Mindful May ☯️ 2024 Challenge

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  • Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    So many people not feeling well? @flourbaby – I saw on the news the atrocious weather you’re having; some parts of London & Brighton were predicted to have 12 hours of rain yesterday. And on a public holiday too?! Well, come on over; the sun’s shining again today, & no rain expected for at least 10 days in Port Elizabeth 🌤

    @brightonbelle, @stitchincarol – I’ve NEVER seen goat meat for sale anywhere, or seen it on a menu. And it’s very debatable as to whether it really is the most ‘popular’ meat, just depends on what you read. According to
    https://www.makefoodsafe.com/goat-meat-the-most-popular-protein-in-the-world/ it’s goat meat. But according to the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation, it’s pork, followed by poultry, beef & then goats/sheep.

    @merryapple – up after a FD?! So annoying. But only a tiny amount. Goat curry? 😳 Sounds weird, but I guess it’s just what we’re used to, like the French with horse meat 🤔

    The foods that cancer experts want you to stop eating:-

    Sending healing vibes to everyone not feeling 100% 🤗🤗

    Fun Food Facts:-

    A ridiculous amount of Nutella is sold every year So much so, that it could cover the Great Wall of China 8 times, you could circle the world 1.8 times, and the amount weighs the same as the Empire State Building.

    Eating fast food regularly has the same impact on the liver as hepatitis. One month of eating fast food can cause significant changes to your liver due to the amount of fat and saturated fats. These changes in liver enzymes are similar to the effects of hepatitis.

    Eskimos use refrigerators to stop their food from freezing. You wouldn’t think you’d need anything to keep your food cold in the arctic, but it’s exactly the opposite! In order to prevent food from freezing, Eskimos need refrigerators to keep it from getting too cold.

    Day 7 – UK – TDEE

    Feeling a lot better and after yesterday afternoon’s heavy rain woke up to a brighter and dry day ⛅️ so will put on my 🥾 and go out for a gentle 5 miles and check out the bluebells a bit later this morning.

    Feeling positive so stepped on the scales and rewarded with a 1.1kg loss from the beginning of the challenge – great encouragement to stay on track 😊

    @funshipfreddie – I love dark chocolate and I like hazelnuts but not Nutella 😳

    Need to keep reminding myself this month that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. and when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 7-No. VA USA-FD 800

    Weight is pretty static. Rainy here for the past 5 days, so a bit dreary; but warm in the afternoons. So gardening chores on hold until things dry out a bit.
    Goat is available around here at various halal butchers which serve the Muslim communities in our area. Lamb is also available, but of course you can get that in regular grocery stores. I have had goat a few times, years ago, in stews. Don’t remember it being too different from lamb, actually.
    I am sorry to hear of many members who have not been well; I hope things are healing up. I am particularly worried about @stitchincarol‘s “organ”; that sounds serious!!! (just kidding).
    Down we go!

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 226 lbs. Decided to make tomorrow instead of today the FD so I don’t heavily weigh down the end of the week with NFDs. Was hoping for another 225 weigh-in today, but my body is being a bit stubborn.

    @funshipfreddie Interesting article on the association of food and cancer. What’s really interesting about the article is that although it mentioned processed foods and sugars, it focused on red meat and processed meats. But the map of cancer “under 50” incidents is once again interesting. “Avoid that burger or sausage” the article says, but once again, the sausage-loving Germans and the beef-loving Argentines are safer than Australians or Americans. The junk food waits until a whisper at the end of the article. Once again, sugar is silent because…advertising pays the publishing bills? 😉

    Day 7, London, UK, FD

    I’ve got soup at the ready for lunch and a tuna-cauliflower rice thing for dinner. This FD will not be derailed!!💪🏼💪🏼
    I’m feeling a lot better today although a strange ache in the centre of my back is annoying, perhaps the coughing did something?

    @merryapple, absolutely love ‘Curry goat’ although I’ve yet to sample one that didn’t set fire to my tonsils!!! Sustainability wise, goat meat has to be the next step for the UK, I think they dispatch male kids early on since the only market is for goat’s milk, yet so many cultures EAT goat. My Albanian colleague gets hers from France!!!

    I blame the Italians for the Nutella nonsense!! My Sardinian SIL is used to having a cappuccino and a ‘sweet’ thing for breakfast, now my brother and niece have joined the madness with Nutella on toast!!! As a founding ZBC member and sugar swerver, I’m offended on 2 fronts!!!!🙄🙄

    @excelsior12309, I too had a little titter about @stitchincarol’s misbehaving ‘organ’!!!😁😳🤭

    Back to the grindstone!!! Oh, for a lottery win!!!

    Stay strong folks!!

    “Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.”
    — Aisha Tylor

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – dunno yet – 163.2

    Had a regular NFD yesterday (meatloaf [is that a thing for you all?] that I pulled from the freezer and simply had to thaw to bake, mashed potatoes, and broccoli) and am down half a pound. I’m liking this steady–and dropping, LOL!–weight rather than the wildly fluctuating numberes I normally have. But as to a WF today, with no piano lessons to take me away, I don’t know what to ask of myself. So, it’ll likely be a normal 500calorie FD, but I’m headed to church shortly to spend the day practicing and polishing the program, so I’ll see what I can pull off. I can’t pull off anything until I’ve had a chance to contemplate the various temptations I’ll encounter throughout the day, and have thought through what strategies I’ll employ to overcome them, and I haven’t been awake long enough to do that, LOL.

    You guys are funny! But when I re-read my post from that point of view, I got it. 😂 There’s a church council meeting tonight, so we’ll see what they say about the whole thing; in the meantime, we’re getting a rental/loaner organ Wednesday morning, so I’ll spend all of Wednesday afternoon setting registrations, which will be another opportunity to eat minimally. (Thursday is the hymn fest.)

    Got some answers at the doctor yesterday. First, I’m on antibiotics because the throat was indeed bacterial. Second, the racing heart for the last month is almost certainly down to the medicine I’d quit taking. The pain on the 21st of March? Who knows. It’s lovely to have answers that have nothing to do with the health of my body, you know?

    Okay, I’m out the door to go play with my organ. 😉

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 7 UK f800

    Forgot to log in earlier and had to abandon reading posts as talk of Nutella and curried goat is making my tummy rumble, actually mid afternoons are always my worst time re fasting but a few chores lined up , a date with Leslie 🚶‍♀️and then it’ll nearly be dinner time

    Glad the news was all ok from the Drs @stitchincarol

    As far as I can see just the 2 of us today – with a maybe from @stitchincarol💪

    Pocket List day 7👁️


    USA. Day 7. FD

    Pocket List day 7👁️


    Don’t know why but I am up a pound today! Ugh!

    Day 7 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hi everyone. As predicted this month is a busy one as I am away on a cycling trip next week so very busy tying ends up this week after the May bank holiday.

    Current weight gives me room to manoeuvre next week but no doubt I’ll have to work hard when I’m back… EoEo I hope 🤞

    @merryapple my local restaurant does a delicious Goat Curry dish. 😋
    @stitchincarol – I’m not quite maintenance savvy having only dipped into it a handful of times but I’ll be back in the zone in June 🌟 need to enjoy the time off next week ☀️ 🚴‍♀️ 🏖️🌟 thats a real priority for me now 💕.
    Sorry all not much chat from me at the moment…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd Post – Day 7

    Pocket List day 7👁️

    @excelsior12309 FD800
    @brightonbelle FD800

    Day 8 NZ NFD 74.2kg

    Stable and eating well! This morning the house is 12C… I decided to veer away from porridge and had a slice of wild venison black pudding, an egg, spinach, a slice of tomato and avocado on toast!! It all fitted on my toast!! Who needs to go out for breakfast!!
    @excelsior12309 and @flourbaby I had the same reaction to @stitchincarol’s organ problems. We call a “loaner organ” here a transplant🤣
    I’m glad your health problems have been sorted out @stitchincarol and you’re back to your usual joie de vie!!
    My grandmother used to make us a Scottish meatloaf called Aberdeen Sausage when we were kids.
    @jaifaim I’m sure the continent of Africa has a myriad of goat recipes!! The Chinese prefer to eat pork mainly and beef but not lamb.
    You don’t know what you’re missing @funshipfreddie!!!
    @flourbaby We have a Halal butcher nearby who makes the best Merquez sausages – super hot!!!. Because of our lamb exports to the Middle East, all the country’s spring lamb and 60% of cattle face Mecca at the freezing works and is therefore Halal certified by the FIANZ, Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ. I sat next to an Islamic gentleman on a plane to London several years ago who was on his way to receive an award for helping the freezing work industry to rejig in accordance with Shariah law.
    Well done @at The silver lining of being ill has to be weight loss!!

    Keep up that Steely Resolve!!

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @at, @flourbaby – I’m not sure I’ve ever had Nutella. Unless you count Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Isn’t the creamy bit in the centre Nutella?

    @northgeorgia – I’m sure you’re right, it’s all smoke & mirrors with most of these so-called studies, & it’s always enlightening to find out who actually sponsors them.

    @stitchincarol – good to hear you’re okay & finally getting some answers. My mum made a great meatloaf, but I can’t remember the last time I ate any.

    Not feeling too chatty today. It’s a cool, cloudy & windy 18 C here. Perfect for line-dancing. Then I think a couple of us are off for lunch at Angelo’s on the seafront.

    The ‘anti-diet’ diet:

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Fun Food Facts:-

    You could survive only by drinking breast milk. Breast milk is the only single food that provides all the nutrients that our bodies need.
    Adults could survive off of this as well, provided they receive enough of it.

    Fortune Cookies are not Chinese. Although we think of these as a Chinese food staple, fortune cookies are from an entirely different continent! They were invented in the early 1900’s in San Francisco.

    In an emergency, coconut water can be used for blood plasma. Just like blood plasma, coconut water has levels of high sodium and low potassium. It should only be used in absolute emergencies, because adverse effects may be fever, headaches, itchiness, or aching sensations.

    Day 8 – UK – TDEE

    Enjoyed a slow 5 miles wander exploring spring in my neck of the woods, flowers and bluebells galore and lots of birdsong…….but felt rather tired in the afternoon so definitely lacking in energy levels.

    Good news my Covid test was negative this morning so I will be off to my long awaited iMSK clinic appointment this afternoon and hope to get some answers for my right buttock/hip/leg pain🤞OH seems to think if might be a nerve impingement problem…….

    @stitchincarol – good news from your recent doctor visit 🤗 just caught on with the issues with your organ 🤣
    @funshipfreddie! – apparently Ferraro Rocher filling is “chocolate with creamy Nutella filling mixed with crushed hazelnut” according to my DD and I do like them too

    As @merryapple says I am hoping to “Keep up that Steely Resolve!!” for the rest of this challenge

    Day 8, London, UK, FD

    I’m aiming for a B2B2B this week so “Steely Resolve” in buckets please!!!🙏🏼💪🏼

    Weird pain in the middle of my upper back persists, If only I could apply the ‘Voodoo’ Voltorol with a bit more precision (firmness) I’m sure it would perform it’s usual miracle relief. Anyway, a few stretching exercises will hopefully do the trick ………….. or make it 10 x worse!!😱

    I’m absolutely exhausted today, got caught in Eurovision fever last night, late to bed and late to get up this morning. I’ve arrived at work with NO jewellery, No wrap around my bun and my blouse has a noticeable hole in the side seam!! I look (feel) like a vagrant!!

    @merryapple, hadn’t heard of the ‘freezing works’, I understand now (thanks Google) although I wasn’t aware animals to be slaughtered had to face Mecca! What we learn on a fasting forum!!😳

    Must dash, today has started badly, so I need to get on top of things before I get overwhelmed!!

    Keep the faith folks.

    Day 8 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 228 lbs. Oh, not long ago that middle digit was a “1” not a “2,” but little victories — I’m a pound lighter over this time last week. Still avoiding soft drinks, opting to skip lunch most NFDs at work, and being mindful of UPFs (I failed on this last night, but at least saved it until after dinner and stopped myself from going all out). Instead of ZBC, I have tried good fats such as nuts/avocados and a boiled egg to keep me feeling full through the lunch hour on NFDs. Still a work in progress!

    Pocket list – day 8

    Day 8 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD simply wasn’t, but I ate reasonably, and am still the same weight, so I’m calling that a success. I have whipped feta to prepare today so it can be piped on slices of cucumber tomorrow and topped with a shrimp, and also Smoked Salmon Cheesecake to prepare today. DS27 is making the deviled eggs and the bacon-wrapped little smokies, and I bought a big container of hummus that I’ll serve with various cut veggies; looking forward to sitting after the hymn fest and nibbling is what’s keeping me going at this point, LOL! The house is rather a mess, and needs to be straightened up for the cleaner tomorrow. And the loaner organ (😂🤣😂🤣) is coming this morning, so I also need to spend the entire afternoon setting registrations and making friends with it. (The pedals are not AGO-standard–which means they’re spaced a smidge differently than I’m used to–so that alone will take lots of playing to get my feet able to land where they belong.)

    I got asked to play a funeral on Friday morning so I won’t be chatty that morning either, LOL.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 8 UK f800

    All this talk about delicious food again – I do love a marguez sausage @merry🍎 might be sampling some when I’m in France next week

    Many years ago when in Piedmont someone who used to work at the factory told me Nutella came up with the idea of Ferrero Rocher to use up a lot of the tiny bits-of hazelnut they had left over after making Nutella , may be just one of those urban myths though ?🤞

    Anyway sticking to <800 – not adhering to the very low carb though and getting in plenty of exercise need to get into my beach wear Tuesday 🤞

    Your unplanned late night did make me smile @flourbaby , it’s dreadful when it catches up with you the next morning 😄
    Happy 🐫day all

    Pocket list – day 8

    USA. Day 8. FD

    Pocket list – day 8

    Won a large basked yesterday at my annual Three Arts Club end of year luncheon to my surprise! I never win anything! I thought I would divvy up my goodies with my children but to my surprise, is doesn’t have any food! I will figure something out but I am pleased at my win!

    Day 9 – FD – South Africa 🇿🇦
    When I stopped focusing on my weight I lost a, little every day since the beginning of May. I gained 1kg and I’m devastated. I managed to find a routine which seems to help. I’ve managed to exercise on 3 consecutive days. Maybe it’s the muscle not sure. I push hard to drink between 2l and 3L water daily
    It’s 4h30 AM and I was supposed to train already. To have this shock is nothing but demotivating. It’s not like I’ve been overeating at all. I’m mindful of my calories. But I will just keep going.

    Pocket list 🚩

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    I was supposed to be seeing the cardiologist next week, but they just called to ask me if I’d like to go today instead, due to a cancellation. I said ‘yes’ before I’d even thought about it. Now my imagination is working overtime. A scene just played out in my head, where a couple of guys in scrubs wheel a trolley into the consulting room. One of them says to me, “hop on, we need to operate immediately. Did you bring an overnight bag?” 😳 I’ve got to stop watching ‘House’. @excelsior12309 – I’m reminding myself of what you said – ‘quick & simple’!

    @leoniraats – 1 kilo up – don’t panic! That’s exactly why I don’t weigh myself daily. If you hadn’t weighted yourself, & your weight bobs down again after today’s FD, you’d be none the wiser & your weight may be even lower than it was after your last FD. 3 litres of water per day is a lot, especially if you’re drinking other things & eating a lot of fruit/veg. I’m sure the 2 -3 litre per day recommendation includes water from all food/drink.

    @stitchincarol – best wishes for tonight’s hymn fest! 🎶 🎹

    @ccco – congratulations! 🥳️🎉

    Fun Food Facts

    Nutritious food is more expensive than junk food. This is a great excuse to use to eat junk food and save money, but our bodies don’t like it so much! Per ounce, nutritious food costs up to 10 times more than junk food.

    India has the lowest meat consumption in the world Per capita, Indians only consume 7 pounds of meat per person per year. The average person in the United States eats 224.6 lbs of meat annually, tying the country for first in meat consumption.

    Alabama’s state nut is famous. The state nut of Alabama is the pecan.
    It’s such a big deal, there’s a state pecan festival every year with carnival rides, country music, and a western show. All revolving around pecans!

    Pocket List – Day 9 🚩

    Day 9 NZ FD 74.1kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    I forgot to post after reading everyone’s epistles. I was cold so took off to walk up our Mangawhau. The sky was so clear and bright blue, the sun was shining and I could see for kilometres every which way (360 degrees). Tomorrow is destined to be fine and unseasonably cold again.
    @leoniraats Please don’t despair. You have probably eaten something salty or some such thing. What goes up must come down! Or a chocolate a week ago????!!! You’re doing really well and getting closer to me day by day!!!
    @ccco What was in the basket if you can’t eat anything?!
    @stitchincarol Delicious menu!! Have thought of getting wider shoes to fill up the gaps eg like gumboots??🤣
    @northgeorgia Your good fats are my favourites too for fillers. You sound much more confident
    @brightonbelle Oooh a French holiday. How lovely!!!
    @flourbaby Didn’t you have a respiratory illness recently?? You don’t have pleuritic pain, do you? (asks she from a zillion miles away….) Or was it caused by over exertion???
    Eurovision….???? Last time I heard about this it was in a Father Ted episode…!!!
    @at I’m picturing you like Beatrix Potter, noticing all the spring is sprung changes😊
    @funshipfreddie Your day sounds fun too especially now I know what your beach looks like!!

    Steely Resolve!

    FD Pocket List

    Day 9, London, UK, FD

    3rd of my B2B2B FDs, time to kickstart some timber shedding!!!

    Feeling a little anxious this week as my solicitor reports the vendors are dawdling with supplying documentation for the house sale!!😡😡 They’ve found a vacant property & had an offer accepted, I’m chain free ………………… ideal situation, yet they’re slow to actually do things to progress this sale!! I’m anxious because I’ve been gazumped before and had a house withdrawn from sale AFTER the offer was accepted😥 I’ll be able to breath again once the keys are in my sweaty palm!!!

    @funshipfreddie and then you wake up from the anaesthetic minus a critical part only to hear the nurses whispering “I must have misread the notes, I thought they said MR. Funshipfreddie, not Mr. Funshopteddie to Op theatre 1!!”😲🤣🤣🤣

    @merryapple, yes, currently recovering from a head cold, but I had this pain in the middle of my back between shoulder blades a few months ago and the Dr said it was muscular so sent me off with some exercises, perhaps I should actually do them!!🙄

    Right, I’m off, keep the faith folks, and …………….
    If anyone’s got a couple of digits free, cross them for me & my house please!!!🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    “I am thankful for my struggle because, without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.” —Alex Elle

    2nd Post – Day 9

    @flourbaby – you’re killing me! 🤣 Dunno why I’m laughing, it could happen! 😱 Good luck with the house purchase! 🤞🤞🤞 Isn’t it legally binding though, once the Offer to Purchase is signed by both parties? It is here 🤔

    @merryapple – I think our posts over-lapped.

    A couple of UK Mail articles;-



    Pocket List – Day 9 🚩

    Day 9 UK f800

    Hurray a bit of ☀️and whilst no movement on scales feeling better after a few days of “clean” eating

    Nail biting time with the purchase @flourbaby , if only it was legally binding @funshipfreddie we still have very old laws re house purchase and nothing is binding until youve exchanged contracts and gazumping is still very much a thing – I’m sure it won’t happen to you again though @flourbaby 🤞

    Right off to try and fit in 2 days of my yoga challenge as have a 5.10 train in the morning 😴

    Pocket List – Day 9 🚩

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 227 lbs. Some post-FDs are like that…the body is smug and doesn’t want to budge the weight. Still was down a pound and a half, so still a win.

    Big storms moving in, and didn’t get much sleep due to the warnings going off all night…and can’t delay going where I have to go today (not the office).

    Thought for today: Ultra Processed Foods have to have artificial colors and brightly painted packaging and propaganda to entice us to eat them. Otherwise, we’d eat a lot more natural foods.

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD, more or less

    Good morning all! Went to sleep at 11:15, woke up at 1:30, and then slept for 5 minutes and then woke up for 10 ALL. NIGHT. LONG. At least, until 6:45 when I slept for 30 minutes straight. Gah. Once all the work is done, I really love doing this hymn fest, but it’s sure a lot of work. And, funny story, just before I went to bed, I sent a copy of the program to my sister in California, knowing there’d be a mistake or two that I’d missed and she’d find–and I got up this morning to the email reporting she found eleven! LOL, sisters like that are incredibly handy to have.

    So now I’m going to chase after myself to finish up all the details and practice one last time. Or perhaps twice. DH suggested we leave after church to go to Lincoln and stay in a lovely downtown hotel and go out to dinner, since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and our 35th on Monday. ❤️ SO looking forward to that down time!

    Have a grand one, everyone, and, David, do let us know how thoroughly you pass everything at the doctor’s today, because I’M SURE YOU WILL.

    Day 9 – UK – FD

    Beautiful weather today – did a 7mile hike with a couple of friends through a bluebell forest, exploring a hidden valley ending with a light lunch outside in the sunshine – Evening Pilates class made for a perfect day ❤️

    iMSK clinic appointment went well – diagnosed with mild lumbar stenosis and nerve impingement – no invasive treatment required at this stage but advice on how to best manage symptoms and some extra pilates movement to open the lumbar vertebraes and release compression after a long walk…..at the end of the day it’s all about managing expectations at this stage – good to have a formal diagnosis and knowing that my exercises and walks don’t have to be curtailed

    @flourbaby – 🤞you exchange soon then you can relax
    @stitchincarol – a lovely idea from your DH to “go to Lincoln and stay in a lovely downtown hotel and go out to dinner, since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and our 35th on Monday” Enjoy the time out 🥂
    @funshipfreddie – hope all went well with the cardiologist visit 🤞

    Time to get ready for bed as feeling pleasantly tired 😴

    Day 10 NZ NFD 🏃🏼‍♀️73.8kg

    We have a gorgeously cool clear sky accompanied by Antarctic winds… 🥶It’s Autumn not Winter… The house is 10C. I think if I ignore the temperature it will warm up… It’s too early for heaters. All the electric cars are putting huge pressure on energy supplies. They warned us to not all put heaters on between 7-9am because the South Island is considerably cooler. Those electric cars are so much heavier – esp the oversized family ‘tractors’ and they are breaking up our roads… Bring on the next generation hydrogen car technology. Can you tell I don’t admire Tesla and Elon Musk…
    @funshipfreddie I did miss your post… Luckily the cardiologist is the one without the knife!! I hope all has gone well for you.
    @flourbaby I hope you never need anaesthetic gasses🤣🤣
    🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞for your house purchase. I have only ever bought one house at auction… Nerve wracking and it costs more than you anticipated…
    @at That’s good news. My girlfriend is instructing me to improve my gluteal muscles to stand straighter. I’m now walking with a Canterbury Tales walk, which means I have a Chaucerian red hot poker up my ass… Apologies to sensitive souls… Her physio proscribed a walk with a $50 note between your buttocks but somehow that didn’t have the desired effect…
    @stitchincarol What a lovely appreciative DH you have!!
    @brightonbelle I’m with you on the “clean” eating.
    @northgeorgia That’s 😬coloured food for thought…
    @leoniraats I hope your number today is better… I’m with @funshipfreddie on the water volume… Here’s an interesting article https://www.eatforhealth.gov.au/nutrient-reference-values/nutrients/water#:~:text=Solid%20foods%20contribute%20approximately%2020,metabolism%20(water%20of%20oxidation).
    @ccco How are you going today?

    Steely Resolve!!!!

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.1 kg

    It was a stunning day yesterday, 24 C, not a cloud in the sky & a slight breeze. My appointment wasn’t until 3:30 pm so I got to enjoy most of the afternoon .

    Well, they didn’t operate, phew?! The doc said the test results were ‘completely normal’. But they didn’t do the calcium score. I had a stress test, and a nurse did some tests with a hand-held scanner thingy they move around your chest while looking at a screen. The Dr said my med aid won’t cough up for the calcium test – which is an eye-watering R 25,000 – just because I feel like getting it done. I didn’t have a GP referral and I don’t have any symptoms, e.g. pain or shortness of breath. He said I was ‘in great shape’ & believed it would be a complete waste of money.

    @stitchincarol – your sleepless night sounds grim?! I’d be like a wrung-out dish-cloth 🥴️ I hope all went well during the hymn-fest. Enjoy Lincoln & the hotel stay 🛎

    @at – good to hear your clinic appointment went well & you can KOKO. Back pain can be so debilitating.

    @northgeorgia – I hope those storms have moved on by now & that the damage was minimal 🌪

    @merryapple – electric cars?! I doubt they’ll ever take off here. We can’t even keep the lights on half the time, & electricity prices are already through the roof.

    @leoniraats – nice number today! 🎯

    Happy Fri-yay y’all! 🍹

    Fun Food Facts

    There’s a small difference between jelly & jam. Jam is made with fruit, which is why it’s so chunky. Meanwhile, jelly is made with fruit juice.
    An easy way to tell the difference between jelly and jam is that jelly will spread evenly, while jam will tend to be a little lumpy.

    Coriander and cilantro are not the same things. Although people tend to think it’s the same thing with a different name, that’s not the case. Cilantro is the plant’s leaves and stems, while coriander is the name of the dried seeds

    Tonic water glows in the dark. Quinine is the component of tonic water which is what causes the glow.

    Day 10, London, UK, NFD

    Looking forward to a mindful NFD. Chicken salad for lunch and maybe egg mayo lettuce cups for dinner ……………… good news here is the 24-degree heat heralds the official start to “Summer Salad Weather”!!!

    @funshipfreddie, “Completely normal” ……….. just what we want to hear!!🥳🥳 House buying UK, if only we were that civilized!!! The sale is only binding upon contract exchange, which could be months into the process!! The estate agent has contacted the vendors and they had a few issues with documentation but assured him they’re as eager as I am, so I’m still keeping everything crossed, but my anxiety is under control & I actually slept last night!!!

    @northgeorgia, here’s an extract from some research done on nutritional ratios a while ago
    “Human breast milk is particularly rich in natural sugars, mainly lactose. Roughly 4% of human breast milk is fat, while about 8% is made up of sugars. Formula milk, which is fed to babies, contains a similar ratio of fats to sugars.
    This ratio, 1g of fat to 2g of sugars, is the same ratio of fats to sugars that you find in milk chocolate. And in biscuits, doughnuts, ice cream. In fact this particular ratio is reflected in many of the foods that we find hard to resist.
    So why do I love chocolate? For a whole host of reasons. But it may also be that I, and chocoholics like me, are trying to recapture the taste and sense of closeness we got from the first food we ever sampled; human breast milk.”

    Similarly …………………

    These things are sooo hard to resist because they flip the switch with their fat:sugar ratio, and once you start, the slope only gets steeper and more slippery!!! This is why low carb works for me, fat is satiating, but I know if I combine fats & sugars ………….. BAM!!! 2lbs on instantly!!😱😱 Simply put ……….. Fat Good; Sugar Bad.😊

    @stitchincarol, your weekend plans sound lovely. Enjoy!!🙏🏼

    @merryapple, my new house🤞🏼🤞🏼 has an electric charging point installed, I’ll figure out how to adapt it for the hairdryer!!🤣🤣 I’m definitely going to adopt that walking technique ………… figuratively of course!!!😲😲

    @daffodil2010, hope you’re just waiting in the wings to make the perfect entrance!!

    Onwards & Downwards folks!!

    “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” — Chinese Proverb

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 230 lbs. As Sunday is Mother’s Day, I’m guessing Monday will be my next FD. Gotta run!

    Day 10 – UK – TDEE

    A beautiful “Summer’s ” day even though technically we are still in Spring – blue skies, sunshine and hot

    Spent the morning on the coast dog walking with DD – we then had a light lunch at a local pub sitting in the sunshine…….bliss

    Now back home and having a lazy mid afternoon in the garden

    @stitchincarol – restless nights and myself don’t agree – hopefully after your hymn fest you can relax and enjoy your weekend
    @funshipfreddie – good news from the cardiologist
    @northgeorgia – even though it’s Mother’s Day this weekend try to stay focused and in control – you will feel all the better for it…..promise

    This made me laugh today “I keep trying to lose weight…….but it keeps finding me”

    USA. Day 10. FD

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE, I just read your message from yesterday and I can relate very well to everything you said! :(. I spent yesterday in the ER and learned I have a brain tumor. I went because I thought something was wrong with my heart! This certainly came as a surprise, so I can imagine everything that was going through your mind. because I am quite sure it parallels my thoughts. I hope your doctor visit went well 👍🤗

    USA. Day 10. FD

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE, I just read your message of today and am very glad your doctor’s visit went so well!

    Day 11 NZ NFD 74.4kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    I bought some exercise clothing (zip up jacket and pants) after a walk up Mangawhau to keep me motivated…

    @ccco What a shock for you. You are part of this wee group and we will all keep you feeling supported as best we can from a distance. Please make sure you stay in touch even it’s just reading our posts for entertainment… 😘

    @at I dream of pub lunches!! Mind you you the last thing I need at the moment is a couple of pints!
    @flourbaby 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞I can picture your hair do looking like you’ve been through a wind tunnel!!🤣🤣
    There is something like a wee bit of tainted love in these obsessional facts… Enough to possibly put everyone off chocolate, icecream (well nearly) cake, chips and burgers… I will find myself quoting this awful observation just as I am about to launch into a burger and wonder whether I want to go ahead with it. I hope I can forget it!!
    @funshipfreddie Your food facts made me laugh today… lumpy jam vs jelly… I might have a G&T tonight in the dark😁
    @stitchincarol I hope you now have the organ under control and have a fab Mother’s Day tomorrow.

    Steely Resolve everyone!!

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @ccco – I was shocked to read your post?! Will you need surgery? Wishing you a full & speedy recovery 🤗🤗

    @flourbaby – good news re your vendors then? Hopefully you won’t have to wait months 🤞🤞 Interesting re the fat:sugar ratio. Salt’s in the mix too. The ‘bliss point’, I think they call it. These evil junk food manufacturers have their scientists working day & night to concoct new, irresistible goodies. I love the Chinese proverb.

    @merryapple – enjoy your glow-in-the-dark G&T 😅

    Snacks to add years to your life. I wouldn’t call walnuts ‘cheap’ though 🤔

    Obesity fuelling 40% of cancer cases:-

    “Everything is created twice, first in the mind & then in reality” ~ Robin Sharma

    Fun Food Facts

    German Chocolate Cake has nothing to do with Germany. German chocolate cake was invented by a Texan who used “German’s Chocolate” which is simply baking chocolate named after the creator, Sam German.

    Brown sugar is no different than white sugar: Brown sugar is no less refined than white sugar. The only difference is the fact that some of the molasses that gets removed in the refining process, is added back in.

    Popcorn at the movies isn’t universal. Popcorn is the go-to movie snack for Americans, and it’s easy to assume everyone else does this too.
    However, in Colombia, dried ants are the popular option. Meanwhile in Korea, the snack of choice is dried cuttlefish, and in China, they eat dried salted plums.

    Day 11-No. VA USA-FD 800

    Very chilly this morning for a May morning. I am dog-sitting my daughter’s small dog, and I have to walk him outside as he cannot be let outside to run like the other dogs. (They are on an “invisible fence” so they do not venture outside the boundaries of our 4 1/2 acres).
    @ccco, so sorry to hear you are dealing with a surprise serious diagnosis! We are all here to offer support and encouragement as needed. Please let us know how you are doing.

    @flourbaby, I think we know now why moving is one of the great life stressors! Annoying sellers! We refer here to wild hair as looking like you got dragged backwards through the blackberry bushes!!

    @funshipfreddie, I am glad your tests were good; strange that the calcium test is so expensive there. The one I had done (I had to pay for it, not covered by insurance) was $149. American health care is almost NEVER cheaper than elsewhere!

    @merryapple, the walking technique your friend suggested: does it require a high value bill, or could you walk correctly with a piece of Monopoly money inserted in the proper location??? Asking for a friend…

    My weight was up a pound and a half today, no doubt due to delicious roasted potato and drink of hard cider last night; back to the program today!

    Happy fasting!

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 229 lbs. No big change over last week, a few ounces down on average. I think resisting the soft drinks is helping my body reset.

    @flourbaby I went back and had time to catch up on the posts. Yes, that tricky fat:sugar ratio is something the corporations’ food scientists are surely aware of to keep us coming back for nastiness that for some reason tastes good 🙂

    I’ll miss not fasting tomorrow, but I’m going to cook up a Mother’s day meal tomorrow, so it will be worth it 🙂 My FDs have to condense next week to Monday/Tuesday, as I have work-related meals on both Wednesday and Thursday. I’m postponing my first meal of the day this weekend (and on NFDs next week) as long as possible into the day to create TREs.

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    It’s good to be back. The hymn fest went well, the choir sounded glorious, the trumpets did well (neither my DS27 or our dear friends’ DS 32 play very often, so it was a challenge for their lip to last, but they were good), and one of my piano student families even came, and the girls each went straight for a hug with me–something they’ve neither of them ever done, so that was touching and lovely. ❤️ As usual the best part was the party at our house afterward for the choir and dear friends who attended 😁😂😂 (there were 21 or 22 of us, I think), with lots of laughter and yummy food and relaxation. Then I was up way too early and out the door to play the funeral, and when I got home I ended up napping for 2.5 hours. I never nap. Never. Shows how tired I was, LOL!

    Our insurance company offers programs every now and again to help people lose weight if they want to participate, and I recently signed up for something called WONDR. It says I can eat whatever I want, which I’m taking to mean they won’t try to change me from IF or force me into breakfast. Here’s what it says: “Our clinically proven behavior-change solutions deliver lasting health outcomes. Wondr improves the metabolic, emotional, and physical health of…” It starts next week, so I’ll let you know if their approach is helpful.

    @ccco A brain tumor??? Wowza, honey, you dropped that piece of information with such a casual and relaxed tone! I do hope it proves to be very receptive to treatment. Cyber hugs to you as you start the process of determining treatment!

    @funshipfreddie Well done on passing your stress test with a stellar score! What is a calcium test? Similar to a DEXA scan? My insurance approved that, and the result says I have osteopenia, so have begun taking calcium/D pills. Do you take any calcium just as a precaution?

    @flourbaby Do you have a rough closure date yet? The waiting, with things up in the air, is tough, isn’t it?

    @merryapple Perhaps you need to add barre classes to your life; there’s tons of focus on posture at those–at least, there was with the excellent teacher I had growing up, who quit teaching to join a dance company (so she clearly had marketable skills). I still would love to take ballet classes, but close to me, where they would be convenient, they don’t exist, and the teachers are unwilling to add them (I’ve asked); Omaha and Lincoln certainly have adult classes, but they wouldn’t be at all convenient. Perhaps when we retire, I’ll be close enough to take again.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    USA. Day 11. FD

    Thank you all so much for your support. You cannot imagine how much that means to me. I think I have moved on from shock to denial! I went to the emergency room at my local hospital thinking it was my heart and left with an issue of a total different body part! You never know. I won’t know until Tuesday what the recommendation will be but I know that surgery is a strong possibility! Never a dull moment.

    Anyway, I will continue to be here as usual. I won’t change my life for this unless something happens and I can’t. So all, today is another FD! Another FD, so I didn’t see a pocket list and I will make one! 🙂

    Pocket List Day 11

    @ccco 🤗🌈

    Day 11 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hi all – apologies for being MIA… I was In Action just busy getting work done and making sure everything was in place at home… now travelling to Majorca for a cycling holiday with friends – we expect to cycle for five days next week and it will be challenging but great. Friends over there say it’s warm and balmy after a few unsettled weeks.. I’ll be checking in as I need to get back to good habits and not let myself run away with the holiday food etc.
    I’ll also catch up on posts …
    I hope everyone is well 💕🌟

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD800

    @jaifaim – enjoy your cycling holiday 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️

    @stitchincarol – the calcium sore is the bad type of calcium that can clog arteries – “A calcium score test is a CT scan that looks at how much calcium is in your coronary arteries. Calcium in your heart’s arteries can tell you if you have a buildup of a waxy, fatty substance (plaque) that can narrow or block them”. I only take a multivitamin/mineral supplement + magnesium, but I do eat some dairy every day.

    @ccco – your positive attitude is inspiring, & will help you to get through this, I’m sure! 🤗

    5 common sweeteners & what they’re really doing to your body:-

    Oprah “apologises for her role in toxic diet culture…”

    Michael Mosley’s column, for anyone who can open it:-

    Fun Food Facts

    Turkey consumes the most tea per person. Although Turkish coffee is popular, tea is the bigger of the staples. Per capita, Turks drink almost 7 pounds of tea every year. Even England doesn’t drink that much!

    The Netherlands drink the most coffee per person. Another surprising statistic here – each person drinks about 2.5 cups of coffee every day.
    Finland and Sweden trail behind them at 1.8 and 1.3 cups.

    Serbia hosts the most costly cheese. Pule cheese is made from donkey milk at one location in Serbia.
    One pound of discounted Pule was sold for $576 per pound, but the normal cost is over $1,000 per pound!

    I’m off to my favourite garden centre/coffee shop. There’s a spinach & feta muffin there with my name on it 😋 I’ll have to eat very sparingly tonight.
    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 12 🥚
    @funshipfreddie FD800

    Day 12 NZ NFD 73.7kg 🏃🏼‍♀️🚴

    I lost my post early in the day… I hope everyone is having a great day. It’s Mother’s Day here. Cheers!

    Day 12 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 230 lbs. Glad I held it steady before my massive Mother’s Day cooking this morning. I expect I’ll see a post-Sunday lunch increase tomorrow morning, but maybe it won’t be too terrible. @ccco Hoping strength for you during the days ahead.

    Next FD will be B2B tomorrow and Tuesday.

    USA Day 12. FD

    I wanted to wish all the mothers here Happy Mother’s Day! 🤗 🌈 🌺

    USA. Day 12. FD

    Thank you, FUNSHIPFREDDIE! Wow regarding the tea in Turkey. I alway thought they loved their Turkish coffee the best! Wow again regarding the cheese! I love cheese but at those prices, I would give it up! LOL

    Thank you, Northgeorgia!

    Jaifaim, have fun on your cycling trip! I am jealous! I have a beautiful bike sitting in my garage that I am forever staring at. I loved cycling but I had to give it up because of my arthritis. :(.

    Pocket List – Day 12 🥚
    @funshipfreddie FD800


    Day 12 – Tn, USA

    Well, it’s only taken me 12 days and numerous emails to the site to figure out why my former password wasn’t working! Is JJ still administrator?

    Hello again, mindful May fasters! I am hoping I can still jump on the wagon and return to my goal weight, which has alluded me since 2022! It’s only 4 lbs, but also a few inches around the middle that I need to lose.

    What I notice works for me is being accountable in MFP and here on the site. It’s encouraging to see people from 2017 still posting! My regime is LCHF, but I haven’t done 5:2 for a long time. Got to get back to what works!

    Day 12 – FD – South Africa 🇿🇦
    Hey all,
    Not read messages for a bit. Crazy and basically hop on to update the tracker.

    Pocket list 🍓

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.2 kg

    Had a good FD, but cutting out caffeine is definitely making the FDs a bit tougher. Worth it though, for the better sleep quality. I never used to yawn, but the last couple of weeks..? I was asleep just after 10 last night 😴

    @metatauta – welcome back! I’m sure you’ll shift those unwanted 4 lb in no time. As far as I know JJ is still the administrator, but a very part-time one. It seems to take weeks for him to respond when I report spam postings.

    @merryapple – looking good after what must have been a very controlled weekend?! 73 by the end of the week? No pressure 😜

    Wishing everyone a good week as we approach the middle of Mindful May.

    “Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone”. ~ Louis L’Amour

    Fun Food Facts

    49% of Americans over 20 eat a sandwich every day. During the Revolutionary War, the Americans would avoid sandwiches due to their association and origin in Britain. Clearly, that has changed today, after a 2014 study found that 49% of Americans over 20 eat one sandwich every day.

    India produces, consumes, and exports the most chili peppers in the world. Chili peppers weren’t introduced to India until the 15th century, but they were a hit. These days, they not only eat and grow more than anyone else, but this is where you’ll find some of the spiciest peppers such as the bhut jolokia.

    Potatoes are 80% water. Sure we all know celery is high in water, but who knew potatoes were only 15% behind them! Technically, you could juice a potato, but I don’t think anyone wants that.

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍓

    Day 13 NZ FD 73.7kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    We walked up our Manga (mountain) and into low clouds. Our temps are 6 degrees below average…
    I had a good FD although probably over the 500 cals for dinner thanks to plums, yoghurt and cream for pudding and the last half of a cheese scone😋. I’m becoming obsessed by them… it’s probably the cold weather…

    @metatauta Good to have you back! 4lbs doesn’t sound much but it is the equivalent of 4lbs of butter in volume!!
    @leoniraats Hang in there. Hope your new job gets easier for you
    @ccco I’ll be thinking of you for tomorrow, Tuesday.
    @northgeorgia I hope the cookathon went well for you and your family.
    @funshipfreddie My grandfather would look over his gold rimmed half-glasses down the length of his long dinning room table and tell us to chew every mouthful 32 times when I was small. I would sit and count my every chew… How to destroy all the flavour in your mouthful…
    Just so you know, plaque is hard like a rock…
    Congrats on your successful hymnfest @stitchincarol. I never thought about trumpeter’s lips!!

    Steely Resolve esp moi!!

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