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  • I say “I don’t HAVE to eat today. One more thing I can procrastinate about.

    for me the best ways to manage appetite are the following:

    * chewing gum!! (natural, not aspartame-ridden!)

    * herbal tea! preferably green, as it keeps your metabolism going with a bit of caffeine

    * brushing teeth after every meal; the minty flavor curbs your appetite, and your body is used to the sensation that you are not about to eat just after brushing

    * CELERY. celery has no calories. it also burns calories to digest. munch that every time you are hungry!

    * bouillon (a broth/veg stock). a teaspoon of this in a cup of hot water is like having a mini soup!

    * get up and do some exercise, or leave the house

    * lots and lots of water. especially gulped down after a fast meal to increase fullness 😀

    “lots and lots of water. especially gulped down after a fast meal to increase fullness ”

    This is a great idea that I only do occasionally by opening my throat wider & drinking plenty of water.

    I do great on my fast days, but after I can’t stop eating. Does anyone else do that? Any suggestions?


    I know exactly what you mean! Especially the last about 3 weeks. I love the suggestions mstar1892 has given, and I do all of those. Most of the time, they work, where my body is concerned. Coming to find out for me, it’s an emotional thing. Eating is so much more than just a physical action. Getting to just about my goal weight and I’m struggling a bit. Want to eat, and not because I’m hungry.

    The thing that is helping me stay on this plan, is knowing it works and has so many health benefits. And honestly, just taking it a step and day at a time. Being sick and tired of the yo-yo dieting for so many years, with no lasting results, and NOT willing to give up this time, in spite of myself. Just know you’re not alone and you can do this!

    Thank you TidyChick. You are so right, for me it is mental also. This is the best way of eating I have found in years. I plan on doing this from now on. I’am moving my fast days and think it will be easier not to overeat. It seems we want to sabotage our weight loss the closer we get to goal. I have learned that being a little hungry wont kill me! For me that’s big! Glad to know I’am not alone, thanks again.


    Well put! I seem to want to self sabotage the closer I get to the goal. I suppose that is why I have been overweight to begin with.

    So many people struggle with things we go through in life, as we all do. Some cope with alcohol, some smoking, some abusing drugs, etc. and you name it. My way for years has been food/sweets.

    Thankfully, I have found 5:2!! It is a miracle plan, truly! Though I’ve lost a lot of weight, skin clearing up, and cellulite disappearing, I still have moments where I struggle.

    Starting to realize this is ok. It’s a step by step, day by day process of change. None of us became overweight/unhealthy overnight. So too, our personal progress isn’t going to happen overnight either. Knowing this, really helps me when I have a bit of a hard time. Plus, the feeling of self doubt and sabotage subside more and more with each pound lost.

    Sigi and Tidychick
    I am also close (5-10 lb) to my goal and in sabotage mode, and wondering what it’s all about. I look forward to the fast days and am not overly hungry, just having little lapses.

    TidyChick and mulville it is so good to know we are not alone in this journey! I have tried every diet known to man and 5:2 is not a diet – it’s a way of life. No meetings, no chemicals, no spending tons of money and very few rules. I sabotage my weight loss by overeating after my fast day, so I may make out a menu and stick to it. When my greedy brain figures out the throat has not been cut, I will be a step closer to eating healthy portions. I sabotage myself because my weight has not been this low in a long time and I’am pretty happy with it. Maybe having 6:1 as our goal will make us stay on task!
    TidyChick, I agree with you as long as the scale shows a loss it does not matter how fast. This time it’s not going back up because we are learning a little hunger is not going to hurt us. Love this way of eating!

    mulville and sigi,

    I just read something profound I think I will adopt:

    “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Remember this next time you reach for something that is fattening and has no nutritional value.”

    This might help us a bit when we’re having a lapse. That, and I suppose I need to stop buying chocolate. Good news is, I’m almost out. 😀 It is really helping me today to know we’re in this together!

    I am repeating “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” like a mantra in hopes it will pop into my mind when I need it.
    AND knowing others in near and far parts of the world are also doing this is certainly a help.

    Ok, I’am in! Nothing tastes as good………………..yep, I think I hear two other voices! Thanks.

    I read all these post hope I am not intruding by jumping in on the group hug. I echo Everyone of your words. Struggling for so long to lose weight and finding something that will last is a blessing. We are not alone and sharing our stories gives us all a bit of strength for the day to keep going thanks for the mantra and thanks for sharing

    Can I join the group hug too? I relate completely to every word in this thread! Fasting today – second one of the week which I always find much harder than the first. I know I’ll get through it but I also know full well I’ll be starving tomorrow and will struggle not to overeat. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels… Will keep reminding myself of that 🙂

    A huge group hug would be great! Thinking about you today StephB you can do it! Maybe having a menu in writing for the day after fast day would work. I’am giving it a try tomorrow. The greatest thing about this plan is its flexible. Hope your day is going well redflame625, TidyChick and mullville. Nothing tastes as good as good numbers at my check up. Nothing tastes as good as fitting into those jeans in the back of my closet…………….just saying.

    Redflame and Steph,

    Of course, the more the merrier!! In fact, knowing we’re all in this together, was the main reason I made it through the day yesterday! Our basement flooded for the second time, my daughter needs knee surgery, hubby has to start traveling a lot for his job, not to mention some other things going on we’re dealing with, and I wanted to sit in the puddles of water and eat, eat, eat!!! But I was ok! So, thank you!

    Am finding out as I’m writing this, I’m realizing why I am wanting to eat and self sabotage the last few weeks. I should want to do better than ever, health wise instead! Old habits die hard, but I am determined to change my attitude, as that is sometimes half the battle.

    Sigi and mulville….I have had to practically buy a whole new wardrobe. None of my old clothes fit. Thank goodness for yard sales – it’s amazing what cute stuff you can find. Now, if I can get to the goal and then maintain, we’d really have something! Sometimes when I have a hard time, in spite of the success, knowing the health benefits keep me going.

    We can all do this!!!!

    Jumping in on the hug wagon, TidyChick you really do have a lot to deal with well done you for not caving in under such pressure, whats kept me on the straight and narrow fast plan for so long is the “what i cant have today i can have tomorrow” statement, 9 times out of 10 by the time tomorrow is here i no longer want what i craved. your right We can all do this!!!! x

    So far this fast day is going well-we took brother -in-law to the airport, so preparing and eating large meals, somedays
    for 12adults plus children is past. It was enjoyable, but I’m welcoming the return to fasting and the simple life.
    I found (and have heard from others on this forum,) that I really couldn’t eat as much as in my pre-5:2 incarnation.
    I’m joining in the big group hug (that includes the whole forum) and many thanks for all the words of wisdom I’m reading here!
    I’m trying 4:3 for a week or two to see if what happens.

    Please can I join the hug too? I had a great fast on Monday but have just got myself outside an entire packet of biscuits!?! Can’t decide if its because I know I’m fasting tomorrow so wanted to ‘stock up’ on rubbish or if the last few very stressful days at work have finally taken their toll. I was so strung out worrying about work but things began to resolve themselves today and I’m wondering if I was ‘celebrating’ that feeling of relief with the biscuit fest?
    Still – nothing feels as good as thin – onwards and upwards, here’s to a great fast tomorrow!
    Thanks for being there!

    Fast for life,

    Yesterday, I started writing down the tidbits from this forum that is really helping me (as my “favorites” folder is getting too big to follow up with), and I am going to add what you said – “What I can’t have today, I can have tomorrow.” It’s been said many times, but for some reason it really sunk in today. Thanks!


    I totally relate to what you are saying!! You know fast day is tomorrow, so that sort of gives yourself “permission” or some entitlement to overeat today. Especially in more stressful situations. Isn’t it funny, (or sad), how we humans deal with life with food? Why do we do that? We are using food in an unhealthy way, doing this to ourselves, making it work against us, when really that is the time when we should be eating healthier than ever.

    Darned sweets, biscuits and the like…..

    Ay the risk of being totally cheesy, here’s a giant group hug to the entire forum! 😀

    I never knew there were so many of us who are being held hostage by food. I also overeat before my fast day, as if I could die of hunger in those few hours! It is good to have a plan that can change as many times as needed until we get it right. Every day is a new day and another chance to get it right. Even if we eat junk sometimes we should give ourselves a hand for being on the road to a healthier and smaller us!
    So sorry about all the stress, TidyChick. I would think most of us on this page stress eat, so congratulations to you for coming out a winner! Hope the rest of your week is better.
    Thank all of you for this great group hug! Fast day tomorrow and I hope I forget the feast part after…………..

    Hi and another group hug to all!

    Tidychick, I agree that keeping the health benefits in mind is a good thing. Maybe it takes the pressure off the idea of getting to an ‘ideal’ weight and what that might really mean to us (eg things will be better in my life when I get to ‘x’ kgs!) I wonder too if the self-sabotage that seems to happen to most us is our thinner psychological selves catching up with our thinner physical selves.

    Stress is such a challenge isn’t it? I’m a stress eater too but somehow have managed to keep fasting days immune- I think it’s because a I do a full fast and not going anywhere near the kitchen makes it a bit easier. At the risk of sounding a bit cosmic- I am an enthusiastic meditator and since starting meditation a few years ago have found my relationship to stress has changed for the better.

    Fast day for me today. Hope everyone is feeling good and keeping on track.


    Thanks! Boy, you hit the nail on the head with how so many are being held hostage by food! This forum is very uplifting and is stearing me in the right direction to unleash the food chains. Hope fast day is great for you!


    What you say about our thinner psychological selves catching up with our thinner physical selves makes a lot of sense, and has given me something to think about in a helpful way!

    Thank you everyone for your wisdom, it’s so helpful to me. We will have stress till our last breath, so learning to cope with it is very important to our recovery from our unhealthy lifestyle. Most of you may be like me and put yourselves last on the list, which leads to no “me” time.
    Concentrating on being healthy may keep us from sabotaging ourselves rather than thinking our goal should be a certain number. A friend of mine used to say: If you have your health, you have everything. So, today I’am making a plan to release stress and it being my fast day should work out well, ha.
    Hope everyone is having a good day and lets gather for the big hug!

    Your friend is so right Sigi, our health so precious but we often need a wake up call before we appreciate it fully!

    Yes, I think a lot of us put others first esp if we are or have been carers to children, partners, elderly and life just seems so busy. I remember a few years ago when I first started meditating having to overcome the feelings of guilt at just sitting around doing ‘nothing’ for 10mins!! I don’t suffer from that anymore, it’s become just as important to me now as eating my greens or getting outside to exercise!

    Hope your fast went well. I fasted yesterday and felt so good. After a month on a plateau the scales showed a drop at last 🙂

    Hope everyone had a good day. Fast day goes well for me but then tomorrow I want to eat the house. The great thing about this way of eating is that we can tweak it as we go along, a work in progress! If I’am not homeless tomorrow I will be closer to wearing those jeans in the very back of my closet before they dry rot.
    Jassey what time of the day do you meditate? I would like to know more about it. Less stress means less overeating.
    Group hug and much encouragement to everyone!

    Sigi, yes definitely a work in progress. I have an inclination to eat more the day before a fast, kind of to stock up for the famine ahead! It’s my danger day to succumb to pudding, wine etc. Soon realized that the quality of my fast is affected if I eat junk the day before. Feel much more energetic and its more effortless if I’m good the day before 🙂 Sorry I’m no help with your problem of post fast days though. Are you eating enough protein maybe?

    I meditate for about 1/2 hr a day, some time between 1 and 3.30pm. It’s the easiest time for me to sneak away and it’s also the time I’m starting to feel jaded and need a mind reset! I’m not a purist and have my own approach to it (a bit like fasting) I started with a yoga class that started us with 5 min meditations and lengthened them over time to 20mins. Read a few books etc. and took it from there. I have found it’s been very helpful with managing anxiety but it’s a very personal thing, not for everyone, but worth looking into if you are interested.

    Keep well and happy everyone:)

    “I meditate for about 1/2 hr a day, some time between 1 and 3.30pm. It’s the easiest time for me to sneak away and it’s also the time I’m starting to feel jaded and need a mind reset! ”

    I noted the time that you meditate, close to the noon hour.

    Thanks for this thought. I have occasionally meditated at this time & yesterday I replaced eating with it & felt better afterwards.


    I love the idea of that mid-day meditation! Will definitely incorporate this into my Fast.

    Well, I need to go back and read all the posts, but I’ve read enough. Please count me in. I’m with you guys totally.

    We use food like a drug, especially when we’re depressed or can’t cope.

    I’m sorry, I know there will be those who disagree, but the world I grew up in is not the world we live in now. So much anger and hate that is more obvious than ever. My God, just check out social media. It’s enough to pull your hair out of your head.

    There just isn’t enough kindness in the world, even in our relationships…so we eat. For many reasons. The cycle has to end. We need better coping skills. And we can find them.

    Thanks everyone, for being so real.

    Hi Everyone,

    Good to hear so many coping skills. I took a class on meditation many years ago but haven’t done it in years. Now with 5:2, I’ve set myself the goal to meditate at least 3 times a week. The meditation is not difficult, it’s clearing everything else around you so you can find a quite place for 10 to 20 minutes that is hard.

    Here are a couple of things that I do to cut down on the stress in my life.

    I no longer watch news!!! Very big help, I read the headlines on Google news and choose which stories I want to read more about.

    I have limited my time with people who I know to be negative. They are just NOT good for me.

    Since I am now officially a Senior, I find that many people of my age group are happier. If I think I’m happier, I am happier.

    Worry never effects the outcome of anything. If the problem is something you can do something about, make plans for contingencies and then anytime you find yourself worrying, remind yourself that you have done everything you can and worrying won’t help.

    If the problem is the general state of our world chances are you and I will not be able to do anything about it so put those problems behind you. At first I had to actively think myself into NOT worrying, it must be more automatic because I seldom have to tell myself to quit worrying now.

    As far as the eating too much after/before Fast days, I went thru that at about week 20. Now having just finished week 25, I recognize that I am eating too much on non-fast days just because and I am usually able to put the bag of crisps down. I find that my average weight loss is 1/2 lb. a week. Other than a couple of short term plateaus the loss has been fairly consistent.

    Good luck to all, WE can do it.



    Your idea of not watching the news is an excellent one and one I haven’t read on this forum before. I think I’ll start a new thread with that idea.

    Also, regarding the news, the best advice I ever got was being told to get informed about, not immersed in the news. That one came from a book/movie called The Secret. I used to actually scream at the tv set over the news! Not anymore. I realized its ridiculous to become so immersed in nothing I have any control over. And I remember the days of my childhood was news was just reported. Today we have personal opinions from commentators that just don’t quit.

    Also, regarding overeating on “feed” days, I did try 5:2 for a month around the first of the year. Even though there were days I DID overeat, I still lost 7 lbs. that month! Still amazing to me. I went off it due to sheer laziness. Lesson learned. But I also realize that of course it’s not in our best interest to overeat on “feed” days! But I’m still amazed I lost weight doing so once in a while.

    Quick, some great points about what stresses us.
    Re the news, its always helpful to me to realize -its all about the news cycle. We’ve just had the lead up to and an election in Aussie and the commentary was pretty unpleasant. A well know reporter was also running a TV show that interviewed well known politicians while they cooked for her. What you got was a little window into the person. What we see in the news isn’t the real thing or the whole story and so we are upsetting ourselves over convoluted representations. Good thinking to switch it off Quick!

    Things I find hard to deal with like cruelty, poverty, grief etc aren’t going to go away either so have to deal with them and do the best we can. While looking at meditation I read a great book on Mindfulness called ‘Mindfulness for Life’ by Dr S McKenzie and Dr C Hassed. Mindfulness is about appreciating the moment. If you are paying attention to what you are doing right now,you are less likely to be worrying about stuff in the future (or the past) Read it just at the right time in my life.

    Sorry if I’m ranting, That’ll teach you for expressing interest☺
    I think the next thing I have to get sorted in my life is some strength based exercising and maybe some toning for my reducing physical self!

    Love this forum! Good day/night to all.

    Thanks everyone for such thought provoking stress busters! I’am planning to try some of them. Meditation, less negative TV and working at being mindfulness. Sounds good to me. I’am a political junkie so it won’t be easy.
    5:2 is half of the equation and what is in our brain is the other. I have been on so many diets, but I have never tried to work on my mind also.
    Quick, I agree with you. The longer we are on 5:2 the smoother the journey will get. After a while it will just be a way of life and we will stay healthy longer.
    Huge group hug to all of us who may live many miles apart, but face so many of the same challenges!

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