January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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  • Day 28. OMAD. London

    Thanks so much for hauling my sorry ass ( I think I’m American..) back on the wagon. I feel much better now. I know what I did wrong. I’d been stretching my five hour eating window somewhat, which wasn’t helping, and then I make a HUGE mistake. I must’ve been reading something and someone recommended a diet book, and as I was feeling rubbish, I had a look at the author on YouTube. He just shouted the whole time, about ‘ if you eat this, you are literally KILLING yourself’ etc etc etc blah blah blah. And it made me so depressed. I walked round with a big black cloud over my head all day. And I finally realised that the reason I like this WOL is this forum, with such nice, understanding, normal people, and its lack of shouty idiots laying the law down. I even ordered shouter’s book, but I’m going to throw it away without reading it!😀😀😀

    Day 28 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, just barely got to 228 this morning, so very unlikely to meet either the Dec or Jan goals before February. No worries. I’ll hit both of them in February’s challenge, and readjust for the plateau.

    Got to run; have a great day!

    Day 28 – Western Australia – NFD
    Day 27 – NFD
    Day 26 – FD
    Day 25 – FD
    Day 24 – NFD
    Day 23 – NFD
    Day 22 – NFD
    Day 21 – FD

    Yeah well… Try again in Feb 😛 The scales didn’t move much on my last weekly weigh in (200g, are you KIDDING!?) so “Fit Feb” it’ll be for me. Haven’t been able to exercise due to an injury but just got the all clear. As unfun as it might be initially, time to dust off the running shoes and chase down that wagon you’re all on!

    Day 28 North Canton OH WFD 4

    @Emmataylor I am not a fan of shouty idiots either, it is so off-putting. When will some people learn that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Back in the day, I used to workout using Jillian Michael DVDs and the only way that I could get through them was to put her on mute and turn up my music. She’s effective but …. she can be a lot.

    @northerndawn I am no pro, I promise you; but I will do my best. You did an amazing job with us in January and I am so thankful to you for leading us so effectively

    @stitchincarol exercising like a mad woman is right 😁😁😁 and I agree. I guess my goal at this stage in life has changed; I would rather build muscle than see lower numbers on the scale, especially since I can see the results in the mirror and in the inches that I have lost.

    @at thank you, I always enjoy reading your posts and I love that quote at the end. What a privilege to count our blessings and make every day count. We had an excellent anniversary dinner. We made a Rib-eye Steak, honey-glazed grilled shrimp, and butternut squash noodles with mushrooms chased down with a nice red from a local winery. I haven’t eaten that late in a while, so my sleep was not as comfortable as could be, but hey! sometimes you just need to roll with the flow.

    Its waterfast day 4 for me, after last nights dinner, I can’t even “stomach” the idea of eating today. Get it? 😁😁😁😁😁

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Pocket List Day 25
    @litprof FD800
    @basyjames WFD4


    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ 30×5

    DTF 🚫🍸🍷🍺🥂
    @ccco (Dry January)

    Day 28 Oxfordshire, UK – FD800
    Engineer arrived earlier than expected today, so all up and running properly now.
    Yesterday’s FD was also successful, not quite as low as Tuesday but still saw a loss on the scales today.
    Will do FD 800 today and then aim to be mindful over the weekend. That’s where it usually all falls down.
    DH has been called to make an apt for vaccine so I’m hoping mine won’t be too much longer
    Pocket List Day 28
    @litprof FD800
    @basyjames WFD4
    @suki2 FD800


    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ 30×5

    DTF 🚫🍸🍷🍺🥂
    @ccco (Dry January)

    USA. Day 28. FD800

    Pocket List Day 28
    @litprof FD800
    @basyjames WFD4
    @suki2 FD800


    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ 30×5

    DTF 🚫🍸🍷🍺🥂
    @ccco (Dry January)

    Day 28 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    FD went well yesterday, and today I get to “feast.” (I’ve said, haven’t I, that I’m trying the EOD approach to fasting?) My weight fluctuates by about four pounds every day, and that’s terribly disconcerting, but the lows are still in the 140s, so I’m just giving the approach an honest try. Really, it’s nothing more than 4:3, except with a structure where the FDs are. I think that, for me, the important thing is to train myself what NFDs should look like, how much of a feast v. how much of a CD. The pattern of knowing “tomorrow I can eat” is proving beneficial, so we’ll see how it works out. As always, I won’t give up Sundays, so that makes the whole EOD thing problematic on Saturdays. Maybe this Saturday will go better than last Saturday, LOL!

    Well, @litprof, I always remind myself this is a way of LIFE, and it sounds as if you’re enjoying life to the fullest; fasting can come after the fun!

    @northerndawn I hope your cold is very short-lived and mild!

    @daffodil2010 For all of my adult life, I’ve silently viewed being sick as coming with the silver lining that at least I won’t eat so much and may drop a bit of weight, LOL! In fact, I have to have a crown, the dentist told me, so I am planning the appointment on a feast day, to effortlessly give me an extra FD, LOL! So glad your mojo is back, but bummed you’ve discovered so many foods that are likely to be causing you food reactions!

    @i-hate-lettuce Was this a homemade pizza on the grill? I’ve never, ever thought of doing pizza on a grill! Do you put it on some sort of stone, or right on the rack?

    @at You have a truly wonderful DH!

    @EmmaTaylor Love that you sorted out what happened. The mental component of this WOL is the most crucial to long-term success, in my opinion.

    @northgeorgia “Only barely 228,” perhaps, but it is nonetheless the 220s!!! So happy for you.

    @toady Where are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you, and I hope all is well!

    @elektron So often this whole process feels like a series of starts and stops, but you’ll get there!!

    @basyjames Your anniversary dinner sounded scrumptious, and I’m so thrilled you even had it to celebrate. God is good.

    @suki2 Fingers crossed that you can get your vaccination soon!

    Pocket List Day 28
    @litprof FD800
    @basyjames WFD4
    @suki2 FD800


    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ 30×5

    DTF 🚫🍸🍷🍺🥂
    @ccco (Dry January)

    Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 28 MN, USA FD

    I had a wonderful “early to bed, early to rise”, and very restful night’s sleep. Those kind of nights are rare these days and they feel like a special gift! I had my carbs at evening meal, so maybe that helped.

    @emma-taylor – I laughed out loud at your “American” slang comment. HMSA back on the wagon may become a new mantra for me! 😂🤣 Would you care to say who the “shouty” author is? No need if you’d rather not.

    @northgeorgia – Yes, February will be the month for the 225 mark for you!

    @elektron – Glad to see you hanging in there! Maybe we can help you HMSA back on the wagon with the rest of us. (see above at Emma Taylor’s post…I’m still laughing).

    @suki2 – Good news about the engineer finally getting there and also you DH getting his appointment…yours will hopefully be very soon.

    @stitchincarol – Thank you! I am feeling better, just a headache I can’t seem to totally get rid of. Probably sinus related.

    @basyjames – Your Anniversary Dinner sounds wonderful, delicious! I’m so glad for you that you and your DH had a Happy Anniversary Day together.
    And thank you for your overly kind words about my hosting……..It was not ever something I aspired to do, and have spent the last 4 and 1/2 years kind of avoiding it (I am a very introverted person, and was anxious about it), but since no one wanted it for January, and you were away, I felt it was time I stepped up to take it. If only to keep these challenges going. I feel if I have set the bar low enough so that everyone else will feel comfortable doing it in the future, I have done my job! 😉😆

    I hope to be back to post later… Stay the course!

    @northerndawn – I’d better not name the shouty man. Don’t want to encourage any trolls….. suffice to say he has a very lean and hungry look😳😳😳

    Day 28 UK FD800

    Thanks for the encouragement @stitchincarol @flourbaby & @northerndawn

    Weight down a little bit this week (-0.2kg) and belly down 1cm so small signs of progress. I have lost 2kg over the past 4 weeks so not complete disaster. I was just anticipating a little more for the effort I’ve put in. That’s how it goes though. I will persevere.

    I’m a bit too busy with work to catch up with others’ progress. I am also waiting on a call about a new job which would end working for myself for almost 7 years. Very distracted about what to do. Covid has made me reassess things a bit but as I say it’s not an easy choice. Aaagh ! 🙂

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    OMAD today. Hang in there everyone.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Final weigh in today but I realised that I never bothered to record my start weight at the beginning of the month. So I was setting myself up not to win right there. So, I think I have lost 2kilos (5lbs) in January and that was only this week since I cut the latex syndrome foods from my diet 😨

    I started up a new food log last night, logging everything I ate and drank, how I felt, what exercises and walking I did……I feel more in control now. I also logged the calories of my work delivery salad bowl in MFP and its over 400 calories…..so I am going to have to bring my own lunch into work or go without lunch if I am serious about getting rid of this weight.

    Tonight I visit my social bubble friend and as its a year since she retired and had a huge party ( then lockdown started and she has been alone since) we are going to get take-out Thai food just for a change. So I am going for an OMAD with the Thai food as my evening meal….there will be wine 🍷

    Though I agree with most of you that take-out from the restaurant just is not the same from actually eating in the restaurant. But we have no choice. We will dress up and pretend we are having a Girls Night out in the Thai restaurant…😄

    @basyjames ha ha that’s how I had to be able to deal with Jillian Taylor too…she was too much.
    @northerndawn you have been a wonderfully kind and gracious host. Thanking you for leading us through January ☺️

    Day 29 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @stitchincarol – Pizza stone on the BBQ is fantastic, one of our better buys, pizza gets a nice and crispy base, for Mary Berry fans … no soggy bottom!

    @daffodil2010 – Your fruit list, a lot of those foods listed I had to recently avoid, mostly acidic, I remember trying a tomato one day when I was staring to improve! It was a while before I did it again. Luckily finally near back to normal now where foods concerned.

    @at – Thanks for your comments, both of us are going along very nicely, Mrs I-H-L doing well, out for walks now most days.

    Last weigh in day of January, very pleased with where I am.

    Not sure if I’ve ever really admitted to anyone (other than Mrs I-H-L) the truth about my weight. I’ve just come across an old weight record from September 2014, at that time I was rather embarrassed by my weight.

    I was 20 stone 5 lbs – 285 lbs – 129.3 Kg – BMI of 40.9
    Today 14 stone 11 lb – 207 lbs – 93.8 kg – BMI of 29.7

    Loss of 78 lb or 35.5 kg

    58 lb or 27.7 kg of this was since July 2019 when I joined this forum and started on my 5:2 adventure with help and encouragement from strangers (now friends) on the Monthly Challenges.

    5:2 really does work!

    Take care all.

    Day 29 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    End of January weigh in this morning and I have lost 4.8 pounds since 6 January proving that I can gain faster than I lose. I gained 10 pounds over Christmas so still a way to go to get back to my maintenance weight, but I will get there although maybe not in February as it is birthday month for both me and DH.

    @northerndawn thank you for being a lovely host 💐

    Keep on keeping on everyone 🤗

    Day 29 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 229.2 lbs hehe Have my doubts that I can keep it under 230 through Monday morning, but still satisfied that the slug has headed for the downhill slope!

    My city was on national news because a tragic industrial accident at a poultry plant. It happened yesterday morning where at least six people have died (several more still in the hospital) from a nitrogen leak. Praying for all the families affected today.

    Trying to add some healthy bits back into the diet (easy to overdo the heavy carbs and fats in the winter), so had a nice bowl of oatmeal with bananas this morning. Hope everyone has a successful day!

    Day 29 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Weighed in 1.5 Kg down from start of month which given I’ve not been too strict is about right. Looking forward to being more focussed in February.
    @northerndawn thank you for being our host

    Day 29 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Some nice things to report: 1.Yesterday’s “feast day” just felt like what used to be normal meals, back when meals were just meals and I didn’t overeat like a glutton. 2.When I went to bed, I weighed less than my typical weight the morning after a “feast day.” 3. I was only up 1.6 pounds from my weight yesterday morning, after a FD, when I’m always down nicely.

    It’s too soon to say for certain, but it’s appearing this EOD approach, this 4:3 thing is going to work for me. Regular 5:2 works, I know it does, but it wasn’t working for me because I was abusing those 5 NFD days and wasn’t finding the will-power NOT to abuse them; this EOD seems to be accomplishing my goal of teaching me to eat reasonably on NFDs, what we’re supposed to do. I haven’t seen a 147-point-anything, let alone a 146-point-something, since before Christmas and I’m impatient to get to the low 140s and lower, so my fingers are crossed that I’ve found the “magic combination” for myself.

    @northerndawn Isn’t it glorious when we have a lovely night of deep sleep? Those were the norm for me until my early or mid-50s, and then everything changed. The things you don’t know to treasure until they’re gone, LOL!

    @johnnyr Good luck on your decision whether to leave self-employment for the job or not. I can well imagine how complicated the decision is!

    Wow, @i-hate-lettuce, what a journey you’ve travelled, and what amazing results!! You are entitled to feel hugely chuffed! (Love that term!)

    @missybear HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you! That’s a great loss for you, and better than I do in a month, so I’m quite envious! Well done!

    @northgeorgia Such a shame about the accident, and so scary that they can’t find the source of the leak. Prayers, indeed!

    @suki2 May not be as much as you wanted, but it’s in the right direction, and I’m delighted for you!

    Today may be the day when I finally finish this quilt I’ve talking about. The tough border is just about finished, and then it’s only easy borders after that before it’s finished and I can take it to a quilter who’ll do the quilting stitches that make it a quilt. Silly terminology, that the same word is used for two very different details, huh?

    Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 29 – UK – FD500

    Hi everyone

    Sorry I have missed loads due to being ill.

    I did an OMAD on Wednesday and today I am doing a FD.

    I need to join the Feb challenge as Jan didn’t quite go as planned (due to the above)!

    Happy Friday everyone 🙂

    Day 29 North Canton OH NFD

    Cruella showed a 2 pound drop today! I was not expecting that at all, but more importantly, I have lost 3 inches around my middle. In addition, my jeans are saggy and I have to keep hiking them up. Isn’t that a hoot? I was so worried late last year that I would have to buy bigger jeans and now my jeans are too loose.

    @JohhnyR congrats on the loss and sending positive vibes regarding the (possibly) new job. You have quite the decision on your hands, and I know it is not an easy choice. I will be praying for wisdom on which road to take for you.

    @Emmataylor hungry looking people tend to be very easily triggered, LOL. Ok, I should not laugh.

    @missybear congratulations on your loss. That is wonderful!

    @fivetwofan5252 feel better

    Have a great day everyone, and find reasons to smile today 😄

    Day 29 US/DC NFD
    good morning all. can you believe we are at day 29 and Dry January is coming to a close.
    So far, so good. I have had two NFDs back to back and amazingly haven’t gained any pounds (so far)
    @north Georgia – you are doing so great – hey, you are in the 220s that’s fabulous. And you are definitely headed down.
    @northerndawn I cannot say thank you enough for hosting this. you have made this month immeasurably better and easier for me. And that’s saying volumes given it being my initial 5:2 month, Dry January, and my search for a vaccine. I am ever grateful.
    Happy weekend all

    Day 29 Minnesota, USA CD

    Hello all! It’s a gray, cloudy day here today, but the temperature is a reasonable 27 F (-2.8 C) as of about 10:00 am. More snow is expected this weekend, so I am going to make some creamy cauliflower soups, maybe roasted sweet potatoes, and lentil soup for the weekend.
    I have been eating far more carbs lately than in previous years, but as long as they are vegetable based with a treat of a slice or two of seedy, whole grain breads, it seems to not stimulate my appetite. Fiber and feeling full is key with carb intake, I guess, as well as low glycemic index combinations. I’m trying to get my DH and myself away from too much red meat or the need to have animal protein daily (or more often) in DH’s case. I still stay away from sugars and especially added sugars.

    My cold seems to be improving. No chills or headache this morning and that feeling of one’s head weighing about 20 lbs is much improved. On the mend!

    @emma-taylor – Quite right to keep the trolls away by not naming “angry, shouty guy”! Some people like to be yelled at for motivation……like certain cooking programs that show, basically, adult bullying behavior. Not me! I’d walk out of such a session.

    @johnnyr – Good luck on making your decision. It’s a hard one. I hope you can clearly see the pro’s and con’s and decide accordingly.

    @daffodil2010 – I have been thinking of making a daily “food/exercise/everything I feel” log since you mentioned it the other day. I use to do that off and on a few years ago, even in addition to a calorie counting app. I often read back over it for motivation. And I was always more successful, and mindful all day, when I did that. Enjoy your Thai dinner with your friend tonight. It sounds lovely!

    @i-hate-lettuce – I am just so impressed with your health journey! What a fantastic result of your hard work! Do you have any old clothes to remind you of how your body has changed since 2014? I can only imagine how much better you feel at your current weight, even with your recent health problems. Just such an inspiring story.

    @missybear – That’s a wonderful weight loss for this month! I only wish I could say the same. It is very tragic how much more quickly we can gain weight than lose it. Something I try to keep in mind when I see the scale numbers rising.

    @northgeorgia – I actually thought of you when I watched the news last evening. I wondered if you were close to that city, remembering your description of the direction from Atlanta that you lived. Liquid nitrogen is so dangerous unconfined. Prayers for the victims and their families. I hope they find it was accidental and not someone with a grudge or other issues that caused it. Good luck on staying controlled this weekend.

    @suki2 – Nice weight loss for January, don’t you think? It’s not the easiest month to lose.

    @fivetwofan5252 – I’m glad you are starting to feel good enough to get back to fasting. February will be a better month for you!

    @basyjames Congrats on the 2 lb drop! Of course it had to happen! What a wonderful, wonderful feeling to be hiking up loose jeans…..That is a motivation image for me! I can’t wait to be doing the same.

    @nellen – I had to chuckle that in your first sentence you mention that “Dry January” is almost done……it must be on your mind, front and center, eh? 😁 How kind you are with your comments regarding my contribution to your month. I can only say that it was my pleasure and it makes me happy to know I was helpful. Your enthusiasm for this WOL lifts others as well! You will do wonderfully going forward. Enjoy your weekend!

    @stitchincarol – It’s great to hear that you feel the EOD diet is working for you! Is that Krista Varady’s book that I mentioned a couple weeks ago? I have the 2013 version of that book. I think I tried it a couple of weeks back in 2016 right before I got Michael Moseley’s book, and then saw his documentary, and switched to 5:2. I’m not sure why. She really did a lot of research on fasting, and I think others used her research to create their own diets and write their books.
    Also, I remember you wondering in past posts just where you want your weight goals to be: what is realistic for you to obtain and also to maintain. I’m in that same boat. I think my indecision about my goal weight is impeding my commitment to bucking down and doing some serious and consistent fasting. Have you decided on a definite goal weight?
    I’m thinking I should focus on 10 lbs by the end of April, and then focus on maintaining that and being more active with the spring weather. Building muscle and balance. And then another 5-10 lbs through the summer months if I can make exercise a habit. I have 5 lbs to go now to reach a firmly healthy BMI, so that will be my focus over the next month. My big question to myself is: Is it realistic -for me- to try to get down to a 22 BMI? I achieved that and less in 2016, but I couldn’t maintain there, or even get back to that since then, so would such a goal just be setting myself up for failure? That’s what I’m struggling with. I’d love any thoughts you’d like to offer!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 29. OMAD London

    I think I’d better post a bit more. I read everything but it’s not the same as contributing.
    DH and I started learning Italian last year, and did pretty well, bearing in mind we were hoping to go to Italy this winter. Anyway, eventually the Italian lessons (Duolingo) petered out as all holidays were cancelled. But, I’ve decided to go back to it. Wouldn’t it be great if by the end of lockdown, or whatever, we had learned Italian? So that’s the plan. That, and getting below a BMI of around 26😳😳😳

    Second post

    @fivetwofan5252 I hope you’re all better now!

    @northerndawn I am indeed using Krista Varady’s book as my motivation for how I’m approaching this. While it’s 7 years old, I can’t see how any truth she states then is no longer truth now, you know?

    I have two thoughts on how to determine goal weight. I have always thought 132 was a great goal weight, since it’s what I weighed for a long time as an adult (between pregnancies, anyway). Except at the time, I always thought I should weigh 125, but never pulled it off. When I was in my early 20s, I got down to 112, which was lower than I’d been in high school, and stayed there for five or six years. I think that’s too low for this 62yo woman, however, and have no dreams of being that skinny–which is what I was at that weight–again. Truly thin at 125, however? Yeah, I think so.

    Why? Because things that used to be firm aren’t. Because there’s lots of saggy skin that comes with 62 years of living that I didn’t have at 32, and I want to be so thin that saggy skin doesn’t end up looking like fat. Because being truly thin is often cited as being conducive to living longer, and I like life enough to want more of it. Because, if carrying up a 5# bag of flour from the basement is tiring, just think how much better I’d feel if I lost the 5# extra from my body, you know?

    But. Right now, my goal is to do EOD so that I lose SOMEthing. It’s been so long since I lost weight (and I have daily charts to prove it), that focusing on 125 is simply discouraging. So I don’t focus on where I want to get, but focus on how I want to get there. EOD fasting (for now, at least). Far less alcohol on the days I do drink. No gluttonous behavior. Moderation, in other words. Because, until I’m that thin and can adopt @at ‘s motto, all I can do is appreciate how it feels to behave as if I’m that thin.

    Plus, the advantage of taking so long to lose weight is that I’m learning to maintain as I go. I haven’t lost weight since July, it’s true, but neither have I gained (except for the Christmas bit, which isn’t the same thing to my mind as failing at maintaining).

    We’re each of us so different in how we think that my thoughts and opinions may not be particularly helpful to someone else. Whatcha think, @northerndawn? Anything relevant to you in my rambling?

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I had thought I was going to begin a post hours ago, but then got off on a tangent. That happens to others too, right?

    @northgeorgia – part of my tangent was reading about that awful liquid nitrogen accident. So sorry for the victims, casualties, and their families. Prayers for all involved.

    @northerndawn – hope your cold continues to get better. I hate colds, some worse than others, but I honestly believe my giving blood has kept me healthier.

    @emma-taylor – my DH is also doing Duolingo with French. He had a few years of it in high school, but of course had forgotten a lot! He is thoroughly enjoying the format and encouragement.

    @fivetwofan5252 – sure hope you are feeling hale and healthy soon.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30 QLD NFD

    Today was supposed to be a FD800, but a friend kindly gifted us two places at a fancy cooking class and we have come home with two proper French fruit tarts.

    I have invited friends over tomorrow to help us eat them! They are very decadent. I’ll have to pack them off with the leftovers.

    Day 30 – U.K. – NFD

    @basyjames }
    @stitchincarol } Thank you 😍
    @songbirdme }

    I just read Dr Krista Varady’s EOD book based on your recommendation !
    I loved it! It’s something a bit different from 5:2 and the « all or nothing » approach really appeals to me!

    What I will personally need to be careful of however is ensuring that I REALLY do a FD every other day! 😄

    @northerndawn – or maybe it was you that recommended it? ! 😊

    Lastly I’m going to take on board the EOD philosophy of weighing in every day!!
    Currently I only weigh myself when I’m feeling thinner hahaha !

    Day 30 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @stitchincarol & @northerndawn

    Following my post yesterday and your comments about my ‘journey’ I had a look in the wardrobe as I knew there were some old trousers put aside for wearing when decorating. They were huge, pointless keeping them, no end of bailer twine or hairy string would’ve been needed to keep them in place!

    Since 2014 I have changed shape a lot and lost a lot of weight, the first stint from September 2014 to July 2019 I lost 20 lb, which I was pleased with, but knew I needed to lose more.
    It was in July 2019 I ‘discovered’ the monthly challenges.
    To be honest I’d got myself in the right frame of mind or suddenly realised that in my mid 60’s I needed to turn things around and not just be round. Like @stitchincarol, I enjoy life and want to make the most of it.

    I think my journey through from July 2019 to now and losing a further 58 lb to get where I am now really helped with my health issues end of last year. I wonder how well I would have been able to fight if I was still carrying all that weight, It certainly wasn’t easy as it was, but if the weight was still there, the outcome may have been different?

    However moving from a BMI of over 40 and classed as Morbidly Obese to 29.7 and now classed as Overweight, has had the medics full of joy to say the least. It’s mentioned in virtually every medical report that comes through.

    People who have known me for years are amazed at the difference and say so, as ‘it’s impossible to not notice’ as someone put it after nearly walking past me, not recognising me for a moment!

    Us chaps aren’t as good as you lasses at talking about health/weight issues, but I thought it time I put pen to paper/post online/talked more openly about it.

    So hopefully I think it worth posting for the benefit of others, maybe spur them on?

    It’s been a slow journey, not always easy, but very successful so far. My target, not so much about losing more (it might happen!) but for the time being not put any back on.

    To everyone on the Monthly Challenges, thank you, we’re all in this together.

    Take care all.

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Truly inspiring posts from @i-hate-lettuce and @stitchincarol Both helping me get my thinking straight for February.

    @emma-taylor – I’ve been learning Italian off an on for around 10 years I’m not a natural and it really is use it or lose it with me as I’m dreaming of being able to return soon I think I’d better start brushing up , thanks for the reminder 🇮🇹

    Everyone – Be kind to yourself this weekend

    Day 30 US/DC FD800

    good morning all. I cannot believe we are at day 30. Hooray to us all.

    @stichincarol I can so relate to all you are saying. Long ago I weighed between 120-125 (probably in my late 20s) then it went to between 125-130 (30s and 40s) now my goal is 135 and I have to work to not be in the 137-142 arena. At the moment, thanks to all of you, I have gotten to 133. I am amazed. But then I hear my mother in my memory saying that at a certain age (which I have definitely reached) either your butt can look great or your face but you can’t have both. Still makes me laugh.
    I think I am going to try to switch over to maintenance, but I know me – without the rules (2 FD a week) I can slowly but surely find my way right back to where I started.
    My fantasy of “if I lose it, it is gone” has to bite the dust.
    Maybe I better try Dry February as well – somehow the notion of reintroducing wine AND going to maintenance seems a bit contradictory. :((((
    Still hoping for that vaccine – hope springs eternal and all that jazz.

    @northerndawn – grazie, mille grazie – you have helped me more than you know.

    snow storm a comin’

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    Yesterday’s FD was tough. I was tempted nearly every hour of the day, and didn’t resist temptation automatically, but with determination. Which is a good thing, as it means my mojo is nice and strong, but it’s still less comfortable to be so tempted, you know? And it’s very possible I ate closer to 650 calories, but I deliberately decided not to bother counting; I had leftovers that needed eating, so it is what it needed to be. Today is the challenge, as it’s neither a FD nor a Feast day–that’s tomorrow. EOD only works if the days you fast changes each week, you know, but I won’t do that because of our Sunday tradition, LOL! So I’ve hit on the idea of making this OMAD, which should help minimize the total calories for the day, to compensate for tomorrow being NFD.

    @songbirdme Starting to do something important and then getting distracted by something else important is the story of my life, LOL!

    @litprof What a delightful gift from your friend! I can only imagine how fun a cooking class like that would be!

    @fivetwofan5252 My experience with EOD has been that a FD is easier than in 5:2, coming as it does on the heals of lots of food–I always feel quite full for much of a FD, just because of the previous day–and knowing lots of food will happen tomorrow. Good luck!

    @i-hate-lettuce It’s fascinating to contemplate what would have been different had you still had all the extra weight, isn’t it? Well, I, for one, am very glad at your outcome, as I count you a forum friend. Your choice to simply work at maintenance for now makes sense to me; you undoubtedly feel svelte at this point, and getting used to it, and learning how to maintain it, is the next step in your weight loss journey; THEN you can decide if you want to actively work at losing more. So is it time for new trousers??? 😂🤣😁

    @brightonbelle I’m glad you found our comments helpful; that’s the beauty of this forum, is that behind all the chatter is also the real discussion of “how to do this” in the midst of life. Good luck with finding the mental attitude you need for February!

    I think we’ll have pork chops tonight, so I’m headed off to the grocery store this morning. The quilt is STILL not finished, but I’m making real progress, LOL! I have realized part of the slow pace is that I’m stalling; this has been a part of my life for almost five years and even as it’s exciting to be almost done, it’s also sad to be reaching the end. But I have lots of other projects already started, and needing to be finished, so there won’t be any problem with managing to be busy in my sewing room for many, many months!

    Day 30 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD

    @stitchin carol – thanks for your congrats, hugely motivating. Well done for sticking to your plan yesterday.

    @northern Dawn – you’re right its not an easy month to lose weight in any year and this January has been no exception. Now MiL is in the care home I think I can focus more on my needs. It has also helped that my yoga class focus for the month was how to cope with stress and how to reduce it where possible. I hope to be able to make use of those strategies going forward.

    @ihatelettuce – your way of life always reminds me of my later father in law, brewing and growing veg etc. Unfortunately he was also hugely overweight but never took the doctors seriously. Thankfully you took control, what a fantastic success story.

    This afternoon I’m meant to be doing the garden birdwatch. So I’d better get on to it. Enjoy the rest of the day.

    Second post

    @nellen That is indeed a delightful quote from your mom! 😂🤣 Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! Other than dry February, how are you going to structure maintenance? Are you going to 6:1, or will you do it differently?

    Day 30 US/DC second post

    @stitchincarol – I am not altogether sure how I am going to approach maintenance and honestly it makes me nervous. I think I will go to 6:1 and see how that goes. Not really wanting to commit to another dry month. Maybe I’ll switch to no alcohol till the weekend (can’t recall the abbreviation).
    Who knows – for all I know tomorrow I’ll get back on the scale and realize I am not done yet. ha ha ha. Any thoughts or words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

    @nellen Well, since I’m not actually in maintenance, my opinion isn’t worth much, but I would personally add back in the alcohol but stick to 5:2. That will tell you rather rapidly if you’re gaining back weight (and you’re likely to gain back a pound or two until you level off, in my experience), and it will be easy enough to maintain 5:2, right? Plus, the whole point of 5:2 in the first place was for the health benefits, and weight loss was a side effect, so it makes sense to stick to 5:2 for the health, and enjoy the vino for the “life.” 🙂

    Day 30 US/DC NFD
    @stichincarol – thank you. I think that’s a really good idea. stick with the 5:2 (even when I get grumpy). It really does help me to stay conscious of when I am actually hungry versus bored or when it’s just my mouth that is hungry. And – adding back the wine will add back calories, so it will help me understand what I can consume and eat and stay at the weight I want. Yes – this is really wise advice. It should help me to learn and incorporate being conscious of consumption of both food and alcohol and try to learn some measure of moderation – which is definitely NOT an adjective anyone would attach to me. :))))

    Day 30 – USA/GA – NFD

    Whoops! Almost forgot to check-in today. 229 lbs. I know I may hit the 230 monster once more before Monday’s FD, but happy to be 229 two Saturdays in a row. Ready for February!

    Day 31 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Firstly thanks to @northerndawn for hosting this months challenge, hopefully we will all be ready for the next one 😉

    January can be an odd month for many reasons, flat after the Christmas holidays, winter for us in the Northern Hemisphere and not forgetting the restrictions many are under due to Covid!

    Must admit Rejuvenating January has lived up to it’s title for us, things have really improved here in the I-H-L household over the month.
    Not least Mrs I-H-L has been (literally) repaired with surgery early in the month and is doing incredibly well, even started doing some baking again.
    Me, well I am also continuing on in leaps and bounds, weight has settled nicely, even started back on my 5:2 FD’s. I think the Chemo/Radiotherapy which finished 9 weeks ago has upset or even killed off my ‘Inner Warthog’!

    I’m certainly in a much better place regarding personal health and weight, in particular I’m talking more honestly about it. Previously I would never discuss it, typical bloke! I honestly believe this forum and Monthly Challenges have helped me in more ways than just weight loss.

    During my recovery and recently Mrs I-H-L’s, we would get deliveries of ‘goodies’ appear on our doorstep and not just the weekly groceries.
    Of course we are ‘shielding’ and self isolating (but luckily still able to get out for walks) so every now and again the doorbell would ring, open the door often no one there, but a bag with some goodies and a note wishing us well. Friends and neighbours have been fantastic.
    The nice thing is the knock on effect, the husband of a close friend of Mrs I-H-L has just come out of hospital, so on our walk we were able to ‘repay’ the fun and leave some baking and some of my beers for them. In fact the recent baking mostly went to friends and neighbours, the feelgood factor is really rather good. As an old friend once said, “It’s nice to be nice!”

    Take care all , see you all in the next monthly Challenge.

    Day 31, UK, FD

    @ihatelettuce – congratulations on your amazing weight loss and health journey, what an incredible achievement. Best wishes to you and to Mrs I hate lettuce for a continued return to full health

    Fast day for me today, I don’t often do fast days on the weekends but I am trying this EOD regime and promising myself that I can eat tomorrow instead, which has got to be good on a bleak Monday morning in the UK in midwinter!!

    This month I have lost 2 lb which is not great but I guess at least it’s not a gain!! I suppose to be fair I’ve had a lot of time out, but I do hate making excuses, even when valid….

    Thank you to @northerndawn for hosting Long January (!) I can’t see any mention of anyone hosting February yet, have I missed that?

    Day 31, London, UK, NFD

    Well, It’s the last day of this challenge and I have to own up to not being entirely present throughout, the mojo seems to be treating my house like a hotel!!!

    @emma-taylor, isn’t it strange that we, who have a teeny-tiny issue with controlling our weight😜, keep looking for THE answer even after we’ve found the one thing that worked, the one thing we could sustain, the one thing that didn’t promote deprivation and the one thing that didn’t put a flashing sign on our heads saying “ON A DIET” as we declined ALL social events, ordered the lettuce platter for lunch and generally got hangrier😤 & Hangrier😤😤 & HANGRIER😤😤😤!!!!!! This truly is easy, it’s sustainable, the wagon does NOT run smoothly, but we all know the tools are there to be used, we’ve just got to stop faffing about and USE the knowledge we have ………………………………….. I’m totally speaking to myself here!!!!!

    @northgeorgia, I too have re-evaluated my goals, it’s not as though I’ve got a slinky dress to get into for a special event anytime soon, we’ll call that goal shifting the ‘Lockdown let-off’

    Absolutely jaw dropping results @i-hate-lettuce!!! Kudos to you!!! As much as we all come in different shapes, sizes & colours, the shame of being overweight is so intense, when I think back to the bad old days, I feel the heat rising throughout my body, embarrassment, shame, I could cry. Uurgh!!! What we do to ourselves and others!!!

    @fivetwofan5252, The fabulous @basyjames will be hosting our February challenge “Fab Fasters in February”, which is now up and running, See you over there!!!

    @northerndawn💐, these are for you, thanks for herding us cats for January💐, I feel as though I blinked & missed it, but maybe it’s been a gentle slide back into this WOL!!

    See y’all over in February everyone, it’s gonna be “Finger out Feb” for me!!!

    Day 31 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD

    Grey and cold here in Oxfordshire, so will spend the day organising myself for February.

    @nortrhern Dawn thanks for leading this month.
    See you tomorrow in Fab Fasters in February.

    Day 31 OMAD. London.

    I’m with you @flourbaby. I know it’s the only thing that works. I’m just messing around too much at the moment. Gin Stephens suggests breaking your fast with a small snack, and then eating your main meal after that. That’s what I’m doing, but tbh, I’m not at all hungry after my small snack, and could happily skip my meal, which DH and I have together. I think he would be quite fed up if I stopped eating any meals with him, so I need to stop having the snack part. It shouldn’t be hard, but I regard that as the one time of day I can eat just what I want, without having to accommodate anybody else. Just being selfish really. I’ll have a go today. I got carried away with a bag of peanuts last night and I feel like a heffalump this morning. 😳

    Day 31 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    @emma-taylor Thanks for the term: heffalump! I have no idea if that’s a real thing or not, but it perfectly describes how I feel this morning also! The pork chop for supper last night was glorious, and the green beans were a great recipe, and the baguette dipped in olive oil was a bit decadent but I didn’t have much…but the half-a-bag of slivered almonds, the two glasses of wine after three half bottles of beer (DH and I were sharing them, tasting some new brews I’d bought), the four cookies, the…I don’t even remember, but I just kept eating. sigh. I do great six days a week, but there’s always a seventh that falls off the wagon and goes NUTS!!!

    So today I shrug and move on, knowing it is what it is and today is a new day. I woke up way early this morning, which is why I’m even having time to post, but now I need to go get ready for church, so perhaps I’ll find time later to chatter a bit.

    Either way, see you all in February!

    Day 31 – USA/GA – NFD

    What a pleasant surprise! After three NFDs in a row, dropped back to 228.8 lbs, so I get to record the end of January as 228 lbs! I fell short of my goal this month of 225 lbs (but I didn’t foresee half a month of stalling out on the holiday plateau), and just barely short of my December goal of 227 lbs (maybe this week, though?) after underestimating the power of holiday baking and temptations.

    Technically, that’s 4 lbs lost since Jan. 1, but I was 230 on Dec. 31 and 229 on Jan. 4, so that number is a little misleading. It’s just been a seasick ride since Nov. 30 at 232 and ending Jan. 17 at 231: other than the 229 on Jan. 4, that whole period of Nov. 30 – Jan. 17 kept between 233 and 230 lbs, back and forth, back and forth LOL

    Still, I am happy to be in the 220s. Although I do daily measurements, I found that doing weekly and now, monthly, measurements, show a better overall picture, especially on plateau periods (and I post this in hope to offer encouragement to anyone that hops onto a plateau). My daily chart shows a plateau as a horrible glob of up and downs that stay within a set range over weeks and weeks. My weekly chart is a bit cleaner, but also showed a flat line of the weekly average weight for much of the same period. The monthly chart was more interesting. Averaging out the weight for the month showed that even during the plateau period, there was weight loss! This little bit of movement encouraged me. I can’t show a chart here, but let me share the data:

    * November: 5 lbs lost (over Oct’s average), 2% body weight lost
    * December: 3 lbs lost, 1.75% body weight lost
    * January: 2 lbs lost, 0.75% body weight lost

    So, the weight I lost between October and November was the same amount I lost for December and January combined. Now with the plateau ending, I should expect an increase in weight loss for February, but it’s also a short month. This can help me, at a glance, set my goal that should be attainable for the upcoming month (but also putting just a slight challenge element to it, too). So probably 4 lbs.

    See all of you in February!

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD

    January is on her last leg. Winter again with a vengeance in our neck of the woods with 10″ of new snow and not done yet. Looks like we will do online church only this morning and let the plows do their jobs. Hasn’t really stopped snowing yet.

    @northerndawn -thank you so much for a wonderful month. You have been a marvelous hostess. I’ll be along with other travelers on our path in February with @basyjames.

    See you all on the ‘other side’ I hope and pray.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31 UK NFD

    End of month check in

    I’ve been absent for the last 3 weeks with post-covid hypertension. I took time out from fasting while adjusting to medications and trying to get on top of BP. AND my laptop died 10 days ago which has made everything harder – particularly within lockdown.

    On the bright side I’ve kept going with veganuary, eaten easy healthy meals in 16:8 and the 6lbs I lost at the beginning of the month has stayed off.

    Thank you all for being welcoming, supportive and lovely as I appeared, got sick & disappeared!
    @northerndawn thank you for your gentle & generous hosting.

    See you all in the February challenge xx

    USA. Day 31. NFD

    Today I am going to make a NFD rest from my FD800, and I will have a glass of wine. Every now and then I need a rest. Today is mine. My area is at the beginning of a 3 day snow, so I know what I will be doing on Tuesday morning. Great exercise, though! Hopefully, I won’t be too cold!

    Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend! 🙂

    Day 31 UK NFD

    Thank you @northerndawn 👏January has certainly been challenging for me but hey it’s a new month tomorrow and I can reset

    Day 31 France NFD


    Thank you for hosting January @northerndawn. I joined late and haven’t been very good at posting since my disappointing weigh in but overall I’m still 1kg down from when I started.

    I’ll be carrying on and trying to be better about checking in here. It’s very helpful and inspiring to read what evryone else is doing so thank you all.

    Day 31 – UK – CD

    Had a lovely 10km walk on this cold and generally cloudy winter’s day, the sun really struggled to break free of the clouds – Back home to bake a batch of Spelt and Raisin Scones for OH and tried a new recipe for an Apple Cloud Cake – low calorie as no fats in the cake mix – be interesting to see how it turns out!

    I am aiming for an alcohol free CD today – hopefully setting me up for a FD500 tomorrow to start the new challenge as I mean to go on 🙏 I am going back to basics with the old fashioned 5:2 with 2 x FD500 each week for February – there it’s in writing now……..

    I have to admit that despite all my good intentions December and January has not been the best food and alcohol wise!! and now I have to face the facts – those trousers are definitely feeling a bit tight 🤭 I have avoided the scales since the beginning of November when I weighed in at 56.5kg, slightly above my target range………So tomorrow morning I will step on those scales 😱 and face “Cruella” and then join @basyjames as as “Fab Faster” for February!!!

    I have 2 special meals ordered during the month – a tasting menu for Valentines day and a seafood menu towards the end of the month – these will be accompanied by wine but otherwise I am committing to a Dry February – I have no choice if I want to stop that weight gain trajectory “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    @basyjames – your anniversary dinner sounds very 😋 and I am looking forward to joining you as a “Fab Faster in February”
    @i-hate-lettuce – What an amazing journey – Total Loss of 78 lb or 35.5 kg – 58 lb or 27.7 kg of this was since July 2019!!!! I agree that losing that weight must have played a great part in your swift recovery from the intense treatment regime you underwent at the end of last year and I am so glad that you both you and Mrs IHL had a “Rejuvenating January”!!!
    @missybear – you had a great January – well done on dispatching those 4.8 pounds!
    @northgeorgia – I heard about that tragic industrial accident at a poultry plant on our news here!
    @fivetwofan5252 – my “January didn’t quite go as planned” either but certainly not due to ill health but to gluttony on my part – I do hope your health issues are resolving if not resolved already x
    @northerndawn – I’m with you in that I too have eaten far more carbs in the last 2 months so should not be surprised that a weight gain has ensued….😢 Good to hear that your cold seems to be improving
    @stitchincarol – loved your post – inspiring me for February
    @northerndawn- A big THANK YOU for hosting this months challenge- these are for you 🤗💐

    Huge congratulations to those who lost weight small or large; achieved your goals for the month or have successfully maintained 👏
    To those who seem stuck on a plateau -“When you get to a plateau, think of it as a landing on the stairway to your goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of “rehearsal” for maintenance isn’t the worst thing in the world” 😇
    To those like me who have struggled or even put some weight back on – Tomorrow is the start of a new challenge – Let us all move forward together “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow” 🤗

    “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” BUDDHA

    Day 31 US/DC FD Help! Somehow I did not receive any of the posts from today. I sure hope I haven’t deleted myself. I have miles to go and I would miss you all terribly.
    @northgeorgia – woo hoo!!!!!
    @northerndawn – gracias, mucho gracias. you have been wonderfully generous.

    If anyone knows how I managed to fall off the subscription postings, please advise.

    And do we all need to resubscribe to the February postings. If so, please let me know how to do that.

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