Losing weight but not inches

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Losing weight but not inches

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been trying 5:2 since August. And whilst I admit the first two weeks I was pretty much eating rubbish on my non fast days, I have been successful in bring down my weight. I have lost around 8 pounds. But my waist and hips measurements haven’t really changed. I lost about 1 inch off my hips and my waist varies between 1 inch or the same as when I started.

    I have been lazy when it comes to exercise, at first it was whilst I got used to fast days, but then I just got out of the habit. Has anyone found their weight is going down but they don’t feel much different? Some of my clothes do seem to feel better but I don’t feel like I have lost anything really. I will be going the gym again, but just curious what other people have found

    Welcome to the 5:2 forums, delly62. As I recall, I didn’t lose much in inches at the very beginning either. But I never measured, I just went by how my clothes fit. You say that yours are fitting better, so you’re probably just losing a little all over. You’ll see more change soon. I was pretty sedentary throughout my 28 pound loss. Exercise doesn’t contribute that much to weight loss unless you do a really lot. But it can definitely help define muscles and make you look better if you do weight bearing exercise. And even walking can help with BP and general health.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey. How much are you looking to lose?

    Hey CalifDreamer, Thank you for the reply and encouragement! Honestly I’m not sure on how much I want to lose. Initially I wanted to get to around 164 to see how I feel, but after getting there, I now want to reach to around 154 and then see how I feel at that. It’s good to know the inches were not a big factor at first for you, as I have been concerned about that, but think I will just carry on as I am and introduce exercise where I can 🙂

    Delly, ‘exercise’ can mean taking the stairs. It can mean a walk instead of lunch. it can be parking your car in the farthest lot so you have to walk. Lots of ways to sneak exercise into your day, until it becomes easier.
    Stick to it, good luck.

    Agree with fasting_me. A good way to keep track of ordinary things you do each day that contribute to exercise is using a fitness tracker wrist band that tracks your steps. Fitbit, Apple watches and Garmin are just a few of the many out there. I use a Garmin Vivofit and wear it 24/7. I can see my daily steps on it and upload them to an app that keeps track of them with graphs and lists. I’m getting much better at paying attention to it this past year as I’ve had some issues with BP and walking is a big help.

    Just sticking to 5:2 is the best way I know of to lose weight. FD’s are non-negotiable. Once I decide on the day, I never give up on it. That’s the most important thing for me. I move them around sometimes to accommodate holidays or celebrations or business trips, but mostly they are just Mondays and Wednesdays.

    I hope you’re finding 5:2 as helpful as I do.

    Yes that’s true, I think it’s because I was starting to get back into the gym and then when I started 5:2 I stopped the exercise just to get used to fasting and haven’t really got back the gym since. But I do have a Fitbit so I will look closer at what I am doing.
    You are right too! Sticking to fast days is so important .i got sick not long ago and I seem to be thinking about food a lot more and struggling to get back to a full fast day. I’m really motivated though as I’ve not had results like this before and have no plans of quitting.
    Thanks everyone! I love these forums

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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