I'm transitioning back into the weight loss phase, after being in maintenance

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I'm transitioning back into the weight loss phase, after being in maintenance

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  • Hi everyone, I’m not new to 5:2/IF, having used it as part of my active weight loss phase way back in 2012/2013. Since then I’ve been maintaining fairly well, within a 5 pound maintenance window, doing various IF protocols and then since last year very low carb/carnivore woe.

    Things were going amazingly well with consistent weigh-ins, and last fall I had my best blood work panel to-date. Then covid19 hit. My normal routine went out the window, my normal grocery shopping/foods I bought got messed up and since the end of March I’ve gained around 15lbs-OUCH. I’m now at my highest ever weight since transitioning in maintenance, and really I can no longer claim to be in maintenance due to the continued weight gain.

    A few weeks ago I realized I needed to get this under control and went back to very low carb, which I had previously enjoyed and it worked well. However, I’ve continued to fluctuate the same 3lbs. So I’ve decided to get back to basics and re-start with where I first began, with IF.

    Mondays/Thursdays will be my ‘fasting’ days and starting out I’m aiming for 600 calories on those days, and then will adjust down to 500 after I get back into the swing of things. This morning’s weigh-in was 146.8, and my goal is to get back down to around 130lbs.

    Can’t wait to get re-plugged in and to meet others doing IF 🙂

    Good luck, @veggiegrl ! I am also combining IF (specifically 20:4) with the Fast Diet (4:3 instead of 5:2). I’ve been enjoying it so far and am pleased with the results. 🙂 Like you, I have about 15 pounds to lose… I’m sure we can do it!

    @veggiegrl Yes lockdown has proven to be fatal for my weight loss too. Having to stay home has meant lots of snacking and – dessert after dinner most days. When I’m at work I can only eat what I take with me and some days I don’t take anything. I am determined to get back on track now, furlough is almost over. Just hope those clothes in the work wardrobe are not going to be too uncomfortable.

    Ha yeah-those darned desserts got me too lol.

    I’m pear shaped and I literally have no jeans that fit me now, which is frustrating. Ah well, back at it 🙂

    I’ve been in ‘maintenance’ for nearly 2 years now, but my weight can go up as much as half a stone after a holiday etc. I do keto woe mostly, with FDs, but if I go back to carbs weight goes back on very quickly…& is incredibly hard to get it off! At the moment I’m doing liquid FDs, alternate days, & still only losing 1lb a week. Should be back to goal weight hopefully by next week- then we’re on holiday!!
    I hope your plan works for you & you can get those pounds shifted easier than I do!

    Yes, it’s difficult. Not so easy to keep busy when we’re stuck at home. Our portion sizes have crept up.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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