It's not just about posts………

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It's not just about posts………

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  • Hi
    Sorry, just another thought……..
    Sometimes someone will post something that does not necessarily need a reply, but its nice to know your being read – would it not be possible to show how many “hits” a post has had as well has the responses?

    Hi Lu, I am no expert on the web, but I think web hits (which are available to website owner and generated automatically??) would measure the number of times a page has been loaded, not whether a post has been read or not.
    What I imagine could be possible is to have a like/dislike flag as Youtube does (tho we may not want the dislike option!!) that readers could then press to indicate they have read a particular post. This is probably what you meant!
    I would like there to be something of this nature as I am feeling a little sad 🙁 that no-one has responded to ‘my story’ in the May to December topic…. I am probably not allowing enough time, given I only posted a couple of days ago… Maybe it is cos my posts have been so long, no-one wants to read them!!!
    I am curious about the approach others take to reading the posts. I always start by looking at the ‘latest forum comments’ and then follow streams of interest. What do others do?

    A lot of forums run out of puff because everything that needed to be said has been said. This one is no exception – if you dig around long enough you will find all the questions already asked and answered, all the problems discussed and solved.

    BUT lots of people are still arriving at this forum for the first time and they come for encouragement and a sense of shared experience. You might find a thread that is full of gram measuring calorie counting geeks, I’d be happy to see a ‘like’ button on posts.

    Hello All

    I have to say; I totally disagree with this notion of putting a like/dislike button for readers to press after reading posts.

    This could really put someone off from ever posting again if they were new or a bit shy. It might make a lot of people think carefully before they ‘dare’ to say something.

    Who cares whether other people like or dislike the comment someone else thought important enough to post?

    Everyone’s comments are valid and have the right to be posted without it turning into some kind of competition. Oh I got more ‘likes’ than that post etc…

    This site isn’t facebook; it’s a site for folk on the fast diet to share information with each other.

    Hi Precious BooBoo,
    Yeah, I didn’t think enough when I referenced the like/dislike flag – although my main intention was to use it as an example of the sort of thing that could be done. I agree that we should not judge posts. However, it would be nice to know that your post has been read. Also agree that we don’t want a competition, so maybe just a read/unread flag, like emails? Or maybe the number of views is something that could only be seen by the author??
    I think that contributors to this forum do make the effort to respond to new contributors and new comments; this is important because self-esteem can often also be an issue for those trying to lose weight, and some of us may feel a bit ‘rejected’ if our contribution is not acknowledged. I know we shouldn’t be reliant on others for how we feel about ourselves, but it can be hard to not take things to heart if you are feeling fragile (or hungry!!).
    Sorry for getting a bit heavy there 🙂

    The number of views was what I meant, I don’t want any competition, but it’s nice to know that you’re not being ignored

    Can a grumpy old man contribute to this debate?. Actually I believe the posts should stay as they are. If you think about it posters are now around the world. We have ordinary people from different continents talking to each other, offering advice, support and help to each other on a subject matter that is vitally important to their health. Dieting and improving ones health is a very individual and personal goal and can be lonely and difficult. We are all offering each other information about how we as individuals are trying to achieve our goals. This forum is akin to our own living rooms. We invite people who are like minded into our homes and lives. We need the support, the friendliness, the chat, the laughs, groans and head shaking of some of the posts. So what if some of us flog a dead horse? talk a load of old tripe? (me usually) or lose the plot?.
    We are all doing something fairly new based on centuries old fasting. The comments we make are a researchers dream if needed. We should all feel a degree of satisfaction that we are willing participants in a world wide experiment that is improving our own health and may well set the standard for health services around the world in tackling obesity and its related illness.
    Good luck to you all.

    Well said


    u r a great writer

    Well said Couscous. We know all the questions have been asked and answered, but as you say, the feeling of belonging to a group of like minded individuals gives us confidence and support, especially for newbies.

    Totally agree with Couscous’ comments about the benefits of the forum. Not sure if this addresses the original question about knowing your post has been read tho. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to deal with the feeling of being ignored that arises when a post about one’s own story is not replied to, especially when you see that so many others are? Sorry for sounding so petulant!! Don’t get me wrong, I certainly get a lot out of the discussions that occur between others, which is why I didn’t feel the need to contribute for quite a while after finding the forum, but once I did start, I haven’t found the experience to be as rewarding as I had hoped. I do generally give a lot of thought to how I word my posts, but maybe I need to give it more thought? Your (positive!!) suggestions are most welcome 🙂


    u may call me usa

    so sorry 2 hear the way u have been treated

    i usually go 2 the

    The Official Fast Diet forums

    then right @ the top


    Welcome to The Fast Diet forums

    i’m always looking 4 someone who has not been responded 2 it will show the # 1 under post

    & reply so that they 2 not feel abandoned

    i clicked ur name & noticed u did not have a topic
    or were in the welcome

    we r sorry we missed u the person

    please keep us posted

    when i have time i will look @ ur replies

    & c how i can respond or u can start all over & post a topic in welcome about u & ur thoughts

    & i’m sure i or someone in this forum will respond

    have a great weekend & take care

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or adf w/1 or 6/1 😀

    Hi Sassy and thank you for your post. I think I know how you feel about replies to posts and yes I agree one can feel a little downhearted when a post is not replied to. I read many posts, some I miss and pick up long after I may have wanted to comment on them. I read as many as I can,some actually do not invite a reply from me such as those under a particular heading but I do read them. In my case I enjoy just browsing many comments and am amazed at the experiences individuals have, it certainly does not mean I am dismissive or feel some do not warrant a reply from me. So, when one feels ignored, less important or whose post does not get a reply please remember that thousands of people around the world have quietly noted your comments, feel your support for them and are thankful that you have joined in this journey of ours.
    I look forward to many more posts from yourself and others.
    Good Luck.

    Hi, I’m with sassy 100%
    I to came to this forum seeing lots of posts and comments, but it does feel that I have come too late to the party.
    I will persevere with my posting though

    Hi lullabella, late or early we are all the same, keep persevering. I look forward to your posts.

    People who stick with posting generally put something in as well as taking something out. I try and inject a little humour but I get misunderstood from time to time. It doesn’t always translate.

    I keep coming back because this forum genuinely motivates me to stick with 5:2. I think usa is a cracker and couscous is sweet and rocky is a love and annette52 is just a good person and ozzy bloke is on my wave length and typing stops me eating and drinking.

    But no one should ever take a post, or the lack of one, too seriously.

    “But no one should ever take a post, or the lack of one, too seriously.”

    You’re reconciling with everyone.

    Had a good night’s rest ?

    ” Does anyone have any suggestions about how to deal with the feeling of being ignored ”

    Being recognized is our deepest desire.

    When I started the 5:2 in January, there were far fewer posts. Before this way of life went global it was possible to keep up with comments after work and join in and ask questions and be heard.

    Over the summer it became clear to me from the number of new folk that were posting very similar questions, that it was going to become impossible to work, have a family life and keep up with the fast activity on here often through numerous time zones.

    I enjoy reading the comments from around the world ,but know that I miss loads in the most recent section especially.The forum is a victim of the success of the 5:2. I don’t have any suggestions on how to make it better, but I have found everyone very supportive. This is a marathon and not a sprint after all.


    Someone asks how everyone reads posts. I usually start in either recent comments or recent topics. Most of the time I read posts without responding either because I have seen basically the same comment many times before and think that everything that can be said has already been said or I personally don’t have anything to add. Then, there is the admonition: If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

    I think that USA posts interesting info. but if he is using his phone to post, I usually skip it because there are so many abbreviations that I’m unfamiliar with I soon loose all sense of what he is trying to say. OTHO, if he uses his computer his posts seem to be in English and I can understand them. This however, is my problem, not his.

    As for looking at your activity on this site, go to the VERY top of the page (where you go to logout) and click on your profile and forum activity. That brings up a page that has areas where you can click on “topics started and replies”, they will give you info. on your activity.

    Not only that, just above the “submit” button you can check a box to be notified by email of any follow up replies to your posts. Seems to me there are enough ways to check on your personal activity.

    Dieting is essentially something that you do for yourself. So while getting an “atta boy” from strangers is nice, the real support should come from within.

    May you get needed affirmation from blood levels, your scales, your mirror and the clothes that you “out grew” a few years ago.


    G’day Quick. My problem with using recent posts to start my site check is that often the first half dozen come from one person – because people like me jump online at 4am and post six replies to their favourite threads. It can look like one person is hogging the space when in fact they are just firing off their responses in a batch. My life is complicated – I might go a week without visiting here, and then be posting furiously for a few days.

    I use favourites – and I feel I form little friendships on the half dozen threads I follow.


    the day u joined u were well greeted as link way
    b low shows

    poor sassy did not get anything

    sorry 2 hear that u still don’t feel welcomed

    u r not late 2 the party

    u r the party & we welcome it

    Hi everyone
    Thanks very much for all your replies 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts and your tips.
    I certainly understand that the forum is now very busy, and keeping up with all the posts is difficult as well as time consuming.
    I do remember reading one post from USA saying not to worry if you don’t get a response initially, that someone will get to you eventually. But patience is not one of my strengths…!
    Quick – totally agree that dieting is something one should do for oneself, and that we shouldn’t be relying on others for affirmation (and I am certainly using scales, tape measure, clothes and mirror to tell me that I am succeeding) – but it is nice to receive it from others!!
    Best wishes to all, and thanks again 😀

    Lulabelle and Sassy,
    I’ve been watching for 6 weeks. I have read your posts, as well as a lot of
    other people’s. Just really signed in to let you know that many others are paying attention and appreciate the honesty and work that you all have put in to this forum.

    Thanks Piper 🙂
    I think that was your first post?
    Assume you are doing 5:2 – trust it is going well for you.
    Best wishes 😀

    Thanks piper x


    did u c this site?

    everything a newbie might want 2 c, use & read

    just added more stuff

    we welcome u 2
    2 add any insight 2 newbies 2 or as someone said noobs 🙂

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or adf w/1 or 6/1 😀

    Thanks USA, yes, have seen that site. That is where you warn us that it may take a while to get a reply to a post!
    I think I have managed to read a lot of the posts in most of the topics – probably am spending too much time doing this… Younger son thinks I am being a bit obsessive about it!!



    the obsession part lol
    especially when it is a fastday

    this forum helps me 😀

    Hi again USA
    Glad to hear that the forum is a help to you, as you give so much to it 🙂
    What you infer is right, the posts do help me get thru the fast days.
    I am struggling a bit at the moment with not over-eating on non-fast days. I am recovering from a knee op and don’t have much mobility, which means a low tdee (1400) AND a limited range of activities I can do to keep myself occupied, so food is more on my mind. Also, eating less than I am normally able to on non-fast days seems to make fast days harder (I feel hungrier earlier than I normally would). And didn’t lose any body fat last week, as a result of not keeping to the 1400/day on non-fast days, I assume. Bit depressing to feel hungry all week and not lose weight!! Also, I am away from home this week, which makes sticking to the 5:2 eating regime difficult.
    But enough of my moans, I will try to focus on the good results so far and keep reading the posts!
    Cheers! 😀


    awwh thanks

    when i get some time will give u how when where what

    however did u go 2 my profile?

    take care


    i don’t know everything

    i’m experimenting

    i’ve done the 1410 & plateaued

    so went back 2 2000 & plateaued

    now back 2 the tdee but 1 day @ least feast whatever i want 4 a type2diab

    of course this is mixing up mediterranean low carb high fat wheat belly vegetarian days nonvegetarian days 800 cal days adf 5/2 4/3 ????

    i think each body is different u might be
    eat what u want & fast 2 days/3

    & lose who knows try it out


    this does have 2 make u feel good & enjoyable

    also u r recovering u should not be dieting on nonfastdays or even fastdays

    but if u want 2 just relax on nonfastdays ur body needs nutrition

    keep us posted

    hope knee is better 🙂

    give me ur background 2

    Hi USA
    Thanks for all that 🙂
    I think ‘having a vent’ helped me get it out of my system, and I have been able to make today a fast day without any effort.
    (Though I do note the point that you make about not dieting while recuperating… I am mindful of my general health, and both the surgeon and physio are v pleased with my progress… But I will keep a watch on things and make sure I eat well (mainly protein and veggies).)
    I am also feeling good today because I went shopping (on crutches while waiting for my mum to have an assessment for hearing aids) and bought a dress for my younger son’s high school graduation. I ended up with the dress that was 4 sizes smaller than the first size I tried. Admittedly, the sizing was generous, but still, it felt good! I texted my son a picture of me in the dress, and he even said that he would have to admit that it was nice 😀
    My story is in the May to December topic, but of course the easiest way to locate it is to look at my posting history on my profile page, it is probably the one at the very bottom or second to bottom. (And I have looked at your profile page.)
    5:2 is working very well for me, and I sincerely hope I can make it a WOL. I have lost significant amounts of weight at other times in my life, but (like so many of us who are on 5:2) put it all back on again, and more.
    Better stop here – I think one of the reasons I might not get many replies is that my posts can be rather long…!!!


    u may always vent all u want

    we all have 2 have a sounding board

    unconditionally 😀

    yay 4 sizes smaller wow wooo hooo congrats!!!!!!!!

    will read ur may 2 december when i have more time jusy won’t delete ur email

    i delete the one i responded 2 but keep the one’s i’m still working on 😀

    yes we have the one

    4 the r o o l


    Hi USA
    WOL – way of life – I have seen others use this…
    I didn’t quite follow the last bit of your post (before the wol query)
    Cheers 😀


    it is meant 2 say
    yes we have the one (this lifestyle finally 🙂 )
    4 the r o o l (rest of our lives)

    i was joking it took me awhile 2 understand it 2 😀

    This is interesting discussion! There is a link to unanswered topics at the top in the grey box if you’d ever like to give support to someone who hasn’t had a reply yet, too.

    Hi fastdiet
    Thanks for the reminder re unanswered posts!
    Cheers 🙂

    hi fastdiet

    everyone calls me usa was hoping u could change it w/ all my post & replies & profile. it would help newbies

    but no matter

    i will b going back 2 work in nov so will not b so involved in this forum so much

    concerning the post on unanswered topics yes we know about that

    in fact it is in the post

    everything a newbie might want 2 c, use & read

    but that is long 2 go through
    because there r topics like an article or fact

    but we would like one

    that is just an unanswered/never replied person link

    hope u can

    thanks in advance

    take care

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