March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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  • Day 11 – Japan – WFD

    Pushed in a run, trying to make the fast really count.

    Day 10 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 9 — NFD

    Well yesterday things got worse, so I went to the clinic. It appears that some bacteria got into my system along with the vaccination. What I thought were just side-effects of the vaccination were mixed with a bacterial infection. Some antibiotics were prescribed and apparently are strong enough for my body that I’ve slept most the rest of the day yesterday and a fair portion of today. So until the infection clears up, I think I’ll be doing NFD’s.

    The NFD’s will give me a chance to experiment with bite counting. There are different ways of implementing this idea:

    1) Some people give themselves a limit on the number of bites of dessert they’ll take. Most popular is the 3-bite rule: First bite is for saying hello, second bite is for enjoyment, and third bite is for saying good-bye.

    2) After gastric bypass surgery, people are instructed that they can only have small meals. Usually they can have 6 meals of 8 bites each. A number of people have mentioned on blogs that they could have eaten that way and lost the weight without doing the surgery.

    3) One doctor, Alwyn Lewis, has written a book, “Why Weight Around?” in which he puts forward the idea of having 2 meals a day, each meal having 5 bites. Basically this is a method of fasting.

    4) Another way of doing this is to count how many bites you take during the day. You can use a manual counter in a pocket to do this quite unobtrusively. You could also use an app that’s designed for this purpose. There are also bracelets (sort of like fitbit bracelets) that you could use for this. You count your bites for a week and get an average. Each week you weigh yourself. If you’re on schedule with weight loss you stay the same. If you’re too heavy, you decrease your daily intake by 3 bites for that week. Over time you eat less and so lose weight.

    Hope your week is off to a good start!

    This post is running long, so I’ll stop now. If there’s any interest, I can mention what my observations on how it’s working so far.

    Day 11, Germany, F800
    Good morning!
    Don’t feel well after 3 days of eating out + yesterday defenitly having too much…
    Decided that even though my new book hasn’t arrived yet (f800), I’ll give this a try and will do couple of 800s in a row. Was thinking of 5 days, but will recheck everyday what feels good.
    @matpi hope you will feel better soon!! Interesting idea this bite counting thing, would love to hear of your experiences!

    Day 11, Emden Germany, FD

    Good morning everyone!

    We’re still missing a few friends @coda, @bert1802, @rainbowsmile, @lilymartin, @northerndawn and others. I hope you’re fine. We haven’t heard from a few newbies since signing in. We all know how it was in the beginning, we’re here to help you if you want. When you struggle and don’t know how to get on, please ask us.

    I also remember the Hula Hoop challenge, I was so bad at it, the hoop is at the neightbours now but for a challenge I could borrow it and give it a try again.

    @annemarilyn I’m already behind with the new things, it’s more difficult than expected to find new things I think we’ll like. I think Tijeras is the town where @joanslab lives in New Mexico.

    @hieiren pleased to hear, your FD went so well. I could never have truffles in the house and take one a day, if I take one, I want more.

    @miraclelou trying out FD800 after a few day of indulgence sounds like a good idea, but please take care if you don’t feel well.

    @matpi I hope the antibiotics do their job and you’ll get better soon. Patients that had a gastric bypass surgery have to take supplements and get help from a dietician to learn how to get the most out of the small amount of food their stomach can take in. I don’t think this is a healthy way to lose weight but a slippery slope towards an OCD.

    Pocket list day 11

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD

    “Today was good. Today was fun.Tomorrow is another one.” Dr. Seuss

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 Herefordshire UK NFD
    Struggling with carb demons, allowed bread into the house, aaaagh! There was also homemade biscuit making, intended as a gift for a neighbour, but once cooked I decided they weren’t good enough to give so ate the lot myself in one day, things are not ending well! One FD last week thanks to getting through with the Saturday fasting crew. Trying to get a grip but disappointed that my goal to be comfortably in smaller size clothes for family reunion by the end of the month is slipping away. What’s done is done, moving on….
    Sorry to not be very active here but the days just slip away at the mo but when I do have a chance to hang around I’m loving the lively chatter and @snowflake56 your gentle guidance through the month, love the inspiring and reflective quotes you post. Your ironwork and garden plans sound fab, impressed with your focus and hard work in getting it sorted and done.

    Best wishes to you all.
    Ta x

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going for a liquid only FD today. Oxo cubes and herbal teas at the ready. Bone broth later. I have to drive into Dublin tonight to visit Dad so there won’t be time to think of food. Yay!!!

    I am now 12 days in on the 30DS, did today’s one early due to visiting Dad tonight. Feel motivated.

    @annemarilyn, you know I often wondered what the back story to people’s handles were too. So me….well, daffodils are my absolute favourite flower, I love the promise of springtime and new hope for a new year that they bring. Ireland is now awash with yellow daffodils everywhere and thus is definitely my time of year. The 2010? Well, that’s the year I married DH 🍾 And it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow, 12th March (though we have already celebrated). I was on a wedding forum back then and all the brides to be (known on that forum as B2B 😆) used to put the year of their impending wedding after their name.

    So that’s me!!!

    Hang in there @dingping, we’ve got you.

    Happy fasting everyone.

    2nd post

    @dingping waiting for potatoes to be cooked yesterday, I ate a lot of ginger nuts biscuits I don’t even really like. That’s how things go. Please don’t be disappointed, nothing is lost yet, you have time to get back on the wagon with us. You have a goal this month and you know you can get there. Have you decided what you want to wear to the family gathering where you want to look stunning? Never ever think about giving up but try the best you can. xxx

    @judyjudes we posted on the same time, put you on the pocket list. I hope you get better soon, take care!

    Pocket list day 11

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    So much ways to do a FD.

    Bye for now!

    Day 11. UK. Fast800

    Hi All

    It’s been busier than usual for me the past week. I missed a thyroid blood test last Tuesday (went to bed Monday thinking I have my blood test tomorrow) but completely forgot on the day. I rang them to apologise profusely and they rearranged for last Friday. Hopefully I’ll get treatment this week.

    During the weekend we sprinkled the ashes of our beloved parents in their final resting place, which was a sad occasion but we feel more settled in that they are reunited. Then we had a memorial meal.

    We have the decorators in and I’ve been helping my other half clear rooms etc. Accidently hurt myself and now have the worse sciatica I’ve had for a while. I should know better with the state of my spine and sustained nerve damage. I’m trying to do gentle stretching to release the pinched nerves.

    Weight is 143.3lbs. I’ve seen that a few days now. Very very slow progress but better than the alternative.

    I’ve read back some posts but not all. I’m enjoying catching up on all your topics and progress.

    Peace & Love

    3rd post

    About my handle: “Snowflake” is a lovely small novel by Paul Gallico about the life of a snowflake.

    2nd post
    Thanks @snowflake56 and @daffodil2010 for your immediate support. Not given up just so disappointed in myself but it is what it is and shall focus and raise my game for the remainder of the month. No stunning outfit needed but want to have wriggle room in an a favourite pair of jeans not worn in two years.
    This week will be a crunch week, planning some b2b’s mid week onwards.
    Ta x

    3rd post
    @snowflake56 – of course! Not read it but it’s now a must on my list as it sounds a beautiful and gentle exploration of why we are here. Ta x

    Day 11 – Ireland – FD

    CD yesterday as was busy through the afternoon … although it been quite a good weekend I’ve bounced back up on the scales…
    Had a really bad headache yesterday and have no idea where it came from…looked back at food and drink intake for the day before but nothing stood out..

    @daffodil2010 happy anniversary – hope you had a lovely « you » day yesterday! I’m from a big family too and have the same issues with decision making and people stomping off … my man is an only child so often think that for all the drama I wouldn’t trade the family set up..

    @matpi the bites idea is very interesting… I’ve never thought of tracking my food in bites and have no idea how many bites I take in a day… might try to keep track today and tomorrow just out of interest..

    @heirein I’m with @snowflake56 on the inability to resist treats if they are in the house particularly if the pack is open…. 😳 well done to you!!

    @dingping – I can so relate to the problems with the bread and baked pods demon devil 👿…you still have 20 days to the end of the month… you can still do it 💪 💕

    I made a banana and walnut bread (with oats) yesterday that I spotted online… obviously not the best thing to have in the house and had to hide it away this morning so that I wouldn’t try a slice… tomorrow I can taste it.. will mean it messes up my sugar free day but still pushing myself to try new recipes so balancing everything … if it’s nice I’ll make some to take on holidays as it’s full of relatively good things.

    Pocket list Day 11:

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    We rise by lifting others 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 11. NFD. I just can’t do FD on holiday. I’ll knuckle down when I get back.
    We are now in Munich. Which we love. What an amazing city. Everything works beautifully, they have an INTEGRATED transport system, where everything joins up, on time, and there is information at every stop about what other buses, trams, etc stop there. It’s just so well organised.
    And the people are friendly and helpful. I saw a young guy running with his child’s buggy yesterday, and he was smiling as he ran! So sweet.
    BUT, I do think our German friends might have warned me about your bread. Pumpkin seed bread specifically. It is just to die for. I adore bread but I swerve it if I can, but I can’t resist it here. I don’t care. I’ll jump back in when I get back. H

    Day 11, 2nd post

    My run is pushing my calories burned up towards 3000 today. Normally my calories run a lower on fast days. The downside is I feel the fast a bit more.

    @emma Taylor – I typically avoid fasting while traveling too. Just too many conflicts.

    Hold fast!
    Pocket list Day 11:

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    Day 11 UK FD

    Felt hungry yesterday evening & didn’t want to carry it into today’s FD – fixed with post-supper bowl of oats, apple, cashew & dates with coconut milk. Slept like a baby and woke up earlier than usual feeling more refreshed than usual (yay!).

    Have started my week with yoga & meditation (yay) but couldn’t stop sneezing during meditation & now feeling distinctly cold – Again! 🙁 May be picking them up on public transport – time to revert to carrying babywipes and cleaning my hands after every bus/train journey.

    I need to be my best self for meetings in town this afternoon so not the best day to be feeling under par…. I’ve had a litre of ginger tea and feeling more hydrated but that grumpy feeling that comes with viruses. I’ll try to get my head into a good place over the next hour, make sure I’m well-prepared with a good travel plan and set off in plenty of time. Hopefully taking foreseeable stress out of the day – prepare well, travel with a gentle mind…and let go of outcomes.

    Lovely to catch up with posts. Wishing you all a good day x

    Pocket list Day 11:

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    Day 11 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Pocket list Day 11:
    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    Together we are stronger 😊

    Day 11 USS FD800

    Just want to drop by and say hi. I will go back and read old posts once this crazy day is over .

    Pocket list Day 11:
    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    Day 11 Wales FD

    Weekly weigh in, only lost 0.25lb but another 2cm off my waist. So waist 98cm so in double figures instead of triple. May change my weigh in day to Friday as we tend to go out later in the week if me and hubby both off.

    Pocket list Day 11:
    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    We can do this x

    Day 11, London, UK, NFD,

    Another CD hopefully, at least this one will be wine free!!! I was a bit later than some of you guys, maybe you put the curry idea in my mind(?), but we celebrated mums 80th with a Nepalese curry yesterday afternoon, it was lovely and I didn’t vacuum up everything in sight and even swerved the cake!!!

    I hope I’m not being presumptuous, but it seems we have a few weeks to prepare for a ‘Hula Hoop Extravaganza’ (@metatauta, now you’ve named it I really can’t say NO!!!) in April!!!! …………………… @hieiren, @debster251, @metatauta, @snowflake56, @flourbaby ………………..I’m hoping this list gets longer by April 1st and we can do some serious waist whittling, I think my knees should be suitably healed by then!!!

    @dingping, hang in there!! As @jaifaim says, you’ve still got 2/3 month left to make your goal. Now ……………. it sounds like a fantastic idea, baking for the neighbour, but I’m thinking you might try buying a pack, knocking on the door immediately and handing them over like a grenade with the pin pulled, if the neighbour isn’t home, consider posting them through the letterbox ………… individually if necessary!!! But whatever happens ………. Do NOT let them into your house!!! I can’t imagine being in a house filled with the smell of baking ………. Pure torture!!! We all get to the point when the siren call of the carbs becomes SOOOOOO loud & the mojo proves elusive ……………….. I’m sending you some of mine!!!!

    Stay strong everyone, we’ve got this and there’s loads of time to work the willpower muscle, get back on the wagon & eradicate some fat for March!!!

    Day 11 – Manchester, England – NFD (but may go for a CD)

    As it says above, I’m due on a NFD, but after a somewhat carefree weekend, I am feeling like I need to have a nice controlled day today. Then FDs tomorrow and Thursday.

    I’m loving the stories of everyone’s handles. Mine is because I really love glowworms! I would love to visit the glowworm caves in New Zealand. I use the same username on Instagram and when I first went on there, ‘glowworm’ was taken, so I opted for ‘aglowworm’ because they are all aglow. It made sense in my head anyway! Haha!

    Good luck to everyone fasting today. I hope you all have productive weeks.

    @therealwil78 – I absolutely adore a good Bloody Mary. I hope you had a great day yesterday. The food sounded great too!

    @hieiren – my hubby is a much better cook than me and so he was in charge. We smothered the chicken in harissa paste, pushed some under the skin and poured some inside the chicken too. He then pushed lemon and garlic inside too. We left that to marinate for several hours. He then cooked it covered in foil in the oven for the first hour and then uncovered for the last 15-20 mins. It was incredibly moist and delicious, with just a hint of spice from the harissa, but it wasn’t strong or overpowering in any way. You’ll have to let me know if you give it a go 🙂

    @matpi – I’m so sorry to hear about your infection. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get over it. I don’t think bite counting would be for me, but I hope that it goes well for you.

    @daffodil2010 – happy actual wedding anniversary for tomorrow. I hope you have a great day.

    @emma Taylor – travelling is for relaxing and enjoying things that make you happy, and German bread is amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Day 11 London UK FD800

    A very nice weekend away, though high winds and fallen trees made getting back a bit epic – there were two diversions due to fallen walls/trees, and then we hit a snowstorm on the M25. I was very glad we’d decided to take the coach and not drive.

    Saturday was very much a NFD (and definitely not alcohol free) – I’m not even sure that I managed to stay within my TDEE, though I avoided most carbs and think I was pretty close. By bedtime I not only felt a bit overstuffed, my heartburn came back. Sunday I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and a white-carb heavy meal out for lunch, and then it was time for the epic coach journey. When I finally got home I decided to skip the evening meal (I really didn’t feel hungry), so ended up fasting from about 3pm to breakfast.

    Whether it was that I fasted immediately after the white-carb fest, I don’t know, but my weight has stayed stable and my incredible shrinking waist managed another half inch (1 cm), taking me into the healthy height/waist ratio zone! There’s also the first signs of fat being taken from my hips – they went down by half an inch as well.

    Having managed to survive my first weekend off, I’ve decided that I am going to have Sundays as ‘respite days’. So I’ve adjusted the spreadsheet to make them NFD, with the other six days as FD800.

    @snowflake56 – you’re being a wonderful host; as a newbie, I’ve felt very welcome. The stay-on-course tips are really useful as well. The ‘always eat at the table’ is a good tip; it’s really easy to snack without realising.

    @at how was the Bolshoi?

    @aglowworm – Yes, I’m looking forward to restarting the fast days! Weird, isn’t it. I also found myself noticing how many people on the coach were constantly eating nibbles, and I’ve been noticing how many people on the tube are snacking as well. I keep thinking ‘Was that me as well?’ Did I really not notice how I was boredom-eating all the time?’

    @michelinme – If you’ve got the Fast800 book, the Banana and Cranberry Lunchbox Bars are a good ‘grab and run’ meal substitute. I’ve made up a batch, wrapped each in clingfilm and now have them stored in my freezer. They defrost on the way.

    @matpi – the vaccination gave you an infection? That sounds like really bad practice on the part of the clinic. Or do they think you picked it up while you were there for the vaccination?

    @judyjules Stable is good. I seem to have a pattern of stable followed by a drop, so I’m now presuming that as long as my weight isn’t going up, things are happening.

    My handle: Squeak is my childhood nickname (I was the youngest, the smallest and even when grown up the shortest), and Blue is my favourite colour. 🙂

    Day 11 Glasgow FD

    Don’t have breakfast on a FD although managed 1/2 a banana, so just devoured the Pea, Prawn and Pea Shoot Salad from the Fast Diet Receipe Book, added some cherry tomatoes too, so feeling quite full on that. Have salmon and brocolli for dinner tonight, and thanks to @betsylee for the hot water recommendations, I’ve had 2 so far today instead of my milky tea’s that I have to count into my FD calories too.

    Pocket list Day 11:
    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800

    Good luck all

    Day 11, Melb. Aust. CD

    Today’s FD became a CD, and great self-control to stop it being a NFD, due to my foolishness in buying some brownies. The rest are in the fridge. Tomorrow’s another CD, so I’ll sneak a couple more into my intake.

    @ann1239, definitely okay to workout while doing this WOL. You will lose weight more quickly. I try to walk a minimum of 30 minutes every day, as well as doing some gentle exercises and weights. Doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) is also a possibility that Dr M mentions several times in his books. My intentions have rarely moved to execution on HIIT, but I know others use it. By the way, be careful of the amount of bread you eat – wheat products including most breads have a fairly high GI, which means they shoot up your blood sugar very quickly, though that effect can be mitigated if eaten with protein or fats.

    @judyjudes, hope you will FINALLY get some help with your thyroid problem, and a more sympathetic medical hearing. Good luck with that!

    @daffodil2010, Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely day, even if you have already celebrated.

    @ciren2 & @michelinme, hope you can throw off your infections soon.

    @matpi, Also hope your antibiotics are doing their job and you’re feeling better. Read your description of counting bites – definitely would not have the patience!

    @snowflake56, what a great list of dos and don’ts with eating. Most impressed.

    @ciren2, you asked about bushfires (wildfires, for Americans) – we tend to have a lot every summer. The authorities are very good at watching and initiating action for anyone nearby, so don’t be too concerned. Also, remember that Australia is a big country – even the State of Victoria is larger than the U.K.
    General information: Generally if a bushfire is near, people can decide to wait it out or to evacuate the area, depending on the advice from the police and fire authorities, and there are warning channels on the radio, etc., that give updates. Sometimes there can be loss of life, generally because people either decide to evacuate too late, or try to stay and defend their property, but after a terrible bushfire season some years ago, the authorities tend to jump in more quickly to move people out of danger areas. Mostly in recent years it’s been more loss of livestock and buildings, plus native animals. The main problem is the gumtrees (eucalypts); they burn really fiercely because of the eucalyptus oil.

    Day 11 California NFD

    Time change shock this morning. Not feeling very with it right now. Good luck to the fasters today, I know I am struggling a bit with the mojo. Just got to keep plodding on!

    Day 11 Canton OH FD
    Boy am I dragging today, wow!

    2nd post

    Rafiki – name of DD’s doggie and 4 is my favorite number.

    Day 11 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Hard to do a FD while visitng, but at least am trying to be a bit more controlled. Went to a potluck kind of dinner last evening with DD and SIL … just ate 1/2 a piece of a delicious chocolate cake. 🙂

    Skiing tomorrow, so will certainly have to eat.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 11 FD800

    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800
    @ccco 800

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Day 11: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Still firmly in the grip of this horrible virus (day 6). Sore throat passed, but still suffocating by 2am and then unable to get back to sleep because my nose has become totally blocked. Tried sitting upright for about an hour until something clears a bit as I can’t sleep breathing through my mouth. Horrible times. Hacking cough….not popular at work! Hubby at the sore throat stage.
    @betsylee: Thanks for the bushfire info’. I think DD drives along the Prince’s Highway past the Bunyip area to go to her workplace. Last Tuesday, when this road re-opened she said it was eerily smoky. The cows are ok at the centre.

    Day 11 Belfast FD

    Dodging a fresh batch of @michelinme’s oat bread, which OH just adores.

    @matpi hope your infection gets better soon
    @aglowworm – one of the highlights of my trip to NZ was the glow worm cave. Like Disney really. I was entranced for days after.
    @flourbaby – see what you’ve started! I guess I must get practising. Hopefully I’ll do better this time!

    @judyjudes I hope that bittersweet family moment has helped to bring closure.
    @dingping – don’t be disappointed in yourself. We’re all human. A few days on the straight and narrow and you’ll be back on track.
    @jaifaim – I love your finishing quote. That has to be the epitome of this forum.
    @russetfox – well done on this 2cm off your waist.
    @at was that an event screened at your local cinema?I keep missing them because I forget to look at ‘events’. Hope you enjoyed it.

    My handle is the name my OS calls me when he wants something done. When my boys went to Canada together, I played Words with Friends with them using that handle, and it was my way of keeping in touch with them without fussing. The 251 came because the name on its own was already in use so at random I added a 2… no luck ..then a 5… no luck then a 1 and bingo. It’s stuck since then! Just been on Amazon and ordered‘Snowflake’.

    In the words of a previous inspirational forum member@fatrabbit, ‘Thin feels better than anything tastes’.

    Day 11 Minnesota, USA FD (800)

    Hello everyone!
    I’ve been absent for two weeks while staying with grandchildren as my son and DIL were off on Holiday. I need to push the reset button in a big way! I’ve gained about 2 Kg. The grandkids are active and thin and love their carbs, so I’m afraid I have overindulged in carbs and especially sugar. If there was ever any question in my mind whether I was a true sugar addict or not, it has been answered in the affirmative. Wow, I am really fighting those cravings!

    I have a lot of posts to catch up on, and I know that will help me get back on track.
    Thank you for hosting, @snowflake56! My goal is to lose the 4+ lbs I’ve gained and get back to 149lbs by the end of March.

    Best to everyone1

    Day 11 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    1st of several FDs; maybe 4. Taking 1 day at a time! Sipping on my peppermint tea as I write.
    Enjoying hearing about how folks got their handles. Mine is pretty close to my actual name. What’s interesting to me is that I grew up thinking I was “Anne with an e”, Marilyn. When I went to get some document from the Canadian government, I saw I was “Anna Marilyn”. I asked my mother about it, and she told me she’d been in the hospital having me and Dad had filled out the paperwork incorrectly. I’ve always loved Anne of Green Gables plus I’m almost the same age as Princess Anne. I daydreamed that Princess Anne would call all the Annes in the kingdom to come celebrate her birthday…So it was a disappointment when I saw my actual name. I never did change it because my mother’s 1st name is Anna. But I like being an Anne Marilyn when I can.

    @bluesqueak – good for you on whittling the waist down some more!

    Day 11 FD pocket list.

    @miraclelou FD800
    @dykask WFD
    @daffodil2010 LFD
    @judyjudes FD800
    @ccco 800

    2nd post
    So interesting to read about all your “handles” – I learned a new word now, too! 😉
    My handle comes from the “miracle morning” Routine that I used to do for quite some time (but not really at the moment) and my older son’s name is Luis 😊
    @snowflake Thank you for adding me to today’s pocket list. I was happy to see my name there even though I had forgotten to put myself on it.
    My fd800 was ok – ended up with 840 cals.
    Yet today was one of those days, that you just want to be over. So I am heading right to my bed, hoping for some more energy tomorrow! 🙏
    Tomorrow is my 2nd fd800.
    Onwards and downwards ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Day 12 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Last Friday’s high tea started with 1 scone and a sandwich in the afternoon, and spurned a carbtastic night with chocolate.

    It was a long weekend here in Melbourne, so have moved my normal FD to today. The weekend was luckily quite active, however had some insatiable hunger yesterday, so feeling a bit puffy this morning. I’m hoping it’s just hormonal and will drain away after TOM. We’ll see.

    Not where I wanted to be a few days out from my friends wedding, but will just keep plodding along.

    Wasn’t on the internet much over the weekend, so looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posts. Hope everyone is traveling well!

    Day 12 Pocket List:

    Day 10, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Quick check in. Read posts later.

    Hope everyone had a good Monday! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 12, Melb. Aust, CD

    Going okay, Checking in early, only 10:55 a.m. here, so day 11 is still active elsewhere. My “handle” is a “pet” name my mother called me occasionally. I use it as it sentimentally reminds me of her.

    @ciren2, yes, the Bunyip fires were fairly fierce for a couple of days recently, and the Princes Highway was closed then – no deaths, just some loss of property and livestock. Lots of smoke still around as we desperately need some rain, which would take the smoke haze out of the air. Glad your daughter’s research cows survived okay.

    Day 12 – New Zealand – FD
    Sorry I have been AWOL, went up to Auckland and spent a lovely 4 days away with my husband driving around the Coromandel area and catching up with relatives for our 20th wedding anniversary. Its a beautiful area and would love to return and spend more time there. Didn’t even attempt Fast days while I was away, but was mindful of what I was eating. Back into it now, my hubby turns 60 on the 18th, so are having a party the following weekend and would like to be a bit slimmer for that.

    My ‘handle’ is made up of the first initial of our four children’s names.

    Day 11- Ohio (work floor) fd

    Barely squeaking in today, though full night ahead. Had a few tempting to not make this a fd, but decided in the end to do as planned. Just didn’t sleep well and older girl had her monthly dr appointment. Since it was so soon after her iep meeting, was a little more stressful. Small victory in that.

    Thanks to you guys, I’m trying water kefir that’s already bottled. I had never had it, was curious, and finally took the plunge. Is it always a bitter flavor? Mind you, I did buy a lime flavored, so maybe it is that. I am considering checking a couple more flavors before final decision.

    When it comes to those truffles, the only reason why I can hold back on stuffing them all at once is sentimental. They come from a chocolate shop that isn’t a normal stop. My mom’s side have been going there since she was little. For them, that was a special treat for being welk behaved from my great grandfather. So, I learned to save and portion out any chocolate that came from there or the other local chocolate shop. Any other chocolate, all bets are off.

    About my name, the hi is actually my first and middle initials. The rest is an anagram of what is my middle and my grandmother and youngest’s first name. I was trying to figure a character name for Warcrack and all my suggestions were unusable. My ex-boyfriend told me how he got his names and that ended up working for me.

    Definalely ready for the Hula Hoop Extravaganza. Think I’ll beat my previous record of four rotations straight? Yes, I was bad at them growing up.

    Day 11 Ohio, US — NFD

    Back to work today and I was a little shaky, but ended the day well. The doctor said it would take a few days for the antibiotics to do the trick, so with any luck all will be back to normal tomorrow. I got the vaccination at a pharmacy and it’s not really clear where the bacteria came from.

    As for the adventure in bite counting here are my counts for the first few days:
    Day 1 35 (This was a FD)
    Day 2 105
    Day 3 95
    Day 4 89

    Some observations:

    My FD count was about 1/3 my NFD counts and that’s approximately equal to my FD calorie count divided by my TDEE.

    I’ve been using a tally counter app on my cell phone. At first I tallied correctly about 90% of the time. That meant that about 10% of the time I wasn’t really aware of when I put food in my mouth. So I made a rule to tally before I took a bite. That’s made me more aware while I’m eating.

    On Day 2 I intentionally kept close to 100 bites since that’s the number recommended by some researchers. One side effect of the practice has been that it’s become really clear when I get fullness signals. The signals come around bite 17-19. And paying attention to these signals is what’s caused the daily totals to decrease.

    From the literature it seems that for most people one bite is roughly equivalent to 17-50 calories. That means that on a 500 calorie FD one would eat any between 10 and 30 bites.

    It seems to me that bite counting is just another tool that may be helpful. I think that once I make the practice a habit it would be especially helpful for NFD’s when I’m travelling and have less control over meals than I do in my own kitchen. It could also give me a little more flexibility on FD’s when I’m on the road. The increase in mindfulness while eating also is also a plus.

    It also seems to me that both intermittent fasting and bite counting have the same advantages and disadvantages. Yes, one could eat a jelly donut with each bite and we all know that one can overeat on NFD’s so as not to lose any weight by doing 5:2, but that’s not in the spirit of either practice. It might seem that bite counting could be a lead in to psychological maladjustment with food, and there are any number of nutritionists with web-pages claiming that intermittent fasting is a borderline eating disorder. And most people here know that 5:2 is far from that when it’s done in the spirit that MM has presented it.

    For me the idea is that it’s just a tool that may be helpful, and so is worth an experiment.

    Day 12 – Second Post

    All this talk of kefir has made me very curious about it! Might have to have a go at making (and trying) it!!
    @missybear I am in the same boat – it’s hard to hold fast when cruella isn’t instantly rewarding positive WOL behaviour. I’m also a huge greek yogurt fan and am possibly eating too much of that (but it’s healthy, right?!!) we must stay strong!!
    @elektron although I’m barely hanging onto the wagon myself at the moment, I’m here to pull you back up, together we are stronger!
    @dingping I’m exactly the same, but todays FD is over halfway through and I’m determined to get through it! We’ll get there!
    @ciren2 bushfires around this time of year (end of summer) are quite common. Glad your DD is safe! I live in inner city so I’ve never been very close from any. Is your DD enjoying it? Sounds like she’s settled in nicely from what you’ve said!!
    @metatauta thanks  it was all perfect (bar the additional holiday weight…will get back down to maintenance soon I hope!!). I do hate how inconsistent scales can be – I need to put mine exactly on two floorboards to get an accurate reading, a little left or right and it’s way off!!
    @mapti that’s awful! Hope you feel better soon. Very interesting regarding the number of bites! Whatever works for you I guess (though I don’t have the willpower or patience to count bites..)
    @judyjudes that sounds painful, hopefully you recover quickly! What a sad but lovely event knowing your parents are reunited. Thoughts are with you.
    @emmataylor and dykask I also don’t fast on holidays, currently working on the post holiday reset and getting the weight back down again – was all worth it though 
    @flourbaby what willpower!! Congrats! And happy birthday to your dear mother

    Hi sorry to ask but what is CD? I’ve been trying to find it but cant see it mentioned anywhere else.

    Thank you

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    2nd B2B2B

    Wow what a super chatty forum it has been the past few days. Really enjoying catching up with everyone’s news, how people chose their handles, the gathering up of suspects for a Hula-Hoop Extravaganza…..this will be fun!

    I won’t partake myself as I am still in middle of 30DS (plus I can’t hula a hoop since I was 10) but looking forward to cheering you on ☺️

    Good LFD yesterday, rewarded with a drop, still in plateau zone of 135-141 but I feel quietly confident that I will break through soon.

    Good visit with Dad last night, he is looking forward to Cheltenham (he is not really a gambler but he loves to place a few bets during Cheltenham) and he is really looking forward to Sunday as its St Patrick’s Day. We are going out as a family to lunch then back to his club for a few drinks with his mates….before back to the convalescing hospital.

    @jaifaim I laughed when you described your family, exactly like mine, and my DH also is an only child so we can be quite overwhelming for him ha ha..but I wouldn’t change it for the world. After Saturday’s WhatsApp drama everyone is back talking like adults again.

    So many of you to reply to, I will pop in here tonight ….catch up with ye then.
    Oh and @snowflake56 I think I will order that book later ☺️

    Day 12 Wales NFD

    Be back to read later x

    Day 12 second post – mid-evening here now

    Managed a CD; calories okay, but let’s not talk about what I actually ate 🙂 .

    @matpi, wouldn’t bite count also depend on HOW a person eats? Sometimes I just nibble, so would get a really high bite count for not so many calories.

    @payney79, some debate has occurred on this forum re what actually is a CD (or CFD), a controlled day. On page 2 of the forum it’s listed as about 1200 cals; others have said it should be 200-300 calories below a person’s TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), so will vary from person to person. My end TDEE will be somewhere around 1500 cals, so for me they are the same, and I go with 1200 cals.

    Onwards and downwards everyone!

    BTW, I don’t think I could hula a hoop anymore; used to be good at it (about 60 years ago!)

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Wet and windy, horrible day.
    Woke up with a temperature approaching 101F so have called in sick. I need to rest and stay warm and dry. Not slog around delivering mail in the rain for five hours! I’ve been ill for a whole week now…unprecedented for me, normally I never catch things.
    Hope you are all ok….sorry not to read all your posts at the moment, just feel too rotten.

    Day 12, London, UK, FD800,

    I’m loving the handle explanations, some of yours are soooo random!!! Mine is self-explanatory of course (I never met a flour based product I didn’t instantly fall in love with!!!) however, at the time we were having THAT lifeboat naming debate and I had actually thought of using ‘@CarbyMcCarbFace’ but @flourbaby does the job just fine!!!

    @daffodil2010, Happy Anniversary!!!

    @debster251, I think I’ve shot myself in the foot!!! Mine is a weighted hoop with knobs on the inside ……………….. it’s an instrument of torture, but if it whittles my waist, I’m In!!!!!

    @payney79, to keep things simple – FD – Fast Day (800cals or less); NFD – Non-Fast Day (a day when you’re not fasting, which may or may not be particularly healthy or might even become an EFS – Epic face stuffing!); CD – A NFD but, one where you remain aware of what you’re eating, making better choices & below your personal TDEE – a day to polish your halo!!!! My TDEE is always calculated to my goal weight so I get used to the portions I’ll live by when I get to goal.

    Onward & downwards folks, stay strong!!!!

    Day 12_ Atlanta, Ga. -USA

    Day 12 of this month. Haven’t stuck to the plan on some days, but I’m committed to doing better the remainder of the month. Having yogurt for breakfast this morning and a low-calorie chicken with broccoli for dinner. Have a great day everyone!

    Day 12 Belfast CD
    I seem to be thoroughly stuck 2lbs above my top maintenance. Well, I suppose it’s not going up😏

    HiEiren – I’ve never tasted commercially produced water kefir but I’m surprised at the bitterness. Because it is made with sugar, and fruit, any batches I have made have erred on being sweet. That’s why I have settled on milk kefir. If you can get some grains (some people give them away on FB) it’s worth trying your own. BTW I don’t feel so bad about my hula hooping now!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery @ciren2. It’s not like you to be sick.

    My Pilates teacher is sick and the class is cancelled, so I suppose there’s no time like the present … off to find that hoop……

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”


    Day 12 Canton Oh FD

    allergies, oh allergies! I need to get caught up on posts, lots of interesting stuff going on here 🙂

    Day 12, Emden Germany, NFD

    Hi everyone!

    How interesting to read about everyone’s handles. I saw online that Paul Gallioco’s “Snowflake” is out of print. On amazon it is rediculously expensive, the novel only has 63 pages, AbeBooks seems to have copies in good condition. Perhaps you can order it in the library.

    @daffodil2010 today is the day: Happy wedding anniversary!
    @wacm Happy wedding anniversary too, although a little bit late!
    @dingping before losing weight, I didn’t really care how I looked, nice was good enough. Now I lost weight, I want to look great esp. at family gatherings. Looking great is so much better for my self-confidence, I’m a lion, not a mouse!
    @emma-taylor as a Dutchwoman living in Germany I sincerely apologize for the yummy bread they bake here! Enjoy it while you can!
    @russetfox congratulation on the double figures!
    @flourbaby looking forward to the ‘Hula Hoop Extravanza’.
    @aglowworm I saved your chicken recipe, it’s just what we like.
    @songbirdme have fun, take care!
    @northerndawn glad you’re back after all the troubles with the heavy snowfall.
    @bluesqueak I know how inportant it is to feel “at home” here. I started this challenge 2 years ago and was so glad the challenge was hosted by the lovely @at. I was very insecure and she was such a great help and encouraged me to stay on board, I will be grateful forever. It’s such a pity many sign in but don’t post after that anymore.
    @hieiren now I know why you take just one truffle a day, that is a special memory.
    @ciren2 poor you, I hope you will feel better soon.
    @basyjames allergies? Birch, hazel? Hope it will pass soon.

    “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” Arthus Ashe

    Have a nice day everyone!

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