Insanity anyone?

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  • Hiii!!

    I start 5:2 next week. I have done it before and lost 2 stone! Need to lose another stone and a half!
    I am currently half way through Insanity Max 30 with a Piyo Hybrid.

    Does anyone else do Insanity or any of the other beachbody workouts and if so how is it working for you?

    Thanks in advance!! 🙂 🙂

    Hi Priyac, I did all 90 days of Beach Body’s P90x two years ago. . I will admit, it was more like P120x due to scheduling constraints, but it got me in great shape.

    I am currently on the mend from a hip flexor/back injury and have restarted P90x again just this week. I am starting very slowly and only doing half the workouts for now. Swimming has been Instrumental to my recovery so I am doing that as the aerobic workouts.

    How do you like Insanity? I have seen the advertisements for it and found it too intimidating.


    Im sorry to hear about your injurys! Hope you are well on the mend now and its great to hear you are getting back into P90x. I have contemplated doing it myself, but I love Shaun T as an instructor too much!
    I originally did T25 to ease myself in and as it was only 25 minutes a workout, I couldnt really complain but I do believe its what prepared me for the original insanity. Im not gonna lie, it was very hard!! Just when I got the hang of the first month, the second month is longer and far harder!! But ticking the boxes off the calender everyday and seeing my strength improve every 2 weeks motivated me to continue! I completed it and although I lost around 5lbs on it, I toned up much more! And my endurance had also shot through the roof. I went from only being able to run for 5-10 minutes to completing a 5k without stopping in 27 minutes.
    Insanity Max is just as hard as the original insanity, but the good side is that its only half an hour, and its over before you know it! Shaun T is a great motivator and great fun!

    Let me know how you get on with the P90x! 🙂

    My husband has made it through the P90X 3. That set of workouts is also only 30 minutes. As he says, “There is really no excuse not to do it when it is only 30 minutes.” I may switch to that one if I make it through p90x again. Though I’m sure it will take me a little longer than 90 days again. I’m not starting my countdown until I make it through an entire workout.

    Take care.

    They offer Insanity at my gym but I’ve been way too scared to try it!

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