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  • Blimey, you’ve only got to go out shopping for a couple of hours – as I did today – and you’ve ‘lost the plot’ as far as trying to keep up with the most recent posts on this site. The forum is so busy nowadays that it’s getting to be a full-time job just reading the stuff, let alone thinking about the topics or replying to individual comments.
    There are some really interesting contributions and good information getting buried in the avalanche of rapid, worldwide posts, from so many time-zones. I don’t have any suggestions to alleviate the problem, I’m afraid. I guess I just have to stop trying to keep up and must take pot-luck instead – wait to see what serendipity brings.

    Hi Jeanius-

    I agree! its really hard to keep up and I seem to be spending much more time on the computer than I used to..

    One of the problems I think is that there seem to be lots of new threads started rather than adding to an ongoing one.. but don’t know what can be done about this!

    I always look for your posts though- very interesting and thoughtful. How is the B12 research going?
    best wishes sara

    Hello, sara-gee, and thanks for your kind comments. I think we are the founding members of the S-G-&-J Mutual Appreciation Society, as I too always greatly enjoy your knowlegeable and sensible contributions.
    The material available ‘out there’ to research any and all subjects – especially about health issues – is vast but I’m working on it! Key focus for me at present, re Vitamin B12, are my various blood-test results, due at the end of next week. This week, I have already started taking high doses of a good quality, under-the-tongue B12 supplement and am really enjoying blending two favourite shakes each day: one a high-protein berry-nuts-&-seeds breakfast cocktail and the other, an apple/pear-&-green veg concoction for lunch and both are off-the-planet delicious. If my high energy levels of yesterday are anything to go by, I’m thriving on the regime.
    I wonder how you are faring, having resolved to be more direct in discussing the benefits of the 5:2 approach with your diabetic patients? I would hope that, ideally, you could get your bosses on-board before putting yourself out on any kind of alternative limb. My impression of the world of work in general – and the medical profession in particular – is that, nowadays, fearful conservatism rules and one endlessly has to ‘cover one’s back’ against official surveillance and reprimand. I hope that is not a problem in your particular GP Practice and I wish you well in all your work.
    Following the forum discussions, I have been trying to read-up on diabetes – another big issue. Who knew just how extensive and complex the condition is? – You, of course, because that’s your job! – But I never realised the significance of the differences between the types and the monitoring/treatment/dietary care required in each individual’s case.
    Anyway, enough shop-talk! I hope you are thriving on your own 5:2 and health regime. You must be at or near your your goal weight, I think, so do you follow a 6:1 schedule for weight-maintenance by now? However you plan it out, I hope that you too are thriving. Have fun – and do keep posting, when you have the time.

    hello again Jeanius- sorry I missed your reply to me on this thread…

    Glad you are sorting out the B12/acid reflux issues.

    I hope to report back on some of my diabetic patients doing 5:2 fairly soon..I think this whole way of treating metabolic diseases is going to make big changes in the future.

    Im nearly at target..I now do one strict 500 cal day; and a second day no carbs but not so strict;feel really energetic and also getting some good comments..”how come you are looking younger?” was one!

    my posting is a bit erratic but hope to keep up-
    best wishes

    is there a way of just having instead of favorite post just favorite people who post
    ta ta ur ee comings girl

    oops meant e e cummings

    the most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
    e. e. cummings

    ‘the most wasted of all days is one without laughter.’ – e. e. cummings

    Thanks, wiltldnrUSA – The quote certainly bears repeating.

    Personally, I’ve been focussing on nutritional supplements so far, in my efforts to come off stomach-acid-suppressant drugs and to control my reflux symptoms naturally, and I have not turned to homeopathy yet, but the key thing I’m still awaiting is my blood-test results (due by the end of this coming week).

    Viewing any favourite people can be done only by clicking on their name, next to any one of their posts, each time you visit the forum at present, I think. I find that procedure quite useable and useful. Keep well and happy.

    hi jeanius it was a joke and compliment to u & sara-gee that we should have favorites 4 people like u

    i thought homeopathy meant the supplement way no pharms.
    what did u mean by ur homeopathy way?

    u should put ur profile up 4 all 2 c. go look @ mine. w/ ur writing ability can’t wait 2 c.
    so that we do not have 2 search the millions of posts. these post r growing @ lightning speed. however, jeanius u were the 1 who got of out of the dark ages.
    what would it b like like w/ the old format eeeeeeeeeeeeee

    however, the favs topics post i just found (by ur replies and recommendations to the board) how to use the forum thanks, and guess who said we should change our tdee u!

    9:39 am
    5 Jun 13

    “(Oh, It just occurs to me that, as soon as one achieves a good weight-loss, then one’s TDEE needs to be re-calculated, as one’s daily intake needs to reduce too. I wonder how many people have also failed to realize this?)”
    we should have this important fact on the how to calculate?

    well once i’m done all this studying i will probably have an encyclopedia 2 read on this forum

    keep up the great replies and insight on how 2 navigate

    good luck on ur journey

    D’oh!! Sorry I missed the joke, wiltldnrUSA, and thanks for the compliments.
    You do know how to research homeopathy already, I’m sure, but here’s one link, just to give you something else to add to your studies:

    Why not put your suggestions for additions/improvements to the website on a separate thread in this ‘Suggested improvements’ section, so they’ll get more direct notice from the technical team?

    I do like the freedom and energy of your profile details but, ironic though this may seem to you, I prefer to keep a low profile, being anonymous as much as possible. ‘Those who seek knowledge and understanding, often must search through a million and more things.’ – Jeanius, 22 June 2013.


    u made me laugh and laugh laugh and laugh laugh and laugh laugh and laugh w/ ur quote ” ‘Those who seek knowledge and understanding, often must search through a million and more things.’ – Jeanius, 22 June 2013.

    it was ur suggestion that should go the technical team
    did not want 2 steal it.

    u gave me ur profile in one of ur replies of a copy pasted date

    just thought it would help all the people u reply 2
    since the posts r growing so rapidly.
    u can have a minimalist zen mysterious version of ur profile
    but, ur gerd and helpful insights could b there for all 2 c in a synaptic version.

    i’m taking the day off from studying.
    it is fastday and looking @ the board is a nice distraction.

    it is the only way not 2 think about food. have not eaten
    yet. trying a 5pm instead of 7pm. trying eel in a can and kelp noodles.
    some days fasting is so easy & other days starving so much like today ugh 🙁

    this is not a computer glitch
    just checkmarking
    Notify me of follow-up replies via email
    u should all
    4 ur topics & replies

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