Mindful May ☯️ 2024 Challenge

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  • Day 13 UK CD

    Had a lovely weekend but made some very poor choices when it came to food and drink , I’m off on holiday tomorrow but really going to try and enjoy , sample some of the delicious French delicacies but in a controlled way

    Oh @ccco so shocked to hear your news- but when I had my own shock diagnosis last year felt strangely relieved once I knew what I was dealing with , stay strong 💕

    So pleased your very last hymn festival went well @stitchincarol , retirement is edging nearer

    Right off to do a bit of last minute laundry, rain is now forecast for a few days so need to rethink my very small holiday wardrobe 🧺

    Day 13, London, UK, FD

    @ccco, such unexpected news. I hope you find strength and resilience to deal with the diagnosis. Thinking of you & sending positive healing vibes your way.🙏🏼🙏🏼

    @stitchincarol, I’m tired just from reading your post!!! I think you need a holiday!! No proposed exchange date yet, although the estate agent said the vendors mentioned June!! So, I’m still keeping everything crossed!!!🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🏘

    @jaifaim, I hope you have great weather & enjoy your cycling. I hope you packed a balm for any saddle soreness or …………..ahem ………………….. chaffing!!!😲🤭🤭

    Welcome back @metatauta, if I remember correctly, you and I were the founding member of ‘Club Tor-twah’ ………………..I’m still a member but have come to accept that downwards is downwards🤨 …………………….. even though it’s soooo painfully slow!!!😩

    @brightonbelle, you just cannot get away from the rain!! I hope the forecasters are wrong, as usual!!!😎☀😎

    Onwards & Downwards folks, we’ve got this!!!

    “People often say that motivation does not last. Well neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily” Zig Zigla

    Day 13 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 231 lbs. Highest of the month so far, but only a bit higher over yesterday’s delicious meal I prepared for mother’s day! Very happy of the management I did in partaking 😉

    Now for a b2b fd

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍓

    Day 13 – Lincoln, NE – NFD

    What a lovely time away. We drove on many random roads, looking to see if we could find an area where we’d want to buy a house when we retire; who knows at this point, but it’s gotten us thinking. Stopped in Ashland and enjoyed a sampler of ciders and a small baguette with dipping sauces. Got to the hotel and spent the rest of the day in the lobby visiting with our eldest son, next to a little “water fall” and never did go out to dinner since the hotel’s complimentary drinks and nibbles filled us up sufficiently. Slept better than I have in several weeks. Today is out for coffee then a walk with the boys, and who knows what else. Happy 35th to us!

    USA. Dsy 13. FD

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍓

    Good morning, everyone!

    2nd Post – Day 13

    @stitchincarol – Happy 35th Anniversary to you & your DH! 🎉🥂🥳️💐

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍓

    Day 14 NZ NFD 73.0kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    @brightonbelle Have a lovely trip and oooh, please describe your French delicacies!
    @stitchincarol Sounds like you need to retire to a fully serviced hotel or go cruising on the QE2 🤣
    @ccco Thinking of you today💐
    @northgeorgia What was on your delicious menu?!
    @flourbaby 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
    re your quote… I wasn’t aware that people washed every day in the UK!!!

    Onward and downward!!

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I got the flu jab yesterday, after reading in the local paper, ‘Flu Sweeps Nelson Mandela Bay’. I was very brave, but they don’t give out free candy like the nurses on the ships did 😒

    @merryapple – 73 already?! You’re really going for it this month 💪 “chew every mouthful 32 times…” That reminded me of a past forum member who also used to count his/her chews, & swore by it. But, 32 times? I know they say digestion starts in the mouth, but it shouldn’t end there 😳

    @brightonbelle – have a great time! 🇫🇷 🥖

    @ccco – thinking of you today 🤗

    About Ozempic:-

    Can you imagine your boss wrapping a tape measure around you? It might work in Japan, but I can’t see this ever happening in the UK 🤔

    “There is a secret for greater self-control, the science points to one thing: the power of paying attention”. ~ Kelly McGonigal

    Fun Food Facts

    Figs can contain dead wasps. Figs are actually inverted flowers with a unique pollination process requiring wasps instead of bees.
    Female wasps lay their eggs in male figs that we don’t eat, but sometimes the wasp will accidentally enter a female fig, which is a deadly mistake.

    Pizza Hut used to be the nation’s biggest purchaser of kale.
    Pizza Hut’s salad bar was popular way before kale became a trend back in the early 2010s.
    They used it as a garnish for its salad bars – it wasn’t even for eating!

    Humans’ DNA is 60% the same as bananas. Our genes are comprised of 3 billion building blocks which are surprisingly un-unique.
    From this, 60% of our genes are identical to that of a banana; however, the other 40% is different enough to make us who we are!

    Day 14 – UK – NFD
    Day 13 – FD
    Day 11-12 – NFD

    Busy weekend with various visiting friends from Suffolk and very grateful for the ☀️ lots of walks 6miles, 10miles and 5miles – coffee and cakes and delicious food/drink but after a restorative FD yesterday (which I managed to stick to despite meeting up with another friend about 1hr drive from my house) I was relieved to see not much damage done – 64kg this morning down 0.2kg from lweigh in a week ago!

    I hope that those who celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday ?Australia/NZ and USA had a lovely family time

    @ccco – what a shock to read your news – we are here for you to offload to when needed and sending you positive and healing thoughts to help you deal with the diagnosis and ensuing treatment plan 🤗
    @merryapple – I kept the pub lunches and meals over the weekend on the light side and my vigilance paid off this morning on the scales – I didn’t lose as much as I could but I will take that 0.2kg loss happily
    @flourbaby – 🤞with your vendors
    @jaifaim – enjoy your cycling holiday in Majorca with friends
    @metatauta – glad you found your way back to us – I had the same problem last year sometime with access to the forum denied….
    @merryapple – you made me laugh with your “probably over the 500 cals for dinner thanks to plums, yoghurt and cream for pudding and the last half of a cheese scone” 🤣
    @brightonbelle – enjoy your French 🇫🇷 sejour!
    @stitchincarol – sounds like you’re into the relaxing mode already….enjoy your break – Happy 35th Anniversary to you & your DH!
    @funshipfreddie – I am enjoying reading and learning from your daily fun food facts

    Right must get ready to join up with my walking 🥾 group – not very enthusiastic today as the rain has returned after a fabulous sunny last few days…..but no doubt I will feel all the better afterwards……

    Day 14, London, UK, FD800

    Late on parade again! Very busy at work.

    Feeling ok this morning despite the return of the gloomy weather!!! It’s really, REALLY starting to annoy me now!😡😡

    Happy anniversary @stitchincarol🥳🥳 I hope ‘getting away’ from it all is doing the trick!!

    I hope everyone is doing ok, I’ll have to catch-up a bit later.

    Keep the faith people!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Day 14 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 226 lbs. Going for a FD500 OMAD today. Happy anniversary to @stitchincarol! @merryapple The delicious menu was fettuccine alfredo, baked chicken, fried (in lard) chicken, summer sausage, ham slices, buttered garlic-parmesan potatoes, stewed zucchini, and strawberry shortcake/ice cream cake (a specialty item from the store; everything else was homemade).

    Pocket list – day 14

    Day 14 – Rural Nebraska, USA – no idea – 163.6 and dropping

    I can’t catch a break. We had a lovely day yesterday, playing wingspan with the boys for a couple hours before heading home, and we stopped to get me a Jimmy John’s sandwich to eat when we got home. I love those, but DH truly doesn’t (too much bread, he says) so it was my final treat of the two days. Ate it at 7. Went to bed at 10:30. By 11, I was miserable. Don’t know what made me so miserable, but I was up at least once an hour if not more, and am still racing into the bathroom. I’m sure I’ll be fine by tonight–and hopefully far sooner!–but that’s the bulk of my chatter, as I feel quite miserable.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 15 NZ NFD 83.7kg

    What goes down must go up… 🙁thanks to my Texan friend being called away on SARS (search and rescue) I had the lion’s share of chili con carne, Mexican red rice and cornbread… I didn’t quite eat it all and have put the remainder in the freezer where I can’t get at it… FD en la mañana!!
    @northgeorgia Your menu sounds amazing!!! I can’t believe you have dropped weight!! Well done you!!
    @stitchincarol Did I get this correct – Jimmy John’s sandwich poisoned you? I hope you’re feeling better now…
    @flourbaby 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
    @at Good on you for your 0.2kg loss under adverse conditions!! Your rain must be more ladylike than ours, which is like standing under a shower…
    @funshipfreddie Your fun food facts are stretching the limits of believability…!!! The Daily Mail slot seems to be a great time waster… who knew about all the stars that are taking ozempic but denying it…!!! Thanks Daily Mail…!!
    @ccco Thinking of you💪💪

    Steely Resolve for me tomorrow!!!

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @merryapple – those Fun Food Facts – all true! 🤣 83.7 or 73.8? I’m guessing/hoping your spreadsheet number is the correct one, or else you ate the lion & the chili?! 😳

    @stitchincarol – oh no?! Feel better soon! 🤗

    Paying men to lose weight:

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    “In today’s rush, we all think too much–seek too much–want too much–and forget about the joy of just being.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

    Fun Food Facts

    There’s wood pulp in shredded cheese. Cellulose, a derivative of wood pulp, is often used to make many things, including rayon fabric and paper. Turns out, it’s also used to make some shredded cheese. While not digestible by humans, it does actually act as a fantastic source of dietary fibre! The reason it’s in cheese, though, is that it acts as a filler to keep shredded cheese from clumping together and is approved as safe by the FDA.

    Food tastes different when you’re flying. Altitude changes your body chemistry, making certain flavours taste different than how they taste when you’re on the ground.

    Chimichanga means “thingamajig”. Considered to be Mexican food, chimichangas actually originated from Tucson, Arizona. The name was coined in the ’50’s by a cook who was trying not to curse in front of kids.

    Day 15 – USA/GA – ?

    Weigh-in: 227 lbs. Up a few ounces from yesterday, a FD500!!!?? I’m not really upset lol, but it is unfair to gain weight after fasting. Maybe it was the mother’s day meal catching up to my fat cells 🙂

    Today was supposed to be a business lunch, but got cancelled. Maybe the gain was also in part from stress at work and in my personal life (I have a travel buddy who suddenly this year is finicky about making travel plans, even within the same week!!!)

    I wasn’t hungry this morning, so I’m skipping breakfast. Unless I get an insistent lunch invite, I’ll skip that, too. I’ll definitely have a ZBC today. I may do OMAD or FD500, depending on how things shape up.

    Day 15, London, UK, FD,

    Even later on parade today!!

    Yesterday’s FD went well, so I’m throwing another one in today! Another FD800 to get me used to mindful eating, if I have to plan my 800 cals carefully, I make better choices and hopefully I’ll reset my tendency to ‘treat’ myself on NFDs.

    @northgeorgia, your making this FD very very difficult!!! As are you @merryapple!! Both of your menu’s are right up my street!!! 🤤🤤🤤

    @stitchincarol, I hope the food poisoning(?) has gone as quickly as it arrived, nothing worse than being attached by your favourite meal😳, I had something similar with my favourite tuna pasta salad many moons ago……………… I haven’t had it since!!😩😭

    Keep the food facts coming @funshipfreddie, I can FEEL my brain getting bigger!!!

    “Some people spend their entire lives waiting for the time to be right to make an improvement.” – James Clear

    Day 15 – Rural Nebraska, USA – 162.8 – NFD

    Well, yesterday wasn’t a FD, as I gradually found an appetite, but to be down another pound this morning is a treat. No, @merryapple, I don’t think it was the Jimmy John’s sandwich–although I certainly wondered for awhile!–but think it was simply a 24-hour flu bug. I guess? I took a nap, which is clear proof of how sick I felt, did a little computer work, eventually got two rows knit…did very little, in other words. And today, whatever it was, is gone. Whew!

    The Wondr program (I mentioned it sometime in the last several days) that my insurance company offers started on Monday with 7 or 8 short videos. I have two takeaways from them (beyond the basic “inspiration”): only eat at a 3, and when you feel a 2, that’s when you’re losing weight. To clarify: they compared the various hunger levels we feel to 1, 2, 3 or 4. 1 is not hungry at all–perhaps you just finished a meal. 2 is feeling some interest, but not actually hungry, perhaps merely thirsty. 3 is actual, real hunger. 4 is when you’ve waited too long, and you’re so ravenous, you’ll eat anything in sight. They made the point of not eating by the clock, but eating only when you feel a 3, and no sooner, because when you feel the slight hunger at level 2, that’s when you’re losing weight. I’ve heard hints of that, claims of that, but I think that, for the first time, I actually believe that. Do the rest of you buy into that?

    @merryapple I’m so glad you didn’t actually gain 10.7kg overnight! And I fully understand that confusion over which number to put first: I often struggle to make sure I type/say one-SIXTY-whatever because the “whatever” is often four or five, and so I’ll find myself saying one-FORTY-whatever and then getting really puzzled, LOL! Even back when I WAS one-forty-whatever, I’d find myself saying one-sixty-whatever. But, as to the actual gain, I’ll just bet it’s EOEO.

    @funshipfreddie It’s so much fun to read all your various food trivia! Decades ago, I owned a cross stitch/yarn shop, and that’s when I learned that wood pulp is used to make yarn called viscose/rayon, and there’s some debate as to whether it’s a natural fiber or not. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 I commented to our sons over the weekend that they just don’t quite get how amazing this world is compared to the world when DH and I were young. Imagine telling the pilgrims that all those trees could be used to make yarn and fabric! 😂😂😂 (Okay, NOT, because it tends to be eucalyptus trees, but still!)

    @northgeorgia How nice to have the business luncheon cancelled; just a little breathing room!

    @flourbaby I’ve had food poisoning once before, and really don’t think this was, based on what symptoms my body did and didn’t have. ‘Nuff said? 😂😂😂 Good on you for doing a second FD in a row!

    I still have plenty on my plate for the next several weeks–and my yard is screaming for some attention!–but it’s so delicious feeling to have it all at a reasonable level. So I’m off to accomplish a thing or two, happy to get to choose what I do rather than needing to accomplish them all in one day, LOL!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    2nd Post – Day 15 🍌

    Pocket List – Day 15
    @northgeorgia OMAD or FD..? 🤔

    Day 16 NZ FD 73.6kg

    Morning all!! No chance of exercise this morning. It’s raining, it’s pouring… Maybe later?
    I think my mixing up numerals is to do with being unused to writing such low numbers in relation to myself!!😳😊 I have eaten good quality and quantity meals these last two days. Sometimes I think I just need a wee bit more food… Maybe this is all in my mind but it does stop the too empty feelings. I find I’m eating earlier than I ever have – around 6pm then ‘closing’ the kitchen. It stops pre dinner grazing and later any reflux when I lie flat in bed.
    @stitchincarol I’m glad it was a 24hr bug and you’ve got through it… when is the ETA on your DH’s sweater??
    I‘ve just started a top down heathered dark magenta jersey using YouTube and Barbara Walker to make up a pattern. I haven’t knitted top down before. I’m aware that seams add strength to garments… It’s a wee bit of a trial because unless it’s a gorgeous Nordic pattern I’m usually not that impressed by them!!!
    The focus on numbers is interesting in mindful May! I’m like Pavlov’s dogs – the clock chimes and I’m heading to the kitchen esp on a FD… It takes effort to stay out of the kitchen!! I’m a 3 now at 11am and I’ve got to get to 4pm🙁 I need to try this out on a NFD!!!
    @flourbaby B2B FDs!! You must be feeling 💪💪 I hope it works for you and you don’t get to no. 4!!
    @leoniraats How’s the new job going?
    @ccco 💐💐💐

    Steely Resolve!!

    Day 16 – FD – South Africa
    Hi all, sorry Ive been so quiet – things are so hectic this side.
    @funshipfreddie thank you for your advise on the water consumption that it might be too much. I have it careful consideration and took it down a notch.
    @merryapple its great, I am in charge of the Law Interns which is exciting. I get to teach them the law theory on certain aspects (which were not covered in much detail at their Universities). I then give them the opportunity to apply that new found knowledge to practice and have them working on the clients with me so they get constant on-the-job experience. Its tough in the sense that since they are newbies in the field a lot of time is allocated to them (my own doing) which means I put myself under so much pressure to get my work done. Also unfortunately like with most enterprises, when you start new you inherit some old matters that remain unresolved and unfortunately have now become pressing. So its 02h45 in the morning here in South Africa, I have been awake since 01h00. I can’t sleep because of the stress. We deal with Government Departments. Apart from the stuff being long overdue – due to ….. well not so capable or competent people in the past (I’m sorry don’t know how to be more diplomatic) you deal with Government Departments with their own internal regulations so I can through the Acts/Laws at them all I like they do not give a darn. I also have my own studies and apart from my studies, a very expensive advanced course that I pay for running over 10 weeks. I already missed 3 of the 4 weeks as I am just to busy with work. So steps, exercise all that is out of the window because when I am not working or attending to family needs its staying abreast of legislation. I love what I do and am so grateful for my position. I am just used to being a Manager/Senior Manager at other firms where I had staff that were already trained or had experience so this is a bit new for me but so far the Interns are enthusiastic, they are starting to love the work, enjoy my trainings and the morale is changed. That means I’m on the right track. I apologise for this long essay but since I don’t come on here much apart from updating the tracker I thought I would just give you guys some background as to why.

    Pocket List

    Day 16 – post do
    Oh dear, I just read one of the sentences (didn’t even read it again) and already found a mistake. Apologies – I feel like the walking dead. So exhausted but TOO exhausted to sleep. Please mind the errors.

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Mindful ☯️ May part two! And another fast day for some of us. I was anything but mindful yesterday, when I got lost attempting to find a shortcut home after collecting my laundry. I finished up driving an extra 10 km & put myself in a vile mood. Then I saw there was a really good special offer on Whiskas (which is only what Boo Boo will eat) but the first two supermarkets I went to were out of stock & I almost finished up back at my laundry place 🤯 So I consoled myself with chocolate when I got home, & things just went downhill from there 🤦‍♂️ Reset! 🔘

    @merryapple – now you know you can’t use the weather as an excuse not exercise in 2024! YouTube! Just sayin’ 😜

    @leoniraats – I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new job, but I really hope the pressure eases off soon & that you’re able to sleep properly! Do you have some time off scheduled anytime soon?

    @stitchincarol – the Wondr program sounds interesting, & I definitely agree with the ‘only eat when hungry’ theory. Eating only two meals a day, & in an 8/9 hour window means I’m always hungry when I eat. Many people claim they can’t tolerate feeling hungry, but it just takes practise, & the food is so much more enjoyable.

    @flourbaby – I’m glad your brain’s getting bigger, I wish mine was 😅

    RESOLVE to the Thursday fasters! 💪🎯

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Fun Food Facts

    Mountain Dew contains orange juice. Although it tastes like a lemon-lime soda, orange juice is third on the list of ingredients, just behind carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup.

    Coffee beans can help eliminate bad breath. If you chew on roasted coffee beans, it can help prevent the bacteria that cause bad breath. Drinking coffee helps too, it’s just less effective.

    Food is allowed to contain some amount of insects. By FDA standards, there’s an allowance for the level of traces of bugs that could be in your food. For example, chocolate can have no more than 60 insect fragments per 100 grams. Peanut butter can’t have more than 30 insects per 100 grams.

    “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … including you.” ~ Anne Lamott

    Day 16-No. VA USA-FD

    Hello to all. I am still here. Weight somewhat static, down a pound over the past two weeks. @leoniraats, your situation sounds exhausting! Take some time for yourself and your poor brain needs some rest!
    @funshipfreddie, once in junior high school, we had to try eating canned bees for one of our science classes. It was considered a “survival” food. It tasted just how you would think. Gross.
    It is a joke around here in the States that Mountain Dew is the preferred drink of construction workers everywhere, probably for the caffeine in it. And the sugar, of course.
    Happy fasting!

    Day 16 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 231 lbs. Yeah, yesterday didn’t work out. The business lunch wasn’t cancelled but turned into an all-you-can eat buffet celebration for those that were already planning to attend. I tried to stay away from carbs, but the desserts were so tempting… I started off good at supper, but then had some leftovers, then fruit, then the ice cream cake leftovers came out. So it was a double whammy. Today, I have a business appreciation lunch and then a chamber dinner. Thankfully the dinner will likely be just rubber chicken, so I should be good with a ZBC and being a lot more mindful at the lunch.

    2nd Post – Day 16

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Day 16 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Dunno – same

    I have now gone two full days of only eating at a hunger level 3. Two days isn’t much–and yet it’s everything, you know? So, I’m toying with a FD today, but I’m also not willing to push myself too hard and break the streak of success I’ve started. With no piano lessons on Tuesdays/Thursdays, I have no simple way of having a WF, so weight doesn’t fall off, but am looking forward to getting those going again soon. The complication there is that I’ll only teach on Tuesdays during the summer since I’ll have all day (kids won’t be in school) and also because there are so many cancellations due to vacations and camps, that it’s easy to fit all lessons onto one day. But that’s the future; right now I’m focusing on eating ONLY at a level 3, which has been easy enough, and guarantees I don’t nibble between meals, a HUGE accomplishment.

    @merryapple Your sweater sounds lovely. Do you have the Barbara Walker book? I did a few sweaters using her book back in the day, but I’ve become lazy and tend to use patterns. And yet, I learned enough skills from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears that my most recent finish was made following the 3XL size, because that’s how many stitches I needed for the gauge my yarn gave me, LOL! DH’s sweater will be done by Christmas if I get 24 rows (a pattern repeat) done every 3 weeks. I got 3.5 rows done yesterday, however, and am realizing I could easily push–at this point in the year, at least–to accomplish two a day, and that would have it done in September. There’s not a lot of joy in it because I chose the pattern poorly and there are no discernable X, O, and + patterns, a feature I adore, and a lack I deplore. That’s one reason I’ve been slow to make progress, but it’s looking lovely enough now that I’m grudgingly learning to like it. Care to post a link to the YouTube video you’re using?

    Good grief, @leoniraats, I’m exhausted just reading your explanation and woes! And well-justified woes! The funny part of it all is that I thought you were a nurse, LOL! Don’t know what I misunderstood in the beginning, but I’ll quit thinking that now. 😉

    @funshipfreddie Yeah, a friend of mine really buys into the “never let yourself get hungry, but snack every 2-3 hours so that you feed your metabolism well” nonsense. She has the same weight problem as I do: basically thin, but sometimes carrying an extra 20 pounds. It was the Obesity Code book that really persuaded me what nonsense it is to eat so frequently. Just read your Anne Lamott quote–made me grin at its aptness! @leoniraats It’s perfect for your situation.

    @excelsior12309 Good to hear from you, and impressive that, while your weight isn’t dropping fast, you’ve still dropped a pound. Every little bit adds up to our goals. How’s the sale of the building going?

    @northgeorgia Being disciplined at buffets is so stinking hard! One trick I’ve used is to walk behind a thin person, and take only what they take. Only. Try it and see what you think.

    Okay, it’s time to face my day. I have church secretary work this morning, some computer work this afternoon, and meeting with a couple this evening to help them choose music for their wedding; did the same with a different couple last night because, after no weddings in this congregation in something like two years, we have back-to-back weddings on May 25 and June 1.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 16 – Ireland/Mallorca – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hello! Just a quick check in… all going well here!
    Lots of cycling already… fun days and challenging climbs. I love this island ♥️. The sea is fabulous and the day starts and ends with a little dip – great for the muscles… oh and a cocktail 🍹 (at the end…. Not the start 😂)
    Welcome back @metatauta👋
    @brightonbelle amusez vous bien 🤩 🇫🇷
    @flourbaby 😂😂 I’m very lucky that I don’t suffer from being in the saddle… 300kms since Monday and all is well 😆.
    @ccco my goodness your news is shocking and I am thinking of you… what a great attitude you have ♥️💕♥️ I am sure you will have good and bad days but we are all here for you…
    On that I feel like I am very much behind on the chatter but will catch up when I am back…

    @stitchincarol I thought of you on Monday when I was in Palma Cathedral as the main organ in the Piety Chapel has 5000 pipes, four keyboards and a pedal board..( seems like a lot to me!) apparently it is one of the most valuable artworks in the cathedral but they are hoping to repair it as it has serious technical problems so they are looking for funds to do this work urgently.. the cathedral is just stunning and I spent a very relaxing hour or so off the bike and appreciating the beauty.

    I hope everyone is well 💕🌟

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 16 – post 3
    Thank you @funshipfreddie nope just more work. Im ober exhausted at this stage buy you know as a fellow South African, work in SA is so scarce if you have a job you work hard to keep it. Voting day is around tge corner. That will be my iff day. Hope I sleep the whole day after voting.

    second post-Day 16-No. VA USA
    @stichincarol, thank you for asking regarding the building sale. No movement so far on any front. Grrr. The maintenance things are occurring, as they would in a 25 yr. old building. Roof needs patching to prevent rain leaks; air conditioning unit needs repair. Both will cost about 2000 dollars each. But both the roofer and the HVAC man were kind enough to suggest replacement for their respective specialties: the roof would be $75,000 and the HVAC units $49,000/. I said just patch!!!!!

    USA. Day 16. FD

    Still Here! :). Putting myself on today’s pocket list.

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Hope you all are having a wonderful day! The sun finally came out here! 🙂

    Day 17 country west Australia CD 82.3 kgs.
    Hello !!! I’m back ….. again…..!!!!
    One overweight lady jumping on the bed
    She fell off and bumped her head.
    She went to the doctor and the doctor said ….
    you have 4 months to lose 10 kgs or you will need to go on statins as your cholesterol is too high !!!!😲😱😱😱
    Have been off the wagon for some months and need to get back on – and fast !!
    This week I have eaten sensibly and had 1 sensible fast day and the scales have been swinging crazily :
    M 81.8
    T 82.3
    W 82.9 🙄
    Th 81.3 ( after FD)
    Fr 82.2
    Will catch up on posts later.
    I am looking forward to being back or accountability and ACTUALLY fasting.
    Wednesday’s fast showed good results for yesterday but was a bit harder than previously.
    See y’all later.
    Off to water the garden as we are in drought conditions and only had our first rain (22mls) in 6 months 2 weeks ago. Not much and nothing showing for the next week😢😢

    Day 17 NZ NFD 73.0kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    Sometimes you just have to trust 5:2 and don’t lose it when your weight swings around. Here am I back at 73kg after sticking with the programme of eating well (3 home cooked meals, being mindful, eating at the table not kitchen bench) and metaphorically closing the kitchen in the evening!! Long may it last😊
    @ccco Glad you’re still with us and posting!!
    @leoniraats Wow!!! Your new job sounds amazing and potentially really fulfilling once you get it and those interns properly under control then hopefully you’ll have time for you!! What are you studying? Remember your brain needs lots of glucose to function properly so make sure you are eating well!! Stress and sleepless nights don’t exactly help with weight loss. Maybe your gym workouts will help you to sleep???! Anyway, all the best with establishing a routine that works for you and try not to run yourself into the ground…
    @excelsior12309 Really bees 🐝are a survival food?? They might try you on crickets today!! If I lived in Florida I‘d go for Alligators… more bang for your buck!!!
    Reroofing versus owning the roof🤔You’re in the wrong business!! It’s the same here. The tradies (as they’re called in Oz and NZ) earn more than the professions now… unless you’re a partner in a law firm…
    @funshipfreddie I went for a walk in the fresh air between rain showers!!
    You got my attention when you said there was a good deal on Whisky… then mentioned the cat… What!!! 🙀
    @stitchincarol If #3 works for you, ✔️Just do it!!!
    (Apologies to the non knitters…!!)
    Oh no. Did you choose the colours? If the pattern is not easily discernible that makes it hard to knit as well. I hope it turns out better when DH is actually wearing it🙂He might prefer a more subtle colour scheme!!
    I have Barbara Walker’s top down knitting book. I’m just finishing the neck and short rows shaping for the back and front.
    I’ve based the neck on a fisherman’s gansey (knitted bottom up by picking up stitches around the neckline) where at the top above the ribbing you knit four rounds of garter stitch then one of knit then cast off. The roll curls inwards (rather than outwards) above the neck ribbing, if that makes sense!! Obviously for top down, I’ve reversed the order (co, 1 k row, 4 p rows then 1 and 1 ribbing. Then I’ve gone onto to follow this YouTube video by Knitty View Make the neck on the raglan sweater Part 1&2
    I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll do a plain raglan or an 8 stitch repeat circular pattern. I’m about to draft up some ideas…
    @jaifaim you’re a machine. What a lovely holiday you’re having!!
    @northgeorgia I have no idea how you survive all those catered meetings… So much food… Everyone must be half asleep through the meetings🤣

    Steely Resolve for the weekend!!

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.2 kg

    Easiest FD ever, 9300 steps 35 minutes of yoga & 550 cals. It makes such a difference when you’re in the right frame of mind.

    @lilymartin – welcome back! And a nice, yet sobering poem. 10 kg in 4 months – you can do it! Not having to go on statins is a great incentive.

    @excelsior12309 – canned bees?! No way, I would’ve refused. I won’t even touch honey! 😳

    @leoniraats – the unemployment situation is tragic. 8.2 million?! And that’s the ‘official’ figure. The Eastern Cape has the worst rate too. I’m all set to vote on the 29th 🗳

    @stitchincarol – people still buy into that ‘small meals frequently’ scenario, madness! And another great ploy by the big food companies. ‘The Obesity Code’ – great book!

    @northgeorgia – ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’. No wonder there’s an obesity crisis. Is there a health warning posted outside the restaurant? Maybe there should be a ‘buffet tax’, like the one they have for sugary drinks. Sorry if I sound like a party-pooper 😒

    @merryapple – ‘Whiskas’ – not whiskey 🤣 Boo Boo is one picky little madam 😼 The price has nearly doubled since I adopted Boo Boo 3 years ago!

    Happy Fri-yay! 🍹

    Fun Food Facts

    Bird saliva is a delicacy in China. One expensive delicacy of China is Bird’s nest soup which is made from rare bird’s nests created from the saliva of small swiftlets. They have been used in China for over 4 centuries

    Popsicles were invented by accident. The details are debated, but the general story is that in 1905, an 11-year-old kid left a mixture of soda and water outside in a cup overnight. It froze, and he ate it in the morning. He originally called it an “Epsicle” (his last name was Epperson).
    When he later had kids, they started calling it “Pop’s Sicle” and the new name was born.

    Ripe cranberries will bounce. If you want to test how ripe your cranberries are, drop them on the ground! Cranberries are nature’s bouncy ball – even farmers use this technique to see if their cranberries are ready for shipment!

    “There is nothing more important to true growth than realising that you are not the voice of the mind—you are the one who hears it.” — Michael A. Singer

    Day 17, London UK, FD800

    I’m sticking with the FD800’s for the moment as I seem to manage a huge salad or salad & soup (all low carb) with ease! Swerving that #4, low carb, high protein …………………. Eggs, tuna or prawns are my go-to food heroes at the moment!!

    House purchase is moving forward, fixtures & fittings list approved. They moved in 4 years ago, did nothing (except paint the living room ………. Red!!!😳😬😱), kill some beautiful shrubs the previous owners had cared for😥 and made £85k!! I need to NOT think about that part!!! The house seems a little bit unloved, so this is where I (& Bo-Bo) swoop in and fall in love!!😍😻😍

    @funshipfreddie …………………. It sounds like just one of ‘those’ days!!! If I have chocolate or biscuits or red wine🍷 in the house, everyday can often become one of ‘those’ days!!🤭🤭

    @stitchincarol, I MUST remember your advice about navigating buffets!! I’ll be in Italy in July and again in August & the breakfast buffet will be groaning under the weight of sweet treats, fruit & cereals (& Nutella, no doubt!) which I’ll need to swerve ……………… eggs & bacon for me, please, please please!!!🙏🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

    @ccco, enjoy the sun, it’s still thinking about making an appearance here!!🤔 Thinking of you & hoping all is well🙏🏼💓

    @jaifaim, 300km in the saddle!?!……………. you’re a machine!!!💪🏼💪🏼 (Now I’ve scrolled down …………..I think @merryapple is in my head!!)

    @leoniraats, we’ve a bank holiday coming up and my plans match yours exactly!!! I plan to sleep/relax/do absolutely nothing ALL day!!!!

    @lilymartin, I’m disappointed! That doctor has NO appreciation for a good rhyme!!! 🤣🤣 You definitely need to swerve the statins!! I’m sending you some rain, we may have had, at most, 7 dry days in the last 6 months!!!😡

    “Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” Joan Collins

    Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 229 lbs. Despite the all-you-can-eat buffet, the appreciation luncheon, and the chamber dinner, I’m back in the 220s today. I also have a family reunion lunch on Sunday, so another interruption coming up, but trying my best this month. I might not reach my goal, but I want to get close.

    Day 17 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 161.0

    PFDS is a thing of glory. 😇😁 I didn’t eat as little as one would expect for a FD (THREE eggs, lots of raw carrots, celery, and bell peppers, and lots of hummus–perhaps an entire cup?? No idea, simply scooped with the veggies), but I stopped there, and dropped two pounds. This morning I have a dental appointment, don’t remember why, but think it’s a crown or something, so if it is, the novocaine will certainly steal away any appetite I have, which is always a win since we’re going out to dinner tonight, and then it can be OMAD. We’ll see how the day plays out; my only absolute rule will be not eating until I’m at a 3, as it’s certainly working so far this week.

    @jaifaim What a gorgeous organ! So sad that so little of it is playable. I don’t remember ever playing a four manual organ, but when we were in St. Louis, the church where I was director of music had three manuals, and my back was sore for the first month while my muscles got used to the new arm placement position; when we first came to the church here in Nebraska, I was startled by how “small” it was with its standard two manuals–even though it was the same size I’d always played other than those three years in St. Louis. It’s all in perspective, LOL. Have a grand time; your vacation sounds thoroughly fun!

    @excelsior12309 Oh, ouch, indeed; those are steep prices! And until replacement is the only option, patching is perfect. I hope you get some nibbles soon.

    @ccco I think of you often, and wonder what’s going on with the plans for treatment; your good cheer is marvelous.

    @lilymartin I WELL understand the struggle to buckle down and simply follow–ACTUALLY FOLLOW–the 5-2 program. Read my 5/15 post for details on what has turned things around for me; perhaps it will be helpful for you. Glad to have you back, even if it’s for a less-than-joyful reason!

    @merryapple It’s lovely detail in that YouTube video–although I wondered why she wrapped her yard backward for purl stitches, then chuckled in a subsequent row when she had to reposition her stitch in order to P2tog. Oh well, if it works for her, it works. One of these days, I’ll take a picture of DH’s sweater and post it to Imgur. He swore up and down when I was starting and getting irritated at the colors and patterns that he liked it just fine, so he’d best wear it constantly, LOL! As to colors, the yarn specified is no longer made, so I “had” to substitute with Jamieson and we did our best to choose the same colors, but it’s as different as different can be. I have decided the fault is not with my color choices, but with the photography. Maybe. Oh well. It is what it is, and it’s certainly striking, if not what I would have preferred to spend so much time working on.

    @funshipfreddie I’m contemplating that quote. That’s worth thinking through and digesting.

    @flourbaby Oh, I remember the breakfast buffets of Israel and Germany–amazing things! I was most astounded by all the salads that were options; that’s not something you’d EVER see on an American breakfast buffet–more’s the pity, clearly.

    Okay, time to put on my shoes, run a brush through my hair and be on my way. Wish I could remember why I have this dental appointment, LOL!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 17 – USA/TN

    Hello, all! Had a busy week, mindful of what I ate. Still raining a lot around here and have not been able to go for walks, but my job includes a lot of bending, squatting, and reaching, so that’s got to count for something! Scale goes up and down at least 3-4 lbs. each day; hard not to pay attention to that, lol!

    Day 18 NZ NFD 73.5kg

    Well I did make myself a light version of two small burritos using wraps filled with chili and beans, cheese, sour cream and avocados. I rolled them up and put them in the oven for 15 minutes. They came out crispy and melty. Yum!!
    @lilymartin Welcome back!! I have been the only ANZAC here for a while… No rain in 6 months???… My cholesterol is also a motivator. My numbers are High but since they are coming down I have avoided statins. I looked up my Feb ‘24 results. The GP has written “improving” despite the H and LDL both up. As you can see I haven’t particularly focused on Cholesterol in my diet. Time to again. My father did and brought his right down by diet so it is possible… My DH had to be on statins because he had his coronary arteries stented and they caused him no end of muscle aches and pains. Here’s a med article about it which may be of interest about the overuse of statins and advising a focus on the Mediterranean diet.
    @flourbaby Great to hear about your house going forward. What area of London is it in? I was painted my bedroom red in a grand old house up on a hill. It became known as a ‘womb with a view’. Never again!!!!!!
    @funshipfreddie You too are a machine!! What a perfect day for you. I can feel the after glow from here!!! I have eaten birds nest soup when in Shanghai with the billionaires club. Honestly the interest is in the story telling not any amazing flavour… like sharks’ fin soup which I accidentally ate to my shame.😥
    Ms Paisley the Scottie is coming over shortly so must get myself out of bed into the crispy air…

    Onward and downward!!

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