Just about to try and start again! Guidance appreciated…

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Just about to try and start again! Guidance appreciated…

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  • So, after a long time struggling with depression, my diet fell apart, comforting eating of absolute junk etc, as well as issues with lethargy whilst I was on meds, I’ve gone from maybe 89kg to 105kg in little over a year, and I really need to get that sorted out.

    So, I’m now looking at this route to try and reverse the slide, as when I tried to go low carb, I was struggling with food choices etc.

    Just a couple of queries, and I’m planning to use the BodyFast app as I think the countdown timer for each ‘period’ might be helpful – does anyone know of any better ways or potentially any kind of hypnosis tracks that might help focus on this?


    I’ve read a lot of conflicting advice on these. Some say to basically just have water on the two fast days. Others advise maybe 500/600 calories on fast days – which is generally best?


    I’m thinking of also trying to incorporate the 16:8 method on my non-fast days, and try to just eat between noon and 8pm, I trust this is ok to do? Would it likely help speed up the weight loss?


    When I’ve used Myfitnesspal in the past for weight loss, I’ve just followed the guidance from that for calorie intake for the goal I’ve set. If I’m doing 5:2, would following MFP guidance for calorie intake hinder how well 5:2 would work?


    I presume this is safe enough?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m keen to get going and really get myself sorted out and my life back on track.

    Hi DM1983,
    Welcome here. So sorry to hear of the hard time you have had lately.

    While v5:2 is very clear and simple, everyone seems to find slightly different ways of doing it that suit their constitution, their personality and their lifestyle best.

    FAST DAYS: I started off cautiously and ate about 600 calories on my fast days in two small meals. Now I generally have about 350 with cuppas through the day and a big bowl of soup in the evening. The same soup each time!
    Some people find it easiest and best to eat nothing, others take delight in planning a new low calorie meal each fast day.
    Most people find it best to keep the calories until late in the day, to avoid sweet and junkfood, to drink lots of waters, and to have things to distract themselves.

    NON-FAST DAYS: Lots of people do 16:8 so it is worth a try. But if it feels too hard, just wait til you are settled with your fast days and then think about trying it again.

    CALORIE INTAKE ON NON-FAST DAYS: I don’t use MFP so someone else better answer this one. I just know you want to be eating healthy sensible meals with normal sized portions on non fast days.

    TRAINING ON FAST DAYS: Another thing I don’t know about as I have a chronic illness that means I can’t do training. But try it and see.

    Try to make 5:2 easy and sustainable in your life.
    Wishing you good luck, and keep asking questions!

    With regards to 500/600 cal of fast days. There is nothing magical about 500/600 cal. It is a number that was plucked out of thin air by Michael Mosley rather than based on any science. MM thought people could cope with 500/600. Personally I found it easier to eat nothing rather than a small quantity. Try both see which one you find easier to do. Obviously eating zero cal will speed things up more so than eating 500/600.

    With regards eating 16:8 I think there will be a marginal gain. Its more about developing an eating habit and routine that will give you the increased benefit. Try it. Eating 3 meals a day is a very new concept, last 100 years. Eating 3 meals + 3 snacks is even a newer concept started by big food. Big food cant make money by advocating you eat less.

    Ive never counted calories or used any app so I cant offer any advice on that. I have found that if you eat healthy foods counting calories becomes redundant. But that’s me, lots of others count calories. I cant think of anything worse. If you try and eat plant based whole foods rather than processed foods the need to count calories becomes redundant. But I stress do what works for you.

    Regards exercise, make sure you are well hydrated. No problem exercising and fasting. Take it very easy to start with. Accessing stored fats for energy is a slower process than burning glucose. So exercise but at a reduced intensity to start with. With training you will be able to get to 80% of what you can do when carbed up. I can train (I bike ride) at about 90% in a fasted state compared to when I am running on carbs. Give yourself 6 months plus and ramp up slowly.

    Hello Dm1983,

    I looks like we are in a very similar situation. I too am struggling with depression and emotional overeating.
    I want to combine 5:2 and 16:8 as well, but not sure about only water or fruit/veggies only on FDs. On NFDs i’m planning to controll only the quantity of my food at first (one plateful for lunch and one for dinner).
    I’m thinking Tuesday and Friday for my FDs. We can buddy up to encourage each other if you want to. I wish you great success with your lifestyle change!

    >we do 500-600 calories 2 days/week of quality food: not processed; lean protein; veggies; fruit; eggs.
    >lots of people like 16:8. Try it and see how it works for you. Could speed weight loss. Days that we dine early in the day are days that we lose more weight. On NFDs, avoid the idea that ‘you can eat anything you want’ as this is not true.
    >Using MFP, which I assume is like my FitBit can be tricky. It knows your exercise and it will tell you that if you expended 300 calories in exercise, then you can eat 300 more calories that day. IGNORE that. Stick to the 500-600 calories/day on Fast Days.
    >The days I go for my workout at the Gym happen to be my Fast Days. No problem there.

    don’t be afraid to ask questions — that’s what the rest of us are here for! If you need recipes, I’ll give you some. Buddy up with Annamaria, just for mutual support.
    Good luck.

    So, that’s me three days in now. Monday and today have been my fast days.

    On Monday, my calorie intake was slightly over 600, and today, I think I’ve ended up, unfortunately, hitting 700, although I’ve worked out on both days, so hopefully that should help with that.

    On Tuesday, my non-fasting day, I hit the 1kg per week loss calorie figure in myfitnesspal.

    Any suggestions for tweaks to this?

    losing 1 kg/week is good. Slow and steady is how we do it with Fasting. this gives you a chance to lose fat slowly and avoid saggy skin AND lets you get used to a new way of eating that you can keep up for the rest of your life. If emotional eating is part of the problem, losing weight slowly lets you come to grips with it.

    To tweak your overall diet, try eliminating 100 calories of starch carbs [bread, pasta, candy, sugar] from your eating every Non-Fast day for 2 weeks. You won’t even notice them, but you will be eating fewer calories.

    Dm1983. I’m back on these boards after a couple life changing for the better years but emotional challenges. I did the FD before and I would after go up to 700 Cals on fast days ( female) and still… by the second month my jeans were baggy It was amazing. And these forums helped immensely.

    Not after. I meant often.

    Me too! I lost 700g in first wk.. Fingers crossed in 2 days my second weigh in will be another loss. I stupidly jumped on scale yesterday and it had gone back up but trying to put that behind Me!
    I’m also using myfitnesspal to log food just to be a bit mindful of what my total calories are during the day.

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