July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Mjrbcd44: Isn’t Outlander great? I’ve been following it from the beginning! Great story and Jamie looks great in those kits! 🙂

    FD today. Measured my dinner serving. Trying to have more control on my serving sizes. On the down side of my fast. Will be exercising tomorrow.

    Pocket list for Day 2:


    Fasted today, so happy to be back on board. I had dental surgery in June and the pain from that lasted for 3 1/2 weeks so needless to say I fell off the fasting wagon for June. But hay I’m back and today went well. I look forward to seeing results this month.
    Nice reading everyone’s posts.

    Day 3 – Japan – NFD 77.4kg

    47 water fasts done in 2018. It will be hard though over the summer as I have too much travel.

    Best of luck to those still doing the day 2 fast!

    Pocket list for Day 2:

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    @rainbowsmile great news!

    @slacknz if I overdid it on my FD, I eat a little less the next day and try to do better on my next FD.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Hi all

    Day 3 will be a NFD but being very careful!

    I went a bit over yesterday on my FD but not beating myself up. It was first one back in a while.

    Stay cool 🙂

    Day 3, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Had a good fast day yesterday. Laying in bed with the sun streaming in, feeling hungry and planning to raid the blackcurrant bushes for my breakfast. They are super tasty this year – must be the hot weather.

    Yoga is cancelled today and I have two spare hrs. Question is, shall i do my accounts (which I loath and need to be done ASAP) or get out and about on a coastal walk and coffee at the Hidden Hut, a heavenly cafe overlooking the beach at Porthcurnick. I feel like i should get out while the weather is SO amazing. And I love to look at the art galleries in Portscatho because deep down i want to be a painter of flowers, its just a shame I’m so useless at it! A little dreaming is a good thing.

    @michelinme – get better soon – it was a bit shocking to hear you got so ill you needed to be in hospital.

    @rainbowsmile – I feel super proud you got off metformin and we’ve not even met! How fantastic you must feel. Its a reminder to us all that fasting and weight loss is primarily for good health and not a vanity project!

    @mjrbc44 and @ccco – Ref Outlander – I’ve not seen it but will look out for it now. I need ideas on good shows as I’m losing interest in TV – never thought I’d say that. I don’t even watch Poldark that often and I live in Cornwall. I did like Doc Martin though.

    Day 3 UK NFD
    Fast day went well yesterday but feeling bloated today. I’m hoping to try 2 meals a day with no snacking on NFD. We’ll see!
    Love the feeling after fast day
    Lovely weather again, need to drink more.
    Have a great day everyone

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -FD
    2nd B2B

    So yesterday’s FD came in quite high at nearly 700 cal due to the last minute decision to have juicy 100% beef burger for dinner instead of an omelette. What is it with this weather that has me craving bbq food? I don’t really like bbq all that much 🤔 To my credit there was nothing else to the side of the burger and it was a successful FD after all.

    I spent a good hour when I got home (still in my work boots and clothes) planting up gaps in my borders that remained after the foxgloves went over. Everything looks great again and looking forward to more show of colour soon.

    @snowflake56 wow, that is some loss rate on your tomatoes 😳 Were you feeding and watering them regularly? I feed mine every morning now. Harvesting has just started, I got 6 juicy tomatoes at the weekend…..in June! I hope to be picking my own tomatoes for at least the next 3 months 🍅

    I am doing my usual B2B FD today, have measured out of FitBit what the calories will be, just over 500. I have given myself 2 months to get to 120lbs, but as there is not much to lose its going slowly. I have not lost my mojo but might try to change things a bit. Maybe only 5:2 next week onwards, make on an LFD or whatever. I am plateauing (again) around 128-130 (now I am very happy to be at this low weight considering this time last year I was 170lbs) so looking for a new twist on this WOL.

    @cornish-jane, Gosh, I sound really boring but I would get the accounts done now and then you have oodles of time after that to enjoy the walk. Otherwise it remains hanging over you. But then again…..enjoy that good weather too, Lord knows it won’t last forever 😎

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together we are STRONGER

    Day 3 NFD.. But a little conservative on my intake as I went over a bit on my fast day.. thanks everyone for the tips!
    I usually feel great after my fast but today I am feeling bloated. Like really heavy! So i am trying to drink lots of water (which is hard because on a cold winters day thats the Last thing i feel like!)
    Weigh in day tomorrow but I might push it back by a day if I am still feeling like this.

    That is so exciting for you @rainbowsmile ! That’s a big deal to come off Metformin!

    I actually have not shared with anyone the fact that I am doing this until I get a bit of a roll on it and have lost a bit more weight.. I know people may try to say it’s a silly fad diet etc and I don’t think I am ready for that just yet!
    Anyway. Onwards and upwards!

    Day 3, Newcastle UK, NFD

    My first FD yesterday was a useful practice run (being positive here). Only one meal, but too many calories. I ended up helping clear a neighbour’s garden before working in my own, so lots of exercise at any rate. Aiming for a sensible NFD today.

    Good to ‘see’ you @snowflake56, @at & @mjrbcd44 🙂 Got my head screwed on the right way after a few weeks of no self-pressure and looking forward to slow and steady progress.
    @slacknz – you are allowed up to 800 calories on FDs now – so don’t panic – there’s always tomorrow.
    I had to look it up @rainbowsmile – and wow – no wonder you’re happy. Well done!!
    Safe travels @songbirdme – exciting, happy times 🙂

    Together we are stronger.

    @cornishjane. I’d go to the beach. Have you ever seen Shirley Trevena’s paintings? I’m a watercolour painter, and her way of painting is very helpful if you want to get confidence. Very loose, splashy paintings. Hard to go wrong. I think she might live down your way. Hope you have a lovely day. H

    Day 3 Belfast NFD

    Another beautiful day. The downside is that I have to water my veggies with the can not the hose, but hey, that’s extra exercise.

    @diana123 here’s hoping your MIL can find relief for her pain. It’s so hard watching your loved ones suffer.
    @annemarilyn it looks like your mum is being well looked after. That is so Important both for your mum of course but also for you and the rest of your family’s peace of mind.
    @mjrbcd44 wise words. Diets are for a short term fix. This is a WOL that is successful and sustainable. The love and support of this forum for the last year has been my backbone.
    Funny enough @ccco and @mjrbcd44 – Outlander is on my ‘watch next’ list. You’d obviously recommend it?
    @cornish-jane ditto on the TV. The only series I’m watching is The Handmaid’s Tale, which is excellent. I read the book with my reading group a while back and recently saw a documentary on Margaret Atwood. What an amazing lady she is!
    @slacknz – I kept this WOL secret until people started noticing. The exception to that was my OH, who is a type 1 diabetic. He has been doing 16:8 for a long time and says that this keeps his blood sugars much steadier, so he wasn’t hard to get on board.

    This month, I’m trying to cut out as many refined carbs as possible. That’s tough.


    @EmmaTaylor – I love Shirley Trevena’s work. It’s so vibrant but very hard to get the composition just right. I experimented with that style a few years ago, not very successfully. And I’d go to the beach too @cornish Jane, but that is why I’ve a pile of paper work to do on my table too…..

    Day 3 – Iceland – FD (first of B2B2B)

    Not feeling particularly like fasting, but after a week of pizza and bbq it is high time… planning a yellow split pea soup for dinner and will try too keep to OMAD.
    @michelinme – best wishes for a speedy recovery💐
    @rainbowsmile – great news!
    @cornish-jane – I too have gotten tired of Poldark, but have been watching Line of Duty, and as some critic wrote, it is more like being abducted by TV than watching it… so be careful!

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together we are STRONGER

    Day 3, Germany, FD

    Pocket list Day 3 – Together we are STRONGER!

    One day at a time. we can do this.

    Day 3 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Another glorious sunny day but I am so hot in the compression stockings I have to wear, I didn’t anticipate this long heatwave when I arranged to get my varicose veins treated!

    Have a good day everyone 🙂

    Day 3 London UK FD

    I’m a little late to the party (as always!) but count me in!

    A bit about me:

    I started 5:2 for the first time mid way through June. Was really pleased with how it went and had a couple of solid strong weeks. Not a huge amount to lose so weight was slow but I’m okay with that and just loved feeling in control. However last week was a bit off track with illness. Much better now and ready to head into July with my first fast day of the month today!

    I notice that I am definitely more likely to stay focused and on track when I check in here a couple of times everyday. Strength in numbers and all that! Let’s do this!

    Pocket list Day 3 – Together we are STRONGER!

    Day 3 – CD; Dublin, Ireland

    Finally under 71kg and the fiance saw the scale juuuuuuust dip under 115kg for the first time in years!

    Hoping for a controlled day with an evening run.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today!

    Day 3……Florida……. FD

    Yesterday did turn out quite like I had hoped, instead of working in the warehouse like I really need to…I end up working on customer statements. So, I’m going to try to get in there today. The place is so disorganized, and if I’m going to make this work, I’ve got to get organized so I can clear my head.

    Well, I must say the new touches on the wagon are spectacular. Thank you for all those who are holding on to me tight…….Strawberriesandcream…. we got this!

    Well….I’m off…..

    Do you think regular dogs see cop dogs and say oh shit there’s a cop?

    Day 3, UK, NFD

    Yesterday FD was good, with just over 500cal 🙂 . I decided I’m going to try and not count calories on my NFDs, used to do that, realised I eat too much, counted calories to get an idea how much to eat, and now I wanna try and just use that knowledge, if I learned it that is , lets see 🙂

    @rainbowsmile thats such a great news! Wow really happy to hear that 😀 👍

    @mjrbcd44 you should definitely come visit 💃

    @ccco its hot here too, make sure you stay hydrated ❤

    Welcome back @linda329 , I hope you recovered fully 🙂

    @daffodil2010 I wanted to have my own tomatoes this year, but I never done any planting at all 😳 , nor am I a good gardener, is it too late to plant them now? Any tips on where/how to start?

    @beedoo welcome back 🙂 , sorry to hear you were not well, hope you fully recovered? Checking in here definitely helps, I sometimes just like reading posts even not related to diet/fasting, it feels nice and soothing. I added you to our spreadsheet, feel free to fill it (or not) as you wish 🙂

    Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to be kind to yourself 🌻

    Day 3 USA (traveling) NFD

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 3 North Canton OH FD

    Pocket list Day 3 – Together we are STRONGER!

    Day 3 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    @debster251 thank you are State now has Medical Marijuana, when my MIL spent time North with her daughter she got a card in that State and used the marijuana patches so my husband registered her yesterday for a card. Hopefully that will help her again.

    Yesterday was a good controlled FD and today I will be keeping my TDEE’s in check.

    No need for sugar as you are sweet enough.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone.

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD

    Day 3 London UK FD – second post

    @shinything thank you for adding me to the spreadsheet. I have added a few details. Great to see everyone elses goals for the month. @borealis I really like the “no sugar on weekdays” and think I will try this too.

    Hope everyone is having a good day!

    Day 3, NFD, US

    Good FD yesterday but now I know why I drink! It helps me sleep! I lay in bed for hours last night with the mind churning over trying to drift off. Think I ended up with about 4 hours over all, and I’m a definite 8-hour gal. It’s gunna be a long day…

    I think we’re all curious CornishJane – which option did you go for?? I’d be out the door for a walk in a flash, but as Daffodil2010 said, the (only) downside to that is the paperwork will still be waiting for you. But it will be waiting for you hail, rain or shine, and the coast is not that attractive during hail and rain!

    Day 3 – USA – NFD

    Day 3, Cornwall UK, NFD

    2nd post – came back online as i ate too much sourdough bread for lunch and now I feel guilty.😈

    I see i need to reveal something – did i choose accounts or beach? Well, in real life, i decided to do accounts, then contacted yoga friends to arrange alternate yoga, then we met for coffee. Where did we meet for coffee? At da bara bakery who do the sourdough bread. Aggghhh! No accounts done and too much bread eaten. Give me some strength…

    @emmataylor – i looked up shirley trevenna’s pictures. V lovely. The question is whether its worth trying where there is little talent?!

    And i can add Outlander, Handmaidens Tale and Line of Duty to list of things to watch. Thks!

    Day 3, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Day 3 CD Oregon USA

    Well my CFD didn’t end up quite as low as I had hoped but still made good strides in activity and food/bev choices.
    Taking my small victories where I can.

    @cornishjane–if I lived close to a beach like yours I would NEVER choose “accounts” over a walk and coffee. So clearly I am not a good influence. 😂

    @rainbowsmile so many congratulations!!❤️❤️👍 That is huge news on your medicine.
    And have you always been doing keto?

    @ccco Simply YES to Jaymie. 😍

    Be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” Dr.Seuss❤

    Day 3 – SW WA USA – NFD

    FD went fairly well yesterday. Planning to keep the eating window tighter today. Didn’t let myself eat breakfast. I wasn’t hungry anyway. Why does one eat?

    Off to sign mortgage papers shortly for the place my son & I are buying on the east side of the state. Then folks are picking up my hutch/china cabinet as I’m trying to downsize some before moving.
    My dad did report that Mom was more awake yesterday, so that’s good. I’ve decided to buzz up to BC to be part of the support team for a couple of days. Planning to head up tomorrow.

    All the planting and harvesting one’s own garden sounds so good. Hopefully I’ll get to do some of that at the next place.

    Have a good day all, including you @metatauta 🙂

    Day 3 North Wales NFD

    Melting 💦💦💦💦💦

    Hello day 3 (not a fast day perhaps but not bad so far) NI

    So back home from our travels to Norfolk – had a fantastic time – stayed in Airbnb’s during our time and would try them again. The internet connection where we stayed for most of the time was hit a miss so I haven’t caught up on any posts during the last week or so in June or the first 3 pages so far in July. Thanks @shinything for taking the reins.

    Was pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved that I had only a half pound gain – must have been all the walking as well as being unconsciously still aware of what I was eating while still enjoying nice food and a few glasses of wine. I must say I dreaded a big gain but this gives me hope that I can get back to what I was post op and begin to make inroads into some new territory.

    Hope all is well and will try to catch up with posts over the next few days x

    PS @basyjames – these are for you for looking after June – thank you x

    @basyjames hello! I’m I posted this morning..new to all this chat & loving the support.. what’s the pocket list and can I get on it?!!

    NFD today. I will achieve no snacking but I’ve had hearty meals. Trial & error… x

    Thanks @shinything for hosting July!
    -Day 3-FD-Syracuse, NY

    I lost 5.5lbs in June doing 5:2 and 16:8. (I don’t eat between 8pm and 12pm next day for newbies) I’d like to lose 7lbs in July. (Mostly because July is the 7th month-seems like a good number) I go down to 500 cal on my Fast days. Wondering if I should do 800 k/cal on fast days? Does anyone else do 800 cal for fast days? (For weight loss; not you smug maintenance-folks. ) Just kidding maintenance-folks! You guys are lovely and never smug:) I’ll go without food but I can’t drink my americanos black. I use 110 cal to sweeten my beverage; but don’t make me go without it!

    Day 3 Tolland, MA CD I don’t know if this will help Newcomers but I’ll share how I lost 20 pounds in 2017, as a sedentary person (not by choice, I have MS.) Besides the accountability of the challenge/spreadsheets, I write down EVERYTHING I eat using an App (I use Lose It but some folks use My Fitness Pal.) I’m 5’1″ – I decided #1 rule was to eat appropriately for my size. My healthy weight shouldn’t go over 118 and I’m happier at 112. I use small plates and bowls and I don’t have seconds. I eat to satisfy my tummy not my eyes! I allow treats like chips but when you have to write them down you learn to enjoy 1/2 portion, not a bagful. When shopping, I emphasizes local fruits and vegetables in season and lean meat and fish. For wine, I drink 2 ounces and the rest ice and club soda. Once I lost the weight, the best maintenance strategy for me was to eat up to or close to 6000 calories/week and spread that out as I pleased. If I’d had 5000 by Thursday then a FD was necessary. I long ago did the research on Intermittent fasting and found it was healthy at my age (66.)

    Day 3, Sicily, nfd

    We are currently staying in Giardini-Naxos near Taormina. Today we when up a mountain to a place called Castelmola and had a granita there after a breakfast in our apart hotel. Then went on another mountain to a place called Forza d’Agro where The Godfather was filmed. This is the second time I went there as last year we took an excursion from our cruise shin docked in Messina. However today we had a fish menu. They brought so much antipasto, first and second plates that we couldn’t eat everything and it was delicious. I had the sorbet and one ricotta sweet though but not the cannoli as I was so full. They had lovely local liquors too.

    Tomorrow we’re heading back to southeast Sicily ie Giarratana.

    Tonight my OH watches his favorite team playing in the World Cup football match. England.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone. Onwards and downwards

    Second post …

    @marsupial pocket list is a list of people who are fasting that particular day. We start the list and each of us add our name on it if we are fasting that day. Its for additional support and encouragement, you can see how many people are doing the same thing (fasting) all over the world 🙂
    You copy/paste the list in your post and add your name, but if you have problems with it just note in your post that you are fasting and one of us will add you (we usually start with that info: Day (number), Country, (N)FD ) .


    Day 3 2nd post

    @lorky35 the majority of my FDs have been around 800 cals and I have lost 30 lbs over the past 12 months. I eat a Med style diet everyday, no refined carbs or sugars so that might help compensate for the higher calorie FDs.

    Day 3, Germany, FD
    2nd post

    4th week of this WOE today. This is my 7th FD. I’ve found it really hard, with constant craving for food. I know this is due to the many stress factors in my life these days. I have to cope without my emotional eating response to them.
    I had my lunch around 11 AM, second meal is at 2PM. (Both were fruits, Vegetables and some nuts).
    No food after that, but i had some boullion soup at 7PM and a zero calorie coke late in the evening.
    I realized in the afternoon that with my early first meal i ate only 14 hours after my last meal yesterday. Not a big deal, I know, but I’m still a little disappointed in myself.off to bed now, sleep deprivation in the last few days did’t help that is for sure.

    @annamariav don’t be too hard on yourself, it sounds like you’ve had a good healthy eating FD. Sleep well 😴💤

    Day 3 2nd post

    @mogaman what an inspiration you are and such practical solid advice. I know @simecoluv attributes much of the success of 5:2 to calorie control and your post is a great example of it.
    @missybear your post also reminds that the type of calories count.

    I’m saying this to myself and everyone–lose the processed foods. While I was away I watched a great documentary called the Magic Pill. It supports a ketogenic diet but most importantly is the need to get carbs from vegetables, nuts and berries. I LOVE bread, pasta and chips. But I now really believe that they have to be treats. Exceptions and special occasions–not my main diet. No matter what the calories (and even low calories).

    @Annamariav–new day tomorrow. ❤️💪 And trust me, that’s nothing to be too down about. Wait until I have one of my EFS events….😵

    Day 3 UK

    Well my fast day turned into an epic face stuffing day which involved a Chinese takeaway, crisps, cake and beer!! Yep I’m a piggy!

    I’m not feeling very proud of myself but I will try not to beat myself up too much as I very rarely mess up on fast days. Plus I know I can still fit in 2-3 fast days this week to compensate.

    Day 3 – UK – FD

    Lovely walk this morning with my usual walking group – Blue skies and sunshine with a light breeze and so another perfect summer’s day!

    Followed by a wonderful yoga class tonight concentrating on back strengthening moves 🧘‍♀️

    @annemarilyn – Thank you and so good to hear that your mum is doing a bit better 🤗
    @mjrbcd44 – 🤗 As you know I do 16:8 daily and find it a great way of staying in control but like everyone else I stray on some days and go well over my TDEE but I always try to get back on track the next day if possible – it seems to have worked for me and hope it does for you too.
    @linda329 – Great to have you back on board and recovered from your dental surgery – well done on completing your FD today x
    @dykask – you are a machine with those water fasts 💪
    @slacknz – during our winter I drink a lot of hot water with lemon on my FDs – I find it works a treat!
    @missybear – I feel for you having to wear compression stockings in this weather
    @coda – great to hear from you and that you enjoyed your visit to Norfolk and best of all that you maintained during your break – how good is that?
    @mogaman – a lovely post which will encourage others x
    @annamariav – you did a great FD so look at the positive – I find if my mental approach is that of a half glass full not a half glass empty helps to keep me strong.
    @sarahbob – great attitude – tomorrow is another day!

    I’m off to have a shower and then bed – another yoga class to look forward to tomorrow morning 🙏

    “It starts with a DREAM
    Add FAITH and it becomes a BELIEF
    Add ACTION and it becomes PART OF LIFE
    Add PERSEVERANCE and it becomes a GOAL IN SIGHT
    Add PATIENCE and TIME and it ends with a DREAM COME TRUE”
    Doe Zantamata

    Day 4…NSW Australia…CD
    (7.58am Wednesday)
    Hi everyone!

    Off to yoga this morning. No sunshine here today – overcast and cool – it is the middle of Winter so to be expected! I do love it when the Sun shines though.

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    NFD Auckland Day 4

    It’s sunny cool winter weather and I can hear English soccer supporters singing. Macintosh and I are about to head off for a walk along the wharfs despite the computer work piling up!

    @cornish-jane Cornwall has a great tradition of naive painters. The most famous is Alfred Wallis. If you would like to paint flowers just do it! You obviously know flowers so as Matisse taught us, study them, close your eyes and think of their main characteristics then draw what’s in your mind’s eye . Don’t try to paint a photographic reproduction – that’s what cameras are for. Then your work will have an individual charm (as long as the paint doesn’t get muddy!)

    I make smaller sourdough loaves than I used to then the slices aren’t so large… And cause I make them I know what’s in them – my SD bug which I’ve had for 12+ years, good flour and water, a wee bit of salt and nothing else…
    @mogaman You are amazing!
    @rainbowsmile Terrific news about kicking metformin into touch
    @Strawberriesandcream Great to see you back. You have such a delicious handle!

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 4 Florida

    NFD today. Had a nice day. Worked on my painting and then workout for one and a half hours. Feeling it now.
    We just got through with a big lightning storm. I was going out to pick up plants that were blown over and saw a family of deers laying down near our place. Decided to wait and let them relax.
    @cornish-jane I loved watching Doc Martin. Do you know if they are making any more series?
    Have a nice evening.

    Day 4 NFD ..
    I have been getting into the peppermint tea! I have been missing out all this time! It’s great.
    I did end up weighing in this morning. . Half pound down but i know I am still holding alot of fluid so that’s not bad. Haven’t seen that number on the scale in a while so small victory there.
    My BMI is almost (almost) back into the 20s so I will be stoked when that comes along! Looking forward to a good fast tomorrow!

    1FD done, 1 to go!

    As a new person to this, am so happy to fave found this forum :-). My first FD went well. The following day, I ate quite a bit but rather healthy unprocessed food. This morning I feel so full and feel like doing a fast day again. Is it typical for the body to respond like this?

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