March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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  • Day 12 – Ireland – CD

    Felt really wiped yesterday after the headache on Sunday… it was a really different headache to my usual ones and went right into my upper body muscles… I was a little worried I’d picked something up in hospital but… back to normal today after a good long sleep 💤 .

    I’m not sure who asked about the handles but mine is a little play on words as I speak both English and French in french J’ai faim means “I’m hungry” but for me it also stands for Just Another Intermittent Fast and I’ll Maintain (I wish 😂). Keeping going until the last IF gets me to Maintenance Mecca.

    @judyjudes – thinking of you at this sad time💕.
    @flourbaby – sounds like you had a lovely celebration for your mum’s birthday – so special 💝
    @at – thats such lovely news for you that your sister will visit later in the year
    @snowflake56 and @ann1239 – both of your lists are great! Ps I also looked for Snowflake on kindle but couldn’t find it … sounds like a really lovely little book. 👍
    @daffodil2010 – happy wedding anniversary💕
    @wacm – sounds like a lovely trip in a beautiful part of the world.. spent some of my honeymoon in New Zealand years ago and absolutely loved it!
    @basyjames – my hay fever is set off at this time of year too… thinks it’s down to birch and pine pollen…

    Hope those of you who are feeling under the weather improve soon👍 and thinking about those who are not here at the moment – @anna6, @rainbowsmile, @coda etc

    We rise by lifting others 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 12 – USA – FD 800

    This week has been rough, going through a “breakup”, dad is having an operation tomorrow, and tons of work that I am late with. A bit of an emotional roller coaster, but I am hanging in there. Despite that, a 4 lbs (1.8kg) lost for me since I started on FD 800. It is not much, but considering I started on Thursday, and ate beyond my TDEE over the weekend. So I am happy about thạt 🙂 🙂

    Hope everyone has a good day!

    @jaifaim, I hope you will feel better! 🙂 🙂 Sending you good wishes!!

    Day 12 Pocket List:

    One good thing about being ill is that I’m not eating as much as usual. Don’t know if I’ve lost any weight though, as I’m also lying around a lot feeling sorry for myself!
    @snowflake56: I’ll get there, hopefully soon. I wonder how long it will be before the boss starts ringing me up and pestering to come back!
    @gretta: Yes, my daughter is having a great time in Australia. Really settled in to the new life, I think.
    @daffodil2010: Glad to hear that your dad is feeling more perky and having a bit of fun with the races etc.

    Day 12 – Manchester, England – FD!

    Back on my FD this week. As I’ve already told you all (several times, probably!) I had a very slack weekend. So my resolve is back and I’m going to smash my FDs and be good on my NFDs.

    I *really* want to reach my first goal by our ‘getting together’ anniversary which is at the start of May. I must keep that at the forefront of my mind.

    I’m adding myself to today’s pocket list, even though it’s 4.30pm here! Ha!
    Day 12 Pocket List:

    @bluesqueak – I love your post and the progress you’re making is inspirational! I completely know what you mean abut noticing how much people around you are eating.

    @ciren2 – I really hope you feel better soon. Everyone who’s ill has my deepest sympathy atm. I’ve usually been sick by this point in the semester (we’re now in week 6), but have somehow managed to fend things off so far. Although on the train today and in my classes, it seemed like *everyone* was coughing and sneezing 🙁

    @debster251 – *sigh* I bet it was amaaaazing! It’s good to know that it lives up to expectations! I hope one day I’ll get to go.

    @flourbaby 😂😂😂 ‘CarbyMcCarbFace’ is brilliant! Hahaha. That really made me chuckle!

    @snowflake56 – you’re being such a wonderful host. Let me know how that harissa chicken goes 🙂

    @ann1239 – gosh it sounds like you’re having a really difficult time. Be kind to yourself. And congratulate yourself that you’re still doing so well on the FD800 plan.

    USA Day 12 FD800

    Day 12 Pocket List:
    @ccco FD800

    Just checking in! Days are too busy lately! I hope everyone is having a great day!

    Day 12, Germany, F800
    My second 800 fd today. Feels ok. Today I drastically reduced my coffee intakte which is leading to a slight strange feeling in my head at the moment.
    I’m already through with eating for today but saved some of my 800 cals for an Aperol Sprizz with the girls tonight! 🍹 Don’t know if this is the best cure for my head but so
    It feels like I will also need plenty of hot water until then…

    Day 12 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Struggled with yesterday’s FD as I was craving weak milky earl grey tea????!!! So I gave in and had a few mugs of tea with milk in addition to my planned meals making my calories total over 800. Will do better on Thursday.

    Explanation of my handle: one of my favourite TV programmes is Doctor Who and when I had to dream up a name one of the most interesting characters was called ‘Missy’ and I had recently visited Bella Coola in Canada to see grizzly bears in the wild and was totally enchanted by them……. so MissyBear came to mind as my forum name 🐻

    @ciren2 wise of you to take sick leave 🤒 don’t feel pressured to go back to work until you are fully recovered or you could end up feeling worse again. Take care.

    Keep on keeping on everyone 😊

    Day 12 UK CD

    Weighed in at 143lb again this morning – the very first time 143lb has appeared 5 days running! (I won’t say it too loudly as I don’t want to jinx it!!) Pleased with yesterday’s restraint – eating fruit to others’ cookies/sandwiches, sticking to vegan gf despite many temptations. But definitely hungry by the evening & not yet got my head around fast & satisfying vegan proteins – work to do!

    Tired after heavy day of meetings yesterday plus lots of unexpected exercise getting around Westminster demo, road closures, trees on rail lines etc. But pleased to have had a bath & early night and that really helped me get going this morning. Really trying to develop better habits 🙂

    Today’s not been hugely productive but done some good prep for tomorrow, both personal & for meetings. It’s the picking up other project things I don’t feel on top of, but hopefully that’ll come at the end of the week… reminding myself that Balance is Key!!! Weds will also be a long day & I need to go gently. But really looking forward to arts festival again on Thurs eve then not out again til Sunday – yay!

    Going to colour my hair to give me a boost, then make some magnesium cream to boost my sleeping. I may even make a quick sweet potato and raisin loaf if I can think of a simple egg substitute – be lovely to have a grab & go thing for tomorrow. I’ve not yet got the hang of which egg subs to use for which recipes, but hopefully it’ll all be edible!

    My handle – michelin as in tyres, which are never healthy when over-inflated! Me=myself & I 🙂

    @daffodil2010 very happy anniversary for today
    @ciren2 @matpi your illnesses both sound awful 🙁 hope you feel better v soon x
    @borealis has been missing in action for a few days – hope all’s OK.
    Also thinking of @rainbowsmile @bert1802 @anna6 and others – if you’re lurking do jump in. We’re always stronger together xx
    @snowflake56 you’re doing a great job of hosting the March challenge – thank you 🙂

    Whatever’s happened so far this month, today’s the most perfect day to begin again 🙂

    Day 12 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    2nd FD in a row; again taking it a day at a time. I must say I do feel like eating,but not really hungry. I think I’ll fix some herbal tea in my colourful pottery mug I picked up in Mexico.

    @Payney – yes a CD stands for a controlled day. I think @flourbaby explained it well.

    @ciren2 – that bug is really being tenacious. May you heal up soon!

    @ann1239 – sorry about your roller coaster stretch but kudos to you for managing a downward movement despite the tough stuff.

    @miraclelou – an Aperol Sprizz, is that a kind of beverage? Enjoy!

    Having another snow event today here, but perhaps the last of the season.
    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    Day 12 Pocket List:
    @ccco FD800

    Day 12- Ohio NFD

    Rest of yesterday went really well. Felt a lot better as the night went on. Stuck with my 500 and ended nursing a cup of coffee from the new waitress (she never even asked if I wanted food, so I gave her a higher tip lol) after work. Discovered nursing a cup of milky earl grey with the tea bag in tastes very good and helps better with sleep after lunch while keeping me awake the last couple hours. Got to hear some interesting stories too about local history and government agricultural handouts. This is why I sit there. I wish the school would let them tell these stories in american history class so more kids would know about it. Does anyone know the best way to freeze sliced bread? I bought a loaf for way too much money ($4.50 was the cheapest I have ever seen it and yes the price stung) and I don’t want to throw most the loaf out because I let it mold. I fantasize about finding a bakery where they sold sandwich slices of breads. But, I end up after freezing bread with the loaf getting both soggy middles and hard as rock ends.

    @ann1239 Sending huge hugs amd hope things get better.

    @missybear Dare I ask which Doctor is your favorite? And my youngest keeps rewatching any episodes with Missy. No, I haven’t introduced her to the audio stuff.

    @michelinme The most common egg replacers I know for breads are chia eggs or flax eggs. Either are 1 Tbs of flax to 2.5 Tbs water or 1 Tbs chia to 3 Tbs water for one egg. If you use canned beans, there is always the juice from the beans that you can use. I know that whips up to substitute for egg whites. Do you eat soy at all? I would say an easy protein would be to add tempeh in.

    @miraclelou Caffeine withdrawl maybe. Just remember to gulp some water with your sprizz. It might keep the weird feel at bay.

    @flourbaby I had to chuckle at the other option. But I think your final choice is much better. To be honest, I had a mental picture of yours as like the baker covered in a fine powder of flour.

    @ciren2 Hope the feeling sorry for yourself goes away and that you get over being sick. Sounds like you are doing the best you can to take care of yourself.

    Day 12 London UK FD800
    Good day yesterday, and this morning the scales went down. Managed to get quite a bit of work done today.

    Slight oopsie with today’s calories. I cooked spinach and lentil Dahl from the Blood Sugar Diet book, and only realised after I’d eaten a portion that the ‘coconut milk’ in the recipe should have been ‘light coconut milk’. So I suspect today’s FD800 is more like an FD1000. 🙂

    I’ll have the remaining portion for my main meal tomorrow, and try skipping breakfast to keep the calories down to 800.

    @ann1239 look after yourself, and hope your Dad’s operation goes okay.

    @aglowworm -thanks for your kind words. Goals are good.

    @missybear – ooh, yes, Missy! I thought Michelle Gomez was brilliant in that part. Personally, I never bother counting the tea as we’re trying to avoid dehydration on fasting days anyway. Besides, mad milky tea cravings probably meant you needed something in the milk. Or the tea. 🙂

    @hieiren – plastic freezer bag, make sure the slices are separate, once the bread has frozen don’t keep the freezer at its lowest temperature. Frozen bread is best used for toast – especially if you’re getting soggy bread/rock hard bread.

    @miraclelou caffeine withdrawal is probably the explanation. Drink lots and if it keeps on consider tapering off rather than caffeine cold turkey.

    Onward! And remember to read the label on the coconut milk! 😀

    Day 12, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Quick check in. Busy day. Have to catch up on posts later.
    Hope everyone is doing fine. 😊😊😊

    Day 12 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Meant to have another 800FD today but went over….DH brought home some brandy filled chocolates from work. I should have told him not to bring any. I will say no in the future, since I seem to have no willpower with sweets lately. I need a long walk in the sunshine to help me get my appetite control back. Weather is cold and rainy, then snow again. Maybe this weekend we will see the sun.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your DH @daffodil2010. The thought of seeing daffodils all over your land brightens my day. Here it will be another month or so, I’m afraid.

    Tomorrow an 800FD for sure.

    Best to everyone!

    Day 12 Ohio, US — NFD (86 bites)

    Still shaky today, but things are definitely moving in a positive direction. “Patient endurance attains to all things.” is my motto right now.

    I started to read Dr. Alwin Lewis’ book and he seems to think that bite counting is a way of controlling volume of food and thereby indirectly controlling calories. In that regard it seems to be similar to the Volumetrics Diet. For me so far it has helped with mindfulness and awareness of fullness signals. That is a real surprise since once I spent several months doing mindful eating using hunger and satiety scales at each meal. I never got to the point of getting clear fullness signals, so I stopped the practice. I also find that tallying bites isn’t much more involved than tallying steps, which I’ve been doing for some time.

    @betsylee Yes, sometimes people take small bites and sometimes they take large bites. Over a period of time, though, they don’t vary that much from their average bite size. Here’s the URL for a New York Times article about some recent research done on this:

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 13 New Zealand – NFD
    Just logging on for accountability. Enjoy reading everyone’s posts.

    Day 13 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Closed the kitchen at 609 cal on yesterdays FD, still mentally struggling to stick to the 500 since the holidays, but I’ll get there.

    Trying to be sensible today, and so far so good.

    Netball semi-final tonight (for those who don’t know, it’s kind of like a mixture between basketball and handball – mostly played by commonwealth nations), so fingers crossed!

    Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

    Day 13, Emden Germany, FD800

    Good morning everyone!

    @dingping I overdid it a bit yesterday so I’m going for a FD800, do you want to join me?

    @ciren2 I agree with @missybear and others, stay at home until you’re fully recovered, don’t feel pressured to work again, it’s about your health.

    @michelinme thanks! How is it, after eating vegan for a week? We use the juice of chickpeas to make meringues, as @hieiren says, it could work as an egg white replacement.

    @hieiren we bake our own wholewheat bread, slice it, put cut baking sheets between the slices and freeze them. This way the slices can be taken out one by one and don’t stick together. @michelinme‘s bread comes out of the freezer fine too.

    @bluesqueak we have -18°C in the freezer, the bread comes out fine. Do you use a higher temperature?

    @miraclelou how are you today? I also think it may be the caffeine withdrawal, I’m not sure Aperol Spritz is the solution. 😁

    @ann1239 hope your Dad’s operation goes well.

    @gretta you just have to find your rhythm again, you did well yesterday.

    @arelkade and @mogaman welcome back, I saw you entered your data on the spreadsheet. I hope you’re fine!

    Pocket list day 13

    @snowflake56 FD800

    “Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too.” David Storey

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    3rd B2B2B

    I really enjoyed my FD yesterday, I enjoyed the food I had prepared, and more so because I had had a good liquid fast day the day before ☺️ Going now for 3 in a row?

    Why? To get off this plateau…I am inching towards it sloooooowly….it would be super if I could get past 135 by Friday morning, but I think one of my stepdaughters is coming around tomorrow night and DH was talking about going out for dinner. Now, I might try to skip that and jet them have quality time together. If I can wing that, then definitely try for another FD tomorrow.

    Funny thing, this morning I looked back at the Tracker entries on this very sight, and this exact week ago I was also on a long plateau, almost same weight as now, and determination strong to push through. By the end of that week I had breached the barrier! Maybe the same this week too 🤔

    Thank you all for your anniversary good wishes. Strange one as DH was in work until midnight so I only briefly saw him awake in the morning, but sure, we had already celebrated. 🍾

    @northerndawn, the daffodils came super early this year, a lot are going over already. I remember on my wedding day 9years ago the daffs were just about to bloom, it all depends on how the winter has been. Being a small is,and facing right into the Atlantic Ocean our climate is maritime and changeable to say the least!

    @matpi I counted most of my bites yesterday just for fun….I am a slow eater and small biter but it was interesting. Most people finish their meals way before me, bigger bites and less chewing for DH for example. Will keep an eye on it.

    @flourbaby ha ha, love it @carbymccarbface 😆 BTW on day 14 of 30DS but still level 1, however I am following Natalie now for a lot of the moves. I will look at the level 2 clip tonight and decide then whether to move on 😄 and upwards to scary level 2 😱

    Together we are stronger – Pocket list Day 13

    Day 13 – Manchester, England – NFD

    Hi everyone. I hope you’re all having a good week. It’s hump day! 😃

    I had a really good FD yesterday, closing at 281 cals! I made myself a huge Asian style broth with loads of veggies and carrot ribbons instead of noodles that really filled me up for about 250 cals. After I ate that, I was done.

    I’m looking forward to a healthy, Mediterranean day today. I popped to the shop on my way home yesterday afternoon and bought lots of nice fruit, veggie, low cal snacks, just in case I needed them for my FD. I didn’t, but that means that I have lots of healthy things to eat today which is nice. I might make that shop visit on my first FD of the week a regular thing.

    My scales calculate several things, including % body fat. And my weight hasn’t moved today, but apparently my body fat has gone down. Not by much, but it’s still movement. Although, I’m not sure how accurate it it. But I remember Dr MM saying in the book that although scales may not always be accurate, they do show movement accurately, so that’s good!

    Manchester today is *really* windy. I’m working from home and have lots of marking to do because the students’ first assessments have come in. It’s nice to be working from home. I have a non-urgent doctor’s appointment that I’m considering making or putting off so that I can spend the whole day in my pyjamas while marking and hiding from the awful weather outside!! Haha 😂

    @jaifaim – I love the double meaning of your handle! I knew the French, but I love the second one.

    @hieiren – if it’s sliced bread, you can just put it in the freezer in it’s wrapper and then take it out slice by slice to toast as you want. That’s what I’ve done before anyway.

    I hope you all have a great day, whatever you’re up to. Keep keeping on! 😃

    Day 13 – Ireland – CD

    Did not feel well last night and ended up being quite sick… maybe something has been building since Sunday when I had a bad headache.
    Felt so wretched I couldn’t sleep for ages but finally drifted off and woke up feeling much better and have spotted a very fake, but nice to see, new low.. 2lbs down and quite close up my current target.
    Today is due to be a FD but I will see how I go… on the way to work and feeling flushed but will come home if I’m not feeling right … also will eat if I need to as have very little in my system right now…

    Wishing you all a very good day today!

    Pocket list Day 13

    We rise by lifting others 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 13 – Japan – NFD

    Day 13: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.

    Good thing about being ill, (the ONLY good thing) my weight has gone down into a new kilo.
    Absolutely blocked up and catarrh-y sore nose, sore throat from coughing, muzzy head…sitting around at home feeling sure the boss will be on the phone asking after my health (really meaning “when are you coming back?”). Paracetomol makes me feel better for awhile but not right up to the due time for another dose, unfortunately.
    I’ll try to stay off work for two more days, depending on the pressure applied…I don’t want to spend a day out in wet weather and get worse again.

    @jaifaim: so sorry to hear you are ill too. Or, at least, I hope it was very temporary and you are ok now.

    Day 13. London, UK, FD800

    Quick post today; there was a 1.8lb overnight fat vanishing ………………… although it was most likely 90% water, I’m banking it anyway!!!

    @daffodil2010, go for it!!! Just make sure you put everything you might need on low shelves, level 2 is a killer on the arms!!!! And remember ………………………………… “If you think you’re gonna die, follow Anita!!!!”

    There seem to be a few bugs going around, I hope everyone suffering feels better soon, lots of ginger tea for the sore throats will help.

    Happy fasting folks!!!

    Day 13- Atlanta, Ga. – USA

    The scale was kind this morning. Whoo hoo!! Super motivated. Going to stick it out.

    Day 13, Melb. Aust. FD800

    Okay today and actually ate well, but to the calorie limit. See the doc tomorrow and find out what my cholesterol has been doing.

    @matpi, even if it averages out, I still don’t think I’d have the patience to count bites, but if it’s helpful, why not!

    @ciren2, hope you’re now recovering well.

    Day 13 Herefordshire UK FD

    Missing yesterday but glad to be back and fasting. Thank you, you lovely people, for your messages of support/sympathy for my recent encounters with bread and biscuits. @flourbaby you made me chuckle over the thought of posting biscuits through letter boxes and treating them like loaded grenades, which metaphorically they are! Hope there is someone who makes you chuckle and cheers you up your end like you do for us here. Ta x
    I’m hoping to undo some damage with the bread and biscuit episode with B2B2B. Just me at home over these next few days so should be able to focus and commit. There is potential for a dangerous incident when a birthday cake needs to be made for my mum’s b’day on Saturday, fingers crossed no cake bombs explode in my face!

    @matpi very intrigued with your bite counting experience and read the article you posted. Do you count your bites with an apple watch or do you use and app where you physically have to tap the phone screen every time you take a bite? Do you set yourself a target number per day?

    @snowflake56 – yes happily joining in today and the next two as @michelinme put it ‘whatever’s happened so far this month, today’s the most perfect day to begin again’, and I am!

    It’s been fun and revealing reading the online names we give ourselves, it’s often intrigued me. Mine is part of my DD nickname given to her by her school friends, it reminds me of her free spirit and the joy of carefree days, they are all grown up now but she is still lovingly referred to as Ding by all of them.

    Sorry to read that a number of you are feeling not so good but sending you my best wishes and hope you can shrug of the bugs and pick yourselves up.

    Putting myself on the pocket list and have it firmly in my back pocket.

    Pocket list Day 13

    Ta x

    Day 13 Wales FD

    Pocket list Day 13

    Having problems with the food police in my head. Ate just under my TDEE yesterday, included a little choc and homemade lasagne. First time I’ve eaten pasta since starting 5:2 as mainly keep it lower carb, weighed this morning and registered a loss. But need to get my head around the fact that there is no “bad food”, just moderation. Years of learnt guilt are going to take some time to get past 🙁

    Day 13 – UK – FD500
    Day 12 – F800
    Day 11 – FD 200cals

    After that overindulgent weekend making a concerted effort this week after pressing my RESET button on Monday with a strong FD and plenty of exercises which included a 45min Broga Class, 1hr Pilates and an evening 90min Strength Yoga class.

    Tuesday included a 90 min hike with my walking group and a 45min High Impact Pilates class.
    Today started with a 90min strength Yoga class and this afternoon I will be volunteering as usual.

    Cooked a tasty butternut squash, chickpea and spinach curry yesterday – did a double batch so will have some for later in the week 😋

    @aglowworm @bluesqueak – the ballet was Sleeping Beauty by the Bolshoi – Princess Aurora was performed by Olga Smirnova – such control! @debster251 – yes it was a live screening at my local cinema – we are so lucky as they screen the plays from London as well as ballet and opera!!
    @therealwil78 – your brunch sounds 😋 I’m rather partial to a good mimosa 🍸especially the Sicilian Mimosa which is made with blood orange juice.
    @matpi – poor you – hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you start to feel better 🤗
    @dingping – pick yourself up and move on – you can’t undo yesterday but certainly can make sure tomorrow is positive x
    @daffodil2010 – I missed your wedding anniversary on Day 12 – wishing you and your OH much joy and happiness 💑
    @judyjudes – however sad it was but perhaps some relief as well to have sprinkled the ashes of your beloved parents in their final resting place 🤗
    @snowflake56 – I had not heard of the book or the author that inspired your name on this forum so googled it – some religious undertone and some interesting reviews! sounds like people either loved the book or not. Thank you for your lovely comment 🤗
    @wacm – belated Happy wedding anniversary to you too
    @northerndawn – welcome back and we are pulling you back on the 5:2 wagon – hold tight xx
    @ciren2 – hope you feel better soon – ignore your boss and return only when fit enough to cope with the demands of the job and the bad weather we seem to be stuck in this week x

    Lovely reading evreyone’s post but unable to comment on all – Hugs to all those under the weather and hoping you feel better soon xx

    Going to see the film Hannah tonight with my film group – one reviewer says it’s an exquisite exercise in slow cinema, following a woman forced to live with terrible doubts with Charlotte Rampling giving a performance of tensely calibrated restraint and I get a chance to practice my French.

    Joining Pocket list for Day 13 as TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    Remember that “Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In And Day Out”

    Da 13 – USA – FD800

    So yesterday, I ate something thinking it is low in calories, but after putting it in MFP, wow, it was off the chart! I ended up consuming1400 calories yesterday. Going back to FD 800 today.

    @aglowworm thank you 🙂 I am going with the flow 🙂 I remember that you are relatively new to the site right? Soo I want to check in to see how you are doing and whether there is any loss?

    @annemarilyn @hieiren @snowflake56 Thank you! ❤️


    I think you follow the rapid weight loss (FD800) everyday, is that right? How are you doing on it? I have been doing it for a week, and so far so good. I think so far, since March 1st, I dropped 2 lbs with 5:2 and another 2 lbs with FD800. Also, I have 1 NFD per week. I am not sure whether that is a setback. But oh well, I need 1 day to satisfy my craving.

    Pocket list Day 13

    Day 13 London UK, FD800

    So far I have successfully not had breakfast, meaning I had a nearly 16 hour fast between meals. In other news, I actually fit into Size 14 Jeans. 🙂 They’re a bit tight still, but that’s motivation, right?

    @snowflake56 – I don’t know, because my freezer just has levels, not temperature indicators. I just know that if I leave the freezer on its lowest level after the bread’s frozen, the slices often end up permafrosted together and need to be microwaved apart. It may be because I have to have gluten-free bread.

    @aglowworm – yes, I have that – the weight is on a plateau, but the fat percentage goes down. So far, it’s meant that the weight goes down as well, a day or two after. Hope that’s the same for you, @daffodil2010

    @jaifaim and @ciren2 – sorry to hear that you’re ill. There seem to be a lot of nasties wandering around right now. Take care in this weather and stay warm where possible.

    @at Yes, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live in London, but those live cinema screenings have made such a big difference.

    USA Day 13 FD800

    I haven’t weighed myself yet this week, so am hoping for some movement. I seem to be stuck in place despite 800 calories each day but now that the weather seems to be improving, I can get outside and do more waking! I find exercising very calming!

    Adding myself to the pocket list:
    @ccco FD800

    I congratulate everyone who is showing some improvement. I am trying very hard to join you all!
    Guess I just need more patience. As for anyone not feeling well, I wish you better health very soon.

    Day 13 – USA – NFD

    Turns out I had another FD yesterday and I’m not even planning them….weight quickly coming down day by day after scale reset…now 143.6 – aiming for 140, but notice face is getting wrinkly in the cheeks, so I will stop there. @ciren2, I agree that your health is the most important – they will always find someone to replace you and I don’t mean that disparagingly at all. @daffodil2010, happy anniversary! I only wish mine would have lasted that long! Getting out my hula hoop in anticipation of Hula Hoop Extravaganza…it’s a padded oversized multicolored hoop with ridges on the inside. A little hard on the waist once you get it moving, but your waist will definitely be whittled down from daily use. I would say that for me, at 65, and not athletic, timing the minutes of keeping the hoop up on my waist would be a measure of success. I think 2 years ago, it was 2 minutes! Sad, isn’t it? The trick, in my opinion, is to keep your feet apart, one in front of the other and move the legs, not the hips, back and forth frontwards and backwards, if I can make a graphic out of it. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to starting back up again. Hope you are too!

    Day 13, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Snowing for hours! 🌨🌨🌨 Really want to just sit and snuggle with my doggie in front of the fireplace and eat naughty things! Don’t have to go anywhere so I might just be doing that -except for the naughty food part! 😊😄😂
    Maintaining nicely but would like to make more wiggle room for my trip to Austria.

    @ciren2: Rest and relax. You need to be healthy before going back to work. 💐

    Everybody else who is sick: Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending positive vibes! 🥀🥀🥀

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    USA Day 13 FD800

    Day is going well but I wanted to pop back on to wish Daffodil2010 a very Happy Anniversary!

    Day 13 California NFD

    @anne1239 hang in there!

    Quick post as I’m working for 15 hours today 🙁

    2nd post

    How is everyone else doing today? I’m currently sitting at 840 cals and hoping to leave things there – although I plan to have a glass of wine with the hubby when he gets home, so will have to add a bit for that. I’m technically on a NFD, so I’m allowed 😊

    I thought I’d come on and do a second post to help me keep my nerve. I have realised today just how many times I must wander into the kitchen and get something small to eat – and those ‘small’ bits quickly add up. I have had to physically (well, ok mentally – but it felt physical!!) restrain myself today from going in.

    I’d really love to know what techniques does everyone have for distracting themselves from thinking about wanting food? I went for a shower early evening which helped, but I can’t do that all the time. I’d really appreciate any help with this because at times it’s been almost impossible – aaaargh!!

    @jaifaim – Oh no! So sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well. I hope you feel better soon.

    @ciren2 – stick with it. Lots of warm fluids and rest and hopefully you’ll start feeling better soon. It’s good to stay off work while you’re feeling so bad.

    @flourbaby – wow! Congrats on the 1.8 lbs!

    @at – I would love to see the Bolshoi IRL! That sounds wonderful and I love Sleeping Beauty as a ballet.

    @ann1239 – thanks for the check in 🙂 I’m doing good, thanks. Feeling motivated to stick to the WoL this week and I hope the scales will reflect that at the end of the week. How are you doing? Going with the flow and taking each day as it comes is often the best (only?) way for me, so I hope it’s working for you. FD800 every day (even with your one respite day) sounds really hard. You must have a willpower of steel???!!

    @bluesqueak – getting into those jeans is great! I have so many clothes in the wardrobe that don’t fit me. I WILL get back into them!! Good to know about the fat % going down followed by the weight! 🙂

    @ccco – I’m sure that you will see some progress soon, especially with you working so hard at it. Good luck for the weigh in.

    Day 13 Belfast CD

    This morning’s doggie walk, on the tail of last night’s storm, was accompanied by the wind swirling through the trees and the river as high as I’ve seen it for a long time. A bit hairy!
    When I got home I was nearly highjacked by a half full tin of Quality Street, secreted in a drawer. Tin intact. Close shave!

    @metatauta thank you for the hula explanation. I’ve been moving my hips so perhaps that’s where my failure lies. Some practice required methinks.

    Embrace the struggle. It will make you stronger

    @aglowworm – posting here is a great motivator!! The evening time is my weakness. I play mind games, watch a bit of TV and drink herbal tea. As they say, ‘THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED’. Stay strong!

    2nd post

    Popping in to say hi, FD going well, 3 in a row, and I am looking forward to some blueberries with my homemade Bulgarian yoghurt soon before bedtime. I have told DH that I would not be able to go out to dinner tomorrow as I have to work (himself and his daughter are planning a boozy catch up over dinner as neither have work on Friday)… I will do 4 days of FD in a row tomorrow 😀

    This is a bank holiday weekend for St Patrick’s so it’s going to be lots of eating and drinking….glad I curtailed tomorrow’s offer!

    @aglowworm whenever I feel I REALLY want food (which happens less often now that I am nearly 2 years in) I first of all drink a large glass of water. That often sates me for a while. If I really need something then a warm salty drink (such as a bouillon or an oxo cube, or Bovril etc) often does the trick. Washing my teeth is a great incentive not to go straight off and eat. Coming on here is also a great distraction.

    @bluesqueak I have a WeightWatchers scale since 2013. It’s fine but all it does is record weight. You know what, I might “treat” myself to a new scale that reads fat etc as that would be interesting. So hopefully my fat is going down while I am on the plateau but it would be nice to measure it. Thanks for giving me the idea ☺️

    @ccco, @metatauta @at, and everyone else, thanks for the anniversary wishes. We are both second time round with marriage but this time it’s for keeps 😍

    Sorry @metatauta and @flourbaby but the description of your Hula Hoops sounds like instruments of torture ha ha. Looking forward to seeing how this challenge gets on. I love these little breakaway groups on this forum!

    I did Level 2 tonight on the 30DS, and wow, I am back with Anita and struggling even then. And then at the end of the clip Jillian states there is a Level 3 😱 I won’t even go looking for that one just yet 🏁 @flourbaby I admire you for doing this numerous times already

    @ciren2 and @jaifaim here’s wishing both of you a speedy recovery.

    Have a great rest of day everyone. We are all doing well this month, let’s hold on together.

    Day 13 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    I’m happy that the scale says I’ve moved 4 lbs of the roadtrip weight after the 63 hour fast. Am eating an 18:6 schedule today and then planning to go for another FD tomorrow. We had quite the snow system the last 24 hours or so (maybe it headed to @RedRockGirl). I had at least 4 inches of fairly wet snow to shovel today. Some good exercise! Hopefully it’s winter’s last hoorah.

    @metatauta – yes, thank you for the hulahoop tips. I think I will go buy one before the month is up to be ready for April.

    Feeling in need of a nap. The snow shoveling did me in. 🙂

    Day 13 – USA – NFD

    second post – @annemarilyn, congrats on shifting 4 lbs.!!!

    Day 13 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Finally got skiing yesterday — fabulous “bluebird” day, gorgeous sunshine and blue sky. Snow was terrific. Didn’t ski at all last season as snow wasn’t good at all, but this year. Wow. Lots of it. And more again today in the valley. I fly home tomorrow, so glad I got in yesterday.

    Great to read of everyone’s reports here —

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13 UK CD

    Checking in for accountability – V late after long but good day. Made gf vegan adaptation to my sweet potato/banana raisin bread last night and it was YUMMY… used egg subs No Egg – which I’d forgotten I had in the cupboard!And some light coconut milk… Came out delcious, and only 100 calories/slice. What’s not to love?!

    Took huge salad in with me for lunch& tea but only ate half plus two slices of raisin bread bc meetings went back to back… in the breaks I was trying to catch up with email/re-read papers for next one. JusT about kept on top of things but lots of notes to type up tomorrow/Thurs.

    Came home and had snack supper – whole tub of baba ganoosh with 200g carrot crudites (!) small tub of wasabi peas & two clementines. The peas were far too carby for me, but useful learning curve.

    @hieiren thanks for the reminder about flax & chia eggs 🙂
    @snowflake56 my first vegan week has been a struggle at times, esp since I gave half my vegan chillis to DD for her dinner party. I think it needs more planning & prep to be a vegan as well as gf, low carb, mostly grain free & I’m not yet in the swing – not least bc it’s been an astonishingly full week – and two more days to go! I’m going to top up shopping tomorrow and do some more advance prep /batch cooking at the weekend or early next week. On the bright side, I haven’t given up 🙂

    Bath & bed… FD tomorrow

    Pocket List Day 14 – add yourself if you’re fasting..

    Day 13- Ohio nfd

    Today is so nice and warm. First day where I didn’t go to work with my jacket. My plan for morning is that I’m going to go over to the walking path and do that and possibly some of the side exercise things they have until the kids are at school. Next time, I will remember to bring shoes besides my work ones.

    Shopping plan for tomorrow is including going to the Korean market and getting lunch. I’m planning on eating less the rest of the day to get some tofu stew and the side. Of course, the latte I had the kid get me didn’t help today. I’m realising that since I had those days off, I’ve found it harder to not not get something out instead of making myself. I really do need to learn to make the tofu stew, but I suspect freezing it wouldn’t be good for it.

    Gotta run, but may chck back later.

    Day 13 Ohio, US — NFD (85 bites)

    Today things are going better, but mid-morning I got real flushed and dizzy. That spell only lasted about a half-hour, and since my energy was good for the rest of the day, I didn’t go back to the clinic. It looks as though I’m still in the woods, but light is breaking down the road.

    This evening I made 6 mini berry pies to take to work for PI day tomorrow. That usually is a big day at work. One person today wore a tee shirt with the slogan: The password of my e-mail account is the last 8 digits of PI. (This may be funny only to a limited group.)

    @dingping I use a tally app so I just tap the screen before I take a bite. The app does all the counting. Tapping before taking the next bite has really raised my awareness of the state my body is in. That is a side benefit of just the counting. It also seems as though 17 normal bites is the sweet spot for each meal. I definitely feel so much better if I don’t go over that. I certainly wasn’t aware of that before starting this experiment.

    @michelinme I came across this plan ( from Dr Oz for a stream-lined approach to meal planning that would be very easy for vegetarians and vegans to use. Since I rotate my foods and also need to meals pretty simple in order to keep sensitivities under control, I can see that this could be a helpful model. I haven’t tried it out yet (one experiment at a time!), but it, or some part of it, may be useful.

    Day 13 Minnesota, USA FD800
    Quick check in. A little over 800 cals. It’s about 9:50 PM and I’m off to bed to avoid eating anything more. Hoping to get my back into my usual routine where I eat nothing after 7 PM. Perseverance!
    Planning another 800 cal day tomorrow.
    Stay strong and best of luck to everyone.

    Day 14 California FD

    Pocket list day 14


    Might as well start the list since I’m still at work waiting for my turn to present 😴. Hope I get to go home and go to bed before I get hungry 😂

    Day 14 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    We won our netball semi final last night! Though I only played half a game as we had some spares, it was a nail biter!

    Ate well until the end of the day, then indulged in far too many home made rice paper rolls for dinner, followed by some dark chocolate buttons – so not totally bad, but just portions are way to big. Have been suffering from some lingering fatigue the last couple of weeks, some days worse than others, which doesn’t help the resolve. Think it’s time to go visit the doc for a blood test to see if they can work out why.

    Weight is up this morning, but it’s no surprise, and not going to dwell. Will just keep plodding along and hopefully the fasting and NFD strength and motivation will reappear sometime soon.

    @daffodil2010 happy anniversary!!
    @ciren2 and @jaifaim hope you both feel better soon! Listen to your body at this time (and enjoy that silver lining of a bit of weight loss lol!)
    @flourbaby woohoo love that woosh!!
    @at that curry sounds great! I actually have some home grown pumpkins that I haven’t had yet, you’ve inspired me to add some to tonights miso soup dinner I have planned 
    @ann1239 I hate that!! Those sneaky high cal foods are always such a disappointment

    Pocket list day 14

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    4th of B2B2B2B

    Going to try for an LFD today. Organic chicken bouillon cubes, herbal teas, coffee, tons of water. Will end the day with a hot milk and nutmeg…..yes it’s calories, but it’s still liquid 😆 And I know it helps me sleep.

    Really aiming for dropping over the plateau precipice tomorrow morning. If I don’t, well, I don’t, but I do feel lighter. Just the weekend ahead is St Patrick’s bank holiday and I know it will be difficult to swerve temptation with all the family things planned.

    Have a great day all.

    Pocket List Day 14

    Day 14 – Ireland – FD

    Feeling much better today, thank you all so much. Not sure what I had but it seems to have passed thankfully ahead of my break next week…tired today but only two more days and then 10 days off work which should help…
    Fast day yesterday turned out yo be more FD800 but will go again today for another FD… meeting friends tonight for a catch up after work but will just have a soft drink and hopefully there will be no food involved.
    @ciren2 I do hope you are not pressurised into going back to work before your body is ready… @matpi sorry to hear you are still not out of the woods
    Seems there is a little bit of downward movement for a good many people: @flourbaby, @therealwil78,@ann1239, @bluesqueak,@metatauta @annemarilyn etc… long may it continue…
    @songbirdme I’m so glad you got to ski – it sounds fabulous ☀️ ❄️
    @michelinme fair play to you! Your raisin bread sounds yum!
    @gretta well done on your win 🏆
    Wishing you all a lovely day today!

    Pocket List Day 14

    We rise by lifting others 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️

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