E. pecans, and often eat a handful or two when I’m baking with them. Not today. So I’m resolving like crazy not to pop even one into my mouth (because of the TRE), but know I’m going to suffer terribly, LOL!

    @penz How did your OMAD go? Get through it at the plan you set for yourself?

    @fastdietkeith Nice results for Feb; I’m sure you’d have liked more, but any loss is an accomplishment! Welcome to our March challenge; notice the heading that everyone uses, and add one to your posts, will you? It’s always fun to see where people are. (You can see the list of our “rules” as well as my “opening essay” as the first two posts.) Welcome!

    @linda.b Step #4 seemed particularly true to me; thanks for sharing. And those additional details make sense why you’re able to lose so much so fast, but I sure understand that while they help, they don’t make it easy, so you yourself deserve the kudos for your success, not simply your circumstances. Well done.

    @high5 Well done on pulling off the FD even with the challenge of both hands nearly out of commission!

    @funshipfreddie @mariaelena I too didn’t get the reference to Yoda, but love what you wrote out for us, David: “Do or do not. There is no try” ~ Yoda That rather perfectly sums up MOMENTOUS MARCH, doesn’t it?

    @daffodil2010 Don’t you love dropping down even after an NFD?? Well done, and those lemon pancakes sound delightful.

    @i-hate-lettuce Oh, I love it when I mind-read!!! I’m planning for us to brew some beer soon…along with all the other things on my list, so we’ll see what actually ends up happening in what order.

    @flourbaby I really do adore reading your posts, so thank you for the effort to show up and chatter. Your RESOLVE sounds strong and perfectly poised for absolute success; we’ll all enjoy cheering you on!

    @babs_b Wonderful friend indeed that she cooked diet-friendly food, and nice result to be down .75 lb!

    @northgeorgia Bummer on the tough day at work; the emotional cost of such firmness is nothing to sneeze at, is it? As to convention meals: some of the best chicken I’ve ever had was at convention with 3K people…also some of the absolute worst. Getting past the mindset of “I have to clean my plate” is the toughest part of eating at convention.

    @songbirdme Nice loss for a WFD, and nice sounding movie! I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen it…?

    I’m going to post this now, and perhaps have time later to sit down and chatter a bit more. Cleaning lady comes today and need to have the meatballs and Pecan Brownies done this morning so the oven is cooled down and the kitchen ready to clean; I also have some picking up still to do, and organ practicing to do, and piano lesson to teach…WHY AM I STILL SITTING HERE??? 🤣🤣😜

    Pocket list day 2 🌻
    @penz OMAD or FD

    Day 2 — FD 800
    Yesterday report

    – [x] 16:8 CD
    – [x] Cardio

    Yes, @stitchincarol, this is my lowest weight. In decades actually. My weight got to 195 in 2015, 5:2, healthier eating and exercising brought it down to 150ish in 2017 and then I got careless and life, lol. In August I was back to 175 and took things seriously again.

    In most of my adulthood I was happy enough to sit in the 150’s weight wise. Which is part of why I’m so uncertain and confused at where I should settle for a maintenance weight.

    Right now, I’m aiming to affirm my healthy eating and exercise, incorporate regular strength training and slow down (or even temporarily stop without gaining) the weight loss. All while I try to mentally figure out what is a healthy weight, and what is a weight I like to see on me. And I try to work this out when I compose these forum posts, because I do not wish to obsess on this all the time. So, again a big thanks to everyone here, I see the board as a safe discrete space to work this out for myself. While I have never been a disordered eater, I am very aware that I have not had a healthy relationship with my looks and weight and well-being. I’m working hard on improving that in a healthy direction while always being mindful of the privilege I have to be able to do so.

    Basta! I’m getting way too serious here and now. I do *hope* 😉 my thoughts contribute here and help others frame their own thinking.

    @stitchincarol Do you have an organ to practice on or do you practice on a piano or go somewhere else? I love organ music but never have a chance myself to listen to someone playing it. Pecan Brownies, huh. While I love nuts (in salads or by themselves) I don’t enjoy them in cookies, breads or brownies for some reason. That drives my husband batty as when I bake, the items are nut free. (DH to me: “this is delicious, you know it would be even better with nuts.”) 😂 On the flip side when he bakes I say the same (ME to dh: this is delicious, you know it would be even better without nuts.”) 😂. So we laugh together and keep it balanced.

    @songbirdme I’m quite envious of your movie gatherings. I like a good movie, but the lectures and discussions sound fantastic!

    @babs_b We all need friends like that! How thoughtful!

    @flourbaby Nice plan! I need to follow your lead and start tracking my water intake!

    @daffodil2010 Your crepe-like lemon pancakes have my mouth watering! I am particularly partial to lemon flavored treats and have never had a lemon pancake!

    @funshipfreddie We are quite the Sci-fi fans in my home. Books and movies/tv. Less so fantasy fans, but plenty of that too. Computer gaming too. I am one of the original geek-girls lol. I’m not much fond of the violent or dystopian stuff, but still ridiculously well versed in geek culture. I tend to forget not everyone is, apologies 😉. Now that we have found Star Trek Picard without having to pay for a streaming service we are currently in the middle of enjoying the first season. (Lol, I still have a huge crush on Jonathan Frakes and we just enjoyed the episode with Riker and Troi).

    Well, the cats are expending pent up energy here, so I think I will join them and get to my exercise.

    Pocket list day 2 🌻



    2nd post

    Somehow left @penz off the pocket list – fixing that

    Pocket list day 2 🌻
    @penz OMAD or FD

    USA. Day 2. FD
    Adding myself to the pocket list!

    Pocket list day 2 🌻
    @penz OMAD or FD

    Oh dear! I seem to be stuck at 123 lbs. but by carefully tracking my food I hope to climb over that hump!

    I read about some of your breweries, We have a few here that include some nice dinners. I haven’t been to one since before the pandemic. My son used to brew his own beer, until he gave up drinking altogether!

    MariaElena, I wait to get back to my exercising. I have been sick with a really bad cold for the past two weeks. Exercise always makes me feel better and,, for some reason, helps me keep on track with my diet. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something tangible each day! 😃

    Anyway, have a great day, everyone!

    @mariaelena – our movie nights are really terrific! The two historians research (and already know so much) one a PhD English/history retired teacher from the high school and the other retired from our community college. They choose a new one for each month (first Wednesday, matinee and evening). We had some dear friends move away a couple years ago, and they said they miss these events the most of anything in our town! That’s their Facebook page.

    Any Star Wars fans? Here is information from our Authorized Disney planner son’s website about the new place at Disney:

    Day 3, NFD, Aus

    @stitchincarol: [head hanging in shame] no.

    Fourth post

    @penz No shame needed. Regret is fine, but shame should be violently thrown to the side. You don’t have your “why” clearly in mind, do you? I remember a year ago or so, you were wearing dresses you hadn’t worn in awhile. Do they still fit? If so, is there something that’s still too small that you really long to wear again? Or if those dresses are too small again, is one of them dear enough that it would motivate you? How do you feel when you wear it that makes it worthy of motivation?* Will that give you a good “why”?

    Here reach out, and I’ll pull you up on the wagon. 🤗😘

    *For Christmas Eve, I wore a straight black wool skirt that’s been too tight in the waist for a very long time, but was finally loose enough that I could not only wear it, but also tuck in a blouse to it. Such a classic look that used to be my stand-by look for church, but I’ve had too large a waist to do that for way, way too long. I was floored that evening at how good I felt to wear that skirt with a tucked-in blouse. FLOORED. Didn’t realize how much I wanted to be able to do that and have it look good. That’s become my motivation, and is what I’m asking if you have something of the same ilk.

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Weigh In: 163.4lbs

    Steady as she goes. Today’s FD will be another LFD, Bovril being my mainstay for lunch, so at 12 calories a cup it gives me warmth and salt and RESOLVE! I have frozen chicken bone broth cubes to be used as warming drink this evening.

    Do or don’t do. There is no try……I love it!!!!!

    Pocket list Day 3

    Day 3, FD, Gold Coast Qld Australia- THURSDAY 3rd March

    All this broccoli must have addled my brain as I had the wrong date on yesterday’s post!
    Nevertheless I am reliably informed by my best friend here(computer), today is in fact Thursday and it’s 3rd March…lol!

    I’m on FD today and really loved @flourbaby‘s resolution:
    “I just need to remind myself when the RESOLVE wavers, that it isn’t for ever and whatever takes my fancy will still be there in 12 weeks’ time!!”

    It’s now 6.00pm and although I’m hungry for something much more substantial, I will NOT cave in! It’s FD, so veggies and fish on the menu tonight!

    While I’m prepping dinner, I will put a load of ice and water into my favourite wine goblet and pretend it’s the best wine! Then serve my dinner onto my best dinnerware and make a toast to FD!

    (Obviously hallucinating here…lol!)

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @mariaelena – Star Trek: Picard, I’d never heard of that! I’ve been watching Next Generation on Netflix, & I even found a few episodes from the original series I’d never seen. Having worked shifts for a few decades I missed a lot of TV shows, so I fully intend to catch up!

    I’m really not in fasting mode yet this month, but no-one said it would be easy. I must keep that mantra in my head…

    “Do or do not. There is no try” ~ Yoda

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍒

    Day 3 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    What a day yesterday, Mrs IHL off out with a friend to see a show in the afternoon, so home alone! A few days ago I’d things planned, drop them at the railway station, go fishing, relaxing afternoon with book and coffee pot, evening pick them up again and fetch them home.

    Not quite what happened! After dropping them off, got home and repaired a stuck radiator valve, by then the wind had got up and was pouring with rain, so, clean oven base where a spillage was welded on. Finally got onto plan B, brew beer (which was planned if no fishing due to weather) Time running on, finished brewing, took spent grain to neighbour for hens, exchange rate good, 1 dozen eggs in return. Back and made soup Mrs IHL had asked for ‘If you’ve time’ … then realised no bread, so bake bread! It’s now going dark and time to put my chauffeur hat on… not quite the relaxing day that was planned, but got a couple of annoying little time consuming jobs out of the way and the next batch of beer now fermenting away nicely!

    FD today being Thursday, last nights bread is annoyingly calling, whenever I brew beer I put 100g of spent grain from the brewday into the dough, it makes a fabulous soft brown extra tasty granary loaf … test of willpower today!

    Easy it will be not ….. 😉

    Take care all

    Thursday pocket list… day 3

    Day 3 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 209 lbs. Whew, finally matched my record low! Weight will tick up over the weekend until the next FD, but hopefully tick up and not leap up!

    Day 3, London UK, FD800

    Morning all, just😁😁😁I had an early meeting on site this morning , but back in the office now, cup of tea + catching up on posts.
    FD800 is working well for me so far, I have the balance right I think. Large salad for lunch then a 2 egg omelette for dinner with some pickles …………………. Very satiating!!

    I had a large mocha at my meeting this morning, so I guess I’ll be above 800 cals today, but hey-ho ………………….. such is life!!😏

    @i-hate-lettuce, I must say, Mrs IHL is a lucky, lucky gal, cleaning the oven. Making soup & bread then door to door car service???? I might print 50 copies of your post and strategically place them close to every male in the vicinity!!!

    @stitchincarol, in a similar vein to your skirt post, I’m blatantly stealing this from something I read elsewhere, but which resonated with me as an aid to RESOLVE …………………

    Sit quietly and visualise this. Really go inside the image. You step on the scales and you’re at target weight. You are trying on clothes in a shop and you slip into that goal size perfectly. (And I mean really your ideal goal size and not the size you’ve told yourself is the smallest you’ll ever be), you look amazing. You feel amazing. You go out and everyone says how amazing you look, at work, at social events, family events. You have made it! Really feel just how fabulous that feels.
    Now imagine you’re in the supermarket. Imagine wandering round the aisles. Try to find a food that will make you feel as good as you did in that 1st visualisation. Bread? Pizza? Cake? Chocolate? Imagine holding it in your hand and ONLY put it in the trolly if it makes you feel absolutely amazing! Now imagine walking down the street and seeing loads of takeaways, that ONE bakery you adore – ONLY step inside if it will make you feel as good as you did in that 1st visualisation. Imagine the fridge & cupboards at home, visualise opening every door or drawer looking for snacks – but only eat them if they will make you feel as good as that slinky dress or skinny jeans did!!!

    I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for those occasions when the fat fairy whispers sweet nothings in my ear and resistance seems impossible.

    Keep the faith folks & STAY STRONG!!!!!

    Day 3 – UK – FD800

    @northgeorgia – wohooo! Back under 210 – that’s brilliant 👍
    @i-hate-lettuce – the bread sounds divine… quick, hide it! 😂
    @daffodil2010 – that reminds me how I used to rely on Miso / Broth / Bovril back when I first started the 5:2. It’s a good tactic

    I have to admit I didn’t actually manage a FD yesterday. I was absolutely shattered, the very busy weekend had taken all my energy and I felt quite rough if truth be told. I left the office early feeling completely wiped out and my body simply needed to eat, so I fed it. It wasn’t EFS but it was clearly needed – last night I got a restful night’s sleep and now feel like I’m finally emerging from the haze!

    So I’m hopping back into the saddle today. It’s ZBC, soup for lunch and a recipe from the F800 recipe book for dinner. (Old habits die hard 😂). Our food is prepped for the rest of the week which helps!

    Thursday pocket list… day 3

    USA. Day 3. FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list!

    Thursday pocket list… day 3

    Day 3 — 16:8 CD
    Yesterday report

    – [x] FD 800
    – [x] Cardio

    @songbirdme I bet your friends miss the movie night! What a wonderful gathering. My father and I were just discussing how much we loved the background discussion that always introduced the old movies on that cable movie channel that (was it Turner Classic Movies, I can not recall.). I often look up movies he finds on TV and read the Wikipedia articles about them to him. I hope it was a great time!

    @funshipfreddie St:TNG is ‘my’ Star Trek, my husband thinks of TOS as ‘his’ Star Trek. The new ones are very different from the earlier series, I understand. Certainly the Picard series is nothing like TNG. I enjoy the new, but not to the same extent. I’m old fashioned tho, when I need light entertainment to de- stress or just something to keep me company on the Exercycle I’m probably going to choose the Dick Van Dyke show, Friends or TNG rather than something more recent. I’m just glad these older entertainment options are available 😀

    @i-hate-lettuce What a productive day! My mouth is watering on the other side of the world, I do adore homemade bread! What type of soup? Lentil soup is on today’s todo list here.

    @ccco My body responds so well to cardio but I actually dreaded exercise until I found something I like (hula hooping to 70’s disco and 80’s club music). Like you, it feels like a tangible accomplishment each day to me, and seems to help me manage my hunger and diet. As we have a spell of beautiful weather here, I’ve been doing it outdoors and I do believe my new neighbors think I’m a bit of a kook. 😂 I sure hope you will feel well soon and can get back to your exercise!

    Lol, to quote @stitchincarol yesterday: I have x, y and x to do so “WHY AM I STILL SITTING HERE??? 🤣🤣😜”

    Good thoughts to all!

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Yesterday went to plan, although it was TOUGH–I struggled to bake those pecan pie brownies with nary a nibble, and then was frustrated not to be able to taste them and decide if the new recipe was a keeper. And then I continued to be ravenous. I found the RESOLVE to last and then ate at the church potluck. My eating window closed right when church began, and it wasn’t tough when I got home not to snack on anything, and this morning, I’m at the same weight as yesterday morning.

    @mariaelena Ahh, no wonder your goal weight is a conundrum to you. Do you feel in the least too skinny? Or even skinny at all? What does DH think? What a delightful quandary to be in! 👏 As to my organ practicing, we only live a block from church, so I go there to practice, but always need to practice on the organ I’ll be playing as, once I’ve pulled the music I’m going to play, it’s not simply a question of learning all the right notes, but also of how to register it–what stops (sounds) to choose. I played a couple new pieces last night, and it was fun to find them.

    @ccco I know what you mean about exercising keeping you on track; I hope you feel well again soon so that you have the energy to start exercising again. Although, I’ve read that if the congestion is only in your head (not in your chest), exercise is good for you and will help clear it out. (Not so when in your chest.)

    @songbirdme Have you ever done a Disney package through your son? That must be enticing to consider!

    @daffodil2010 Not up at all, even after yesterday’s NFD? You are making great progress!

    @linda.b Your RESOLVE is nothing short of impressive and is a joy to read about. Have you said how much total weight you want to lose? Is the 10-12 kg by Easter your total, or do you want to lose more after that? And I hope you DID use your favorite wine glass for ice water; I’ve often thought I ought to do that!

    @funshipfreddie Here’s a quote that fits with your attitude today: It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.

    @i-hate-lettuce LOL, some days are like that, huh? So much for relaxing, but I’ll just bet you felt quite smug with all your accomplishments. And that lovely bread to ignore? Yeah, I’m with you there on how tough that will be today: see the quote I just gave David. 😜

    @northgeorgia What a delightful sight 209 had to be this morning! Instead of merely hoping the scale cooperates, do you have a plan in place to ensure it’s only a few ticks instead of leaps?

    @flourbaby That is an excellent visualization, and is exactly what my hypnotist had me do last year. That sort of thinking is what I do whenever I set myself to think about what I’m doing, and I’m convinced it’s hugely effective.

    @babs_b Isn’t it amazing how we can learn to understand what our bodies are telling us? You have every right to be proud of yourself for recognizing you needed to feed yourself, but didn’t engage in EFS; well, well done!

    Thursday pocket list… day 3
    @daffodil (LFD)
    @stitchincarol (WFD)

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 3 FD
    almost Day 4 NFD country west Australia
    AHHHHHHH! Wrote a long post which I posted but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace so just checking in.
    When hosting, I alway copied my posts before posting here due to this problem of sometimes losing the post.
    Of course I didn’t copy today’s post and…. Murphy’s Law!!
    So off to bed.😴

    Day 4, NFD, Aus


    Thank you both @stitchincarol and @flourbaby for your encouragement, words of wisdom and visualisations. It is possible to bookmark posts? I want to refer back to these again and again. Thank you. You’re right – I’m attacking each day on a day by day basis, without properly thinking it through and playing the long game. I will spend the weekend focussing, concentrating on the why and creating a good mental picture. (I do have a lovely floor length blue velvet dress that I would love to wear. It’s probably not really fashionable any more but just to wear it around the house would be a treat!)

    I’m almost tempted to send you a plane ticket @IHL – you are welcome to clean my oven any time.

    have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD

    Hi all. Late check in… busy days at work as I try to finish up before holidays 🎿… I hope everyone is well.
    Hoping to catch up on posts in the morning.. 💤

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4 ( officially now!) country West Australia CD
    I almost didn’t weigh today ( daily weigher but only record Saturday morning weight) as Cruella has been very nasty this last week.
    In the past I have just given up and thought ‘ What the heck? All this fasting, mindful eating etc etc and NO result.”
    BUT today, the whoosh effect happened!!!!!!!!!!
    And down to a new low for the first time in a LONG time.😄😆
    @northgeorgia, congratulations on your very good results and 209.
    It IS a good feeling to get rid of some of my excess fat/baggage.
    Only 28 kgs to lose to get to the weight I am aiming for ( married weight almost 40 years ago 😳😳) Recent reading from various successful people in business and other areas of life say to ‘ Aim High’ – or in this case ‘ low’ – so I am!
    I realised some time ago that I am carrying the equivalent of an extra TEN 3 kg bags of oranges.
    When I looked at things that way, it really pulled me up sharply as that is a LOT of extra weight on joints, the back etc. And what I am often telling my clients to visualise.
    Anyway, I am already feeling better for the Loss of those kilos. Able to bend over more easily; move better generally etc.
    So Cruella is just serving to make me pull up my really really ‘ big girl’s pants ‘ and RESOLVE to keep going. 😁
    @jaifaim, I love the double meaning of your name.🤗
    @linda.b I joined you in fish and veggies last night. Hope you are not getting too waterlogged with the flood ??🙏
    Also @penz, I hope you are not flooded? 🙏 We don’t watch morning TV but the other morning I just had to put on Skyweather to see the forecast and couldn’t turn the TV off.
    The footage of the floods was unbelievable. We have a few friends near Ballina who were needing to evacuate.
    Friends in Gympie on high enough ground but everything is saturated. The clean up is going to be something else.
    Anyway, thoughts and prayers with all our Eastern State friends.
    @i hate lettuce, sometimes those irritating days can be oddly satisfying with getting the other tasks accomplished. Your bread sounds delicious.😋
    Question : why do we ( me !!) make really carb laden dishes when trying to lose weight?? Who makes a new loaf of whole-wheat bread AND potato bake with cream and cheese on a FD ????
    Today for the Word Day of Prayer being held in town I am in charge of making Welsh cakes, Victoria sponge, Eccles cakes, Barmbrach, an amazing sounding cheesy beer dip ??? ( Google says it is an English dish ?? )and some type of little pie thingies ( pork pies not available and no time to make them as well as all the other goodies) .
    We are not allowed to serve food inside and we have really tight restrictions on food service so it all has to be finger food and served outdoors!! Hoping for a mild night.🤞 or rather 🙏 !
    @penz, yes the idea of focusing rather than hoping/ trying has resonated with me and helped me to think about clear goals and long term plans.
    What do they say about a thought being just a thought unless it is written down and then it becomes a plan?
    @funshipfreddie , I have SOOOOOO much resolve and motivation aplenty to hold on to anyone who is in need of some this month. I am happy to share mine if needed but just glad you are here.🤗
    @babs_b hope you have a better day today.🌸
    Off to face the day with Resolve and mojo and motivation intact!!
    Have a good day all.😄

    Day 4, NFD, Gold Coast Qld Australia- FRIDAY, 4th March

    You all inspire me so much! Strange thing is today, a NFD, I’m feeling less hungry than I was yesterday on my FD……. weird I know!

    @northgeorgia… you did it, what a great benchmark for you. Proud of you!

    So many others to mention one by one, but you are all the greatest for sticking with the program… applause to everyone! I am committed and resolved too, so will not let the group down.
    How’s this for motivation…. we CAN regain control of our lives AND WE WON’T STOP, YES!:

    “As long as you’re alive, you’ll never run out of chances to regain control of your life. The only way to fail at this is to give up and stop trying.” – Annie Grace

    Thanks for all the queries re the floods… indeed it has been epic. Luckily, even though I am literally on Robina Lake and it did rise (a lot), I am high enough that it didn’t reach the house. Standing on the deck looking down at the water lapping up just below, did make it seem like we were cruising on the RMS Queen Mary though! South East Queensland has had 145,000 homes submerged, either fully or partially. It is a national disaster. The weather front has now caused the same damage south of here in New South Wales, all the way down to Sydney, flooding many towns and regions there as well. It’s a real calamity, especially after the devastation of the mammoth bushfires two years ago followed by COVID, and, of course, there was a recent massive flood in Gympie & Maryborough only a month ago. These poor folk just clean up, recover and along comes another whack!
    All we can do is look forward to the sun coming out again, drying us out and assess the damage – however, we are warned more rain is on the way this evening. Given the ground is so saturated, subsequent rain is only adding to devastation.
    It’ll be interesting to see if the insurance companies respond quickly so people can recover. (There’s my inner cynic peeking through the clouds)

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    It turned out to be an almost effortless FD. I got stuck into my decorating – hadn’t done any since I got back from PE – & stayed busy for much of the day. Nothing like paint fumes to kill your appetite.

    @lilymartin – congrats on that whoosh & the new low! Your enthusiasm & RESOLVE is infectious!

    & @northgeorgia – I’m sure this will be another record-breaking month for you! 💪

    @stitchincarol – great quote! And another one from the great man himself…. “It always seems impossible until it’s done” ~ Nelson Mandela

    Happy Fri-yay!🥂

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Weigh in: 163.4lbs

    Strange….had an LFD yesterday right up until bedtime when I was sooooo hungry so had two rice cakes… budge on the weight. Don’t mind, feel good.

    @funshipfreddie, LOL, love that “Happy Fri-yay” 😄

    Have a great Friday!!

    Day 4 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Thanks for all the comments re my previous post, even managed to leave the bread alone …. but it was close! I’ll polish my halo later 😉
    The weather, better morning this morning off out for a few hours round the lake 🙂

    Take care all

    Day 4 – UK – FD800

    Well done, @i-hate-lettuce!! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my efforts yesterday! I had another abandoned F800 day. It was all going well until dinner plans changed yesterday evening. Many carbs were had, I ate way too much and had that horrible stuffed / over-eaten feeling. Woke up v hungry this morning (a sure fire way of knowing I’ve eaten too much the night before… I am always starving the morning after indulgences!) and feeling really annoyed with myself. I’ve gained 2.5lb since earlier this week and my measurements have increased a little on the tape measure too. Not enjoying this feeling at all this morning. 😣

    So now I’m in the mental battle of getting myself back on track. The positive is that the horrible tiredness I wasn’t able to shake earlier this week is starting to go now and I know that definitely wasn’t helping me. We have our dinners planned for the entire weekend and we’re not entertaining / being entertained either. I can get out for a decent walk, I’ll have to work too and I can have a much more mindful one.

    I also need to remember that I have been doing so well and a few poor days of resolve can be easily rectified. The 2.5lb gain can’t all be fat in that time, I’m hoping some will be water too AND I’m still down 5lb overall since 1st Feb. So here’s my roundabout way of saying ‘this is a mere blip of not even a week’. 🙈😂

    @daffodil2010 – well done on the LFD!
    @funshipfreddie – your post has given me faith that it IS possible to have a FD without thinking about it too much!!
    @lilymartin – congratulations on the new low!!

    Thinking of everyone in Australia affected by the floods x

    Pocket List Day 4 🌻:
    @babs_b FD800

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 213 lbs.

    @stitchincarol Good question. I’ll have to ponder that and write later. As for today, no ZBC for me.

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TRE 21/3

    It hit me yesterday that by doing TRE on the days I’m not WF, I’m doing two 48-hour WF each week. Which is fine. But I hadn’t realized that’s what I was setting up. The scale was lovely this morning (140.8), so that strengthens the resolve to last until 4pm today, and then be reasonably controlled in my three-hour eating window. It also helps that nothing’s off limits on my TRE days; I try to swerve carbs, but if I don’t, I don’t bother with guilt, because the rest of the week is so well-behaved. So far, this March plan is going very well and I’m thankful to be back on track.

    @lilymartin That’s just the most aggravating, to write a long post and then lose it. You have my sympathies! 🤣

    @penz Well, you’re already a long way toward figuring it out, because the distinction between a long-range plan and day-by-day-attacking is HUGE…and a distinction that’s never before occurred to me. THAT’S why I sometimes lost the plot in the last two months, because I lost the vision of the long-range plan. Excellent first step in your journey.

    @jaifaim We miss your chatter, but I’ll bet your busy days are helping with RESOLVE!

    @lilymartin YAY on a new low!!! 👏🎉🎊❤️ And, WOW, but that’s a lot of baking. You’ve got help, surely??

    @linda.b You never know how the body is going to react, do you?? Glad you’re not being tempted to EFS! 😜

    Wow, all you Aussies, on your flooding. We had what was called a 100-year-flood two (three??) years ago (FOUR??), so I know exactly what the calamity it is. I’m glad you’re all safe so far.

    @funshipfreddie Glad your FD went so easily, and that Mandela quote is excellent.

    @daffodil2010 I’ll bet you’ll have a SWOOSH soon since you’ve been so diligent. Well done on following through on your plan; your experience just proves my point: you can’t control the scale, but you can control your actions/choices.

    @i-hate-lettuce No need to polish that halo; I can see its gleam clear from Nebraska!

    @babs_b I’ve had plenty of mornings like that, so know just what you’re feeling. I think your conclusions are spot-on, and know you’ll do SO much better today and this weekend, and those 2.5 lbs will be gone in a flash.

    @northgeorgia Have a good day at work; I hope all is well after you having to lay down the law a few days ago.

    Lots of planning to do, and then the follow-through action, so must get at it. Have a great one, everyone!

    Day 4 — 16:8 CD
    Yesterday report

    – [x] 16:8 CD
    – [x] Cardio

    The weather here remains wonderful I’m enjoying it while I can and hula hopping outside.

    DH’s best friend and spouse will be in town this weekend so today I’ll be working in the backyard to make things enjoyable out there for when they stop by. Haven’t seen them in a year, so want to make the outdoor visit seem both festive and intimate. High no mask/low vax population and no restaurant restrictions locally make our backyard the only reasonable safe option, imo. It looks like the weather will cooperate, yay.

    I hope it is a good weekend for everyone.

    second post.
    Well I am blaming all you Uk-ians for my rather substantial hiccough in the NFD/CD stakes tonight!!!
    @stitchincarol, no help with the baking. I baked most of the day to find that the oven temperature was somewhat out and some things were very well-baked.😢
    I had little breakfast, a salad on the run for lunch and then…..
    little Cornish pasties, Eccles cakes, leek quiche, Welsh cheese muffins, Irish shortbread, Irish cheesy beer dip ( sounded a bit odd but tastes amazing with biscuits), Irish scones, Glamorgan sausages, Irish apple cake, soda bread ( including optional raisins), little pies AND a doughnut ( not anything to do with the UK but our visitors brought some fresh ones with them.) !!
    This is more than I have eaten in the past week all up.😳🤪
    Fortunately all serves were quite small but still…..
    The food was delicious but fairly carb- filled. So I fear it will take a while to get back to this morning’s low!!
    Interesting that most of the baking I did used all purpose( we call it plain ) flour plus baking powder. In Australia we use Self Raising flour which has the raising agents already mixed in with it.
    Anyway it was a delicious feast – now I just have to do a FD in the very near future.
    Have a good day/ night all.
    Thinking of you @penz and other Eastern State folk. May the rain not be as much as forecast.🙏🙏

    Hello again everyone, Caoimhe here again to join you all for March. I stopped the 5:2 around about September or October last year having lost the weight I wanted to at the time but of course the inevitable has happened and I am in real need of getting myself in hand again. We had a very long drawn out and stressful house move which took over 5 months with us eventually moving at the end of October . Since then it’s been a round of decorating and painting and coping with the endless excuses as to why the builder has not turned up yet again! This forum helped so much last time and I am sure it will do so again – at least that is what I am hoping! So tomorrow I am ready for the “off” with a FD.

    second post

    @mariaelena Sounds like a lovely visit with your friends; enjoy!

    @lilymartin Your efforts today sound quite similar to my efforts for our church’s cookie boutique when I bake countless dozen cookies! Bummer on all the food consumed, but it doesn’t seem possible to me to do that much baking and not nibble on everything, and now you’ll resume appropriate efforts and RESOLVE!

    @caoimhe Welcome back! We’re delighted to hear from you and look forward to your chatter.

    @at WHERE ARE YOU????? we miss you…

    I’m really struggling with waiting the prescribed time until I can eat. I have another 52 minutes and 47 seconds until it’s four o’clock and the RESOLVE is wavering! I’m working hard to remind myself that this isn’t punishment, I’m not a victim, and it’s not unreasonable, but IS ALL MY OWN PLAN TO REACH MY OWN GOALS. Sometimes one has to be extremely firm with oneself, you know?? 😜

    Okay, off to see what I can do to keep myself busy until I get a snack to tide me over until supper.

    Day 4 – Ireland – CD

    Happy Friday to everyone! A new little low today… Tiny drop…
    @lilymartin fantastic news on your new low! It’s such a great incentive to keep going 💪
    Loving your resolve! I’m in that zone too at the moment and it’s working. I’m hoping I can keep some of that resolve in check next week when I’m away…I have to say though… the past 24 hours have been the toughest in a while… Maybe because I’m busy getting ready for my holiday … lots of forms to be filled, bags packed etc.

    @penz I don’t think you can bookmark specific posts but you may be able to bookmark the page. Otherwise maybe you could copy the text to a word document or Notes app on your phone?

    @daffodil2010 I’ve been having some bovril recently too on my FDs… it’s a great option!

    So sorry for such a short check in… I’ll catch up tomorrow 🤞but thanks @stitchincarol for shouting out to me and reeling me back in 😆👍
    Oh I meant to say… in French bloke or dude would be “mec” mind you I don’t like that word either 😂… maybe I don’t like slang… I don’t know 🤔
    Sometimes the French might also say le “type.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 NFD country west Australia
    Today I h… and will t.. with a LOT of RESOLVE to keep my NFD under control.
    But with tins full of cake, biscuits, breads plus dips, scones and doughnuts !!! it will be somewhat more difficult than I had anticipated.
    Do I want it ? Yes I do!!! Will I have it ? No I ….wo.. well maybe just the one……🤞🤔🤞🤞🤞
    @jaifaim, congratulation on the tiny drop. Even the smaller downward movement on Cruella is reason to be happy.😁
    @stitchincarol I hope you managed to wait the requisite time, though no pressure on yourself if you didn’t . That’s what I like about 5:2 – it’s is a journey not the destination. 🙃
    @Caimohe, OH the problems with builders. !!!! ….. We have been waiting for almost a year since we signed the contract and handed over the deposit and STILL getting the ‘ Hopefully in a week or two and we’ll start.’!! 🙄😡
    Apologies for my ignorance but how do you pronounce your name phonetically ? I admit I have never heard it before. I am guessing it is Irish? I spent mot of yesterday baking Irish and Welsh foods. Very yummy.😋😋
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @caoimhe – welcome back!

    @lilymartin – h… & t… – I think that’s cheating 😅

    It’s a lovely, cloudy & cool day today in Durban. I’m actually hoping summer is over! 🥵️

    Going for 3 x FDs next week – starting tomorrow

    Got to get moving; have a great weekend! ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 5 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @lilymartin – sounds like you had a fun feast 😉

    @funshipfreddie – being in the northern hemisphere we’re heading the opposite way to you with seasons.

    We’ve a fabulous spring morning this morning, suns up, not a cloud in the sky, no wind and the birds singing. Time to head out of the village on foot, up to Dollywood Lane and back across the meadows and back through Teddy Heights. There are hundreds of newborn lambs in the fields round here, they’re really funny to watch. It’s also my favourite time of year, the daffodils are shining in the garden and life is starting to show in the trees and shrubs, everything is waking up.

    Take care all

    Day 5 – Ireland – CD

    Hi everybody!

    Heading off today for the first time in two years to mainland Europe and the beautiful French Alps. I am so excited. Possibly not as fit as I would normally be but I am lighter so hoping that will stand to me 😆

    Will be checking in as often as I can and I will be hoping not to “do the dog on it” and eat all around me just because I’m in ski gear… we are in a hotel with half board this year rather than the usual catered chalet so maybe that might mean a little less food and I’m thinking back to @funshipfreddie who managed to pass on holiday breakfasts… I can only hope to do half as well as you with that challenge 👍

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Onward and downward ⬇️ ⛷
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Welcome back @caoimhe 👏

    Day 5 – UK – CD

    I’m going for a CD today – currently ZBC and have the trusty soup in the fridge for lunch and a F800 recipe in my head for dinner (Fish bites with broccoli & pea mash). I’d shed another 0.75lb this morning off of the DH Birthday gain from last weekend so now need to rid myself of 1.5lbs to get back to where I was. My birthday is in a few weeks so there’s my next target, just as Mr babs_b’s birthday was the target last month.

    As fun as last weekend was, it really has taken me the best part of this week to get over it! Wasn’t expecting that to be honest but hey, such is life. I’m just so happy to be at home today, not rushing about organising birthday things / baking cakes / trying to keep plans secret & surprising as I was last weekend. The weather’s a bit murky and grey out there so I’m staying put, getting on with the work I should’ve done earlier this week when I was going at a snail’s pace and catching up with housework. (Sidenote: Does anyone else ‘procasti-clean’ or ‘procasti-bake’??? I’m a nightmare for it! Was the same when I was doing my degrees – my loo hadn’t sparkled as much and my oven hadn’t had anywhere near as much use when I was at home trying to magic an essay out of my brain with no time to spare 🙈😂).

    @jaifaim – ENJOY your break!! The Alps!! Oh wow, that’s going to be beautiful 😍
    @stitchincarol – how did you get on with your time schedule yesterday?? I hope those 52 minutes passed quickly!
    @lilymartin – that food sounds great…. how did the resolve hold out?
    @caoimhe – Welcome back!! 👋

    Day 5 — 16:8 CD
    Yesterday report

    – [x] 16:8 CD
    – [x] Cardio

    My lentil soup from the other day was a catch-all of many items left in my refrigerator- so yummy but so NOT reproducible. Lol

    @babs_b lol- ‘procrasti-clean’. Yup, that describes my behavior! 😂

    Happy Saturday

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. This matches my lowest Saturday weigh-in back in November, but that was a post-FD weigh-in. This weigh-in is after two NFDs! So, the indication of heading downwards is good. I’m off to do my morning chores. Tomorrow should be a FD. Have a nice weekend!

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TRE 21/3

    I ALMOST lasted until the appointed hour yesterday, and then decided I got to be in control of this. I think that was an excuse not a valid argument because I felt guilty then and disappointed now…but, oh well. And I “get to” eat until 7, but was done at 6:15, so my window was still under three hours. And this morning, I was up only 0.6lbs, so I’m pleased that a full meal added so little bulk/water. Now to do it again today, but while cooking a bunch in preparation for tonight’s dinner (nephew and his friend are coming up) and for tomorrow’s brunch at church, where I’m taking a casserole. Lots of challenges to my self-control, so I’m working hard on crossing that line of RESOLVE where I know it’s actually just hope, all the way to actual decision. I’ll get there, but it’s lots of thinking and stubbornness on my part to pull it off.

    @lilymartin I agree with @funshipfreddie 😜 You’re in the same boat I’m in as to whether you’re merely hoping or actually deciding. Consider this: in a month, will you be glad you nibbled, or will you wish you ignored every last bit of it? On the other hand, you can’t let it all go to waste, so do you have a plan for it? Are you freezing the bulk of what remains?

    @funshipfreddie You never sound like a man in maintenance. Are you aiming for a lower BMI? Or do you simply do FDs so that you can go nuts on NFDs and still maintain?

    @i-hate-lettuce I love your description of your day; thank you for that. We had pouring rain in the night and will have light rain through much of the day, so it’s gloomy out…but we’re so desperate for moisture that it’s a joy to have it. And we often have snow even in April and occasionally in May, so while spring on the calendar is close, spring in reality is still a distance off…

    @jaifaim Have a grand and glorious time; I’m so excited for you! 🎊❤️🎉⛷️

    @babs_b No, I have NEVER procrasti-cleaned! In fact, I CLEAN so irregularly–I TIDY, but that’s it–that that’s why I got a cleaning lady 15 months ago. Best decision ever. You clearly don’t need one, LOL!!! Well done on slowly working your way back down!

    @mariaelena You’re another one, eh? I have a niece and at least one sister-in-law who are natural cleaners: it’s a foreign notion to me, as I can ALWAYS find something to do other than wipe down, wash up, or deep clean!

    @northgeorgia Well done on not going nuts on your NFDs so that the scale only ticked up instead of leaping up!

    Among other things, I’m making sous vide brussels sprouts tonight. My sprouts are rather large, and I’m not want to cut them in half, so I’ll cook them longer than she says (experience with the recipe says about 80 minutes), but that grainy mustard is a LOVELY addition and my nephew adores BS.

    Okay, must get up and tackle that to-do list. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 6 country West Australia NFD

    Day 6 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Yesterdays spring walk turned out to be a bit of a ‘slide around the lanes’ a bit. It’s been very wet recently and with the farmers using the tracks through the fields to do all their rounds checking on the sheep and lambs it was a bit muddy at times. But decent boots and a slow plod was well worth the effort. The number of lambs this year is incredible! Anyway managed 16000+ steps on the fitbit and really enjoyed the wander, especially as we’ve not been there this winter.

    Lazy afternoon and an invite round to friends for a catch-up natter in the evening and an odd glass of wine. Love the spontaneous evenings like that, ended up there for almost 4 hours and loads of laughter. Bonus on the way home, it’s only a five minute walk …. the stars were out and very clear, looked north over the lakeland hills and could see the aurora borealis. Very lucky, because as we were stood watching it, within a minute or two it faded quickly and went, still a sight to see though.

    Easy day today I think, then FD tomorrow to start the week.

    Take care all

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @jaifaim – enjoy your trip!

    @stitchincarol – um, good question! I’m sort of at maintenance. Just a kilo over my goal weight. I feel like I still haven’t found my groove yet this year. I’m at a healthy weight/BMI. But if I don’t keep an eye on it, it’s easy for me to lose the plot, & every extra calorie goes right to my abdomen. I wouldn’t say I go nuts on NFDs. But if I’m honest, it’s the 🍷. If I don’t drink then I find maintenance very easy. And that ‘m’ word, moderation, easier said than done 🤦

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍋

    Day 6 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Well, March is in like a lion. In addition to continued grumbling from one employee about laying down the law, now I have something broken down at home and have to figure out if it’s a part, or wiring, or needs replacing. All of this with skyrocketing prices, low inventory, and inflation. Plus my brother has COVID, my mom is sick with a sinus infection, and my dad is still trying to recover from surgery. But you know, it all pales in comparison to the misery and injustice being faced by millions of others on this planet. So, I remember them, pray for peace and justice, and carry on with life — which really isn’t bad at all.

    I wasn’t hungry last night (salad, chicken,and dairy… a filling meal at lunch), so I skipped dinner… that there’s a major change in mindset before a two day WFD stretch! I ended up maintaining my weight from Saturday at 214 lbs. This is a four pound drop over last Sunday. It’s also my lowest Sunday weigh-in ever (breaking the 216 lb weigh-in at the end of January). Could we see a new record this week? Maybe!

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍋

    Day 6 — 16:8 CD
    Yesterday report

    – [x] 16:8 CD
    – [x] Cardio

    Overcast, warm and humid. Hot flashes in this weather are miserable so I did my cardio and am gonna call it a win and go sit in a cooling bath!

    Have a safe and good day.

    Day 6 UK NFD
    Thank you all so much for your “welcome back” messages. What a great group you are! 😊
    It has been so cold here today with a biting wind. I was down on the beach walking the dog at just gone 8.00 a.m and was pleased to get back home and in the warm!
    Yesterday was my first FD. DH is away ski ing for ten days so thought this would be an ideal time to start as it means no tempting goodies in the house which equals less will power required. Having said that, today my son and family arrived for the day and they all have big appetites. Had a big cooking session this morning but managed to skip on dessert and put left over cakes in the freezer after they left. Although a NFD I do want to stay clear of the sweet stuff but the fruit bread was just calling me!
    So you have three FDs planned funshipfreddie. I am full of admiration.
    Jaifaim enjoy your time in the French Alps. I can’t ski but love mountains.
    stichincarol sounds like you had lots of cooking on the agenda this weekend. What a challenge to self control.
    Ihatelettuce The Lake District is beautiful. I have only visited in the Autumn but should think Spring is particularly lovely.
    Hope everyone has a good week.

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