Milk & Sugar in tea

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  • Hi there people
    I’ve been on the 5 2 diet for a few months but I’m changing to the fast 800 & I’m not sure if I can have milk & sugar on it ?
    I love a brew I have full skimmed milk ( red top )
    & have half tea spoon sugar.
    Also I train quite hard & heavy on the weights & do H i t training on the push bike
    Is that OK still with only having 800 Cals or am I going to run out of fuel.
    Any help please on these matters ?
    Thank you all very much.
    From Mick

    Hi Mick, just count the calories in the milk and sugar as part of your 800.

    Hi Mick,

    I am on week 8 of Fast800 and its going pretty well!

    As Cinque says, I count the sugar and milk in – I couldnt do any diet without a decent cup of tea.

    Wrt to exercise, I can do my 10k steps on 800 cals. For anything more than this (examples: faster cardio work, heavy lifting), I add another 200 calories in but keep my daily net carbs under 50g. I really struggled with lifting heavy weights on 800 calories but didnt want to stop, hence the adjustments. I’ve had a couple of very motivated calorie burning days and have added 400 to my food for those but still stayed under 50g net carbs and its all been good. I think the key is to pick foods that support the diet, so bumping up portions rather than opting for a cheeky kit kat :).

    Finally, I think logging everything has been hugely helpful for me and use MFP to log food, exercise, measuremens and weightloss. From this you will see very quickly the impact of all the decisions you make.

    Good luck !


    Thanks very much for your replies very helpful.
    I’ll do that count them in my 800
    I log my food in with my fitness pal it does help loads.
    Well thanks again
    Keep up the good work

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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