March's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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March's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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  • Happy Thursday MSGAC friends!
    Well, I finally hit another low for me today…now to stay there! It seems like it has been slow going…have to hit that low many times before I hit another. Yesterday was a FD and I think I did ok calorie wise…but I ate absolutely nothing that was good for me! Which meant I ate 1 small slice of pizza, and some cookie dough…for the day! So today – I am drinking lots of water and trying to not eat too much. Tomorrow we start our trek to Utah – an 18 hour drive – so hard to eat healthy in the car and on the road! So, will be on vacation for 10 days…skiing…so exercise, but also eating and drinking…will do my best to be good!!!
    I will check in as often as I can…keep up the good work everyone.
    @xamos – I will probably not have any FD while I am gone.

    Day 9 Pennsylvania USA -NFD
March 1 NFD
    March 2 FD

    March 3 FD

    March 4 NFD

    March 5 FD

    March 6 FD

    March 7 NFD

    March 8 NFD

    Hi All,
    Wishing all of us a great 👍 FD AND NFD😊🤞👍✨

    @xamos I hope all is well with you.✨😊✨ Thank-you ✨🍀🎉🎉🎉So much for adding me to your list. It is keeping me motivated! ✨💛😊✨Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help✨ You starting and being in the group and your efforts are such a big plus for this group💛✨💛

    @karlanz I understand what your saying. I’ve been finding it’s easier for me not to eat on fast days. I feel less hungry during the day. If I don’t eat at dinner than I don’t crave something at night. My body goes and stays in fat burning mode and stays there as long as I don’t eat. I drink plenty of water and have a calorie free strawberry drink with vitamins and minerals in it. It keeps me from really wanting to eat food. 🤞✨🤞

    Day 10 -Pennsylvania, USA- FD

March 1 NFD

    March 2 FD

    March 3 FD

    March 4 NFD

    March 5 FD

    March 6 FD

    March 7 NFD

    March 8 NFD
    March 9 NFD
    March 10 FD

    Hi 👋 All,

    We have a great opportunity to change our lives and our health for the better!

    I am going to rise and create my day for the better! Please join me😊

    “Fight some of the bad days, to earn some of the Best days” 🤗🤞👍

    Wishing your day is a good one ☝️🤞👍

    Day 10 FD

    Goal this month 3# to reach ultimate weight goal of 150#

    Still Fasting M-W-F, seems to work for me. Maintaining 20# loss and feeling pretty good about that!

    I hope you all have a successful & controlled weekend, record what goes into your mouth even on NF days…thanks for the support and this small group.

    Day 10,11,12 NFD
    Day 13 FD
    Day 14 NFD

    Despite the yucky weather, I’ve been out walking to keep my steps up, and I’m now up to an 8-day streak! I’m quite proud of myself, as when it’s raining I’d normally drive various places, but I walked instead today 🙂

    I hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine wasn’t anything exciting, but I mostly made good food choices, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for my Weds morning weigh-in.

    Day 7-10 = NFD

    Day 11-12 = FD

    @xamos how are you doing? Your last post said you were stressed and I hope that has passed for you!

    I had two FD’s this weekend due to a light stomach bug. Not the most pleasant but I am happy with how my pants fit this morning! 🙂

    This is my third round trying out 5:2 and I think I’m coming to the realization that a daily IF works better for me. I’ve noticed daily eating windows bring me the most success. With that, I will be reporting FD’s for every day I stick to my 18:6 intermittent fasting window.

    Day 10 – NFD
    Day 11 – NFD
    Day 12 – NFD
    Day 13 – FD

    Having another fast on an extremely busy day so it’s going well 👍

    Hope everyone’s doing well, this is really helping me keep focused

    Day 13 – USA 🇺🇸 PA – NFD

    Hey All,

    Glad to read your posts😊
    I’m so happy I did a 3 day fast and lost 5 lbs. I’m loosing lbs faster than I thought I’ could. Today was a NFD, I’m looking forward for the next 3 FD’s 🤞I hope they go well.

    @09katie I’m glad to hear things are going well.
    ✨✨We are stronger together ✨✨

    @willworkforhealth Sorry about the stomach bug. So glad to hear you’ve lost inches around your waist!

    ✨✨We can do this! 3 months from now, we will thank ourselves! ✨✨👍👍👍👍

    Day 14 NFD Pacific Northwest

    Yesterday’s FD was intercepted by pumpkin cookies…4 and homemade veggie beef soup…Sodium?
    Wahhhh! Also did a HIIT for 60 min AND gained … Only 1# but still!
    Hate being so close to the edge. May Fast today to clean the pipes.

    Very tired today…
    Daylight Saving kicks my ass!

    Maybe my body is holding on to WT …Like a bear? Lol!

    DAY 9 NFD
    DAY 10 NFD
    DAY 11 NFD
    DAY 12 NFD
    DAY 13 FD
    DAY 14 NFD
    Day 15 FD

    Hi all,

    Another week has passed, and its so encouraging to see you all doing so well.
    This is now week 4 for me, and this is a tough one.
    I fasted on Monday, but all I could think about was food all day. I was HUNGRY! It was a colleague’s birthday so there was cake in the office, and my friend even brought me in a slice. But I did not give in.
    My mum was right… I really am a very stubborn person. 😀
    I just will not give in.

    If I decide I’m doing something- I am going to do it.

    I have begun to let people know what I’m doing- and am wishing I hadn’t. Everyone has an opinion- which is fine.- until those opinions are presented as fact.
    My colleague tells me it’s not good to fast and I should make sure I eat- I explain that it’s for 2 days a week, and actually there is medical researches that support the benefits of this way of life. But the discussion continues as if she truly thinks I’m going to starve myself to death- even though she sees me eat a perfectly healthy amount of food the other three days a week (I have a huge appetite).

    I’ve also noticed that because I’ve let people know I’m following a ‘diet’ (in their eyes) everyone feels free to constantly comment daily on my weight:
    “How much have I lost?”
    “How much do I intend to lose?”
    “That’s enough now don’t you think?”
    “You’re looking very thin.. are you eating?”

    Wouldn’t that be considered rude if I were putting on weight?

    To put it into perspective, I have a healthy BMI of 24. I’m 180cm tall and weigh 75.5kg (166.6lbs) I’m not even close to being underweight.

    I’m finding I constantly feel the need to defend my decision to commit to this.. Does anybody else?

    Hi all,
    Tues 14 and Weds 15 FD.

    @angela80 i agree no one understands. I generally don’t discuss dieting.

    Even if you are in a healthy BMI range, there is no harm in you deciding to diet.

    Well done for persevering.

    I am supposed to be fasting today, but also hungry!

    Day 13 = FD
    Day 14 = NFD

    I’m feeling motivated these days which is a blessing! My jeans are starting to be too loose but my goal jeans are still way to small. Patience patience patience is something I could work on. 🙂

    @angela80 I have found the same and also generally do not discuss dieting with anyone. It is such a heavy subject like politics or religion and frankly most people don’t know how to tell the difference between their beliefs and factual science. Add to that, the fact that people tie up their self worth in their weight (which is a whole other topic) and it makes for some very annoying conversations.

    I just quietly do what works for me and let results speak for themselves. You’re right, it IS rude to comment. Try returning their questions with your own “What do you mean by that?” “Why do you want to know?”.

    Am I not getting the current spreadsheet? My days have not been updated.

    Just wondering, I understand people are busy.

    I have a great support group here as well as at my gym. They have bought the book and have been doing some fasting. I’m trying to get my twin daughters to try at least during Spring Break (I bought the book for them too). We will see.

    If people ask I tell them what I’ve been doing, the DO make faces when they hear FAST but then I remind them … 500 calories and they soften up. 😉

    Fasting Day 16- USA, PA – FD B2B2B

    March 1 NFD

    March 2 FD

    March 3 FD

    March 4 NFD

    March 5 FD

    March 6 FD

    March 7 NFD

    March 8 NFD

    March 9 NFD

    March 10 FD

    March. 11 FD

    March. 12 FD
    March. 13 NFD
    March. 14 FD
    March. 15 FD
    March. 16 FD (hopeful, determined)
    ✨10 FD : 6 NFD✨😊

    Hi All,✨
    🌈✨Nice to see everyone’s posts. Makes me smile and helps with motivation to get through this 3rd fast day. 🌈✨

    @angela80 Sounds like your doing great. I know what you mean about some people freaking out about fasting. I have watched some scientifically verified videos (on youtube) documenting the benefits of fasting also. I watch them if I can when I’m in a low period when I’m fasting. Like yesterday afternoon and evening on the 2nd day of my 3 day fast. I don’t share my fasting with everyone. There are some narrow minded uneducated people, that believe they know what’s good for me and possibly you. I basically say, “I’m not hungry” if they ask. and then later. “I’ve lost weigh.” I only weigh myself at the first, in the middle and at the end of the month. So if people ask, that’s what I tell them. If they are really sincerely interested in how I lost weight after I’ve lost it. I would tell them.

    This week I fasted Tues. Wed. Thurs. I had come off a Fast of Saturday and Sunday. I chose T. W. Th. because I didn’t want to fast on Monday or the weekends. I’ve been doing a 4FD:3NFD so I will pick another day, F. S. Sun. To fast. I base it on my plans and if I feel like I can make it through that day.

    I’m probably more motivated than most. I broke my Tibia last year. Still going through physical therapy. So I can’t exercise like most. Fasting is allowing me to loose without as much exercising. Plus, my niece has a wedding in June and I’d like to get my weight down fast. So far so good 😊

    🌈✨We can do this!✨Let’s Do this✨🌈

    2nd Post

    @angela80 I was just brainstorming with my daughter of 16 who is starting to do NFD and Fasting days. Another reply to co workers is, We just eat healthy vegetables and fruit and protein… Our family has been gluten free for about 5 years now. We’ve had practice working around that for a while😊

    XAMSO –
    3/20 FD
    3/21 NFD
    3/22 FD

    Hello all, sorry it has been so long! OK – 10 days of vacation and I am only up 1.5 lbs! Which today is a FD and I have no doubt it will come off. I am very happy with this as I really did not pay attention to eating at all – indulged in Cookies – Deer Valley Ski area in Utah has the very best cookies in the whole world I think and they are huge too – @ 3.90 a cookie! We had many!
    Also beer in the hot tub and wine at night. So – now I am back at it, and am going to make the most of whats left of this month…

    It sounds like everyone is doing well.
    Congrats @Willwork on your pants getting loose.
    Looks like a few of us have not been posting much – hope to see you all back on here soon,.
    Cheers! Grins

    Day 14 – NFD
    Day 15 – FD
    Day 16 – NFD
    Day 17 – NFD
    Day 18 – NFD
    Day 19 – NFD
    Day 20 – FD

    This week and last week having to do Monday and Wednesday fasts due to a few commitments. Won’t be able to have a weigh in this week either, so it’ll be a big drum roll up to Friday 31st for me 🙂

    Hey All,
    Wishing all FD’rs and NFD’rs well!
    I see there isn’t a lot of posting going on. I’ll go ahead and post my days so far where I left off.✨

    March. 16 FD
    March. 17 FD
    March. 18 NFD
    March. 19 NFD
    March. 20 FD
    March. 21 FD

    I saw on a Dr. Mosley video that when our stomach feels hungry our brain develops more neurons and we become smarter! ✨

    Good MORNING!

    Day 21 NFD ~ Puyallup Washington … second day of SPRING!

    Down to 152.8! Hey, I’ll take it as I’ve been hanging out at 153 for several weeks. I figure maintaining is just re-setting my body to get used to this weight. Goal: 150

    This week: M~W~F FD

    @okeydokey, I like what you said about when our stomach feels hungry our brain develops more neurons and we become smarter…I must be BRILLIANT! LOL!

    I hope everyone has a BRILLIANT DAY!

    Happy Friday everyone. I agree, there is not a lot of posting going on. I am sorry that I was not posting during vacation – I just try to not do too much technology when on vaca. Anyway – I hope that we are all still in the game and here to give one another support!

    I have had a good week! Down 3 lbs since Monday and down to my lowest today as of the start of diet…14 lbs from start in Jan. I have a long ways to my goal, but I feel like I finally have the hang of this diet and it is feeling much better. So, I made some Kale chips the other night…..delicious and like crunchy and flavorful and hardly any calories!!!!

    @xamos – my fast days this past week were March 20 and 22, the rest NFD. I will shoot again for next M, W and possibly Friday…

    @wellme…great job, so close to goal!
    @Okaydokey…getting smarter everyday!
    @hippy…where are you..r u ok? Busy with wedding???
    Keep posting everyone!
    Happy weekend!

    Day 24 – USA – FD
    Day 23 – FD
    Day 22 – FD
    Day 21 – FD
    Day 20 – FD

    ✨😊Great to see the wonderful posts😊 I will weigh myself Saturday morning after I pee 🤣 🤞I’m hoping for some good news. 😊👍

    @grins ✨You are doing fantastic✨Congratulations! ✨🎉
    @wellme You are getting closer to your goal! Congratulations✨🌈

    ✨✨We are strong and we are getting smarter every day!✨🎉

    Day 24 ~ Friday FD
    Pacific Northwest

    Weight in yesterday … down 1#
    MyFitnessPal says I have logged in for 95 days! This takes time … don’t give up, keep plugging away and don’t beat yourself up if you go over the calories… I hope everyone in this group is still hanging in there. Don’t give up at the end of the third month into 2017.

    Bathing suit season is just around the corner!

    Good Morning everyone from Perth, Australia 🇦🇺
    I’ve kind of lost my mojo a little with calorie counting but my excercise has been great. The City of Perth have created a 12 week activity challenge where I have to do a minimum of 10,000 steps/day as part of a team. I’m happy to report I’m averaging 12,000 steps each day and have just completed 19 consecutive days.
    My food has still been pretty good, though the wine has crept back in most evenings because work has been pretty busy and it’s my de-stress when I get home.
    Current weight 73 kg. Still heading for 70kg.
    Keep up with good work everyone.

    Happy Monday MSGAC friends!
    So, weekends…so tough. I managed to put back on a 1.5 lbs…ugh! I think they will come off fast, but so frustrating. I did not eat too much…but what I ate was not good. I have mentioned before that I live in an area that there is literally nothing healthy on the menus at a restaurant. burgers/deep fried chicken whatever and lots of French fries or onion rings. I am cleaning up the house that has been closed all winter and there is no water or food, so we went out. Anyway – FD today and learn to plan!
    Hope the weekend was better for the rest of you!

    Hello lovely Small Group pals,
    I am going off to join a maintenance group, because I met my goal. Yay! I admit I do fluctuate up and down a kilo, but I think it’s okay. And, with Dr M. and your support, I found out what works for me.

    Thank you for your kind remarks over the past months, it’s been good to know you all.
    I wish you all well.

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